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The Endgame in Afghanistan: Darker Clouds Gather

at the very best, the original need called for an abrupt toppling of the Taliban government and then supporting oppositional ethnic groups prepared to fight the Pathans.  All of which called for a quick exit in order to avoid what is now happening.

Right now, US forces are simply leaving and the Taliban is attempting to grab control of as much as possible.  no surprise at all.  It promises to become nasty for everyone not a Pathan..  It would be a complete surprise if something good came out of a new Taliban Regime.

I have seen rumbles regarding Chinese forces coming in to prop up the government.  If this happens it will be strategicly important.  think in terms of a million man army in position to work with their Pakistan ally to utterly crush the Pathan Taliban insurgency.  This may happen as China needs to desparately battle train their army if they ever hope to land on Taiwan.

The Endgame in Afghanistan: Darker Clouds Gather

Saturday, July 31, 2021

The last time I wrote about Afghanistan, I tried to offer a balanced look at the arguments for both pessimism and modest optimism regarding Afghanistan’s future after the U.S. withdrawal. Since then, the omens for the mountainous South Asian country have grown darker, with Afghan forces suffering major losses, significant desertions, and the Taliban expanding its influence and control. There are still a few unknowns, but the ones supporting hope are declining in number and credibility.

John McLaughlin, OZY columnist & former deputy director of the CIA

Taliban commanders are almost certainly exaggerating when they claim to control 85% of Afghanistan. It’s probably closer to 50%, but that is still worrying, and there’s little question they have made sizable gains. They appear to have the “strategic momentum,” as Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Mark Milley said in a Pentagon news conference last week.

Their important gains? A border crossing into Iran and, most impressively, a successful hard push in the northeast, where the Taliban had not previously been strong. There, 1,000 Afghan troops fled across the border earlier this month into Tajikistan, and many local officials scrambled aboard planes to escape. Such gains and momentum doubtless spurred the U.S. decision to carry out airstrikes in support of Afghan forces last week, and the U.S. Central Command chief is leaving open the possibility that such strikes could continue after their scheduled end on Aug. 31.

Taliban leaders have been playing a double game. On the one hand, they are pushing ahead militarily to strengthen their position in any dealings with the existing government. On the other, they suggest they remain open to peace talks and agreement with the Kabul administration. They played this out most recently in Tehran, where on July 7 Iran hosted the first round of talks between the Taliban and the Kabul government in months. Nothing came of it, other than an opportunity for the Iranian media to slam the U.S. for leaving Afghanistan “empty-handed after two decades” in circumstances they compared to Vietnam.

Looking ahead, Afghanistan’s internal state and potential return as a terrorist hub depend largely on four factors in the weeks and months after the U.S departure at the end of August.

First, the Afghan security forces will have to hold and gain ground. Logistics will be key, and they face a few big obstacles. With their air force stretched thin and without U.S. assistance, they will have trouble getting to combat, resupplying troops under fire and evacuating the wounded. Maintenance issues will multiply in the absence of U.S. contractors who managed the supply system and repaired equipment. Morale could become fragile under growing pressure — as a former U.S. ambassador has pointed out, Afghan wars have typically ended when people decided “that one side was going to win and stopped fighting.” In the same vein, a former student of mine, a veteran of multiple deployments, reminded me that the Afghan army does not have the long traditions or ingrained commitments of the U.S. Army. Afghans, he said, can just take off their uniforms and go home.

Second, it is unclear how the population and the Taliban will interact in a country that is very different, at least on the surface, from the Taliban-ruled country of 2001. With 70% of the country under the age of 25 and 15.6 years the median age, most of today’s Afghans have grown up knowing two things: war and, especially in urban areas, the growing freedom that came with the influx of Western business and values. They want the first to end and the second to continue. Meanwhile, women, who were not allowed to work outside the home when the Taliban ruled before, now comprise 30% of the civil service. But in the newly Taliban areas of the north, the signs are not good: Women now report directives telling them to leave their houses wearing a hijab and only with a male companion. If this clash of values expands nationwide, the Taliban would probably revert to forced submission — but this could just as easily spark a civil war.

Third, how the international community deals with the Taliban will condition its actions. The best chance for moderating Taliban behavior would come through a successful U.S. campaign to orchestrate concerted pressure on the group by an unlikely coalition of neighbors and great powers. To do so, Washington would have to overcome the reflexive tendency of many of these — India, Pakistan, Russia, Iran — to see Afghanistan as a kind of geopolitical chessboard on which to enhance influence or checkmate another’s.

Finally, detecting and neutralizing any threat of terrorism again taking root will depend on how well the U.S. can shift from 20 years of a close, richly resourced presence to remote operation, which is always more difficult. This will require a robust human and technical intelligence collection, coordinated with capabilities ranging from drones to special operations launched from facilities outside Afghanistan and coordinated with basing countries.

This is theoretically feasible. The reality though is that successful counterterrorism is almost always the result of rapid detection and rapid response.

On my final official visit to Afghanistan in 2004, I left with a sense of guarded optimism — I knew the country’s reputation as the “graveyard of empires,” but the Taliban had been vanquished, we had al-Qaida on the run, and the country had an elected president. But an Afghan colleague had the day before cautioned me with an old Afghan proverb: “One flower does not make it spring.” The succeeding 17 years have certainly proven that prophetic.

