Friday, July 20, 2018

Death of NWO Announced by Trump - Putin With Turley

 Please do watch this presentation.  We are given a deep insight of just how universal the NWO meme was put into the minds of any available susceptible politician.  This was a funded effort by the financial elites and deeply influenced by Nazism as its underlying philosophy.  This is my opinion.  It may never be proven but once defeated it may never be proven either.  But the boots were there and they never quite trying to find players.

The big story is that Trump will be systematically promoting democratic nationalism around the world besides just in the USA.   Thus we have a new way to understand the actions of the Trump administration.

The Summit with Putin was long delayed, not least because of the fight to wrest control away from the DEEP STATE.  He even called out the DEEP STATE.  I am expecting the onset of mass arrests that will outright eliminate the DEEP STATE.  Certainly the stage is well set and I am still expecting September for the full onslaught. 

Trump now has made a critical personal alliance between himself, the president of China and Putin.  The world has now been triangulated in terms of a global common interest.  This is the Terran Triumvirate and the natural rise of CYRUS.   It is all much bigger than you can imagine.