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The last of 100 known victims from devastating Hawaii wildfire identified

essentially 2000 structures burned but it appears that anyone able to scoot survided.  after elimination of duplications we lost 100 individuals which is reasonable in terms of obvious expectations.  It did happen in broad daylight and simply walking outside told you all you needed to know.

Brush fire or not, you could walk out ahead of most of the oncoming problem and no obvious choke points and surely the wind was coming onshore as well.

and of course, most jumped into their cars with the family and moved on out.

Not everyone gets trapped in a disaster, but most everyone is affected.  Fires do advertise their existence.

The last of 100 known victims from devastating Hawaii wildfire identified

Credit: Patrick Post/AP

The last of the 100 known victims of the wildfire that destroyed Maui's historic town of Lahaina in August was identified Friday as a 70-year-old woman whose husband, sister and several other relatives also died in the fire. Maui police said they identified the victim as Lydia Coloma based on the context of where the remains were found, rather than through DNA or other positive identification methods. Identifying those who perished in the deadliest wildfire in the US in more than a century has been a long, arduous process. Forensic experts and cadaver dogs have had to sift through ash searching for bodies that were possibly cremated, and authorities collected DNA samples from victims’ family members. The victims ranged in age from 7 to 97, but more than two-thirds were in their 60s or older, according to Maui police’s list of known victims. Several were residents of a low-income senior apartment complex.

Corporate Media collapse

Democratic loyalists have been een contracting and the MSM has been contracting with them.  Yet the MSM cannot jump ship or they will see their audience abandon them.  They are all caught in a death spiral and do not know it.

The collapse of MSM has been ongoing and actually intensifying but also not been reported on.

So where are the advertising dollars now going?  We have lost print and now audio visual adverts have become hopelessly invasive to the point of renderting google almost worthless.

I do think we need an AI program that edits the internet exclusive of advertising gags.  That is what is coming because i can now ask AI for curated research.


Glenn Greenwald Celebrates the Collapse of Corporate Media which Has Lied Its Way Out of Existence

January 29, 2024

This is a long article but worth a read. And it is some needed good news for a change. Gives hope. The despicable presstitutes have killed themselves off.

Massive Media Layoffs Expose Collapse in Public Trust

Some excerpts:

“Good evening. It’s Thursday, January 25.With Liberty and Justi...Greenwald, GlennBest Price: $1.19Buy New $10.95(as of 09:22 UTC - Details)

“Tonight: it is not an exaggeration to say that major parts of the liberal corporate media are now in complete freefall. Just in the past few weeks, some of the most recognizable media brands have suffered massive layoffs or even been brought to the brink of extinction, including the Los Angeles Times, Time Magazine, NBC News, Sports Illustrated, National Geographic, and Business Insider. BuzzFeed, months ago, completely abolished its news division. Just this week, the L.A. Times laid off 25% of its already decimated newsroom in just one day, just months after it laid off 13% of its workforce. It is hard to put into words just how extreme and complete is the implosion of Brooklyn-based liberal digital media over the last several years.

“Mr. Bezos hasn’t fared much better at The Washington Post. Like many news organizations, The Post has struggled to hold on to the momentum that it had gained in the wake of the 2020 election. Sagging subscriptions and advertising revenue led to losses of about $100 million last year. At the end of the year, the company eliminated 240 of its jobs.

“And we’ve recently shown you polls that the only people who have faith and trust in almost every major media corporation other than Fox News and Newsmax are Democrats. So, you have an entire industry catering to one political party that represents about 30% to 35% of the public, that is constantly having to feed them and validate their views, because the minute they alienate them, the dwindling audience that they have will dwindle even further. They’re captive to their audience in a way that really can’t be overstated. I once talked to a host at MSNBC, who told me that they don’t get episode-by-episode ratings, they get segment-by-segment ratings. And they told me this is 2014 or 2015, that whenever they would put on a guest that was critical of the Democratic Party, you could watch the audience just click away and go somewhere else. They didn’t want to hear it. And that conditions those people and trains them that if they want to keep their job, they have to refrain from alienating their audience. That means never criticizing the Democratic Party. So, they become more and more homogenized, more and more banal, more and more predictable, more and more willing to lie, and therefore less and less trustworthy and less and less interesting to huge numbers of people who don’t identify as Democrats.

“Every poll shows that the American mainstream media is held in lower esteem than just about any other group in America, with the possible exception of pedophiles and telephone marketers—and even there, they’re just barely ahead of those groups.

“One of the problems with the corporate media is that it is largely liberal, which is overwhelmingly the vast bulk of what they are, especially in the age of Trump. They all decided that their mission, their overarching mission, was not to inform the public but to defeat Donald Trump and his movement. So, they all became homogenized. They all became activists, they all became overtly partisan, and they all became copycats of one another. There’s barely any dissent. And you just look at polling data—and we will show it to you in just a second—that shows that people just hate journalists, they hate corporate journalists, they do not trust them and therefore have no interest in what they’re saying.” See this.No Place to Hide: Edwa...Greenwald, GlennBest Price: $2.00Buy New $10.79(as of 12:25 UTC - Details)

The next step is for the distrust to expand from the presstitutes to the elite who provide the presstitutes’ lies. Matt Taibbi tells us who our enemies are and how they operate:

“Is the Electoral Fix Already In?

