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The Gallbladder Flush

This a well described protocol that we all should do long before it gats nasty.

Doctors are great at identifying a problem but rather short when it comes to self managed resolution.  This actually lays out a serious protocol over two days.  removing crystalline cholesterol is obviously best practice.

Just do it.

The Gallbladder Flush

Removing gallstones and clearing the biliary tract of biliary sludge

Ashley Turner

Feb 25 2022


Doctors can sometimes be too quick to remove the gallbladder. Take steps if you are at higher risk of gallstones and want to help your body remove them.(Explode/Shutterstock)

When it comes to gallbladder health, many people are looking for a specific strategy to remove gallstones and clear the biliary tract. Clearing biliary sludge and gallstones is foundational for optimal health.

What Are Gallstones?

Gallstones are crystallized deposits of cholesterol and other bile constituents that are formed in the bile ducts and the gallbladder.

When the gallbladder and bile ducts are congested with gallstones and biliary sludge, appropriate bile flow is hindered. Bile is an important part of physiology because of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Proper bile function protects gut integrity, promotes effective detoxification, and ensures the digestion and assimilation of fat and fat-soluble vitamins. Ensuring proper biliary function is a vital piece of optimal health.

Women are far more likely to suffer problems with gallstones and biliary issues. Other factors that contribute to gallstone formation and biliary problems include obesity; pregnancy; standard American diet (SAD) high in refined sugars, carbohydrates, oils, and low fiber; gluten consumption; insufficient methylation; hormone replacement therapy (HRT); oral contraceptives; underlying liver disease; rapid weight loss; diabetes or metabolic syndrome; family history of gallstones; inflammatory bowel syndrome; being 60 years old or older; mold and biotoxin illness; leaky gut; and environmental toxins.

Identifying Gallstones

While there are many symptoms that arise because of gallstone formation, identifying them requires imaging through ultrasound or CT scans. While we usually recommend specific herbs and nutrients to shrink larger gallstones before a flush, imaging can be helpful in understanding gallstone status and monitoring progress in their removal.

There are various markers on blood work that can indicate poor gallbladder function, liver impairment, and risk factors for gallstones. Some of these include high ALT, AST, bilirubin, LDH, GGT, ALP, and 5สน-nucleotidase. Good doctors check many of these, especially if biliary issues are suspected. Our clinic includes them in routine functional and integrative lab testing.

If you’re experiencing gallbladder symptoms or have known gallstones, it’s important to facilitate the proper gallbladder function. Compounds including beetroot, taurine, phosphatidylcholine, lemon, peppermint, and vitamin C have all been shown to reduce the repercussions of gallstones and help shrink and dissolve them. Sometimes, individuals feel better by flushing gallstones from the gallbladder. Contrary to conventional wisdom, a gallstone-laden gallbladder doesn’t need to be removed in order to resolve symptoms. The human body wasn’t designed with spare parts and the gallbladder plays an important role in our optimal physiology.

To flush out the gallbladder, you’ll need to gather a few ingredients.

Healing Ingredients

Tart Cherry Juice

Tart cherry juice is high in malic acid. Malic acid is a helpful compound for softening and breaking down gallstones.

Magnesium Sulfate Capsules

Magnesium sulfate (Epsom salt) draws water into the intestines and has laxative effects. Additionally, it helps to dilate bile ducks for safe and effective gallstone removal. Some people dilute Epsom salts into water to take it instead of using the capsules. It has a bitter, unpleasant taste, so most choose capsules.

Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

Be sure to source pure extra-virgin olive oil; you will need 1/2 cup. When consumed, this will cause the gallbladder to speedily release bile.

Organic Grapefruit

Six ounces of freshly-squeezed grapefruit juice combined with the extra-virgin olive oil helps to aid the flush. If your body has an aversion to grapefruit, you can use equal parts of freshly squeezed orange and lemon juice instead.

Preparing for the Flush

One week before the flush, take two tablespoons of tart cherry juice concentrate daily. The malic acid in tart cherry juice helps to soften gallstones. It’s delicious stirred into mineral water. Some people drink 32 ounces of organic apple juice in preparation because of its high malic acid content. While this is effective, it’s also excessively more food sugar than most people need. There are also malic acid supplements available if you choose to not take tart cherry concentrate. Magnesium malate is also helpful in softening gallstones.

The gallbladder flush is best done over a weekend or at a time when you’re able to rest and easily access the bathroom.

The Flush


On the day of the flush, eat a complex carbohydrate breakfast with no fat. Oatmeal with fruit is a good choice. It’s important to not eat fat, as that affects bile flow and could hinder the passing of gallstones. Also, fat consumption could lead to feeling ill throughout the night. Avoid protein food, nuts, avocado, butter, or oil on the day of the flush.

Don’t take supplements the day of the flush, except for those indicated below. Consult with your doctor prior to the flush, especially if you’re on prescription medication. Stay hydrated by drinking clean, filtered water throughout the day.

It’s advised to take part in colon hydrotherapy or complete several water enemas to clear the colon the morning before the flush. While this isn’t always necessary, any affected stool could hinder the success of the flush, lead to pain during the flush, and/or contribute to toxin exposure from gallstones stuck in the intestines.

1:30 p.m.

At this point, stop eating and drinking anything other than water. A light lunch of steamed rice and vegetables with unrefined salt is acceptable.

6 p.m.

Take the first dose of 15 magnesium sulfate capsules with at least eight ounces of water. Alternatively, you can drink six ounces of the Epsom salt solution mentioned above.

