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 I posted a heads up a couple of days ago.  The opposition will be staging riots in an attempt to overthrow the  agenda and even perhaps in their wildest dreams the USA government.  This is still the NAZI playbook folks.

I am particularly providing the link here to all the data stored on

I have also noticed censorship efforts as well since i am actively covering the Q Mil Intel feed and fully grasp its historic significance.

It is all becoming much more public and folks will need to come up to speed and the best reference source will be and not myself or someone else discussing them.

Understand something.  the battle for the hearts and minds of the American people and the whole global community did not end with the election of Trump.  The campaign has continued behind the scenes and will now erupt into mainstream consciousness..

Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: 97de56 No.1843122 πŸ“
Jun 21 2018 01:06:16 (EST)
Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: 97de56 No.1843055 πŸ“
Jun 21 2018 01:01:30 (EST)
We stand.
We fight.
Organized riots being planned.
Counter measures in place.
Resistance far smaller than portrayed by MSM.
Attacks will intensify.
You, collectively, are a massive threat.
Censorship applied to scale down impact/reach.
It’s failing.
Trust yourself.
Public awakening.


Q&A Saturday.
Time TBD.
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Jun 21 2018 01:01:30 (EST)
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Jun 21 2018 00:35:10 (EST)
We told you proofs were going to be important very soon.
New eyes.
Be ready.

We thank you for your service.

We stand.
We fight.
Organized riots being planned.
Counter measures in place.
Resistance far smaller than portrayed by MSM.
Attacks will intensify.
You, collectively, are a massive threat.
Censorship applied to scale down impact/reach.
It’s failing.
Trust yourself.
Public awakening.
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Jun 21 2018 00:35:10 (EST)
Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: 97de56 No.1842655 πŸ“
Jun 21 2018 00:28:40 (EST)
Jan 20, 2017
June 20, 2018
Exactly 17 months.
Do you believe in coincidences?
God bless you all.

We told you proofs were going to be important very soon.
New eyes.
Be ready.
We thank you for your service.
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Jun 21 2018 00:28:40 (EST)
Anonymous ID: 2b6cd5 No.1842592 πŸ“
Jun 21 2018 00:23:16 (EST) vipanon-reduced-forinfinity1.mp4

Jan 20, 2017
June 20, 2018
Exactly 17 months.
Do you believe in coincidences?
God bless you all.
1580 Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: ad54c

Connection between stress and autoimmune disease affirmed by massive 30-year study

Does stress trigger the onset or development of autoimmune disease, or is the connection between stress...

This is all interesting and very suggestive.  I see a clear pathway to understanding the benefits of CBDs here in tackling PTSD.
There is nothing that compares with these huge studies to assert firm conclusions.  My only regret when they are done is that we did not think up a lot more questions to ask.  Thirty years is a long time.
We need to see all researchers engaged in these types of programs as a matter of course.  That way we can have dozens of such studies under way tackling fundamental issues. Every cohort leaving high school needs to be drafted into this as subjects..
Connection between stress and autoimmune disease affirmed by massive 30-year study

Rich Haridy

18 hours ago Does stress trigger the onset or development of autoimmune disease, or is the connection between stress and immune dysfunction more complicated than that?(

A massive study spanning 30 years of data and examining a cohort of over one million people has found a strong association between persons suffering from stress disorders, including PTSD, and an increased risk of developing autoimmune diseases such as arthritis and Crohn's disease.

The link between certain traumatic life stresses and autoimmune disorders may seem a little obvious. After all, many of us have experienced stress manifesting in physical symptoms, such as stomach aches, for example. But, surprisingly, there has been limited scientific study into the direct connection between stress-based psychiatric conditions and specific immune-related disease.

The new, extraordinarily large-scale observational study followed over one million subjects in Sweden for a period of 30 years. Over 100,000 subjects were ultimately diagnosed with a stress-related disorder, from PTSD to acute stress reaction and adjustment disorder. These subjects were matched with a further one million subjects who over the 30-year period were not diagnosed with any stress-based disorder.

The striking results found that those suffering from a diagnosed stress-related disorder were 30 to 40 percent more likely to subsequently be diagnosed with one of 41 different autoimmune diseases. These autoimmune diseases included rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, Crohn's disease and celiac disease.

"We know from previous research that too much stress can disrupt our immune system, but this is the first study that shows the link between PTSD and other stress disorders and increased risk of autoimmune diseases in a large sample of individuals," says Unnur Anna ValdimarsdΓ³ttir, one of the lead researchers on the study.

Autoimmune disease risk increased in cases of individuals diagnosed at a young age with PTSD. And even more interestingly, those subjects receiving antidepressant treatment for PTSD soon after diagnosis displayed lower rates of developing subsequent autoimmune diseases. While this last point certainly supports a hypothesis suggesting a causal link between stress and the onset of an autoimmune disease, the researchers are cautious to add this is only an observational study so only a correlation can be drawn.

Perhaps the most convincing conclusion to be drawn from the study is an affirmation of the strong link between psychological stress and physical inflammatory conditions. There is a compelling hypothesis growing in some research fields suggesting several psychological disorders could stem from inflammation in the brain. One recent study even went so far as to explicitly correlate brain inflammation with suicidal thoughts.

While it is tempting to try to turn this into a 'what came first' argument, the psychological disorder or the inflammatory condition, the reality is that it may be a much more complex and interlinked relationship. Autoimmune diseases and psychological conditions may be fundamentally two sides of the same coin and the more we can understand this strange holistic connection, the better we will be able to treat a whole host of different diseases, both in the mind and the body.

The new study was published in the journal JAMA.

Human Destiny Revealed at the End of the Yellow Brick Road

We are still a little short of heaven on Earth, but there the path is becoming clearer. For all of us, we truly are on the yellow brick road, but almost all fail to know this, believing instead that this is all that is.  That turns out to be laughable. particularly once you understand the central role of those dark matter processors in every cell in producing order.

I accepted my destiny a long time ago, and remain  in wonder of just what that all means.  I have been told that i will see my hundredth birthday and not when i will pass from this world.  The curves of time suggest it may well be possible to greatly extend my presence here until i have seen my agendas completed.  To this end i now follow new physical paths as well that have been brought to me.

We live in a time of mythology and Cyrus will clean the world of all corruption.  Men with power will live with fear and adhere to the highest ethos.  That is now well begun and it will roll out worldwide.  I have shown us the road to end all poverty through the natural community and the assertion of the rule of twelve.  That too is coming.  Thus heaven on Earth will begin.