“The 2024 presidential race increasingly looks like it will be decided by lawyers, not voters, as Democrats unveil plans for America’s first lawfare election

“The fix is in. To “protect democracy,” democracy is already being canceled. We just haven’t admitted the implications of this to ourselves yet.

“For over a year, the Biden administration and its surrogates have dropped hint after hint that the plan for winning in 2024 — against Donald Trump or anyone else — might involve something other than voting. Lawsuits in multiple states have been filed to remove Trump from the ballot; primaries have been canceled or invalidated; an ominous Washington Post editorial by Robert Kagan, husband to senior State official Victoria Nuland, reads like an APB to assassins to head off an ‘inevitable’ Trump dictatorship.” See this.

Excess Global Deaths Continue and Total Around Triple Total COVID Deaths

Look at this chart. now understand that the increased death rate is sustained zand that is not possible unless the JAB is inducing a true pandemic.

We now understand that the spike protein wipes out a specific biological from our gut and this is known to be indicated in a whole range of nasty ways to die.

worse though is that we have so far no indication of biological recovery.  This is a slow killer and may yet kill 4,000,000,000 folks.

Not good at all.

Excess Global Deaths Continue and Total Around Triple Total COVID Deaths

January 29, 2024 by Brian Wang

Researchers published in the peer-reviewed Nature in Dec 2022 estimated that there were 14.83 million excess deaths globally (2020-2022), 2.74 times more deaths than the 5.42 million reported as due to COVID-19 for the period. The Global Covid deaths greatly in declined in 2023 but the excess deaths continued at far higher levels. In Japan excess deaths have risen to 20-25% beyond actuarially expected deaths.

What does this mean excess deaths? It means after insurance actuaries and scientists adjust for age and all other factors they have been able to precisely predict how many deaths should be happening. They compare to what was happening in 2015-2019 and find that the world has way more deaths than expected.

When the world has 10-15% more deaths than expected where it shows up in the global deaths statistics then something is horribly wrong. The spike in the chart below in the 1960s was the Communist China famine that killed 20-40 million over a three year period.

One in four of the current excess deaths from 2020-2023 were COVID deaths. The global COVID deaths in 2023 have dropped to about 100,000-200,000 but the global excess deaths are still millions beyond where they should be.

Latest figures show that in 2022, over 39,000 people in England died prematurely of cardiovascular conditions including heart attacks, coronary heart disease and stroke – an average of 750 people each week. It is the highest annual total since 2008. The UK heart disease deaths are part of the excess death picture. Last year, the British Heart Foundation reported that there have been over 100,000 excess deaths involving cardiovascular conditions in England since February 2020, in an analysis of data from the Office for Health Improvement and Disparities (OHID).

PNAS – Nov 2023, Variability in excess deaths across countries with different vulnerability during 2020–2023 The excess deaths for the US is 12% of all deaths for 2020-2023 and is over 1.2 million people.

Room Temperature and Room Pressure Superconductor Evidence in Linear Parallel Wrinkled Graphite

We are now isolating one dimensioal superconductive events in graphite in particular and this is a new research direction.  all at room temperature.

sooner or later we are going to discover how to lay down oriented atoms on demand and that will open the door to manufactured aligned  structure able to superconduct.  We can do a lot so far but it has not yet come together and may well demand space manufacturing ability with robotics.

i do want to say that we are close enough to imagine it all.  Now imagine laying down a diamond one atom at a time for data storage and processing as well at superconductive speeds.  like that?

Peer Reviewed Paper Shows Room Temperature and Room Pressure Superconductor Evidence in Linear Parallel Wrinkled Graphite

January 28, 2024 by Brian Wang

They use the scotch-taped cleaved pyrolytic graphite carrying the wrinkles that resulted from this cleaving to which they also refer as to line defects. They detected experimental evidence for the global zero-resistance state. The experimental data clearly demonstrated that the array of nearly parallel linear defects that form due to the cleaving of the highly oriented pyrolytic graphite hosts one-dimensional superconductivity.

One-Dimensional room temperture and room pressure superconductivity is what part of the theory and claims proposed for LK99 and sulfurized LK99 and PCPOSOS.

Room temperature superconductivity under normal conditions has been a major challenge of physics and material science since its discovery. Here the global room-temperature superconductivity observed in cleaved highly oriented pyrolytic graphite carrying dense arrays of nearly parallel surface line defects is reported. The multiterminal measurements performed at the ambient pressure in the temperature interval 4.5 K ≤ T ≤ 300 K and at magnetic fields 0 ≤ B ≤ 9 T applied perpendicular to the basal graphitic planes reveal that the superconducting critical current Ic(T, B) is governed by the normal state resistance RN(T, B) so that Ic(T, B) is proportional to 1/RN(T, B). Magnetization M(T, B) measurements of superconducting screening and hysteresis loops together with the critical current oscillations with temperature that are characteristic for superconductor-ferromagnet-superconductor Josephson chains, provide strong support for the occurrence of superconductivity at T over 300 K. A theory of global superconductivity emerging in the array of linear structural defects is developed which well describes the experimental findings and demonstrate that global superconductivity arises as a global phase coherence of superconducting granules in linear defects promoted by the stabilizing effect of underlying Bernal graphite via tunneling coupling to the three dimensional (3D) material.

