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Trail of Oldest Man Made Structure Part II

This is the second part of the article from Mike Tellinger that I first posted a couple of days ago.  Please read my initial comments.

Mike is leading us into his efforts on establishing age and we will leave that for now.

I note the reporting of native traditions surrounding these objects.  I find it difficult to credit truly ancient traditions for reasons of language drift and human displacement.  We are presently seeing just that as the modern world threatens to overrun this site.  The informant pleas for help in the preservation of these traditions.  Yet we barely are able to guess at their possible meaning.  How many times must this have happened in the past ten thousand years?   Let alone some unfathomable 250,000 years?

I also have the issue of Earth’s resettlement post Pleistocene Nonconformity.

Besides, the long cycle of the zodiac was well understood during the Bronze Age and this knowledge is demonstrated globally.  So far this data conforms to that.

Discovering the Oldest Man-made Structures on Earth

A 10-part article by Michael Tellinger

Part 2 of 10

Hi Bob

The Stone Man at Adam’s Calendar looked out at the sunrise at the Spring Equinox at least 160,000 years ago.

This ‘African Stonehenge’ which we have called 
‘Adam’s Calendar’ has for the first time created a link to the countless other circular stone ruins in southern Africa and suggests that these ruins are much older than we thought. 

Our first calculations of the calendar were made based on the rise of Orion – flat on the horizon and in line with our 3 Orion monoliths on the outer perimeter of the calendar. But new measurements keep increasing the age. The first calculation was at least 25,000 years which was based on the precessional wobble of Earth which completes a full cycle every 26,000 years (approx).

The next calculation was presented by a master archaeoastronomer who wishes to remain anonymous for fear of ridicule by the academic fraternity. His calculation was based on the rise of Orion and suggested an age of at least 75,000 years. This is the reason why we used this age on the cover of our book – Adam’s Calendar. The most recent calculation in June 2009 suggests an age of at least 160,000 years, also based on the rise of Orion, flat on the horizon.

Not too far from the calendar lies the stone ruin complex that links Waterval Boven, Machadodorp, Carolina, Badplaas and Dullstroom. This covers an area larger then modern-day Johannesburg and has emerged as the largest and most mysterious ancient city on Earth. It is vital that this site be declared a World Heritage site ASAP. The discovery of carved dolerite statues of giant birds, some resembling Horus, and petroglyphs of winged disks, suggests that the prototype Sumerian and Egyptian civilisations had their origins in southern Africa thousands of years before they emerged in the north.

But the research has also shown that these stone settlements represent the most mysterious and misunderstood structures found to date. The strange and confusing walled-roads that link all the circular ruined structures are very perplexing and make no sense at all. Why would ancient people go to all the trouble of building roads lined along their sides with billions of stones, which had to be carried to site from many kilometres away?

In our new book called “Temples Of The African Gods” I propose a whole new theory about these structures. A theory that will probably freak out a large number of readers because we have been taught that we are the pinnacle of human existence and it is simply not possible that ancient people could have had more advanced knowledge and technology to us today. How silly and ignorant some of us can be!!!

The thousands of ancient gold mines discovered over the past 500 years, points to a vanished civilisation that lived and dug for gold in this part of the world for thousands of years. And if this is in fact the cradle of humankind, we may be looking at the activities of the oldest civilisation on Earth.

But the calendar remains the centrepiece among the ruins. Johan Heine discovered Adam’s Calendar in 2003, quite by accident. He was on route to find one of his pilots who crashed his plane on the edge of the cliff. Next to the crash site Johan noticed a very strange arrangement of large stones sticking out of the ground. While rescuing the injured pilot from about 20 metres down the side of the cliff, Johan walked over to the monoliths and immediately realised that they were aligned to the cardinal points of Earth – north, south, east and west. There were at least 3 monoliths aligned towards the sunrise, but on the west side of the aligned monoliths there was a mysterious hole in the ground – something was missing. Could that be the link to the whole calendar site?

Weeks and months of measuring and observing the movements of the sun Johan concluded that it was perfectly aligned with the rise and fall of the sun. He determined the solstices and the equinoxes. But the mysterious hole in the ground remained a big puzzle. One day, while contemplating the reason for the hole, the local horse trail expert, Christo, came riding by. He quickly explained to Johan that there was a strange shaped stone, which was removed from the spot some time ago. Apparently it stood somewhere near the entrance to the nature reserve.