This rule of twelve surely mastered the Bronze Age and underwrote the integrity of the global Atlantean Mythos we have utterly forgotten.

I am the Pathfinder and may have and certainly could have sailed with Columbus and Prince Rupert during this passing of my Soul.  Love the cross for it will guide you home.


Human Destiny Revealed at the End of the Yellow Brick Road

By Christine Horner

Guest writer for Wake Up World
May 20th, 2018

“Every next level of your life will demand a different you.” — Leonardo DiCaprio

One of life’s most enduring mysteries is that of human destiny. Many a philosopher have debated whether it’s an invention of human thought or if our long-standing curiosity is a mechanism of evolution (creation in process) designed to propel humanity forward.

Regardless of what you believe, what seems to be universal is the calling by your soul to fulfill your personal destiny once you awaken enough to hear it.

It used to be you were born one character per lifetime, living and dying the same. Helped by society, people stayed in the lane they were born. Indoctrination now begins as early as two and three years of age; young children pushed into “structured” group settings call preschool.

Programming the child from an early age to become a good worker and consumer, our education system dumbs down natural-born creative inner genius (divergent thinking) from 98% in children to less than 2% by adulthood, a study has proven.

Only a handful of notable individuals have scaled Maslow’s Hierarchy of Self-Actualization to free themselves of the confinement of culture and conditioning to live out a life of creative genius each one of us is gifted at birth.

Because these courageous women and men paid attention, they lived out a personal destiny so extraordinary relative to the masses that all of humanity felt the ground shiver with unlimited possibility when they spoke, wrote, or graced the world with their presence.
What’s Your Destiny?

The reality is, very few are courageous enough to break voluntarily from herd mentality.

“Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose.” — Yoda

We fear to have a destiny as much as we fear not having one. We fear failure. We fear greatness. We simply fear change. Fear is the #1 reason people wallow in misery rather than dare to make simple changes that would improve the quality of their life dramatically.

Why? People hang onto what’s familiar rather than let go for the unknown — even if could mean the end of suffering.

Maybe you’re trying to discover your creative inner genius… or break away from a miserable job… or find meaning and purpose in your life… or just be happy and at peace.
Trust Life

It’s okay to be afraid — just don’t get stuck there. Fearlessness is for fools. Courage’s true definition is sticking around even when you are very afraid.

And if you refuse change?

Change becomes dramatic upheaval when you don’t review your thoughts, words, and actions continuously (conscious living) to see if you are serving not only your personal well-being but the well-being of everyone in your field of influence. This is self-leadership.

If you don’t self-correct, life steps in.

This goes for institutions, too. We are witnessing dramatic upheaval in the world because the negative benefits of a society built out of separation consciousness are no longer sustainable. The more you or groups of like-minded individuals fight to preserve tradition, the greater the human suffering.

“If you’re receptive and open, you’ll see it’s okay to relax, take your hands off the wheel, and trust life.”

Your journey is unique, but its aspects are common to everyone. It may give you comfort to understand what’s happening as you continue to awaken to the miraculous within. Your destiny and humanity’s destiny are one and the same.
Our Universal Hero’s Journey

The Wizard of Oz’s Dorothy perfectly illustrates the hero’s journey as identified by American scholar Joseph Campbell.

Our heroine consciously chooses to take a journey into the heart of darkness and the unknown, where things get pretty wild. Dorothy has her moments of fear and self-doubt, but notice she receives exactly the right support at the right time to push through. And so will you.

After Dorothy realizes the pigpen of the limited life she’s fallen into, she ditches it for bigger and better things. Along the way, Dorothy runs into self-doubt’s Professor Marvel, who dissuades her from making any changes in her life. Life honours Dorothy’s “yes” to her soul’s swansong, sending an F5 tornado to whisk her away to new lands.

Glinda, the Good Witch of the North, quickly appears to guide her. But, in a dualistic third dimension — if there is the light of your Higher Self, there is the ego’s dark side, the Wicked Witch of the West, to make life rough for you because you’ve killed her sister, the Wicked Witch of the East, weakening ego’s hold over you.

In the nick of time, a sign appears — physical proof all things work for the good. You’ve been endowed with the ruby red slippers previously belonging to ego, taking back some of your power.

Appearing to lack a way back to Kansas, she follows Glinda’s prompt to step upon the path of enlightenment as she seeks wisdom outside of herself that will guide her home.

Down the yellow brick road, she meets the Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Cowardly Lion. They are Mind, Body, and Spirit. They join her on the journey as external characters, but really, Dorothy must unite consciously all three to make her final discovery.
Don’t Get Distracted

The foursome stops along the way to admire a beautiful field of colourful poppies that distract them so much they completely fall back under the spell of Maya (separation consciousness). The shiny things in your life are technology, relationship drama, and busyness that distract you from renewing your connection to Source each day through reflection and meditation.

Alas, once Dorothy reaches the Wizard, she is sent off on an errand to retrieve the witch’s broomstick. As long as you search outside yourself for what is found within, ego will send you on an endless loop of things to “do,” known as struggle, to reach your goals.

You will repeatedly crash and burn — your dark night of the soul — until you finally see that struggle (ego) has gotten you nowhere. Notice, the Universe keeps sending you unconditional gifts and signs until you realize that the Source of Life and Life are the same. This is your shift from separation to unity consciousness.

Thus, it is revealed that separation from Source is an illusion. Glinda, the Good Witch, confirms Dorothy always had the power to go “home.” The struggle was the removal of the veil via direct experience.

Intertwined and inseparable is collective human destiny as we converge as One in perfect union with the Infinite. This is our destiny. Home is our return to Source — without going anywhere at all.

Your brilliant moment is when you realize there is nothing to do and nowhere to go. You already are that which you seek. All are found within you, given freely to you as a gift.

Know this, and you’ve just created Heaven on Earth.

You are already brilliant.
You are already perfect.
You are already Home.
Can you feel it?

Dogman Accounts & Comments

The inventory of available reports continues to grow.  It took a long time for me to fish out the first twenty or so, but how we do have a common descriptor with dogman and until we capture a couple we will not be able to identify it as the Giant Sloth.

There is a range of sizes and we normally see the males.  the females are smaller and sport a large tail and lack the robust upper shoulder structures, thus looking more like a dog.  It is the male seen on two legs commonly as well.

It seems to be able to project fear as well.