8 p.m.

Take the second dose of 15 magnesium sulfate capsules or six ounces of the Epsom salt solution. It’s important to take it easy and rest throughout the evening. You may feel some movement in the gastrointestinal tract as water is drawn into the intestines because of the magnesium sulfate.

9:45 p.m.

Prepare the fat solution. Cut grapefruits in half and juice them. You’ll need four to six ounces. Alternatively, you can use four ounces of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Combine the fruit juice and four ounces of extra-virgin olive oil in a pint jar with a tightly fitting lid. Shake vigorously for 20 to 30 seconds to emulsify the solution. Visit the bathroom one last time and clean up the kitchen.

You can prepare a castor oil pack to facilitate gallstone removal, if desired. This isn’t necessary, but some people say it helps. Simply apply a couple of tablespoons of castor oil to organic cotton flannel and place it over the liver and gallbladder area, under the ribcage on the right side of the body.

If you have trouble sleeping, you may take 2,000 milligrams (mg) to 4,000 mg of L-Ornithine with this solution. Sometimes people take anti-parasitic compounds, such as black walnut, to flush the liver and gallbladder.

10 p.m.

Drink the solution. Some people find it helpful to drink it through a straw. Lay down in bed immediately. The flush won’t work unless you lie down in bed on your back. You must stay completely still for a minimum of 30 minutes. Ideally, you’ll fall asleep for the night.

While you rest, gallstones will move through the dilated ducts and pass through the small and large intestine. If you feel the urge to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, that’s perfectly fine.

6 a.m.

Between 6 a.m. and 6:30 a.m., or upon waking, take the third dose of magnesium sulfate capsules or the Epsom salt solution. Go to the bathroom throughout the morning as needed. Observe what you’re passing. Be sure to stay hydrated, drinking clean, filtered water throughout the morning. Plan to rest throughout the morning as the body is working hard to pass gallstones and detox.

8 a.m.

Take the fourth dose of magnesium sulfate capsules or the Epson salt solution. You’ll continue to need to use the bathroom and pass gallstones.

10 a.m.

Drink a small glass of tart cherry concentrate and mineral water, apple juice, or bone broth, if you’re feeling up to it.

12 p.m.

A light lunch can be eaten; fresh fruit is usually best tolerated at this point. If digestion still feels a little off, most people are back to eating normally by dinner. We recommend avoiding gluten and dairy for people with gallbladder concerns, but they should especially be avoided for the next several days. If you have known food sensitivities, please continue to avoid them.


Working with a practitioner to shrink and flush gallstones can be an important part of achieving overall health. Many people successfully flush gallstones with no problem when gallbladder flush instructions are followed precisely. Those with underlying medical conditions, young children, and pregnant and nursing mothers shouldn’t do a gallbladder flush.

It’s wise to work with a skilled clinician to assess underlying factors that could be contributing to gallstones and facilitating the body for proper removal.

Biden’s Power Grab: Executive Order Installs “Equity” Commissars to Rule the Bureaucracy and Centralize Power

Every king and every dictator believes that they can concentrate power by appointing a special layer of fresh sub dictators to the job.  What can possibly go wrong that we have not already discovered for thousands of years?

You get the point.  this is even an obvious attempt to inflict a communist type command and control system that will surely apply to corporations as well all under the rubric of social justice, whatever you want to make that mean.

If i did not think this may actually end soon, i would be upset.  Communism was never a genius plan.

Biden’s Power Grab: Executive Order Installs “Equity” Commissars to Rule the Bureaucracy and Centralize Power

Global Research, February 21, 2023


On February 16, President Joe Biden issued an executive order titled

“Further Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities Through The Federal Government”.

The order is supposed to level the racial playing field by “addressing systemic racism in our Nation’s policies and programs”, but it does nothing of the kind.

In truth, the order represents a massive and disturbing restructuring of the federal government in a way that fundamentally changes the manner in which the agencies operate. The new system will feature “equity” commissars who will have nothing to do with “systemic racism”, but will be appointees designated to enforce the edicts of the state.

The senior agency official (in these agency equity teams) will then coordinate with the “Gender Policy Council” which is directly linked to the executive branch of government. In short, the administration is methodically building the basic scaffolding for a centrally-controlled police state masquerading as social justice operation. For all intents and purposes, the equity agenda is a cleverly-phrased moniker that conceals a plan to exert absolute control over the entire sprawling bureaucracy. Here is an excerpt from the White House print-out:

Each Agency Equity Team shall be led by a designated senior official (senior designee) charged with implementing my Administration’s equity initiatives, and shall include senior officials from the office of the agency head and the agency’s program, policy, civil rights, regulatory, science, technology, service delivery, financial assistance and grants, data, budget, procurement, public engagement, legal, and evaluation offices, as well as the agency’s Chief Diversity Officer, to the extent applicable. Agency Equity Teams shall include a combination of competitive service employees, as defined by 5 U.S.C. 2102(a), and appointees, as defined in Executive Order 13989 of January 20, 2021 (Ethics Commitments by Executive Branch Personnel), and, to the extent practicable, shall build upon and coordinate with the agency’s existing structures and processes, including with the agency’s environmental justice officer designated pursuant to Executive Order 14008 of January 27, 2021 (Tackling the Climate Crisis at Home and Abroad), and with the senior agency official designated to coordinate with the Gender Policy Council pursuant to Executive Order 14020 of March 8, 2021 (Establishment of the White House Gender Policy Council). (“Executive Order on Further Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities Through The Federal Government”, The White House)

In other words, these new equity commissars will not only oversee the many areas of government involvement (aka– civil rights, regulatory, science, technology, service delivery, financial assistance and grants, data, budget, procurement, public engagement, legal, and evaluation offices etc) but will also be in a position to determine how those activities are portrayed to the public.