The mercury-based cuprate HgBa2Ca2Cu3O9 shows the highest Tc = 135 K under the ambient pressure for the accepted uncontroversial best.

Graphite is yet another promising material taking part in a race for the RTSC (room temperature superconductor). Decades ago, Antonowicz measured the Josephson-type oscillations and Shapiro-like steps in current-voltage, I–V, characteristics at T = 300 K in Al-AC-Al sandwiches, where the AC stands for the amorphous carbon. Various experimental groups have also reported localized superconductivity in graphite at temperatures as high as 300 K. Because the AC consists of curved graphene and/or fullerene-like fragments, one can justly assume that similar structural defects in graphite may be responsible for the occurrence of high-temperature localized superconducting regions. However, so far, all the efforts to achieve a global superconductivity at elevated temperatures in graphite failed.

In the present work, researchers report the first unambiguous experimental evidence for the global zero-resistance state, RTSC, in the scotch-tape cleaved highly oriented pyrolytic graphite (HOPG) that possesses dense arrays of nearly parallel line defects (LD), the wrinkles.

They measured the I–V characteristics at T = 300 K (aka room temperature and room pressure). The data demonstrate the zero-resistance state below the magnetic-field-dependent critical current Ic(B), which is decreasing with the field. The obtained I–V curves demonstrate the characteristic features of low-dimensional superconductors. First, the excess voltage peaks seen just above the Ic(B) and before the Ohmic regime sets in at I > IN, see Figure 1c, are similar to those measured in 1D or 2D superconducting constrictions, and are attributed to the charge imbalance and/or presence of phase slip (PS) centers at superconductor (S) –normal metal (N) interfaces. The onset of the Ohmic behavior in I–V characteristics corresponds to the suppression of the non-equilibrium superconducting regime or the transition to the normal state.


They have reported the first-ever observation of the global room-temperature superconductivity at ambient pressure. Notably, while a single graphite layer, graphene, is hailed as a miracle material of the new century, the bulk pyrolytic graphite opens the way to even more spectacular advances in technology. The experimental data clearly demonstrated that the array of nearly parallel linear defects that form due to the cleaving of the highly oriented pyrolytic graphite hosts one-dimensional superconductivity. The measurements at the ambient pressure at temperatures up to 300 K and applied magnetic field perpendicular to the basal graphitic planes up to 9 T, reveal that the superconducting critical current Ic(T, B) is proportional to 1/RN(T, B), indicating the Josephson-junction like nature of the emerging superconductivity. This latter conclusion is supported by the oscillations of the critical current with temperature that are characteristic of superconductor-ferromagnet-superconductor Josephson junctions. Global superconductivity arises due to global phase coherence in the superconducting granules array promoted by the stabilizing effect of underlying Bernal graphite having the resistance RN. The theory of global superconductivity emerging on the array of linear structural defects well describes the experimental findings.

The ideas and concepts explored in our work are not confined to graphite. The theoretical model is quite general and guides where to look for more room-temperature superconducting materials. The basic principle they have uncovered is that linear defects in stacked materials host strong strain gradient fluctuations, which induce the local pairing of electrons into condensate droplets that form JJA-like structures in the planes. The global superconductivity is then established by the effect of the tunneling links connecting the superconducting droplets. If the droplets are sufficiently small, one foresees a fairly high critical superconducting temperature.

Tuesday, January 30, 2024

CA Bill Would Electronically Restrict Cars With 'Speed Governors'

It has never worked so why now?  Wait a bit and we will haveself driving cars- and then mandatory self driving cars - then no speed limits will even be needed.

Then the I 5 can become a proper autobahn.

What is true is that you do want to retain the capacity to safely accelerate sharply to avoid potential collisions.  I do not see software fixing that.

Better yet, just add a speed tax that reports how much it is costing you.  A cha ching every five minutes should change your behavior.

CA Bill Would Electronically Restrict Cars With 'Speed Governors'

SUNDAY, JAN 28, 2024 - 03:05 PM

California state Senator Scott Wiener (D), this guy...

...who wants to punish parents for misgendering their children up to the point of losing custody, and in 2022 suggested "offering Drag Queen 101 as part of the K-12 curriculum, and introduced a bill that grants judicial leniency to certain pedophiles, and who was accused of a hate-crime hoax... wants to require any new car or truck sold in the state after 2027 to have "speed governors" which would make it physically impossible to go more than 10 miles per hour over the posted speed limits.

"I don't think it's at all an overreach, and I don't think most people would view it as an overreach, we have speed limits, I think most people support speed limits because people know that speed kills," said Wiener, who is introducing a set of new bills.

Another part of the measure would require large trucks to install side guards which would prevent pedestrians, cyclists, or other vehicles from being sucked underneath during a crash.

"I think if you ask anyone, do people need to be driving more than 10 miles an hour over the speed limit, assuming you're not an emergency vehicle which are exempt from the bill, I think most people would say no, I don't want people driving more than 10 miles an hour in my neighborhood," he said.

Wiener's second bill would require Caltrans to make upgrades to crosswalks, bike lanes and curb extensions on state-owned roads to protect pedestrians, cyclists and those who rely on public transit.