Upright Canine / Dogman Accounts & Comments

Friday, June 15, 2018

The following comments were found at Beyond Creepy and other locations, in reference to YouTube upright canine / dogman accounts:

“When I was 18 years old I was visiting a friend who lived out in the boonies. She had 20 acres of land, horses and had no neighbours at all living around her. During the visit I helped her with some outside chores that took almost the full day. It was around 6:30pm, we had just finished working, she was about 50 feet away from me with another person chatting and I was looking for a good place to walk my dog. As I stood there looking at some open field with a large bluff of trees behind it my eye caught a glimpse of a dark black figure hiding behind some trees. It stood upright and seemed curious about me. I had no idea that dogman existed back then so my initial thought was 'why is someone wearing a fur costume in the middle of nowhere'. I stared at it for awhile as it stared at me. It had a snout like a dog, long straggly furred arms with long fingered hands, I could not see its legs or a tail because of the shrubs and the tree. Now that I know about the dogman, I do believe that is what I witnessed that day.” - Allyson Jayne


“A very very good friend of mine was working on a ranch in Montana in about 1986. He was herding up some horses and went up over a hill with forest on either side with a clearing on his left. The horses were uneasy which brought him to notice something in a clearing to his left. There squatted over an animal was this huge grey, red-eyed dog thing. What really stood out to him was it had three really razor-sharp long claws. The light was shining through the trees on to him and it turned and looked right at him and then turned back to eating his prey. I always believed my friend and his description is clear as day in my own mind. Never heard anyone else talk about the three claws though so that's why I always listen to other people's Dogman stories.” - Catherine Hughes

[That is our boy.  Those three claws are rarely clearly seen as they are not expected at all, but that is the critical signature of the three toed giant sloth of which we have ample fossils thanks to la Brea.  Arclein ]


“When I was a child in Mississippi going home after a football game at school something liked that chased me on a dark road. I ran to a neighbors' house. I thought it was going to kill me and I am scared of this thing today from over 45 years ago. I didn't say it was a dog man but it had the fire red eyes hiding in a cornfield and was trying to attack me. It would not come into the light and is the only thing I think that saved me. You can believe what you want!!!” - Powerdip


“My uncles were attacked by a creature like this (Dogman) going through a jungle area of Mexico, in the 70's. They were driving a big cargo truck at night when something jumped on the back of the truck. They didn't stop to see what it was because there where no lights on the road. My uncle on the passenger side saw this devilish creature that looked like a dog climbing closer to the cabin of the truck. They said the thing was huge. My uncle's screaming in fear when they saw it, said they tried to shake the truck but it would fall off until they hit it against a tree on the opposite side of the road/path. They kept driving all night to the morning all freaked out. When they got to a gas station in a village they saw gash marks and hand but animal prints on the windows where it was trying to get in and on the back trailer. They told their story to some of the villager or farmer and they told them that dogmen-like demons roam those areas. And they were not the only ones who have been attached before. They were so freaked out the hair on both arms rises even telling their experience. They said they never drove through Central America besides the cities or villages at night ever again. I wish I could have recorded them telling the stories. They have died already, but even before they died they stuck with what happened to them and they never did drugs.” - Claudia C


“I remember years ago when I was about 13 running from bullies up at our woodland in Northern Ireland... I climbed an old oak tree, the only one in the forest but it had really good cover. You could not see me when I was up in it. I hid there all night long. I was that scared, but it was about 2 in the morning when I heard growling and something sniffing around the bottom of the tree. I thought at first it was a really big dog until it stood up on 2 legs. It was huge - bigger than my father and he was touching 6 foot 7 and it had hands with claws not paws and pointed ears and a long snout like a German Shepherd has but only longer and its eyes glowed like looking in a mirror. Now I told a few friends and teachers what I had seen and they made fun of me even the teachers asking me if I had seen a pink elephant as well, but I know what I saw and no-one can tell me different.” - Daniel McMullan

[  this is important as it is old world.  Also believed extinct there as well.  I am surprised that the creature did not come up the tree, but likely knew that it could not ambush the individual up there and was been careful,  those claws are meant for climbing. acrclein ]


“On my way home from my boys basketball practice our head light hit a black cloudy mist moving across the road and it turned into a large, standing-up-on-two-legs wolf. We were horrified. For months I had nightmare about this. My mind just had a hard time trying to comprehend what this thing was. As our car passed it, we got a very good look at it. The feeling of fear was so intense for weeks. It happened two miles from my house and I live in the country on Highway 72 in Bollinger County, Missouri. We didn't tell anyone but my husband because if I wouldn't had seen this, I wouldn't of believed it myself.” - Denise O


“I had one of these creepy things (Dogman) jump/fly in front of my motorcycle at 1:00 AM in August of 2017, Rockingham County, Virginia. It was a rural area between two cornfields. I know what I saw. It was UNREAL and inches in front of me while I was going 60 MPH. It just missed me by inches.” - Boulder Nelson

Friday, June 22, 2018

Evidence Suggesting David Icke Is Actually Right About Reptilian Aliens

I am not particularly fond of the reptilian meme but the Pope's audience chamber is a blatant application of symbolism that is not congruent with Christianity and speaks to a deeper conspiracy to subvert the hierarchy of the Catholic church in particular.  This certainly has been linked to the NPC or the Natural Pedophile Conspiracy and we have had ample reports of aspects of satanism drawn into that milieu as well.

None of this though requires a single alien at all but easily uses the alien meme to provide a higher authority to convince followers. all the underlying symbolism has a long tradition behind it that parallels that of Christianity and is Pagan in origins.

It is these types of traditions that Judism opposed three thousand years ago and that Christianity wonderfully reformed.  It is never in anyone's interest to see them back at all as the traditions all focus on child sacrifice at its deepest most secretive level.  Thus we have the link to the NPC.

The alien Reptilian meme arose almost full cloth thirty years ago after an enabling article in the Scientific American in the sixties.  The empowering stories were only around two to five and all were well written suggesting a single author.   This is unlike normal reports on cryptids.

Should they exist, they are likely Terran originated and have been here for arond 65,000,000 years and occupy refugia deep inside the earth's crust away from our attention.  We will soon be doing the same thing in order to provide full protection from serious surface destruction.  They are also present in space as well.

So far i see no evidence that Reptillians are capable of learning how to love and that is naturally troubling.  The role of Christianity has been to teach love as separate from natural attraction or lust and make it central to its prescibed lifeway. We do hear of abstract ethics from other alien sources.

Evidence Suggesting David Icke Is Actually Right About Reptilian Aliens

Probably one of the most challenging conspiracy theories of the past 30 years for people to digest is that of David Icke’s theory that reptilian ET’s are mixed in with the elite of our planet and have influence over how it is run. 

To be fair, this theory doesn’t belong to David but was simply popularized by him.