After an extensive search, Johan found the anthropomorphic (humanoid shape) in tact and proudly placed with a plaque stuck to it. It was used by the Blue Swallow foundation to commemorate the opening of the Blue Swallow reserve in 1994. The irony is that it was removed from the most important ancient site found to date and mysteriously returned to the reserve – for slightly different reasons.

Since then we have discovered that Adam’s Calendar is probably the most sacred site on Earth and is well known amongst Sangomas and Shamans. The most beloved and inspirational among this elite group is Credo Mutwa. In a long interview with him in 2008, Credo told me that he was initiated at the site in 1937 and that it was indeed the most precious and sacred site. He asked me with tears in his eyes – “Mr Michael… please save this sacred site… protect it from the greedy developers and other ignorant people. It has to be saved for the future of humanity because this is the place where ‘Heaven mated with mother Earth’”.

At that time I did not understand the real meaning of Credo’s statement, and it took me another year of research for the penny to drop and to fully understand what he meant. This will be revealed on the next part of my article.

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Beer for Bones

It is good to know that beer does something for us besides the obvious.  Of course we have no comparables and it is likely other good sources of silica exist.  Yet grist products do not find their way readily into our diets.  We rarely eat cooked grains outright.

It is also not clear to me how much silica normally finds its way into our bone mass.

In the meantime, it is good to know that beer is definitely doing something positive and is quite acceptable in moderation.  Of course we knew that.  And it is a far better way to get quick calories than flavored sugar water.

Beer for Bone Strength

Hoist up a pint—a new study credits beer’s silicon content for increased bone mineral density.

By Joanna Cosgrove

Published April 22, 2010

The two most commonly used terms associated with beer consumption are probably “beer gut” and “empty calories,” but researchers at the Department of Food Science & Technology at the University of California have confirmed a third and decidedly more positive term: “bone builder.” That’s right; beer has the propensity to enhance bone mineral strength thanks to its inherent silicon content.

Previously published research has documented silicon’s ability to improve human bone mineral density, as well as its ability to support increased bone mineral density in women with osteoporosis.

In this most recent study from the University of California, which was published in the Journal of Science of Food Agriculture (J Sci Food Agric 2010; 90: 784–788), researchers studied the impact of raw materials and the brewing process on the quantities of silicon that enter wort and beer, subsequently testing 100 commercial beers to determine their silicon content then categorizing the data according to beer style and source. The study evolved out of previous research, including work from U.K.-based Dr. Jonathan Powell, who indicated a possible relationship between moderate consumption of beer and bone health, though little was known about how silicon contents varied from beer to beer, depending on the malting process.

While the average person's daily silicon intake ranges between 20 and 50 mgs, the researchers found the beers’ silicon content to range between 6.4 milligrams per liter and 56.5 mg per liter.

“The main source of silicon is the malted barley, as silicon is present in its outer layers (husk),” explained Charles Bamforth, an Anheuser-Busch Endowed Professor of Malting and Brewing Sciences at the University of California’s Department of Food Science & Technology, which is dedicated to the study of beer, including its composition and its potential impact on health. “Hops are also a very rich source of silicon, although in beer the proportion of hops added is relatively low compared to the amount of malt.”

In the published study, researchers concluded that products derived from a barley grist tended to contain more silicon than did those from a wheat-based grist, “likely because of the high levels of silica in the retained husk layer of barley.”

Hops, they said, contained substantially more silicon than did grain, but quantitatively made a much smaller contribution than malt to the production of beer.

The researchers also noted that it was possible to influence the silicon levels during the brewhouse production phase. “During brewing the vast majority of the silicon remains with the spent grains; however, aggressive treatment during wort production in the brewhouse leads to increased extraction of silicon into wort and much of this survives into beer,” they wrote.

Just as beer varietals have different taste profiles and attributes, they also have varied silicon levels. Pale ales were found to contain the richest amounts of silicon, while non-alcoholic, light lagers and wheat beers contained the least due to the lessened presence of barley husk. “The ones with the highest levels of silicon are those containing high proportions of pale malts and also the very highly hopped beers,” said Mr. Bamforth. “One category of beer with high levels then is India Pale Ale.”