Just as the Vaccine narrative was crafted by big pharma, Madison Avenue and an accommodating media, we expect that senior agency officials will generate propaganda that aligns with the Party Doctrine while advancing the agenda of elites.

And, what assurances do we have that these “designated senior officials” will limit their supervisory duties to issues strictly related to equity, after all, equity is a fluid and potentially expansive term that could be used to include virtually anything. And, that, of course, is the real objective, to use equity as a fig leaf for controlling every nook and cranny of the federal bureaucracy. Here’s more from an article at Federal News Network titled “3 requirements for agencies under Biden’s new executive order on equity”:

Agencies have until this September to submit an equity action plan to the newly created White House Steering Committee on Equity. Ambassador Susan Rice, the White House’s Assistant to the President for Domestic Policy, will serve as chairwoman of the steering committee….

…agency heads will also have to appoint a senior official to lead the equity team, in partnership with each agency’s chief diversity officer. The equity teams will also work with each agency’s environmental justice officer, as well as the White House Gender Policy Council...

Additionally, agencies should proactively engage with underserved communities, for example by holding listening sessions and outreach events. These engagements will help agencies inform their equity action plans, annual budget submissions and grants and funding opportunities, Biden said….(“3 requirements for agencies under Biden’s new executive order on equity”, Federal News Network)

When did Susan Rice become a champion of racial justice and underserved communities of color?

Never. Rice is a political powerbroker whose intimate grasp of the federal government puts her in the unique position of a trusted insider who knows how to serve her masters behind the cloak of racialist propaganda. This whole charade has nothing to do with equity or any of the other liberal claptrap the administration is peddling. This is a old fashioned power grab.

Think of the potential for corruption if the new system operates as I expect it to operate. Who will decide how contracts are issued and to which companies? What are the chances, for example, that a corporation owned by a Christian conservative would prevail in a competition with a big donor to the Democratic party?

And what about new hires? Would applicants for employment have to profess their support for the doctrinal positions of the Democrat party including racial equity, gender, climate and whatever other spurious mumbo-jumbo the party is pushing at the time ? And what about compliance? Is compliance going to be determined by politically-connected committees comprised of party loyalists and members of the donor class?

Keep in mind, every federal agency will be required to “proactively engage with underserved communities, for example by holding listening sessions and outreach events.” How is that going to work? So, now the Secretary of Defense or the the Secretary of the Treasury or the Administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration or the the Director of the National Science Foundation are going to convene “rap sessions” with minority communities or town hall meetings where the local folks can complain that they are not fairly represented? Can we expect General Mark Milley to show up at a gym on Chicago’s south side so he can ask the attendees, “Are we sending enough lethal weapons to Ukraine to meet your expectations?

No, the aim here is to create unachievable goals so the “designated senior officials” can coercively reshape the agency in a way that better fits the elite agenda. After all, no one on the Biden team conjured up this monstrosity. Like the Patriot Act, this executive order was crafted by special interests who are now actively creating the government they’ve always wanted. By using Biden as their front-man and the “equity” bunkum to hoodwink the public, they are well on their way to controlling all the levers of bureaucratic power and terminating representative government once-and-for-all. Here’s more from Biden’s executive order:

We have taken historic steps to advance full equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and intersex (LGBTQI+) Americans, including by ending the ban on transgender service members in our military; prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity, and sex characteristics across Federal programs; and signing into law the Respect for Marriage Act (Public Law 117-228) to preserve protections for the rights of same-sex and interracial couples. My Administration is also implementing the first-ever National Strategy on Gender Equity and Equality to ensure that all people, regardless of gender, have the opportunity to realize their full potential.” (“Executive Order on Further Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities Through The Federal Government”, The White House)

What a pathetic deception clearly aimed at diverting attention from the nuts-and-bolts restructuring that is going on right before our eyes. Biden cares as much about “gender identity” as he does about the destitute and poisoned people of Palestine, Ohio. Here’s more from Biden:

Each Agency Equity Team shall be led by a designated senior official (senior designee) charged with implementing my Administration’s equity initiatives, and shall include senior officials from the office of the agency head and the agency’s program, policy, civil rights, regulatory, science, technology, service delivery, financial assistance and grants, data, budget, procurement, public engagement, legal, and evaluation offices, as well as the agency’s Chief Diversity Officer, to the extent applicable….

So without congressional consultation, review or approval, the Biden team is forging ahead the most radical and far-reaching overhaul of the federal bureaucracy in the nation’s 247 year history. These new “Agency Equity Teams” will meddle in every area of government activity– not to improve the lives of ordinary black and brown people in underserved communities– but to ensure that the system functions in a way that best serves the interests of Biden’s paymasters. Isn’t that really what’s going on? Here’s more from the order:

There is hereby established a White House Steering Committee on Equity (Steering Committee), which shall be chaired by the Assistant to the President for Domestic Policy. The Steering Committee shall include senior officials representing policy councils and offices within the Executive Office of the President, as appropriate. The Steering Committee shall:

(i) coordinate Government-wide efforts to advance equity;

(ii) coordinate an annual process to consult with agency heads on their respective agencies’ Equity Action Plans, established in section 3(a) of this order. (The White House)

There it is in black and white: Central planning writ large. They want to run the whole kit-and-cabootle from the office of the Dear Leader. This isn’t about equity. This is about power; raw, political power. Here’s more:

Equity Action Plans described in subsection (a) of this section in order to reinforce agency efforts to meaningfully engage with and invest in underserved communities and advance equitable outcomes.”