I challenge you to continue reading this with an open mind, you will be surprised as to how deep this actually goes. For the record, no I’m not going to be talking about silly YouTube videos or photoshopped images showing reptile eyes belonging to the elite. We’re only going to look at very real evidence anyone can verify.

When I first realized the true magnitude of what the Pope’s Audience Hall design reveals, I was shocked. Despite 10 years of research into the elite, occult, Illuminati, consciousness, and more, this stuck out as something I just HAD to write about.

Have you heard of the Pope’s Audience Hall? Also known as the Paul VI Audience Hall or the Hall of the Pontifical Audiences, it lies partially in Vatican City and partially in Rome, Italy. Named after Pope Paul VI and built in 1971 by Italian architect Pier Luigi Nervi, it seats 6,300 and contains a bronze statue called La Resurrezione, designed by Pericle Fazzini, within.

This all sounds pretty straightforward so far, but let’s dive into what makes this building so strange. We’ll start with the less weird, and get progressively weirder as we go.

Building Method and Design

The building was designed with reinforced concrete by well-known architect Pier Luigi Nervi. Nervi is known for simple yet practical designs that are strong and made to last.

The simple curvature of the building might seem unassuming from the outside, but this is part one of what we will begin to explore about this building, and I promise you, by the time we get to the end, you will see what I’m getting at.

Have a look at the image below and compare its shape to the image of a snake beside it. Note the overall shape — wide back, narrow, rounded front, eyes in the middle, nostril at the front, and curved top.


As you can already begin to see in the image above, there are two windows on either side of the building that resemble eyes. They are made of stained glass and sit about halfway through the building’s length on either side.

In the centre of the eye shape, you begin to see a slit that could resemble a reptile eye. If you’re not convinced yet, which is understandable, keep reading.

Maybe looking at one window on its own isn’t the most clear, so let’s have a look at both of them together now.

All of a sudden we begin to see things taking shape here — two reptilian eyes, staring at you as you observe the stage.

Scales and Fangs

Have a look again at the image above — what do you notice down the centre? There stands what looks to be a statue in the middle and then on either side, two sharp, pointed fangs. The building’s roof and sides also resemble scales.

Here are two more images to give you a sense of the scales.

Now let’s pull it together a bit more so we can really see what we are looking at. In the image below, really pay attention to the whole building and stage layout next to the image of a snake. The eyes, the shape, the scales, the fangs, the look and feel of the reptile… it’s all there.

The La Resurrezione Statue

In the middle of the stage sits a statue of Christ rising from an atomic apocalypse. It was designed by Pericle Fazzini and put in place by 1977. Have a look at it below. Do you notice anything about Jesus’ head?


Right side

Left side

It’s difficult to see from the front, but when you view the statue from the sides, where patrons would sit, it becomes strikingly clear from both sides that the head of Jesus is meant to look like that of a snake.

Think about it for a moment: If just one side of the statue gave the impression of a snake’s head, we could brush this off as coincidence, but when it looks this way from all angles, and the entire building resembles a snake as well, it becomes much more difficult to ignore.

One must begin to realize that this was purposefully designed to appear this way. The thought and planning that went into this would have to have been immense.

The reality is, there is an obvious reason for this imagery.

The Big Question

You may be asking what that reason is; why was this building built in such a way that the Pope appears to be speaking from the mouth of a reptile? If you aren’t asking that question, you’re simply turning a blind eye. It’s not that the evidence isn’t present, it’s that you are choosing not to see it.

There are seven separate pieces that comprise the snake or reptile symbol. If it were one or two I would understand your skepticism — even three. But when seven pieces come together so beautifully, so perfectly, you know beyond any shadow of a doubt that it was intentional.

Regardless, I know what I’m saying may be difficult to accept, but all tough truths go through phases — laughter and ridicule, partial acceptance, and then, eventually, they appear self-evident to the population. I believe we are getting closer to the third stage when it comes to understanding who truly runs and has influence over our world, which is why this snake symbolism exists here.

Research demonstrates there is a Deep State that largely governs our world — a group of people that aren’t American, European, Russian, Canadian, etc., but beyond national identity, and they control our entire world. It has been said for a long time that there is an extraterrestrial influence there as well.

Not from all races of ETs, but from one in particular, the reptilians. Not all reptilians are defectors of the heart, but a group, just like a group of humans, that has worked to influence this planet.

I understand this sounds ‘out there,’ but really think about it. There is more evidence for the reality of ETs than anyone could possibly imagine. There is a ton of evidence for a Deep State controlling things. Is it at all possible that these two realities are linked?

Again, I’m not saying all ETs or even all reptilians are ‘bad,’ but rather that perhaps a few are, and they are working with our governments.

Even our own government officials have stated they are well aware of ETs but simply haven’t told the public. As revealed by former Defense Minister of Canada Paul Hellyer: 

“So they decided to do an investigation, and they investigated for three years, and they decided that, with absolute certainty, that four species, four different species, at least, have been visiting this planet for thousands of years.”

The knowledge governments have of ETs is immense, and whistleblowers have revealed this many times, with plenty of documentation behind them. You can watch the film Unacknowledged on Netflix to learn more about this.

The reptilian influence over the Deep State theory is not new, and can be found in many traditions and cultures. But it has been popularized by the work of David Icke who, understandably, has received a lot of ridicule for it. Regardless of that, millions follow and believe in his work. I highly suggest reading more about this theory here.

Why This Symbolism Is Used

While at an event in California called Contact In The Desert, we interviewed David Wilcock, a longtime occult researcher. During the interview, he mentioned that the Elite/Illuminati believe they must convey their intentions to humanity in order to, in essence, get permission from us to enact them.

This manifests as rituals during mass sports events and symbolism found around society and in various popular industries like film and music.

When you begin to consider what the Pope’s Audience Hall is truly saying, it becomes clear he is speaking from the mouth of the snake. He stands in front of the mouth and speaks the words of the Elite to all those listening. The Elite are telling humanity via symbolism that this is what’s happening.

You can watch the full interview with David Wilcock here.

It has been said and proposed by many researchers that Christianity, among most other religions, is used to control the masses. While religious stories may hold some truth and convey helpful messages, their overall purpose is to lead people into a relationship with spirit that is disempowering.

The guilt, judgement, and wrath that exist within religions are designed to control us, to take away our power. We must also realize that these religions are impure and that we have been turning a blind eye to this for some time. Look what happened with the coverup of Vatican child sex abuse scandals, for example.

In the end, I’m not asking you to believe everything being said here, but I’m also not suggesting you laugh it off. There are facts here that can be explored, but one has to go through the research.