A similar bill was vetoed by Gov. Gavin Newsom in 2019 in order to give Caltrans a chance to do this work on its own. -ABC7

The bills will likely go to a committee sometime in the spring.

The Great Growth Hoax


We have all been waiting for the end of the world in terms of currency collapse along with hyper inflation.

And we have passed through a hyper inflation in money supply.  now we have jacked interest rates putting down ward pressure on asset prices as real yields must drop.

Canada is beating this by importing folks to sustain the economy and the USA is importing illegals to do the same thing.  both are scavenging their population from elsewhere to sustain growth.  The obvious net supplier has been south america and india in particular and it is been greased by rising education everywhere.

It seems our economies cannot quite contract, nor can it grow.  in fact this state of affairs can last until the bottom third of the global economy has joined our middle class.  how curious.

The Great Growth Hoax

SUNDAY, JAN 28, 2024 - 12:10 PM

For a few days, ever since the supposedly amazing GDP report from quarter four 2023, we’ve been blasted by the media about how great the economy is doing. It’s exasperating because these claims do not fit with human experience. Last we heard from the Census Bureau, real income is down, and no one doubts it. Everyone has felt strong downgrades in living standards over these last four years.

And yet, no recession has been declared. This is for technical reasons. A recession is supposed to show up in the technical reading of the GDP plus unemployment. We’ve known for years that the unemployment data is broken. It does not account for labor dropouts or adjust for multiple job holders or otherwise reveal anything about labor participation or remuneration. Unemployment is technically low but so what?

As for GDP, it is not a measure of the standard of living or even economic growth. It is a measure of output—stuff going on as measured in dollar terms, whether necessary, productive, society serving, efficient, or not at all. The aggregate was concocted at a time when economists believed that spending was itself productive, whether it flowed from a sustainable capital base or government itself. Anything moving and churning was regarded as good.

When the latest report came out and everyone cheered, I dug around the data a bit but figured I would wait for my favorite analysts to weigh in. Sure enough, Peter St Onge writes it up and it is a doozy. “Fresh GDP numbers came in and it was a blowout. The kind of blowout that only a $2.7 trillion government deficit can buy while the private economy crumbles around it. Another couple blowout GDP reports like this and Americans will be living under an overpass.”

The essential ruse comes down to unfathomable amounts of government spending that is being recorded as productivity and output, and interpreted by media as growth. “In the past 12 months the federal deficit increased by $1.3 trillion. Yet we only got half that in GDP—about $600 billion. In other words, everything else shrank. It’s even worse for that brave and stunning Q4—there we got just $300 billion in extra GDP for—wait for it—$834 billion of new federal debt.”

To put a fine point on it: “Essentially, [GDP is measuring] the pace at which we’re going Soviet, replacing private wealth with government waste.” In his interpretation of the data, we are destroying wealth at the fastest rate since 2008.

An analysis by ZeroHedge echoes the same thought.

“While Q4 GDP rose by $329 billion to $27.939 trillion, a respectable if made up number, what is much more disturbing is that over the same time period, the US budget deficit rose by more than 50 percent, or $510 billion. And the cherry on top: the increase in public US debt in the same three month period was a stunning $834 billion, or 154 percent more than the increase in GDP. In other words, it now takes $1.55 in budget deficit to generate $1 of growth... and it takes over $2.50 in new debt to generate $1 of GDP growth!”

To further the analysis, and doing the math: “[E]very dollar in GDP growth cost $1.69 in new debt, and also means that every new job cost future generations of Americans $957,100.48.”

To say this is unsustainable is more than obvious. It is a disaster and this is dragging American prosperity into the pits, if by prosperity you mean quality of life. No matter how many gizmos to which you have access, the resources for living a good life are depleting very fast. The idea of a one-income family is nearly extinct, whereas it was the norm three-quarters of a century ago. Even the gizmos are falling apart and not serving us well.

Household appliances don’t work unless you somehow get your hands on the most high-priced models. They are trying to shove everyone into urban commuter cars so that you cannot drive on those big vacations that used to be the American norm. College is out of reach and the degree is increasingly worthless anyway. People are ever more despairing for the future and thinking that this is just the new normal.

Even looking at output data over the long term, you can see the trend, even given all the manipulation and fakery. It’s still very obvious where things are headed.

This chart reveals the history that did not need to happen. The United States has been the world center of technological innovation during these years, and the historical home for free enterprise and entrepreneurship. We should have had the greatest boom times in our history! Instead, government stole all that energy for itself. It’s a tragedy.

Everyone underestimates the wild effect of 2020 and the following chaos caused by lockdowns. Those sent the workplace into upheaval, wrecked data collection, made property rights and liberties far less secure, and entrenched a professional managerial class in government and industry that conspires against the public.

On the good side, we are seeing the evaporation of trust in media, medicine, academia, and government. Large media organizations are laying off workers in droves just to survive, and the woke agenda generally seems on the ropes.

Dramatic reforms are possible but are they likely? We will see. There needs to be wholesale reform in government and much more besides in order to save what’s left of the great American prosperity machine. As it is, the more likely outcome is to go the way of empires past, a long slog through the miasma of corruption and stagnation until generations hence will speak of the United States in the past tense the way we talk about the Portuguese empire.