Though  Mr. Bamforth and his colleagues did not analyze the bone mineral densities of beer-sipping test subjects, he said the result of their work is positive and opens the door to additional research “[The research results] confirm my understanding that beer is absolutely NOT empty calories,” he affirmed. “Our research program focuses on the beer itself and on the brewing process. This is where we will continue our effort—on silicon levels and much more besides.”

Of course, the positive effects of beer consumption should be part of a wise and well-balanced lifestyle and diet. Mr. Bamforth offered some advice for beer drinkers who might consider this positive research to be a green light for overindulgence in the name of building bone strength. “If you like and drink beer, then consume in moderation the beer that you enjoy,” he said. “Just be glad that through the alcohol (countering atherosclerosis) it may be doing you some good and that there will definitely be present in that beer some silicon, along with some B vitamins, antioxidants and other useful nutrients.”

Cheers, indeed!

Why I Love Neutrinos

This item is a great introduction to the topic of neutrinos.  These are apparently our smallest particles and I expect to have a bit to say about them in a paper I am preparing.

An interesting question is how we might detect a neutrino traveling at ordinary speeds.  I think that this is important.  Or to put it another way, we can make a conjecture.  So called dark matter consists of a flux of neutrinos and antineutrinos moving at near zero velocity. Show this conjecture to be wrong.

We can barely detect a proven flux leaving the Sun.  Suppose one percent of the earth’s mass were to consist of such particles trapped inside our gravity well.  Could we determine that?

Recall that these solar neutrinos are sub light and will decelerate as they travel and interact with other particles and give up kinetic energy.  This is a form of the laws of thermodynamics in which the tendency is toward a form of homogeneity is promoted over time.

I will have more to say and I will likely post the proposed paper in draft form if there is some interest.

Why I Love Neutrinos

The particles that once seemed impossibly esoteric have become ever more informative

I’ll admit it. I am partial to neutrinos. And I always have been.
Neutrinos alone, among all the known particles, have ethereal properties that are striking and romantic enough both to have inspired a poem by John Updike and to have sent teams of scientists deep underground for 50 years to build huge science-fiction like contraptions to unravel their mysteries.

It never ceases to amaze me that every second of every day, more than 6,000 billion neutrinos coming from nuclear reactions inside the sun whiz through my body, almost all of which will travel right through the earth without interruption. But I am even more amazed that in spite of their ghostliness, we can detect them, probe them and unravel their mysteries.

That is why, during the 30-odd years in which I have been a practicing physicist, my research has continually returned to these astonishing particles. And over the past months neutrinos have again reminded me in a very personal way of how daring science allows us to be in our imagination.

Emboldened by the remarkable experimental detection of solar neutrinos by the late Raymond Davis, Jr., 26 years ago, several colleagues and I started to think about other natural sources of neutrinos. One was right below our feet, literally. Radioactive elements sometimes produce antineutrinos (the antiparticles of neutrinos), and when we calculated how many such antineutrinos might be produced by all the radioactive materials thought to be in the earth, the number was almost as large as the solar neutrino flux across a small energy range. But as we tried to think of ways to detect these particles—which, as I began to learn a little geophysics, I recognized might reveal a lot about the makeup of the earth—we also realized that it would be much harder than it had been for Davis to detect solar neutrinos (which was plenty hard). So we wrote up the paper, figuring such a study would never be done.

But we also proposed an even more esoteric source. We knew that when stars explode as supernovae, 10,000 times more energy in the explosion should go into a stunning burst of neutrinos than into the emitted light. We also knew that astrophysical arguments suggested about one star would explode per galaxy every century. Although no one had ever measured a neutrino from such an explosion, and there was no way at the time to get a direct observational handle on the very small presumed supernova rate in galaxies, we nonetheless decided to estimate what the flux of neutrinos on the earth should be from all stars that have exploded over cosmic history. I remember thinking at the time that it was surely the most impractical estimate I might ever make.

Flash forward to the present. This year the Borexino detector in Gran Sasso, Italy, a gargantuan liquid scintillation counter designed to catch solar neutrinos, reported an observation of “geo-neutrinos” from the earth (with a less than one-in-10,000 chance of coming from other backgrounds), confirming an earlier, somewhat more tentative result from Japan. The observed rate is remarkably compatible with estimates from those indirect and theoretical geophysical arguments about the interior of the earth.