There is clearly something very intentional going on here and one doesn’t spend many millions to design and build a very obvious snake within Vatican-owned buildings for no reason.

Do your own research on the topic of reptilians, the Elite bloodlines, and what symbolism like this means. See how it feels for you.

Allow your mind to be open to connect the dots as opposed to being closed and dismissive on something that doesn’t sound like ‘everyday life.’

Global Weather Modification Programs

In terms of the implied scale all this can not be true.  At best we expect plausible local application when best conditions apply.  As far as test results are concerned, the principal component of global dust happens to be  aluminum based minerals which after all represent twenty five percent of the crust.  They are also the lightest components.

The claim that refined alumina is involved is suspect and way too expensive to use.  The other elements mentioned are all available naturally including many from sea salt.  I really need to see the lab work done of snow dust recoveries and also the methods involved before i want to take any of this seriously.  I have seen too many assays and know better than to trust anyone's obviously biased interpretation.

Global weather modification begins and ends with the reforestation of the Sahara Desert.  That happens to be the primary event.  Success there will place global temperatures back in the Bronze Age range and increase precipitation over all other arid zones as well allowing global reforestation..  .

Global Weather Modification Programs Causing Climate Chaos and Environmental Catastrophe

Guest writer for Wake Up World

Global climate engineering encompasses many different aspects and processes. The consequences of the climate engineering insanity are already unquantifiable and growing by the day. Though each aspect of this subject is more than enough for an in depth article, there is often a need for more of an overall summary to pass on to those who are not aware of the broader picture.

What Major Factor Causing “Climate Change” are They Not Telling Us About?

More alarming articles and studies are surfacing each day which confirm the rapidly changing state of Earth’s life support systems and climate. Humanity has decimated the planet in countless ways and the repercussions are becoming catastrophic. Though there are certainly many parts to this unfolding story, the largest piece of the puzzle by far still goes completely unacknowledged by the entire scientific community and all of the main stream media / corporate / military / industrial complex. The massive elephant in the room has been, and still is, “stratospheric aerosol geoengineering” (SAG), AKA “solar radiation management” (SRM).

What is Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering and Why it it So Dangerous?

Stratospheric aerosol injection (AKA, geoengineering) is a primary term for the ongoing global climate modification programs being conducted by major powers around the world. “Aerosols” is simply a term for a microscopic particle that is suspended in the air. A primary stated goal of the geoengineering programs is to provide a “solar shield” to slow “runaway climate change” by spraying tens of millions of tons of highly toxic metal nano particulates (a nanometer is 1/1,000,000,000 of a meter) into the atmosphere (tens of millions of tons a year) from jet aircraft. Is the spraying only for solar radiation management? Based on available data, there are a number of known objectives including but not limited to solar radiation management (SRM), weather warfare, over the horizon radar enhancement, controlling food production, and probable biological testing. There are likely many more aspects and agendas related to the atmospheric spraying which we can not yet know.

Many Geoengineering Patents Have a Stated Goal of Slowing Global Warming

Aluminum/alumina, among other toxic metals, is showing up in countless rain tests around the world. The amount of aluminum, barium, and other metals in these rain/snow tests is always high and often completely off the charts (even showing up in bees and whales). Snow tests from Mt Shasta in Northern California were toxic beyond belief. This area of the Pacific Northwest was thought to be a pristine water source. Dozens of rain samples taken in this region from numerous individuals were tested at the State certified lab in Northern California and showed shocking results without exception. Former US Forest Service Biologist Francis Mangles has confirmed the alarming heavy metal contamination with his own testing. Snow tests taken from the side of Mt. Shasta showed aluminum content as high as 61,000 PPB. (parts per billion). This level of aluminum in the snow is tens of thousands of times anything that might be considered “normal background” contamination. Levels this high can only be considered extremely toxic. Since these toxic metals are in the snow, they can only come from the air. Aluminum/alumina in “free form” does not naturally exist in the environment but is always bonded to other elements. So where is it coming from? Aluminum is the primary element named in numerous geoengineering patents — the same patents that describe dispersing this aluminum from jets for the expressed purpose of blocking the sun, which is exactly what we see aircraft “trails” doing in our skies day in and day out, creating artificial cloud cover and haze which blocks direct sunlight. It is important to remember this contamination is not local, but global in scope. Movements have formed in countries all over the world which are desperately trying to address this dire issue.

Shrinking Atmosphere, Disturbed Hydrological Cycle, Fungal Proliferation and Species Extinction

Dead cattle litter the ground in drought ridden Ethiopia.

Ozone layer damage is yet another known consequence of geoengineering the atmosphere (causing extremely dangerous UV radiation exposure). Other recent studies now note a “shrinking atmosphere” which is very possibly also linked to the ongoing geoengineering programs. The “hydrological cycle” of the planet is being completely disrupted by the geoengineering aerosol saturation of the atmosphere. How might such precipitation control benefit the power structure? Fungal proliferation is yet another inevitable crisis when the atmosphere is filled with particulates, soils are contaminated with the geoengineering fallout, and waters are polluted with the same. Already, countless species are feeling the effects. The current “species extinction rate” should be absolutely shocking to all. At the present time the “extinction rate is 10,000 times “natural variability”. This is 1,000,000% of “normal background rates”. Though main stream media would never discuss this, we are currently in the sixth mass extinction on planet Earth. Is geoengineering responsible for all of this? Of course not all, but if the available science and data is considered, geoengineering is mathematically by far the single most significant cause of environmental and climate devastation on the planet today. If all available information is considered, geoengineering is the greatest and most immediate threat to all life on Earth short of nuclear catastrophe. Drought, deluge, and hazy toxic skies, welcome to geoengineering.

Aerosol saturated skies.

Though rain and snow is falling in areas of North America, at times in a deluge or “blizzard” depending on the season, the droughts in the continental US ( and many other regions around the globe), are getting worse overall. There are now often massive areas of drifting cloud cover spanning thousands of miles over land masses and oceans with little or no precipitation. Why is this? Why are the skies so often completely featureless as these expansive cloud banks and upper level “haze” drift across the globe? If individual clouds can be recognized in these “drifting masses”, they often appear “melted into” the upper story of geoengineering “haze”. Horizon to horizon geoengineering trails are not the only sign of spraying. Clouds should be “white” and the sky “blue”. Wispy, dingy, cob web like upper level “clouds” are are not natural and are another hallmark of spraying, as are “silvery white” skies.

