Thursday, February 29, 2024

AI as a failure moduality

 AI as a failure moduality

I am writting this to point out a profound limitation natural to Artificial intelligence which is now riding massive global market promotion. not least pretending to be ready to go.

We as humans, also have this problem.  It is brain freeze when confronted with new information not properly recognized.  In our case our autononic nervous system kicks in until the cognition is able to properly identify the threat.

just how would AI react to an incoming bullet?  how would it survive it?

It is for this reason that our subconsious is able to look forward in TIME to be forwarned. and why our best athelites do magic on occasion. and why you safely weave through a crowdfar too fast.  We sense the future well enough to trust our dodging body.

at the same time,  AI is an electrical system prone to its own form of brain freeze. Even our power grid is up for brain freeze.  And no amount of processing will allow you to go back and discover an error you missed in time.  you still have to predict it is going to bite you.

sort of like preducting a lightening bolt will leap from the clear blue sky.  There, we have to let our subconsious have us get back into the car or otherwise move.

My point it has long been clear that we actually depend on precognition way more than we imagine or expect.  We are in the moment and not distracted.  This is why you never distract the driver, by the way.

AI for road driving is a wonderful idea so long as all are using it.