That’s a big departure from the way this article opened so let’s go back to the point. The GDP data is not reflective of anything real except government profligacy and stagnation in every sector that counts. You can read the headlines or look at the underlying realities. One perpetuates existing myth-making and the other reveals that the myth is not long for this world.

Views expressed in this article are opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Epoch Times.

Bitcoin Slide Driven By Bankrupt FTX Liquidating, Shorting Billions


Whoever is in control of the liquidation obviously has a plan and that plan means setting a price for closing out positions.  so off course you have to liquidate the entire long side to actually complete and that looks over.  It cannot be done in pieces.

then set the price and close it out.  voila, it is a done deal.

it just shows us the obvious, that bitcoin is like physical gold.  Selling what you do not own is obviously dangerous.  And the royal road to bankruptcy is bucketing.  Off course we will never get the whole story but it is the same problem we had liquidating broker dealers back in the thirties.

Bitcoin Slide Driven By Bankrupt FTX Liquidating, Shorting Billions

SATURDAY, JAN 27, 2024 - 01:55 PM

Earlier this week we reported that the primary reason why bitcoin has been sliding ever since the arrival of bitcoin ETFs on Jan 10 - an event that had been lauded as very bullish for the crypto space but instead promptly sparked a bear market...

... has been the relentless liquidation of residual bitcoins by the bankrupt FTX estate which has been aggressively building up cash - and selling bitcoin into every market meltup - to maximize recoveries for stakeholders.

Specifically, as CoinDesk reported first, whereas legacy bitcoin vehicle GBTC had seen aggressive outflows at the time when the pack of new ETFs were pulling in new cash to convert into bitcoin, a large chunk of the exodus from GBTC was FTX's bankruptcy estate dumping 22 million shares, or about $1 billion of the $2.5 billion in GBTC outflows through Jan 22. And, as we pointed out, it also meant that instead of the GBTC outflows being recycled and netted off, a large portion of them was FTX liquidations - a one-off event, and not a systemic pressure on the underlying crypto asset, contrary to what some bears had said.

Well, today we got confirmation that it was indeed the bankrupt FTX (or rather Mike Novogratz' Galaxy which was picked last summer as advisor on managing the estate's holdings) that was responsible for much of the selling in crypto in the past two weeks. According to Bloomberg, FTX is "unloading cryptoassets and hoarding cash as bankruptcy advisers look for a way to repay customers whose accounts have been frozen since the platform collapsed in 2022."

The fraud-tainted crypto firm’s four largest affiliates — including FTX Trading Ltd. and Alameda Research LLC — together nearly doubled the group’s cash pile to $4.4 billion at the end of 2023 from about $2.3 billion in late October, according to Chapter 11 monthly operating reports. The company’s total cash is likely higher including the rest of its affiliates.

As shown in the chart below, FTX was furiously dumping assets during the crypto meltup that started in October and which sent the price of the digital currency from $27 in October to $45K by the end of 2023 .

Indeed, FTX said in a court filing last month that FTX raised $1.8 billion through Dec. 8 by selling off some of the firm’s digital assets. Of course, we also now know that FTX had continued raising cash by liquidating about $1 billion in GBTC-tied assets.

But wait, there's more: as we showed on Jan 23, all the major downward moves in bitcoin in the past week had been due to liquidations in perpetual bitcoin futures, and had little to do with sales of ETFs or underlying tokens.

All the major BTC moves have been due to futures liquidations— zerohedge (@zerohedge) January 23, 2024

We can now also blame FTX for those sudden, jerky bitcoin futures liquidations because as Bloomberg adds, "FTX also said it’s conducting Bitcoin derivative trades to hedge exposure to the coin and generate additional yield on its digital holdings." Translation: FTX (via Galaxy or otherwise) has been shorting bitcoin to "hedge" its substantial exposure and minimize risk to stakeholders.

To be sure, stakeholders in the bankrupt FTX are delighted with the results: customer claims worth more than $1 million traded at around 73 cents on the dollar as of Friday, almost double from around 38 cents on the dollar in October, according to investment firm and bankruptcy claims broker Cherokee Acquisition.

The flipside are all those investors in bitcoin, whether spot, ETFs or futures, who expected the rally into the ETF launch to continue. Instead they were rugged by the relentless FTX selling.

The good news for bitcoin bulls is that FTX has almost nothing left to liquidate (not that its customers will even benefit: as a reminder, dozens of FTX customers are challenging a company proposal that would peg the value of their digital assets at the time the company filed bankruptcy, meaning they’d miss-out on a yearlong Bitcoin rally and rebound for other tokens.) FTX also doesn’t expect customers will be fully repaid, which means that almost all of the "cashing out" has been concluded.

The question therefore is if not FTX customers, then just who is benefiting from the FTX liquidations of legacy crypto assets and its aggressive shorting of bitcoin futures. And, continuing down that train of thought, what will happen to FTX if one or more aggressive market players decided to squeeze whoever is pulling the FTX strings and has built up a major bitcoin short.

Controlling the Food Supply

Certainly indian removal was a long standing US policy, ultimately from the very beginning.  It was also inevitable because the economic protocol used by the natives could never compete.  worse, the first nations largely refused to take up alternative lifeways, preferring to hold on to their traditional lifeway.

Not everyone of course but sadly most.  Understand that it was the fecundity of the dairy cow that fueled large european families.  If it had beeb the other way around all europpeans would be speaking a dialect of sioux.