This is undiluted hogwash. Not one person of color will see their life improved due to Biden’s executive order nor was that the objective to begin with.

This is a giant restructuring project. Can you see that? Can you see that equity is just the mask behind which the real objective is concealed? The real goal is to install political operatives in positions of power across the federal government and put them under the control of the executive. It is the centralizing of power across the bureaucracy.

The relentless virtue-signaling language in the order is the same obfuscating blather you would expect from a professional confidence huckster. It’s the type of language that people use when they want to pull the wool over your eyes. It’s important that people apply their critical thinking skills to see through this ruse and try to understand where Biden’s handlers want to take us. We are on the well-beaten path to police-state tyranny and it will take a colossal effort to turn things around.

Sober second thoughts do finally arrive and all those medical professionals can now explain it all in court. This will get ugly.

1  Where exactly does the insurance industry stand on all this as they will be liable?
2  What is the liability here when sober second thoughts do ultimately arrive, because all aspects here are now completely in question?  The decision to irreversibly modify a human body has a lifetime contract naturally attached to it.

.What has been allowed is both horrid and biologically wrong as well. It can not turn out well.

Double Mastectomy, Uterus Removed: Ontario Woman Files Lawsuit Against Doctors Who Helped Her Gender Transition

The Ontario Superior Court building is seen in Toronto on Jan. 29, 2020. (The Canadian Press/Colin Perkel)

February 22, 2023Updated: February 22, 2023


A Canadian woman who identified as a man for 10 years and had a double mastectomy and partial hysterectomy, has filed what appears to be the first lawsuit of its kind in Canada against the doctors who helped her obtain the irreversible medical procedures involved in transitioning to male.

Michelle Zacchigna, 34, from Orillia, Ontario, filed legal action in Ontario Superior Court against eight health care providers, alleging that while she was in her 20s, various doctors and mental health care professionals permitted her to “self-diagnose as transgender and prescribe her own treatment without providing a differential diagnosis or proposing alternative treatments.”

On Feb. 21, Zacchigna tweeted that while deciding whether to take legal action, a friend told her that her lawsuit “wasn’t about winning or losing, but making the leviathan that is the gender affirmation industry realize it can bleed.”

Her gender exploration path began in 2009 when at 21 years old, she left a “controlling relationship” and started questioning her gender. She said she had spent years dealing with depression, anxiety, self-harm, and a suicide attempt, and then stumbled into an online community about “gender identity.”

In a blog entry, she said it took less than a year and a half for her to go from questioning her gender to starting testosterone injections. The hormones changed her voice permanently.

By 2012, she went to Florida and paid for both her breasts to be removed. Her Canadian doctors, she alleges, wrote her the recommendation letter.

In 2017, seven years after being prescribed hormones, she had a psychoeducational assessment and says she was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, and major depressive disorder.

Despite the diagnosis, one year later, she underwent a partial hysterectomy, having her uterus cut out, but keeping her ovaries, paid for by her Ontario health coverage.

By 2019, she says she regretted all of the procedures, which are irreversible.

Zacchinga said she had always wanted children but went ahead with the partial hysterectomy in 2018.

“I wasn’t in a great place mentally at the time, so I can’t really remember why I thought it was a good idea except that, for trans people, it was covered by provincial insurance, and I liked the idea of not having any more periods or pap exams,” she wrote.

Even after a decade, she says, “acknowledging that I cannot bear my own children has been devastating.”

“Some days, the pain of what I’ve done to myself is overwhelming. I cry and I can’t stop,” she wrote.

She said she is angry that she was prescribed hormones instead of being diagnosed and treated for her mental health challenges.

“I will live the rest of my life without breasts, with a deepened voice and male-pattern balding, and without the ability to get pregnant. Removing my completely healthy uterus is my greatest regret,” Zacchigna wrote in a blog entry on Feb. 13.

Zacchigna created a crowdfunding campaign on GiveSendGo to tell her story and said that while her lawyer is representing her on a contingency fee agreement, the money raised will cover out-of-pocket expenses, such as obtaining records and hiring experts.

Zacchigna said she started transitioning back to female in November 2020, after realizing she was suffering from mental health issues and “developmental trauma” stemming from severe bullying during childhood.

She said filing the lawsuit has sparked criticism from some who say she needs to take “personal responsibility” for her decision to transition, particularly because she was an adult when she underwent the medical procedures.

In a blog post titled, “Actually, I was just crazy the whole time,” she describes having a “delusional belief” at the time that she “was not a woman and was somehow a man instead.”

“I brought that belief to health professionals who had been taught that it was kinder to affirm the belief than to question it. As a result, I was prescribed cross-sex hormones which caused irreversible changes to my body, and with my belief affirmed, I continued further, having surgeries that disconnected me even further from the reality of my femaleness,” she said.

“I may have been delusional, but coming to the wrong conclusion was still my mistake. I have the responsibility of figuring out how I was able to make such a massive mistake,” she added.