Meanwhile the Japanese instrument—the mammoth, 50,000-ton Super-Kamiokande (Super-K) water neutrino detector—has increased its sensitivity to be able to detect even a single supernova antineutrino-induced event per year, which is within striking distance of the rate from the cosmic background we had so casually estimated a generation ago. Remarkably, in the intervening time, however, neutrinos from a supernova explosion at the edge of our galaxy in 1987 were observed, and sophisticated imaging and data-analysis techniques now allow us to detect supernovae in distant galaxies, thereby refining our knowledge of their frequency. It turns out that the predicted rate at which Super-K should detect antineutrino events is strikingly consistent with our original guesstimate.

Once I was deeply skeptical that we would ever detect such things or that the faith in fundamental physics that heartened us to make speculations which seemed like science fiction would be so vindicated. It brings home the true power of science to probe hitherto unimaginable realms of the hidden universe all around us—a universe populated not by ghosts and spirits, but by objects far more interesting.

He Was Supposed to Be Competent

It seems almost impossible, but Obama has actually demonstrated worse ability to handle a crisis than George Bush in the face of Katrina.  The present situation is simply horrible.

Yet why are we not sucking up oil out of the ocean with every tanker we can find?  At least tell us why not!  Why do we not have every piece of heavy equipment out in those wetlands building shallow causeways to compartmentalize the oil now.  Other temporary measures surely are known by guys on the ground.  Instead we have BP organizing fifty guys out in white hazmat gear armed with what might as well be butterfly nets.

He finally shows up for a series of photo ops and a weak attempt to lay the blame at George Bush’s door.  He now decides to slap of a moratorium on all offshore operations six weeks in.  The emergency called for just that to focus everyone from the beginning.

Our president is learning the needs and requirements of leadership on the job and his nature is to postpone and procrastinate.

Now much of this was apparent while he was campaigning and had he been slightly challenged, it is likely he would have folded and we would have either Hillary or McCain in charge.  Even then it was apparent that there was little evidence of leadership training in his background that would give one some comfort.

Recall that most of our presidents had management training and management roles that were demanding and that included Jimmy Carter.  Obama instead has the experience of an effective salesman politician and all that entails.  It was not necessarily one on one either.  There is a serious difference between the party pitchman and the floor closer.

The man was kept in a cocoon and the press cooperated with the deception.  Instead of hard reality, the voter was invited to envisage their own hopes and aspirations.

More troubling he has shown ample evidence of still believing a lot of the naïve socialism of the far left that has bedeviled politics for the past century.  Usually mature leaders understand this and keep clear of such dogma.  The far right has its own tiresome version.  Neither work at all but allow for handy slogans.

When the criticism is leveled of a lack of real life experience, it usually refers to this type of intellectual filter.  The evidence as it exists suggests that he never got it.  Now we see the result.

He Was Supposed to Be Competent

The spill is a disaster for the president and his political philosophy.


I don't see how the president's position and popularity can survive the oil spill. This is his third political disaster in his first 18 months in office. And they were all, as they say, unforced errors, meaning they were shaped by the president's political judgment and instincts.

There was the tearing and unnecessary war over his health-care proposal and its cost. There was his day-to-day indifference to the views and hopes of the majority of voters regarding illegal immigration. And now the past almost 40 days of dodging and dithering in the face of an environmental calamity. I don't see how you politically survive this.

The president, in my view, continues to govern in a way that suggests he is chronically detached from the central and immediate concerns of his countrymen. This is a terrible thing to see in a political figure, and a startling thing in one who won so handily and shrewdly in 2008. But he has not, almost from the day he was inaugurated, been in sync with the center. The heart of the country is thinking each day about A, B and C, and he is thinking about X, Y and Z. They're in one reality, he's in another.

The American people have spent at least two years worrying that high government spending would, in the end, undo the republic. They saw the dollars gushing night and day, and worried that while everything looked the same on the surface, our position was eroding. They have worried about a border that is in some places functionally and of course illegally open, that it too is gushing night and day with problems that states, cities and towns there cannot solve.