Supression to reservations and government support was the only option accepted by the natives generally, when faced with the inevitable loss of the band range.

So what was done then is certainly in line with inevitable policy.  The good news is that the natives can take up proper cattle rotation and become the guardians of the soil.  not least because tech is now to hand.

Dairy farming was always hard work.

Controlling the Food Supply

History Repeats Itself

JAN 27, 2024

Source: Pile of American bison skulls waiting to be ground for fertilizer, circa 1870. Burton Historical Collection/Detroit Public Library.

It is January 2024. Amish farmers are still being raided, and Bill Gates is buying more US farmland for God only knows what purpose. For nearly a year, The Tenpenny Report has been writing about how the Deep State is trying to starve us, and starve us some more. Food plant fires and avian bird flu are all cleverly disguised, but all have one goal…control over the food supply. However, the COVID era is not the first time this has happened. Far from it. As the saying goes, history does repeat itself.

The Buffalo Killers

In the 1800s, the US government definitely played a role in shaping the fate of Native Americans. How did they do it? The government allowed the decimation of the buffalo herds in the Great Plains. When the buffalo were gone, it was easier to force Native Americans onto reservations. Why? Because their primary food source was gone.

The US government allowed vast overhunting, so much so that the 30 to 60 million buffalo that once roamed the plains were reduced to only about 300 by 1899. It was a breathtaking and staggering loss. Thankfully, US conservation groups established a bison reserve in Yellowstone National Park and since then, numbers have rebounded.

Source: Rath & Wright's buffalo hide yard in 1878, showing 40,000 buffalo hides, Dodge City, Kansas. - National Archive and Records Administration (NARA).

The Native Americans suffered a worse fate. US officials welcomed this devastating hunting as an end to their means. No buffalo meant no food and a way to force the natives to settle on reservations.

Deadly European diseases and wars with the white man certainly took a toll on Native American populations. The Civil War also made a dent, but the Indians were too resilient for the US government’s liking. The “scorched earth” Civil War generals like William Tecumseh Sherman and Philip Henry Sheridan came to be in charge of Indian engagement, their next assignment after the torching of Atlanta.

Long-standing Lies of the US Government

First, the Indians were promised that they could live freely on the Great Plains as long as the buffalo also freely roamed there. No Native American could fathom this not to be the case. Then, tens of millions of bison were slaughtered for sport rather than for food and clothing. There was a larger depopulation goal on the horizon. The end justified the means, right?

Completion of the Transcontinental Railroad gave easy access to large hunting parties. The buffalo were simply no match. A hunter once expressed remorse after shooting 30 bulls in one hunting trip, and US Army colonels told him to brush it off: “Kill every buffalo you can! Every buffalo dead is an Indian gone.”

An 1872 government report clearly stated that the decimation of the buffalo herds “must operate largely in favor of our efforts to confine the Indians to smaller areas, and compel them to abandon their nomadic customs, and establish themselves in permanent homes.”

When the bison were gone, the US told the Native Americans they had to move, per the previous agreement. They were pushed onto reservations with a promise that the government would provide food, clothing, and shelter. None of those promises were fulfilled. Sheridan said it best himself:

“We took away their country and their means of support, broke up their mode of living, their habits of life, introduced disease and decay among them. And it was for this they made war against us. Could anyone expect less?”

Source: Shooting buffalo from the trains of the Kansas Pacific Railroad. Library of Congress.

The promises of the reservation sound very much like the false allure of the 15-minute cities being offered to us by today’s global elites. Before considering this city concept to be an ideal utopia, be reminded that Native Americans still live in abject poverty today and are one of the most regulated populations on earth.

There are 55 million acres of land on Native American reservations, but only five percent of that land is privately owned. The federal government owns and operates the rest under the guise of the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), part of the US Department of Interior (DOI).

The Native American poverty rate is nearly double that of the rest of the US, with many people living without electricity, plumbing, and other basic human needs. Alcoholism and violence against women are rampant. It is more than tragic.

The BIA tells it differently, though: “We promote safe and quality living environments, strong communities, self-sufficiency and individual rights while enhancing the protection of the lives, prosperity, and well-being of American Indians and Alaska Natives.” Have any of the appointed bureaucrats at the BIA ever visited or spent any time on a reservation they are supposed to oversee?

What the US government has done to Native Americans is both genocide and democide, the systematic destruction of peoples based on ethnicity, religion, nationality, or race BY the government. These great cultures were made submissive and forced to bow to the strong arm of the US government, surrendering to the reservation system.

Covert, Not Overt, Moves

Facebook censors went to work oppressing this person’s social posts when I dared to compare the buffalo killers with today’s efforts to control our food supply. The posts were deemed misinformation and censored because the “fact-checkers” said there is no proof today that our US government is actively trying to limit our food supply. See what they are doing? It’s not overt, just as the buffalo slaughter wasn’t overt. The US government didn’t actively kill the buffalo themselves—that’s accurate. It was passive: the US government stood by while white hunters over-hunted the buffalo and decimated their populations.

Here’s a question from a 2012 NPR article:

Yes, we evolved to eat meat, but how much is too much? Fast forward 10 years, and there’s an article asking why humans eat meat at all. There are many articles discussing America’s obsession with meat. I even found one that enumerated the 10 reasons why we shouldn’t eat meat, one being the meat sweats.