Zacchigna alleges it was medical negligence for her doctors “to have failed to properly investigate my delusional belief.”

“It is clear that the health professionals who facilitated my transition had their own responsibility towards me,” she said.

Zacchigna suggests the physicians should have offered her therapy, instead of accepting her beliefs at face value.

The Canadian Gender Report tweeted on Feb. 21 that Zacchigna’s is the first lawsuit of its kind in Canada, launched by a “detransitioner seeking justice and raising awareness of the reckless nature of unquestioned gender-affirmation medicalization.”

The Epoch Times contacted some of the physicians named in the action for comment but did not receive a reply by press time.

Full Disclosure Ahead by Jean Hudon

When you read this. i want you to understand that this whole global MEME is hugely supported by an ocean of conforming evidence.  Most of us though are lucky to encounter any of it and then it is merely the tail of what is an elephant.  We have done a lot better here but this is the first time we truly understand the extent of the BIGGER picture.

Understand that all this informs us that star trek and starwars  as imagined is pretty close to real.  Large crewed ships are the norm because it is needed to produce internal gravity.  smaller UFOs are field effect devices that can be gravity free and able to react against the ambiant magnetic field.

I have literally spent a lifetime working on understanding how this all works and have gotten really close.  it is now down to a fortune in lab work, but not from not knowing what to work on.  I am the same place our military was in 1955.

The big news is that we are onside with an alien alliance that share our values and future as well.  Certainly the Antarctic NAZI MEME could only have occured with heavy alien support.

Steve Beckow: Full Disclosure Ahead by Jean Hudon

February 21, 2023

Jean Hudon: Full Disclosure Ahead

After Len Satov told me about Ascension on Aug. 28, 2008, I said I’d look into the subject and immediately began what became the “First Contact” database, which in turn became the 2012 Scenario and later the Golden Age of Gaia.

One of the very first people Len introduced me to was Jean Hudon, who posted a daily round-up of news and events on his Earth Rainbow Network. (1)

I think it was Jean who introduced me to everything else – Matthew and Suzy Ward, Mike Quinsey and SaLuSa, Sheldan Nidle, etc.

His bio reads:

“On November 29, 1996, he decided to re-activate the Earth Concert worldwide network in order to create a unifying global event to mark the beginning of the new millenium. He co-founded the Earth Rainbow Network in February 1997 for that purpose.

“Over time, this network evolved and his focus shifted towards sharing information, visions and feedback on a broad range of subjects as a way to expand and deepen global awareness and the sense of forming a global spiritual community gradually empowering itself to contribute in shaping the future of this world.

“He’s since networked over 50,000 pages (US letter format) of material (all archived on this site) to a thriving global community of over 3200 English subscribers in more than 50 countries.” (2)

Suzy Ward sent me Jean’s latest message on what looks like a slow Disclosure process possibly heating up. For me, reading it almost feels like full circle. I began with Jean, lost track of him over the years, and here he is again. I’m delighted.

Let me post his covering article and then append his full 27-page review of today’s UFO news, of which the article is part.

Full Disclosure Ahead

Jean Hudon

What’s up with the flurry of news worldwide about the three UFO’s shot down by the US Air Force in the wake of an alleged Chinese balloon flying over America?

Why was the White House press secretary casually mentioning that there is “no indication of aliens or extra-terrestrial activity with these recent takedowns,” as if it’s a normal thing to say that these objects could have been the result of aliens or extra-terrestrial activity.

Is all the media attention, and the subtext that ET spacecrafts are a distinct reality we can now address without looking foolish, pointing to a soft disclosure and admission of what has been pretty obvious to most people for years?

According to the reputed Pew Research Center…

Most Americans believe in intelligent life beyond Earth; few see UFOs as a major national security threat – JUNE 30, 2021 at 


As an unprecedented U.S. intelligence report brings new attention to the phenomenon of unidentified flying objects, about two-thirds of Americans (65%) say their best guess is that intelligent life exists on other planets, according to a Pew Research Center survey conducted just before the release of the government assessment.

A smaller but still sizable share of the public (51%) says that UFOs reported by people in the military are likely evidence of intelligent life outside Earth.

So perhaps it’s about time we stop with the charade that we don’t know yet if life exists elsewhere on some habitable planet in this galaxy teeming with 400 billion stars and even more billions of orbiting planets, in an infinite universe whose edge has never been seen.

What is tricky for the US in-the-know intelligentsia is how to disclose the fact that multiple secret space programs have achieved intergalactic travels decades ago using retroengineered technology from crashed ET ships.

It’s tricky to disclose that a conglomerate of big rogue defense corporations have operated underground bases on the Moon, Mars and Ceres using slave labor, that humans in these secret programs have been trading since at least half a century with hundreds of other distant civilizations.

Or that a Dark Fleet built in secret by a very large colony of German Nazis in vast caves under the Antarctic ice, with the help of regressive, galactic, empire-building ETs (Reptilians, Draconians and Ebans), have managed to infiltrate the secret government (Deep State) apparatus and stealthily taken control of most of our planet.

They were kicked out by the end of 2021 from our solar system and a vast network of underground bases on Earth by a coalition of powerful benevolent civilizations, allied in a Galactic Federation of Worlds (GFW), with the help of members of military forces from around the world, opposed to the Nazi infiltrators.