And now we have a videotape metaphor for all the public's fears: that clip we see every day, on every news show, of the well gushing black oil into the Gulf of Mexico and toward our shore. You actually don't get deadlier as a metaphor for the moment than that, the monster that lives deep beneath the sea.

In his news conference Thursday, President Obama made his position no better. He attempted to act out passionate engagement through the use of heightened language—"catastrophe," etc.—but repeatedly took refuge in factual minutiae. His staff probably thought this demonstrated his command of even the most obscure facts. Instead it made him seem like someone who won't see the big picture. The unspoken mantra in his head must have been, "I will not be defensive, I will not give them a resentful soundbite." But his strategic problem was that he'd already lost the battle. If the well was plugged tomorrow, the damage will already have been done.

The original sin in my view is that as soon as the oil rig accident happened the president tried to maintain distance between the gusher and his presidency. He wanted people to associate the disaster with BP and not him. When your most creative thoughts in the middle of a disaster revolve around protecting your position, you are summoning trouble. When you try to dodge ownership of a problem, when you try to hide from responsibility, life will give you ownership and responsibility the hard way. In any case, the strategy was always a little mad. Americans would never think an international petroleum company based in London would worry as much about American shores and wildlife as, say, Americans would. They were never going to blame only BP, or trust it.

I wonder if the president knows what a disaster this is not only for him but for his political assumptions. His philosophy is that it is appropriate for the federal government to occupy a more burly, significant and powerful place in America—confronting its problems of need, injustice, inequality. But in a way, and inevitably, this is always boiled down to a promise: "Trust us here in Washington, we will prove worthy of your trust." Then the oil spill came and government could not do the job, could not meet the need, in fact seemed faraway and incapable: "We pay so much for the government and it can't cap an undersea oil well!"

This is what happened with Katrina, and Katrina did at least two big things politically. The first was draw together everything people didn't like about the Bush administration, everything it didn't like about two wars and high spending and illegal immigration, and brought those strands into a heavy knot that just sat there, soggily, and came to symbolize Bushism. The second was illustrate that even though the federal government in our time has continually taken on new missions and responsibilities, the more it took on, the less it seemed capable of performing even its most essential jobs. Conservatives got this point—they know it without being told—but liberals and progressives did not. They thought Katrina was the result only of George W. Bush's incompetence and conservatives' failure to "believe in government." But Mr. Obama was supposed to be competent.

Remarkable too is the way both BP and the government, 40 days in, continue to act shocked, shocked that an accident like this could have happened. If you're drilling for oil in the deep sea, of course something terrible can happen, so you have a plan on what to do when it does.

How could there not have been a plan? How could it all be so ad hoc, so inadequate, so embarrassing? We're plugging it now with tires, mud and golf balls?

What continues to fascinate me is Mr. Obama's standing with Democrats. They don't love him. Half the party voted for Hillary Clinton, and her people have never fully reconciled themselves to him. But he is what they have. They are invested in him. In time—after the 2010 elections go badly—they are going to start to peel off. The political operative James Carville, the most vocal and influential of the president's Gulf critics, signaled to Democrats this week that they can start to peel off. He did it through the passion of his denunciations.

The disaster in the Gulf may well spell the political end of the president and his administration, and that is no cause for joy. It's not good to have a president in this position—weakened, polarizing and lacking broad public support—less than halfway through his term. That it is his fault is no comfort. It is not good for the stability of the world, or its safety, that the leader of "the indispensable nation" be so weakened. I never until the past 10 years understood the almost moral imperative that an American president maintain a high standing in the eyes of his countrymen.

Mr. Obama himself, when running for president, made much of Bush administration distraction and detachment during Katrina. Now the Republican Party will, understandably, go to town on Mr. Obama's having gone before this week only once to the gulf, and the fund-raiser in San Francisco that seemed to take precedence, and the EPA chief who decided to cancel a New York fund-raiser only after the press reported that she planned to attend.

But Republicans should beware, and even mute their mischief. We're in the middle of an actual disaster. When they win back the presidency, they'll probably get the big California earthquake. And they'll probably blow it. Because, ironically enough, of a hard core of truth within their own philosophy: When you ask a government far away in Washington to handle everything, it will handle nothing well.

Biden’s Prediction: Obama Failed the 'Test'
Thursday, 27 May 2010

By: Christopher Ruddy

In the opening days of the Obama administration, there was this idea floating around that Obama was the new FDR.

