Saturday, July 14, 2012

Pterosaur in Texas

This is another really good eyeball on what is unmistakeably a pterosaur. There have not been too many such reports but they all conform to either a featherless pterosaur or a true feathered bird including the Andean Condor and plausibly an oversized owl. Again, as the channels are opening up for the information to be gathered, we can expect many more such reports. This one is excellent.

All these creatures are rare but they are also nocturnal hunters. Of course, they avoid us. Since we no longer depend on game at all, their food resources have never been better. Thus the available population must be expanding.

Once we figure out how to track them down and properly image them we will likely surprise ourselves. We do have the heat sensing equipment able to pinpoint nests and roosts which we need to deploy somehow. They all love the daytime sun.

Good afternoon,

A buddy and I were looking at a swamp on Spring Creek in Spring, Texas on 6 July 2012. We were standing on shore looking around. I spotted one alligator and lots of beautiful dragonflies. Across the swamp, directly in front of us. We both watched the largest bird we had ever seen take flight from a tree and head directly for us. It was gray with no feathers. It had a wing-span of just over 3/4 the length of a pick-up truck and looked like a flying leather "V." It made a sharp right and landed in a tree. Its weight shook the entire top of the tree and from there we lost site. It had a white head, gray wings, and no noticeable feet. The wingspan has to be between ten and fifteen feet and had no feathers, only what appeared to me hide like a bat.

You may add this to your site. We would like to know what we saw. The photos on your site match the description of a huge, leather flying "V," and that best describes what we saw.

Sincerely, JTS

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