These civilizations have formed an Earth Alliance that has negotiated secret agreements with extraterrestrial representatives in July 2021 aboard the Ashtar Command’s floating military base concealed in the gas clouds of Jupiter, to pave the way for an amazing Star Trek future for humanity, as we are preparing to join the GFW and enter a fabulous era of galactic expansion for humanity.

Just that. How do you bring up-to-speed billions of people who have been left in the dark and to suffocate because of a profligate use of fossil fuels to maintain the cover above the trillions of taxpayer money and drug money that were siphoned off. These funds were used to pay for the parallel buildup of several space fleets by negative and positive secret groups vying for the control of this planet, its resources and the perpetual enslavement or final liberation of its deliberately dumbed down population?

Not an easy task given the profoundly-distorting mind-programming through official denial and a mainly negative depiction of aliens carried on in Hollywood movies, TV programs and other media.

Out my window

But there we are. Like it or not, ready or not, we’re about to embark on a new era of fast-paced, technological, social, cultural and ultimately spiritual changes that will open the gates to the extraordinary abilities most humans potentially have as physical vessels for the highly-intelligent souls inhabiting them.

All this is part of their aeons-long evolutionary process from freshly-created souls by the Almighty Source and accomplished participants in Its eternal, omniversal and multidimensional Designs. (3)

Brace yourself for an exhilarating and, for many, dizzying journey as a carefully-planned, gradual, disclosure process will unfold over the coming months and years. Full Speed ahead!

Jean Hudon – February 16, 2023

In the appended booklet, which includes this article, Jean offers some of the current indications that suggest to him that Disclosure is close.

Footnotes Follow

You can download Jean’s booklet at 


(2) On the evolutionary journey from God to God, see The Purpose of Life is Enlightenment at https://goldenageofgaia.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/Purpose-of-Life-is-Enlightenment-3.pdf

More on Disclosure can be found here:Our Family from the Stars

Because the Golden Age of Gaia has been hit by a number of malware attacks traceable to other sites, we’ve been asked to no longer hyperlink elsewhere, save in exceptional circumstances.

Monday, February 27, 2023

Scientists Are Injecting Alligator Genes Into Catfish

Most GMO projects actually need to be done but also carefully.  This is a great example.  Adding alligator dna snips is hardly scary as it blocks damage in this case.  We are not getting a nasty sport here.

Can this be abused and of coursde.  However traditional animal breeding has produced killer dogs and fighting cocks.  Rather more egregious as intent is or was clear.

So maybe we will have much more successful catfish along with our asian carp.

Scientists Are Injecting Alligator Genes Into Catfish

The technique could help prevent infections in the millions of pounds of farmed catfish raised for human consumption

Sarah Kuta


February 21, 2023 8:55 a.m.

Researcher in white lab coat holds up a catfish

Baofeng Su, a fish genetics researcher at Auburn University, is part of a team of scientists studying the effectiveness of injecting alligator genes into farm-raised catfish. Auburn University

Americans have a big appetite for catfish: In 2021, fish farms in the United States produced an estimated 307 million pounds of the creatures for human consumption. But aquaculture is complicated by infections and diseases, which kill millions of farmed fish year after year.

Now, researchers say they’ve devised a creative solution to this problem: injecting alligator DNA into farm-raised catfish to make the fish more resistant to disease.

As Greg Garrison writes for AL.com, this innovation “sounds like the start of a Southern gothic horror thriller.” But the scientists spearheading the initiative insist the public has nothing to be afraid of.

In initial tests, the addition of alligator genes did seem to make catfish more impervious to infection. In the future, this could theoretically help minimize the environmental impact of fish farming, decrease waste and make the process overall less resource intensive. And, experts say, diners likely wouldn’t notice a difference when chowing down on genetically modified catfish.

“I would eat it in a heartbeat,” says Rex Dunham, an aquaculture scientist at Auburn University who worked on the project, to MIT Technology Review’s Jessica Hamzelou.

Their work has not yet been peer-reviewed, but the scientists have published a paper describing their findings on the online preprint server bioRxiv.

Alligators have a gene that helps them produce an antimicrobial protein called cathelicidin. Scientists say cathelicidin helps prevent infections from developing in the wounds alligators sustain while fighting with each other.

The catfish researchers wondered whether this same gene might also be able to help catfish ward off disease. To find out, they used the CRISPR gene-editing tool to insert the alligator gene that contains a blueprint for cathelicidin into the genomes of catfish.

The researchers also made a strategic decision about exactly where to inject the gene into the catfish’s genomes. They didn’t want the genetically modified catfish to be able to reproduce, because if they escaped or were released into nature for some reason, they could potentially outcompete wild catfish and set off a chain reaction that might harm the species and its ecosystem.

They decided to inject the alligator gene into the part of the catfish genome that regulates a hormone the fish need to be able to spawn. This sterilized the genetically modified fish.

To test the animals’ resistance to disease, the researchers exposed both gene-edited and unaltered catfish to two types of bacteria that can cause infections. The genetically modified fish survived at rates that were two to five times higher than their unedited counterparts, the findings suggest.

But gene editing may not be a fix-all for farmed catfish. The technique is not straightforward or easy, and scientists would likely need to repeat it for each new round of fish. Beyond that, the Auburn researchers would need to go through the lengthy and arduous process of getting the genetically modified catfish approved for human consumption by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. They may also have an uphill battle convincing consumers to eat transgenic fish.

“I’m sure you’ll have people that fully expect that catfish to have a big, long mouth with pointy teeth to bite them,” says Greg Lutz, an aquaculture researcher at Louisiana State University who was not involved with the project, to MIT Technology Review.