A new president arrives with a “New Deal” in the midst of a great economic crisis. He later leads the nation in a great war against fascism.

As we see the Obama administration unraveling before our eyes, we know one thing for sure: Obama isn’t an FDR. And he isn’t a JFK or even a Reagan, after whom he said he would model his “transformative” change presidency.

He may, sadly, turn out to be worse than Jimmy Carter. It is sad because, when the American people need a president to assert strong, positive leadership at home and abroad, Obama is failing us. 

On Thursday, the president held his first press conference in over 300 days — nearly 10 months since his last one. FDR would be turning over in his grave. FDR regaled in his informal fireside chats, not to mention his frequent press bull sessions — right in the Oval Office.

At his rare press conference, President Obama informed us, 36 days since the BP spill began, that he is in charge, that he has been in charge since the spill began, and that he takes full responsibility for what has happened.

Isn’t it a tad bit late to do this?

A new Zogby poll released Thursday shows that just 16 percent of the country believes that the federal government has handled the spill crisis well

At the press conference, Obama appeared somewhat apologetic for the problems so far.

Some already have begun applauding him for his acknowledgements of his mistakes since the BP disaster began.

“In case you were wondering who's responsible, I take responsibility," Obama said. "It is my job to make sure that everything is done to shut this down."

Watching it brought to mind President Kennedy’s public mea culpa over the Bay of the Pigs fiasco.

But there is a big difference between JFK's handling of that matter and Obama’s apology.

After the Bay of Pigs, Kennedy immediately took responsibility. He didn’t wait for more than a month while aides and press operatives tried to spin the blame.

And unlike Obama’s crisis, Kennedy inherited the Bay of Pigs operation, whose planning was largely completed before he became president.

The BP crisis is wholly owned and operated by Barack Obama.

And his handling of the disaster, even just the public relations stemming from it, has been woeful.

What we are witnessing is harsh reality bumping up against President Obama’s façade and shattering the glass — a glass image created by oratory, image and an adoring press. 

The BP matter is emblematic of a much broader leadership problem the president has.

We see this problem surfacing in the brewing Sestak matter

Joe Sestak alleged last summer that the White House offered him a job if he would not run for Senate.

For almost a year, the White House has refused to explain this serious allegation. 

The best Obama could tell the press Thursday was this: "There will be an official response shortly on the Sestak issue, which I hope will answer your questions," Obama said, adding: "You will get it from my administration. 

"So — and it will be coming out, when I say shortly, I mean shortly. I don't mean weeks or months. I can assure the public that nothing improper took place. But as I said, there will be a response shortly on that issue." 


All of this should not come as a real surprise.

Before Obama became president, his running mate, Joe Biden, warned that the new president would be tested.

Here’s what Biden said: “Mark my words. It will not be six months before the world tests Barack Obama like they did John Kennedy. The world is looking. We're about to elect a brilliant 47-year-old senator president of the United States of America. Remember I said it standing here, if you don't remember anything else I said. Watch, we're gonna have an international crisis, a generated crisis, to test the mettle of this guy."

Biden was wrong on the timing, but prophetic on the point. 

Our president has been tested by al-Qaida, which apparently has tried to pull off two major terror attacks in the past year alone, first with the Detroit plane incident and recently in Times Square.

Both failed only because of the incompetence of the terrorists. And in both cases, the president reacted weakly, treating these incidents as legal matters and the terrorists as just criminals deserving of legal rights.

Obama also was tested after the Fort Hood incident, again treating this case as a criminal matter. His chief law enforcement officer, Attorney General Eric Holder, won’t even say that these terrorist incidents could be linked to “radical Islam.”

Since Obama has taken office, he has been tested consistently by the Iranian regime, which flouted free elections to keep its radical president in power. Once again, Obama was timid and delayed in his response to this outrage. 

And his administration has looked silly as Iran has refused continually to comply with international demands that it stop its nuclear weapons program.
Obama has failed another test, this time from Iran’s rogue ally North Korea.

Since North Korea’s brazen act of war with its torpedo attack on a South Korean vessel, President Obama has appeared feeble.

This is no time for such weakness coming from the leader of the free world. 