It wasn’t enough to make meat-eating Americans feel bad about liking a good burger or steak. Soon, the meat crisis went global. They claim that reducing meat consumption can increase global food security. Bottom line: they are tying eating meat to the root cause of all our problems: climate change. Not only are you going to get fat eating so much meat, you’re going to burn the planet to a crisp while you’re becoming portly. But these meatless rules only apply to individuals, not the governments.

Just like the rules only applied to the Native Americans.

At the COP28 World Climate Conference, King Charles asked for $5 trillion a year to fight climate change. At the same time, the UN scorned Americans for eating too much meat, the elite took a lunch break after a morning of telling the rest of us what to do.

What was on the menu? Avocados and alfalfa sprouts for sustainability? Nope. Meat, and lots of it: “juicy beef,” “slabs of succulent meat,” smoked wagyu burgers, Philly cheesesteaks, and “melt-in-your-mouth BBQ,” including African street BBQ.

False promises made by governments have been repeated time and time again. King Charles and the Davos gang are taking steps to manage our “boiling planet” at the same time, stuffing their faces with sausages. Similar to scolding us about reducing our carbon footprint while flying carbon-footprint-heavy private jets to get to the WEF meetings anywhere on the globe.

History repeats itself.

The false allure of the 15-minute cities is the same as the false allure of the reservations. And remember, it all starts with controlling the food supply.

Monday, January 29, 2024

How Trump Secretly Seized Twitter

I do not know if you can read this as i certainly cannot reformat it at all.  However what is suggested is that Jack Dorsey and Elon Musk were stripped of their control positions and replaced by an actor doing Elon Musk.

I could suspect as much, but this does shift it over a notch.

I do want to say that way too many young boys became fabulously successful in my lifetime for it to ever be a coincidence, particularly when you have some understanding of human behavior.  A tightly controled young man acting as a front is a different matter.

By the by, I even suspected Bill Gates at the time who was the first such star.  Recall Steve Jobs and his path through the human maze.  He was genius and his indispensibility kept him in play.  Not so the rest who all look like a bunch of frat boys.

nice gig if you are the chosen one.  Same pattern every time..