Still, scientists like Lutz say the idea shows promise. And whether or not genetically modified catfish ever end up on humans’ dinner plates, the findings represent a “breakthrough in aquaculture genetics” research, the scientists write in the paper. Last year, researchers at Auburn mapped the genome of the blue catfish for the first time.

Beyond catfish, scientists have used gene-editing technologies to try to improve strawberries, treat a rare disease called transthyretin amyloidosis, treat cancer and, controversially, alter the genomes of babies.

What’s Really Behind the Egg Shortage?

We are witnessing a contrated effort to use non conventional warfare against the USA by the CCP.  This includes the faux pandemic and JAB operation and of cdourse economic disruption across the usa.

The egg business is actually a poor target, but we do see signs of both planning and individual operatives at work as we have seen in this rash of derailings.  It is a poor target because it is easy for the industry to get production on line again.

Expect more propaganda, then an empty shelf or two and then new prices and full shelves.  And back to normal.

What’s Really Behind the Egg Shortage?

Feb 20 2023

Casim Abbas, a mathematics professor at Michigan State University, shows the result of his morning's egg collection at his small egg farm at his home in Williamston, Michigan, on Feb. 8, 2023 (Photo by 

Are farmers’ claims about their chicken feed being altered correct—and is that why egg prices have more than doubled in the past year? What about the strange timing of the egg shortage and the mysterious fires and other disasters at U.S. food processors? President Biden warned in March 2022 that food shortages were “going to be real.”

STORY AT-A-GLANCEEgg prices have more than doubled compared to what they were a year ago, with a median cost of $4.25 for a dozen.

As of January 2023, more than 58 million birds in 47 states have been killed due to avian flu outbreaks.
The egg shortage began amidst a series of mysterious fires and other disasters at U.S. food processors.
Some farmers have stated chicken feed made by Purina may have been altered to contain lower amounts of protein and minerals, leaving chickens unable to lay eggs.

A report from the Rockefeller Foundation, released in July 2020 and predicting a coming food crisis, calls for the creation of a centralized “nutrition security system.”

If the price of eggs has you seriously considering starting your own backyard flock, you’re not alone. Egg prices have more than doubled compared to what they were a year ago, with a median cost of $4.25 for a dozen.[1]

Many assume rising inflation is to blame, but the official narrative states avian flu, affecting up to 58 million birds, is the more likely cause.[2] Another theory has surfaced from chicken farmers who have linked problems with egg laying to a certain brand of chicken feed.[3] It’s also curious timing, as the egg shortage began amidst a series of mysterious fires and other disasters at U.S. food processors.
US Pledged to ‘Increase and Disseminate Food Shortages’

It’s relevant to note that in March 2022, President Biden openly stated food shortages are “going to be real.” [4] He also said he spoke with European allies about “how we could increase, and disseminate more rapidly food shortages.”[5] Although it’s now been largely scrubbed from the internet, the statement wasn’t corrected by the White House. It circulated on social media, prompting Facebook to immediately flag it as fake news.

Whether the statement was the result of jumbling words or the revelation of something much more sinister is up for debate — as is the series of strange accidents at U.S. food processors that occurred in its wake. Here’s just a sampling:March 13, 2022: A Hot Pockets plant in Jonesboro, Arkansas, was shut down after a fire started inside a production line cooler.[6]

March 16, 2022: A massive fire at a Walmart fulfillment center in Plainfield, Indiana, caused the closure of the facility. In April, the company announced it would not be reopening the facility, affecting the jobs of 1,132 employees.[7]

March 28, 2022: A fire at Maricopa Food Pantry in Maricopa, Arizona, led to the destruction of more than 50,000 pounds of food.[8]

March 31, 2022: Rio Fresh, an onion warehouse facility in south Texas, was damaged by a structure fire.[9]
April 11, 2022: A fire broke out at East Conway Beef & Pork in Conway, New Hampshire, destroying the building and killing two cows.[10]
April 13, 2022: A plane crashed into the Gem State processing facility in Heyburn, Idaho.[11]
April 13, 2022: A four-alarm fire occurred at Taylor Farms in Salinas, California, drawing nearly 100 firefighters from 22 fire units. The facility was in the process of restarting operations after being closed for the winter.[12]
April 18, 2022: The headquarters of Azure Standard in Dufur, Oregon, was destroyed in a fire. Azure Standard the largest independent distributor of organic and health foods in the United States[13]

Feb. 4, 2023: A fire at Hillandale Farms in Connecticut, which is owned by one of the largest egg producers in the United States, killed an estimated 100,000 hens.[14]

Official Narrative Blames ‘Record’ Levels of Avian Flu

If you’re curious about why egg prices are rising—and egg shortages are occurring in some areas—you need look no further than the record number of chickens killed due to avian flu, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.[15]

Previously, the largest avian flu outbreak recorded occurred in 2015, when 50.5 million birds in 21 states were affected. However, 2022 marked a new record for dead birds in one year, when the number hit 52.7 million.[16] By January 2023, more than 58 million birds in 47 states had been impacted by this outbreak.[17]

“I’m hopeful that this is not the new normal for us,” Richard Webby, director of the World Health Organization’s Collaborating Center for Studies on the Ecology of Influenza in Animals, told NPR.[18]

While some of the chickens died from the disease, most were culled to prevent further spread of the virus. Webby blamed the outbreak on wild birds, not those raised on concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs):[19]

“We don’t know exactly what it is about it, but it does seem just to be able to grow and transmit better in wild birds. Wild birds are the perfect mechanism to spread a virus because they, of course, fly everywhere.”