My God, Joe Biden was right. We elected a 47-year-old senator who has no real-world experience, and he is being tested by our enemies. They are seeing his true mettle.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Janosh and Saïe Share

I share this item from Janosh.  He is an artist based in the Nederland` who has produced a number of images inspired by crop circle images and apparently his muse who tells of a coming transition of human consciousness.

I suspect most readers find this style of discourse difficult and even annoying.  Yet the hard ideas presented do fit nicely into the substantive paradigm we have step by step developed regarding a prior rise of humanity before the Pleistocene Nonconformity and the then advent of space adapted humanity.

The obvious conclusion to be drawn from these ideas is that this coming generation will lift Earth’s quarantine and establish contact with our cousins in space habitats.

With those thoughts in mind, it is easier to read this material even if the author does not share the same insights.

Saïe wishes to share other important information with you.
  • The most important points are:
  • We are entering into frequencies of Reverse Strength
  • Earth is in the Biosphere-Noösphere transition
  • Earth and humanity are quickly withdrawn from their quarantine
A new electro-magnetic grid is being made
This simplifies our evolution process
Binds us with each other and the cosmic community
It equals the electro-magnetic grid from the Old Atlantis.

Re-awakening your own strength

It’s now to time to reawaken your own strength. In the new, higher frequencies you are obliged to let go of the past and also the negative energies where a lot of people are trapped at the moment. I call this the old matrix, the energy field around the earth, which is full of negative, constraining programming. If you can break away from this, then you will be able to make contact with the mission, which you as a soul had already planned. Your personal blueprint, the task you set yourself on earth becomes clear. That can be confusing, but it is important, particularly at this moment and taking into account what is going to happen, to believe in your own strength, trust and remain close to your own truth. In this way you will inspire those close to you and be able to help others in their own transformation process. Saïe says: “Convincing others or wanting to be right, often works completely in the opposite way”.

Reversing Force

The frequencies that we will work with in the future will have a reversing power, which will bring us back to our authentic self. We will become re-joined to the power we had pre-birth, which is connected to the power of insight of the Universe. This may feel strange. Old patterns, deep-rooted negative beliefs and certain reluctance from old fears may come to the surface. However, just know: these are the last few hurdles. Synchronization will increase. Watch out for things that suddenly cross your path, because they will show you the way.

Biosphere – Noösphere Transition

Let’s just look at the whole picture (1). According to one of the Mayan prophets (The Law of Time) we must be ready before 2012 to shift into the next phase of evolution. Because the vibration frequencies within the universe automatically change with the procession of the stars and planets, human consciousness follows suite. It just vibrates naturally with the rest. Consciousness is actually the foundation for everything, which exits. This universal star parade happens on Earth, something which Mayan expert, José Argüelles calls the Biosphere-Noösphere transition. In other words this means the point when combined field of planetary consciousness exists. (Noösphere). The noösphere is the most recent phase of development of Earth and follows the biosphere (the part of the earth where life is difficult and polluted –J).

On-going project

Our current day problems began in the old Atlantis. Drunvalo Melchizedek announced that he would reveal an important message in May 2010. He is going to tell that there is an on-going project to bring people back to their trusted consciousness levels. In a preview he said: “Long ago, approximately 13,000 years ago, the human grids of consciousness fell apart and people began to loose their higher consciousness. It’s called “The Fall “in the Bible. Their Mer-ka-ba fields or in other words, their light bodies were extinguished, which exposed them to the effects of the earth-magnetic fields, which were also shut off. The memories of humanity were erased”. The earth and humanity were put into quarantine. Shut off from the rest of the universe. Now we live in a time and EVERYTHING will quickly be restored.

The electro-magnetic grid

Through the centuries certain people came forth to keep “Earth’s light burning” and just “to be” spiritual wise men, or make (r)evolutionary discoveries. Think about Buddha, Socrates, Jesus, and Tesla etc. Drunvalo says;” Work was performed at a deeper level to develop/repair the enormous network of lines around earth and therefore to create a specific human grid of consciousness, in order that humanity could return to their higher consciousness, just like it used to be”.

In Atlantis the influence of the spirit over matter was well known they knew that Spirit thinking/thoughts (consciousness) was where the Light came from. Everything was created from Light. People were conscious of the electro-magnetic grid – a sort of energy matrix – under the earth’s surface.