The Geoengineering Connection

Atmospheric aerosol saturation greatly effects wind patterns and diminishes precipitation overall which in turn further fuels droughts of unprecedented scope and scale. The disruption in the hydrological cycle can also cause record rainfall as rain which was kept from falling in one location migrates elsewhere to come down in a deluge. The conditions described above are known consequences of stratospheric aerosol geoengineering (SAG) and solar radiation management (SRM) . All available science data confirms the effect of geoengineering particulates on rainfall. Though main stream science sources are still not willing to openly admit to the fact that geoengineering programs have been fully deployed for decades, a growing mountain of evidence makes this fact indisputable. Again, the ongoing stratospheric geoengineering programs are greatly reducing overall rainfall ( as mentioned) and all but eliminating deep blue skies. This effect is known as “global dimming“. Blocking the sun with reflective geoengineering aerosols reduces evaporation. Wind is reduced significantly in many cases from atmospheric aerosol saturation as the particles scatter solar energy and thus reduce convection from the ground that would otherwise occur from daytime heating. The slowing of the wind reduces evaporation even more. Further, precipitation cells that do form are often dispersed and diminished from the excessive amount of geoengineering particulates. This causes too many “condensation nuclei” and the droplets do not combine and fall as rain but migrate on. When the planets natural weather is suppressed or altered by climate engineering, energy builds up in the biosphere. This contributes to fuel catastrophic storms which will continue to increase along with catastrophic drought.

Global Dimming: the Loss of Blue Skies

There is a mountain of scientific data to confirm the reality of “global dimming‘. Most have never even heard the term much less noticed the effect over recent decades. Though articles from mainstream publications admit to the “global dimming” issue, most understate the percentage of dimming and all point the finger at “pollution particulates” as the sole cause. Countless jet aircraft which crisscross our skies daily, dispersing millions of tons of toxic metal and chemical particulates, are completely ignored by all main stream media journalists and sources. To date main stream media has done its best to avoid even mentioning the subject of geoengineering much less admitting to these ongoing programs of total planetary devastation. The overall ramifications from global dimming and geoengineering cannot be accurately quantified. Loss of photo synthesis, destruction of the ozone layer, reduction in global rainfall, loss of blue sky, toxification of soils and waters, these are only a few of the known consequences of the global atmospheric spraying.

Greatly Diminished Atmospheric Protection from the Sun

What does this imply? As already documented above, saturating the atmosphere with particulates shreds the protective layers of the atmosphere, namely the ozone layer. Particulate saturation in the upper atmosphere causes a chemical reaction which does the damage. There is now a massive Northern hemisphere ozone hole in addition to the Southern Hemisphere hole we have all heard about for decades. Stratospheric aerosol geoengineering is in all likelihood the primary cause of the global ozone depletion, not just “CFC’s” as we have been told. Again, this has already been cited above and can be easily researched. Search “geoengineering is destroying the ozone layer”. All available science makes this point clear. Without the ozone layer, life in any form would likely not exist on our planet. There is yet one more issue related to the destruction of our natural protection from the sun’s usual radiation output: protection from solar flares. Coronal mass ejections or “CME’s” can and will do horrific damage to our planet and most especially human infrastructure. If electricity grids are shut down due to a strong CME, the potential dangers are sobering indeed. With no grid power to cool nuclear power facilities for an extended time, we could face Fukushima x 100, or 200, or? Without cooling, meltdowns would eventually occur. Just one major nuclear catastrophe could exterminate life on the planet, let alone dozens or hundreds of them. Geoengineering is destroying our natural protection from such an event caused by a strong coronal mass ejection.

Wind Pattern Changes and Catastrophic Methane Release

Rapidly thawing methane deposits are exploding out of the tundra permafrost zones with unimaginable force. Photo: The Siberian Times

A researcher descends into the depths of a methane blowout crater. “It is believed that permafrost sites could have as much as one million times more methane hydrates locked inside them than ordinary gas”. Photo: Vladimir Puschkarev / Russian Centre of Arctic Exploration

Thermokarst lakes (from rapidly thawing methane deposits) near Hudson Bay, Canada.

Climate engineering is radically altering upper and lower level wind currents which in turn trigger ocean current changes. Most are completely unaware of the wind and ocean current disruptions occurring around the globe. Even fewer are aware of the ramifications which are already unfolding from these changes.Ocean current changes are already delivering warmer waters to regions with vast undersea methane deposits. These deposits are known as “methane hydrate” deposits and literally hold life on earth in the balance. Many regions around the globe are beginning to expel methane from hydrate and clathrate deposits. The East Siberian Shelf of the Arctic is already releasing en masse. All available data indicates that this event alone is changing our biosphere by the day. Though groups of scientists like the “Arctic Methane Emergency Group” (AMEG) are calling for “emergency wartime scale geoengineering to avert planetary catastrophe”, available data indicates that the very geoengineering programs (that AMEG is selling as a cure for the unfolding climate collapse), are more likely a major causal factor in triggering the methane catastrophe in the first place. The fully deployed planetary geoengineering programs have been altering wind and rain patterns at an ever increasing level for decades. Again, it is these alterations that have likely been a major factor in the triggering of mass methane release. Saturation of the atmosphere with methane is equivalent to covering the planet with a sheet of glass. The sun’s thermal energy gets in, but does not get out. Though most articles on methane release state methane to be 20 times more potent a greenhouse gas than Co2, this is over a 100 year time horizon. Over a ten year time horizon, methane is at least 100 times more potent. In addition to the atmospheric damage caused by the methane release, there is also ocean acidification. As the methane migrates from the sea floor to the surface, much is dissolved into the water (methane is also thawing in Arctic tundra and exploding into the atmosphere). Oceans are currently acidifying (and dying) at an extremely alarming rate. Again, the consequences of methane release alone threatens all life on Earth in the very near term.

No “Natural” Weather

The global geoengineering/weather modification/chemtrail programs have likely been going on for over seven decades. Recently found documents from the NASA archives indicate that these programs already had budgets into the hundreds of millions of dollars even by the mid 1960’s (extensive senate documents have also been found and posted). These already massive climate altering programs were radically ramped up in the last 15 years. Though most of us alive today have perhaps known little truly “natural” weather, what we are experiencing today is anything but natural. The climate now “swings” radically from one extreme to another. It is now common to have spring like temperatures one day and snow (likely artificially nucleated) the next. These “swings” or “fluctuations” are getting ever more severe. Geoengineered “weather whiplash” scenarios are now the norm.