It does seem strange to describe wild birds as the “perfect mechanism to spread a virus,” without also pointing out that quick viral spread is virtually guaranteed on every CAFO [concentrated animal feeding operation], where birds are literally on top of each other. Still, it’s plausible that widespread avian flu could have led to chicken shortages and, therefore, egg shortages, which led to increased prices.

Anecdotal reports vary, however, about how severe egg shortages are in different areas. While some have experienced eggs disappearing from grocery store shelves, others haven’t noticed a decrease in supply at their local stores. The U.S. Department of Agriculture states that culling of chickens due to avian flu has led to a 7.5 percent drop in domestic egg supply each month since the outbreak began in 2022.[20]

Is Altered Chicken Feed to Blame?

Another theory is also circulating online—and it’s quickly been “fact-checked” and dubbed a conspiracy by the powers that be.[21] It comes straight from the farmers’ mouths, however, with many noticing their hens producing significantly fewer eggs than normal.

It was suggested that chicken feed made by Purina may have been altered to contain lower amounts of protein and minerals, leaving chickens unable to lay eggs. Some farmers even stated that their hens began laying again after they switched from commercial feed to locally produced feed.

A spokesperson for Land O’Lakes, parent company of Purina Animal Nutrition, stated there have been no formulation changes to Purina chicken feed products,[22] while others have called for an investigation into what could represent a potential public health and national security crisis.
Rockefeller Foundation Predicted Food Crisis

If you gain control of the food supply, you gain control of the people. This is why any threat to food freedom and security should prompt immediate alarm and calls for the protection of localized, regenerative agriculture.

It’s curious that a report from the Rockefeller Foundation, released in July 2020 and predicting a coming food crisis, hasn’t received more attention, however—especially since its solution centered on the creation of a centralized “nutrition security system.”[23]

A centralized food system benefits no one but those who control it and puts consumers at risk. Will Harris, a regenerative farming pioneer who runs White Oak Pastures in Bluffton, Georgia, explained:[24]

“… The centralization of food production impoverishes our rural communities as it creates an oligopoly. This centralization of food production is also bad for consumers. This system lacks resilience.

“When mega-production facilities that are focused on efficiency break down, consumers’ access to food can become limited, which causes panic. This state of panic allows multinational companies to increase their profits exponentially.

“When the driving goal of our food production system is efficiency, as opposed to resiliency, consumers suffer.”

Their report, “Reset the Table,”[25] was published just one month after the World Economic Forum (WEF) officially announced its plans for a “Great Reset,” and many of the contributors to the Foundation’s paper are WEF members. [26] They intend for the current food system to fall apart, so they can then “solve” the problem by introducing a new system based on patented lab-grown synthetic and genetically engineered foods, along with massive insect farms.
Who and What Else Are Angling to Control Food?

Egg prices reaching unprecedented highs presents a hardship for many working households — but is irrelevant to the likes of Bill Gates—another major player in the quest to control the food supply.

Gates owns more farmland than anyone else in the U.S.[27] and was an early backer of fake foods like the Impossible Burger and Beyond Meat. [28] The acreage seems earmarked for GE corn and soy crops—the base foods for what will become an increasingly synthetic, ultra-processed food supply made up of imitation meat and dairy.

The strong recommendation to replace beef with fake meat is also made in Gates’ book,[29] a recommendation that stems from an overreaching theme of arrogance and the desire for recolonization and a global empire.

The EAT Forum, co-founded by the Wellcome Trust, also developed a Planetary Health Diet that’s designed to be applied to the global population and entails cutting meat and dairy intake by up to 90 percent, replacing it largely with foods made in laboratories, along with cereals and plant oils.[30]

In the United States, the Board for International Food and Agricultural Development (BIFAD), an advisory board to USAID [U.S. Agency for International Development], is also on board, calling for a global transformation of agriculture and the food supply to include, among other things, “the promotion of insects as sustainable sources of proteins.” Referring to a BIFAD working paper, Corbett explains:[31]

“USAID’s ‘leverage’ over developing countries—specifically referenced no less than 125 times —gives an insight into the Kissingerian food-as-a-weapon mentality that is the very basis of USAID and its mission. The entire enterprise reeks of a neocolonial landgrab masquerading as ‘philanthropy’—the kind of territorial taking that people in Africa and elsewhere have been warning about for decades.”
Get Prepared for Survival

It’s always best to have the resources on hand to survive, including becoming more self-sufficient in the short term. Creating alternative parallel food systems locally, outside of someone’s control builds long-term independence. Basic suggestions to build your own food security safety net include:Secure a potable water source and the means to purify less-than-ideal water sources.

Buy shelf-stable and nonperishable foods in bulk.

Buy energy backups, such as gas-powered generators and/or solar generator kits like Jackery or Inergy.

Get cooking backups such as solar cookers, small rocket stoves, propane-powered camping stoves, and 12-volt pots and pans that you can plug into a backup battery.

Start a garden and learn some basic food production skills—in terms of fighting back against high egg prices and egg shortages, raising your own flock is by far your best option.

Even better, consider joining a community of like-minded individuals who share your concerns about food security and have already developed the skills of growing food. You can contribute your skills to make the community even stronger.

Originally published Feb. 16 2023 on Mercola.com

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