How Trump Secretly Seized Twitter 

By Mike King

Although the series of past events and future possibilities set forth here would make for a great story and (full disclosure) a boosted stock portfolio for yours truly, do NOT take this as investment advice! I'm an investigator, not an investment professional. It's just that site co-founder St. Sugar the Crazed Conspiracy Cat, from across the Rainbow Bridge, keeps channeling a vision of events to me which, if it comes to fruition, will make us seem like prophets -- but if not, well, no one here is telling "youse guys" to make any wagers on DWAC -- the special acquisition company that is expected to soon merge with Trump Media & Technology Group (Truth Social, TMTG Streaming Films, TMTG News). Let's start with what has actually happened and see if we can discern a pattern: December 20, 2017 Executive Order 13818 Trump signs Executive Order 13818, titled: "Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption" into law. The "national emergency" grants Trump the power to seize assets of various Deep State entities and individuals even remotely tied to child sex abuse and corruption .. and that includes Twitter. January 27, 2018 Q Post 623 / The Forced Takeover of Twitter Foretold Q cites Executive Order 13818 (12/21) as a means for the forced takeover of Twitter by Trump and the White Hats. (red added for your clarification)
Twitter % owned?Other ownership stakes in the US?What happens if seized?Who controls? (The military)Who controls the controllers? (Trump would)EO 12/21 (expiration date, renewed by Biden).NEW puppet master. (That would be Trump)Direction.Not deal.Hostage. No choice. (forced hostile takeover of Twitter)Think others.It’s what you don’t know.Q * Throughout 2018 and 2019, there were a total of 23 other Q Posts which specifically threatened Twitter boss Jack Dorsey, aka "@Jack" --- a suspected Satanist and pedosexual.
April 21, 2019 The Mystery of 11.11.18In a 2018 Q Post, the date of 11.11.18 is teased as a day marking the "unification" of the American people. Concurrent with the posts, Trump begins promoting the idea of a massive Veterans Day parade on November 11th, 2018. Many in the Q community foolishly took this to mean that the hammer would drop by then and that the 11-11 parade was to be a celebration. The date came and went, after the parade idea had fizzled out months earlier. Was Q jerking us around? Or was there a hidden message that would not be decodable until a few years later as one of the many "future proves past" Q posts?
Q Post 1234 April, 21, 2018 AMERICA WILL BE UNIFIED AGAIN!11.11.18.Q
November 11, 2019 The Mystery of 11.11.18 revisited On the one-year anniversary of 11.11.18, Q again makes mention of that date and its importance in unifying the country, this time tying it to the military ("DoD") and actually telling us that is indeed a "future proves past" type of post. By now, we "Q Tards" are really scratching our heads over this date which already came and went, a full year ago!
/route_DoD_11.11.18/America Will Be Unified Again.Future Proves Past.Q
January 6, 2021 Trump's Invokes the Insurrection Act On the infamous day of January 6, 2021, Trump stealthily proclaims the Insurrection Act (event explained here) and posts the video to Twitter. He is now the Supreme Commander of an Emergency Military Regime which remains in place. January 8, 2021 Trump Promises a GIANT VOICE, Twitter Ordered to Remove Trump's Account On Trump's final day of "tweeting," Trump promises his supporters that they will have a GIANT VOICE (caps his) into the future. Under his orders, his Twitter then removes the account-- thus giving Trump the needed pretext for starting his own platform, which no one knows about yet. What could this GIANT VOICE be?
February 22, 2022 Truth Social Opens with Very Interesting Data Information Months after being organized, the first branch of Trump's new media company opens as "" It is promoted as the "free speech alternative" to Twitter which will be a "unifying"(there goes that word again) force. A search of the Internet WHOIS database reveals a domain registration date from more than ten years earlier, proving that TS was being planned long before controlled Twitter "banned" Trump. The domain name was registered on --- (drum roll please) ---- exactly as stated in WHOIS --- on 2011-11-18 (here)
Secret Commander Trump promised us a "GIANT VOICE" and then ordered Twitter to "ban" him on that same day. After the announcement of, a WHOIS search reveals that the name was registered a decade earlier, on 2011-11-18.
Q: "Crimes against children will unite all humanity." // TMTG (TS): "A Uniting Force"
April 14, 2022 Imposter "Elon Musk" Buys Twitter and Becomes a "Conspiracy Theorist" The "new" Musk has been spotted in a skin-mask in several photos -- an indication that both his assets and his identity have been seized and put to good use by the White Hats. There is no other way to explain his dramatic and sudden conversion from sainted Globalist con-artist to fulltime MAGA patriot. Truth CEO and former Republican congressman, Devon Nunes, claims: “President Trump, basically before Elon Musk bought Twitter, actually said to go and buy it.” And perhaps Trump did actually buy it!
2023 Nunes Parody Video Announces the "hostile takeover" of Twitter by Truth Social Sometime in 2023 (perhaps even late 2022) either Truth CEO Devon Nunes or Trump "right hand man" Dan Scavino (I can't remember which but I think it was Nunes) posted a brief video of Donald Trump's head superimposed on a pole-vaulter. "Trump" launches himself high over the bar which has a large horizontal banner that reads "Twitter" attached to it. As he falls down the other side of the bar, the Trump character yanks down the banner to reveal a new one labeled, "Truth Social" -- as the voiceover announcer screams: "It's the hostile takeover of Twitter!" Now, you're going to have to accept my witness testimony on this one, boys and girls -- simply because there are 1000s of posts on the TS pages of both Nunes and Scavino. On my honor, this is exactly what I saw and heard, several times. A free autographed book of your choice to the first reader who can dig this one up.
2023-2024 Agent Musk Renames Twitter to "X" and Drives its Value into the Ground Musk's obsessive "right wing" and even "antisemitic" activism alienates many advertisers. Though his picking of fights with the mighty ADL and Disney is amusing to behold, those are extremely stupid business decisions for a lifelong money junkie to make. Equally perplexing (and dumb!) is his decision to rebrand the famous company as "X" -- which is generally used as a "placeholder" in math, statistics, coding etc. Does this mean that the final name (and final owner) of the company is yet pending? By some estimates, the company has lost as much as 90% of its value since Musk's obviously deliberate mishandling of a company for which he paid $44 Billion.
Elon Musk Jack Dorsey
In PERFECT fulfillment of Q's promises from 2018 & 2019, Trump and the White Hats took down both of these Pieces of Shit -- seizing their assets and identities with the same Executive Order.
2024 or 2025 A Hypothesis-- Not a Prediction! DWAC is expected to complete its merger with TMTG during the first half of 2024 and thus be able to access all of the cash that has been raised for it as well as being able to borrow more money, if needed. In due time, Truth Social buys "Musk's" devalued "X" for dirt-cheap -- making Trump's takeover "official." The 560 million worldwide users of "X" wake up one day and see a new logo on their "placeholder" account, that of Trump's Truth Social. Trump and the White Hats will then possess a means to reach the whole world, instead of just the comparatively paltry 6.5 million "already converted" loyalists which Trump has, oddly, voluntarily limited himself to on fledgling Truth Social. This entity -- established on "11.11.18" -- would indeed be a "GIANT VOICE" which could "unify the country" and the world over the "slow-drip" revelations of extreme corruption and child sex trafficking. This scenario, admittedly speculative, would answer many mysteries and "fits" perfectly with what we have already observed, you must admit. All that remains now is the testing of this hypothesis, which can only be done by observing the passage of time following the coming DWAC-TMTG merger and subsequent cash infusion.
Trump's refusal to repost on super-viral Twitter (where he still has 88 million followers that he is not talking to!) would only make sense if some alternative plan to re-engage that massive dormant following was in place.
1. Truth Social CEO Devon Nunes unabashedly appears on the X22 Report -- a popular podcast dedicated exclusively toward analysis (sometimes flawed) of the unfolding Q operation. // 2 & 4. The Truth Social logo, when turned, reveals a dripping faucet -- consistent with the "slow drip" flood foretold by Q.
1. Elon Mask brings a sink to Twitter headquartes ("slow-drip" symbolism?) // 2 & 3. The imposter was seen at the World Cup of football (soccer). Look at his neck. He is clearly wearing a Biden-like skin mask.