Manipulation of The Jet Stream and the Shredding of the Atmosphere

Is this really possible? Available science as well as observed weather events and jet stream “anomalies” say absolutely yes. HAARP is the acronym for a massively powerful “ionosphere heater” facility located in Alaska. This is a huge and extremely powerful antenna array which is capable of transmitting as much as three million watts of power into the ionosphere. This triggers an electrical chain reaction which then causes a ‘bulge” in the atmosphere, which in turn can alter the course of the jet stream. Such alterations can in turn “steer” weather systems. By such manipulation, storm fronts can be combined and worsened into “frankenstorms“, or broken apart and dispersed. There are thought to be nearly 100 large ground based “ionosphere heaters” around the globe, some held by China and Russia. It has also become evident in recent years that “weather warfare” is already a lethal global reality. The potential of these frequency transmitter facilities is enhanced by the spraying of our skies. The saturation of the atmosphere with metal particulates makes the atmosphere more “conductive”. This in turn increases the capabilities of the ionosphere heaters.

Dry Lightning and Out-of-Control Forest Fires

Completely decimated and burned forests under geoengineered toxic skies. Such otherworldly images are increasingly becoming the norm. 

An atmosphere that is more conductive from metal particulate saturation can produce more frequent lightning. These same particulates also have the net effect of “diminishing and dispersing” rain. Forests around the globe are now filled with dead and dying trees (referenced later in this article). In addition, the foliage of trees are now covered with what amounts to an “incendiary” dust from the geoengineering particulates. Add the shredded ozone layer which creates more heat, and the “weather modified” conditions are even worse. The obvious result is more frequent and catastrophic forest fires. This phenomenon is being played out around the globe. Summer of 2012 saw the Northern Hemisphere burning down and now it is Australia and Tasmania in meltdown (global forest fire incineration is accelerating).

Artificially Nucleated Snow Storms

Yet another seemingly impossible aspect of global weather modification is geoengineered snow storms. Many will write this one off as impossible without any investigation. That is a mistake as the science of chemical ice nucleation for weather modification is very established and has long since been commonly practiced in many countries, though it is hard to comprehend this process being done on such a massive scale. There are several patents on “artificial ice nucleation for weather modification”, including one from NASA. Artificially nucleated storms appear to be carried out under a myriad of conditions. In many cases, storms that should have yielded only rain, can be artificially nucleated to “change over” to snow. The term “change over” has recently been coined by The Weather Channel and other corporate/military/industrial complex weather agencies. A geoengineered snow event is generally called “heavy wet snow” (another recent term). This “snow” can begin to fall at temperatures far above freezing though the ongoing chemical process eventually cools the surrounding air mass. The resulting “snow” and “ice” can sometimes remain a surprisingly long time in spite of warmer temperatures, a result of artificial chemical nucleation. This aspect of weather modification is covered in the following article: “Geoengineered Snow Storms Wreaking Havoc Around the Globe“.

Temporary Cooling at the Cost of a Worsened Overall Warming

This is the net result of geoengineering. Nature does not give something for nothing. This should seem all too obvious, but unfortunately the “scientists” in so many cases are completely blind to the consequences of their experiments. In the case of cloud seeding to produce rain, if they succeed, then that moisture will not end up where it would have otherwise gone. In the case of saturation spraying that is known to diminish rain by scattering it into massive artificial cloud cover and haze, where will all that moisture end up? Coming down somewhere else in a deluge? Is this perhaps why the US west is locked in record drought and US east is having record rains? The cooling effects of geoengineering come at the cost of a much worsened overall warming of the planet. Even NASA admits the “condensation trails” (geoengineering particulate trails) are warming the planet.

Massive fish die-offs are taking place all over the world.

“Dead fish float in the King Harbour area of Redondo Beach, south of Los Angeles. An estimated 1 million fish turned up dead in the marina, “puzzling” authorities and triggering a massive cleanup effort”.

The Systemic Poisoning of All Life on Earth

Does this sound like an “alarmist” statement or conspiracy theory? All available data points to this conclusion as a hard and undeniable fact for any that do objective research. Countless lab tests of precipitation from around the globe (cited above) have been done by concerned individuals and groups in recent years, and the results are shocking to say the least. Our rain and snow is quite literally packed with the very same highly toxic heavy metals named in numerous geoengineering patents as primary elements. The air we breath is also laden with the same toxins aluminum/alumina, barium, strontium, manganese, thorium, and now even fluoride is being reported in recent tests from Norway. So much metal has fallen on the boreal forests of the Pacific Northwest that soil PH changes of up to 15 times more alkaline have been noted. A recent documentary film by filmmaker George Barnes titled “Look Up” covers some of these changes and the forest die off that is occurring in boreal forests. Though there are countless articles documenting the die off of forests around the globe, putting the blame only on increasing temperatures, drought, and beetles, none mention geoengineering. To omit geoengineering in this equation is to omit what appears to be the greatest single factor of all. The lethal effects of “bioavailable” aluminum/alumina in rainwater and thus in the soils is well documented. Its effect on trees is also noted in science studies. Of course there are corporations who exist to profit from calamity. Monsanto always seems to be at the top of this list. As geoengineered drought and aluminum sterilized soils force independent farmers to sell, international agriculture corporations are there to buy up the land and put to use their “aluminum resistant seeds.

What is Geoengineering Doing to Us?

Inhalation of microscopic particulates is highly damaging no matter what the particulate material, the metallic particles in question are especially lethal. Respiratory ailments and mortalities are now literally epidemic. Degenerative human diseases that are linked to heavy metal exposure are now going virtually off the charts. ADD, Alzheimer’s, Autism, ALL, immune disfunction, and many other diseases associated with heavy metals, have all skyrocketed in recent years. According to scientists like internationally know neuroscientist Russell Blaylock, the heavy metal nano particles are so small that they pass right through the lung lining into the blood stream. There they can adhere to cell receptors like a plaque, slowly but surely shutting down bodily functions and the immune system. These metals are all but impossible to remove once they have become lodged in the body. In addition, virtually every bite we eat is now contaminated with these toxic nano particles as they are absorbed by plant life, which is highly damaging to crops. Stratospheric aerosol geoengineering (AKA solar radiation management) has now tainted all. Every breath we take, every bite we eat, all is contaminated. A mountain of data, studies, and testing confirms this conclusion beyond reasonable doubt. We are all quite literally under assault. The threat to all life on earth from the global weather modification programs cannot be overstated. It is up to all of us to help in the task of bringing these programs to light, and to a halt so the planet can begin to recover. Arm yourself with copies of credible articles, data, and DVD copies to help spread the word on this most dire issue. It is likely the vast majority of military and private sector people involved with geoengineering do not understand the consequences of what they are involved in. Time is not on our side. Every day global geoengineering continues, our odds are diminished. We must all pull together in the effort to shine the light on this greatest of all human crimes. Once the geoengineering issue is truly out in the open, and those who physically carry out the spraying realize what they are a part of, we have a chance to stop these lethal programs. Reaching a critical mass of public awareness is the only way forward.