Cosmic Community

The remains of this very impressive energy matrix can still be found on earth in the form of leylines. You could say that Heaven and Earth were joined through this matrix. This grid gave people the opportunity to, for example, telepathically be in contact with one another, to heal, to have access to very advanced technologies, to journey through the corridors of time and also to be in contact with above, the star people. Nowadays the majority of people have little of no affiliation to this, but in former times people were very well aware of their role in the universe, and thus the cosmic community. In the times that are coming an opportunity to reconnect with other life forms in the universe will be repaired. But before this can take place on a larger scale, we will have to take care of ourselves and make ourselves “one” with the universe.

The greater plan for Earth

In this context I have to think about the “100th monkey” effect. The more people open themselves to contact for life within the higher dimensions, how quicker a critical mass will be achieved that will show full openness. Really, taking the challenges before us into account at this moment means that contact with extra-terrestrial life on a larger scale is not the first and most important priority. It is more a logical consequence of a development, which is already underway, and which cannot be stopped. Our attention should be Earth and everything that lives on it. That is also the point for the cosmic community. I often ask myself why Saïe takes so much interest in my personal development, and now it seems much clearer. It’s nothing to do with me personally, but it is all part of a much larger plan for Earth and her role in the universe.

Cosmic Mirrors

The way, in which we treat ourselves, has great impact on the universe. The universe is one big hologram. People are like cosmic mirrors. So like each part of a hologram, which contains all the information about everything, so can a human cell contain a complete blueprint of the person. And that is why humans have a complete blueprint of the universe within themselves. It is now time to renew our consciousness of our role in the universe. Saïe calls us crazy “Gods in exile” He teaches me that the Earth in a central planet within our universe. The Earth is a melting pot of races, which have come from the whole cosmos. Nowhere else in the universe is there so much variation as on our planet.

War of the Heavens

On our planet something has been worked out which has effect on the total universe. According to Mayan prophets (The Telektonon) the current planetary crisis is a climax of inter-dimensional, inter-planetary Time Wars, the war of the heavens. It too complicated to go into in depth, but there will be many surprises from within the totally immeasurable depth from the galactic consciousness. In fact the cosmic community will also benefit from Earth’s transformation process into the 5th Dimension, the dimension of thought from oneness. The dimension in which we consciously co-create with the Source and use our full potential as “Gods” – or in other words multi-dimensional beings - . Not only Earth but also the entire universe will move to a higher frequency.


It is a fact that for example, crop circles are becoming more complex, the number of UFO sightings increasing dramatically, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes take place more frequently and amongst other things, political and economic systems collapse and more and more people use the rest of their DNA, form the evidence that a new matrix is in the making. The new electro-magnetic Earth grid is increasing in frequency, to the same strength as in the time of Atlantis. The new grid facilitates the process in which we find ourselves. Personal growth no longer needs to be a painful process if we so choose. I am a great believer that we should create a great party. Isn’t it marvelous what is happening? It’s taken 10.000 years to reach the current level of frequency. Plus the fact that there is a miraculous galactic equality of our universe on the programme.And you and I live NOW!

Choosing for Liberation

This process is unstoppable and we will enter – like the Mayan called – the 6th world, and it is and remains important that as many people as possible wake up and prepare themselves inwardly. On earth as on the outside, is an enormous feeling of urgency in these desperate times. A clear tidy consciousness is necessary to bring the higher energies from the cosmos into and through someone’s body. If we want to escape from this destructive effect of the current negative matrix, we need to step outside of our thinking. We will have to synchronize both halves of our brains and make a connection with our heart centre so that we are able to make a direct connection with the new grid.

The language of Atlantis

Don’t be afraid if you see that the chaos is increasing. Don’t judge in words of “good” or “bad”. Don’t let yourself be carried away in the river of fear. You can choose for liberation. Something, which can enable us to find peace and something to inspire our sub-consciousness, is the language of Atlantis. By this I mean the Sacred Geometry codes, which played a great part during this time. This is the language of our soul, the building blocks of our creation and you and are are geometry. The power of geometry can inspire us to re-find our inner strength. The frequency of the last code, Ultimate Return, can help you in your reverse strength to come back to the authentic you, before you were born, joined together with the strength and power of the insight of the Universe. We are on the way to deep routed awakening!
Heart to Heart,

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