Dane Wigington

About the author:

Dane Wigington has an extensive background in solar energy. He is a former employee of Bechtel Power Corp. and was a licensed contractor in California and Arizona. He currently owns a 1,600-acre ‘wildlife preserve’ next to Lake Shasta in Northern California, and his personal off-grid residence was featured in a cover article on the renewable energy magazine, Home Power.

Dane initially focused his efforts and energy on the geoengineering issue when he began to lose very significant amounts of solar uptake due to ever-increasing “solar obscuration” caused from the aircraft spraying in his area. He also noted significant decline in forest health and began testing and researching into geoengineering about a decade ago.

Today Dane is the lead researcher for, investigating all levels of geoengineering from stratospheric aerosol spraying (SAG) to HAARP. He assisted Michael Murphy with his acclaimed production of “What In The World Are They Spraying?” and has spoken extensively in a wide range of forums to explain the environmental dangers we face on a global level.

For more information, visit GeoengineeringWatch on Facebook and, where this article first appeared.

Transcending Inadequacy

This is excellent advice and certainly reflects much of what i myself have learned.  To actually focus on creating duality is sound and this is what therapists surely do without quite spelling it out.
We all grasp that the better you is worth achieving.  It still takes introspection and a rising maturity that allows immature impulses to be managed.
But knowing that and merely becoming objective regarding the junk thoughts stumbling through your awareness  begins the process of transformation.  this is hugely assisted by meditation.
Transcending Inadequacy: Healing Low Self Worth, Anxiety and Depression

June 20th, 2018

By Matthew J. Holden

Guest writer for Wake Up World

Inadequacy or low self worth remains one of the largest tragedies on Earth. Low self worth paralyzes one’s life with anxiety and fear, and often leads to depression. I’ve spent most of my life suffering from this condition — but solving this problem is not as difficult as it appears when we understand the science governing it.

Healing Low Self Worth, Anxiety and Depression

First, visualize yourself as you desire to be. This visualization creates an intention, a new frequency in your consciousness that is different from the current YOU. The tension between these two frequencies is called duality. When two frequencies, higher and lower, exist simultaneously, how do we make the two become one? Practice.

Our intention creates the new frequency as a potential, but it hasn’t yet been realized. Its realization comes through harmonizing the three aspects of self in unity: thought, word and action. Once all three are harmonized with the new potential, realization takes place and the new belief/neural-groove becomes dominant, and the old groove moves to the background.

However, instilling the new belief requires much conscious control of yourself, and human beings have a great tendency to drift away from the present into past consciousness, otherwise known as programming.

The Old You

Programming represents the neural-grooves that have existed since childhood when your brain develops and you are essentially a sponge. These neural-grooves, called beliefs, are running your life the 95% of the time that you’re not conscious/present.

Awareness is key. Once a new intention is created — a new self — the shifting of consciousness means shifting from an old neural groove to a new one. In the beginning this is challenging because the old groove is very deeply rooted and is comfortable. I will repeat that again – our old self is what we find comfortable. New grooves are uncomfortable to create because the 3D brain is designed for stasis, meaning no change. It is designed to maintain equilibrium and to avoid what it perceives as disharmony; such as you creating a new belief/self/groove.

If you feel like it’s a battle, what you’re battling is your brain’s structure, which is designed to maintain the status quo and not seek growth, even though growth is what you desire. The old brain isn’t particularly intelligent, it’s bio-machinery, and for all the brain’s uses it is the biggest impediment to your self development. The brain is wired for survival, not happiness.

Accepting Discomfort

Accepting discomfort is necessary for growth. Many authors have written about the necessity to move outside your comfort zone. That comfort zone is your old thinking, beliefs and neural pathways. Fear and anxiety is your brain’s method of keeping you where you’ve been programmed to stay. Facing your fears, learning to accept anxiety as a natural part of growth, is healthy. Staying inside grooves that don’t serve you leads to stagnation, even self-loathing, and diminishes your happiness.

Remember, we have been trained to perceive fear as as a sign of danger, but this is not always the case. Breaking this connection, that fear means danger, is key. Creating a new intent or affirmation associating facing one’s fears as a necessity for personal growth is healthy and very productive. Along with your initial belief — the new you — it is extremely valuable to create this second intention, to re-frame one’s perception of fear. In fact, the ability to re-frame fear may be the most important belief we can change, for learning to act in the face of insecurity and change guarantees our growth.

An Example

Write down all the small things you are afraid to change or are procrastinating on, and set an intention to do them for the singular purpose of experiencing anxiety and becoming comfortable with it. Facing the fear of one’s fear is the issue here, not the fear itself. We aren’t attempting to achieve anything in particular except learning to accept anxiety and not run away from it. To do this, we make fear a synonym for growth — and allows ourselves to begin to grow.

This is much easier than you may currently believe, for much of the resistance and anxiety the brain offers up is an illusion. Stay grounded in reality, and not the illusions created through faulty thinking and unnecessary neural pathways. Take charge of your life and excel.

You know the new belief has been installed when your new desired action becomes habitual.

New Habit: Accepting Anxiety and Shame

Try this affirmation and visualization:

Affirmation: Through facing and accepting my negative self, I become my Highest Self. I become whole and complete.

Visualization: Envision yourself having accepted your negative shame-based self, faced down your insecurities, and become whole and complete.

Each of us has a positive and negative aspect. Integrating the negative aspect harmonizes the self and we become balanced. Love and compassion/connectedness represent the feminine energy.

Courage, persistence, confidence and self worth are a part of individual self expression. These aspects are masculine energy. Harmonizing the two divine aspects of creation creates unity of the soul and a healthy human being.

About the author:

Matthew J. Holden: Grew up on the West coast of Canada. Living in Victoria BC. Studied Engineering and Computers in school, been in the dark night of the soul for a LONG time and am now recovering.

I love Quantum Mechanics, Metaphysics, Spirituality and Logic. I enjoy solving Conceptual Equations that cannot be solved and proving that which cannot be proven. I’m better at theory than practicality and have much to learn.

I was having a difficult time in life and God came and got me. Convinced me I should stick around for a while in this lifetime. It’s hard to say no to God, He’s very persuasive.