Feral Clans' Roaming McDowell County, West Virginia Mountains

This sounds like a family of Giant Sloths and likely females with children.  That would explain the lack of a snout we see with the males.

The Giant sloth is engineered to leap thirty feet through trees.  We are not even slightly.

again the bipedal movement is faux human.  good enough to fool you at night.  The report was confirmed by her brothers short recce.  This creature is certainly the vsource of the werewolf legends but may even be a source of devil descriptions.  surely a great start.

'Feral Clans' Roaming McDowell County, West Virginia Mountains

hursday, July 29, 2021


A woman from Gary, West Virginia describes her encounters with a clan of feral 'people' on her property. The descriptions are of dirty barefoot hairy mutated humans that are able to leap through trees.

I recent came across the following account:

“I live in West Virginia and have all my life. I don’t come from a rich family and I am not rich myself. I live in a small single-wide trailer with my 2 year old son outside of the town of Gary in McDowell County. My boyfriend is a truck driver and is only home every so often. I’m kind of used to being alone with my son here at night. My closest neighbor is 3 miles away and my trailer is back in the woods.

This is a mountain town. I grew up hearing scary stories of monsters, but I never saw anything growing up. I never saw anything until now and I want to tell you about it. What people are talking about is most definitely what is stalking us here because I know it’s not a Sasquatch. I never saw a Sasquatch, but I think I would know if I ever saw one.

[Not a human,not a bear, not a sasquatch - arclein]

So, this just started last summer. I clean houses for a living and I was leaving the last house of the day and had just went to pick up my son from the babysitters and we headed back home. It was 8:00 exactly when we turned in the driveway. My driveway is a very long sand driveway surrounded by trees and the woods on both sides. I hadn’t even got to my house when I saw a man jump from one tree on the right side of the drive way to a tree to the left side of the drive way. I mean like 30 feet in the air. He just jumped liked how a monkey swings from trees. He did this in front of the car as I was still driving slow to get to the trailer. It’s bumpy sand on the driveway so I never go more then 10mph down it.

[ this sounds like our giant sloth and is completely expected but never observed before arclein]

At that moment, I wasn't sure what I saw, but I did know it was a man. I saw its skin and it had some torn cloth on him too. Arms. Legs. All of that a man would have. Did not see its face. I hit my brakes. My son is still in the back seat almost asleep. I didn’t question what I saw or try to make sense of it because I know it was some creature. Yes, I was scared. My first thought was my son. I only stopped there in my driveway for a second and then I went ahead and sped up to go on and get down the driveway so I could get in the house with my son. I’m passing those trees to my left and I’m just a looking around to see if it’s there. I don’t see nothing. I just keep on going. It’s about dark but I can still see.

I see my trailer around the corner up ahead and I see movement. OK, so let me add here that it's not that uncommon for some deer or other animals to be around the trailer. That’s normal. But there were people up ahead and one of them was in my trash bag. I don’t have trash service way out here so I sometimes will sit a bag of trash on my porch and haul it myself to the dump. So a man was all in my trash. I get closer and these people hear my car and my headlights are lighting up the front area of my house. And I see like 4 of these things run off into the woods. I saw one of them real good. But it was his face that really got me scared.

That thing had dirt or mud all over his face and there was something wrong with his face because it didn’t look right to me. His eyes were way up on his forehead and it had this hump back. It had some dark pants on but no shirt and the chest and back had a lot of brown hair. His nipples were huge and dark and I could see it through the hair. He was barefoot. This was the one digging in my trash bag. He ran off too but he didn’t seem to be in such a rush as the other ones were to get back in the woods. I lost sight of them all and I waited before I went any farther because of my son. I didn’t have no gun or anything on me. So I was careful.

I sat in my car for 20 minutes running idle before I drove on up to the house. I grabbed my son and we ran inside and because of no cell signal down my driveway, I called my uncle once I got inside. My uncle said I was seeing sh*t but he came on out there an hour later and looked around. Lord I was so scared while me and my son sat here waiting for my uncle.

My uncle got here. He’s a big guy and had weapons on him. He investigated. He came back in the front door white as a ghost. He came in and said he had saw the devil in those woods and that we were getting in his truck with my son and we’re getting the Hell out of here. We never called the police or nothing. What were we going tell the police? That was last summer.

The winter came and nothing. Then just this past March, when my boyfriend was home, we hear scratching at 11 at night of the side of the trailer. A metal sound. He went outside to look but there wasn’t anything there. But he smelled an odor that he described as rotten pig feet. If you eat pig feet then you know what I mean. We smell bad things a lot and we see things moving in the trees. But now my boyfriend will be moving us to another state because of his job and we only have a few more weeks here, but there are some wild clans in the West Virginia mountains." T

President Trump is Holding ‘Cabinet Meetings’ at His Golf Club in New Jersey

What is particularly bizarre is that the MSM has chosen to ignore significant events since the faux inaguration of Biden.  Trump chose to transfer power directly to the military in the face of a CCP led political coup against the voters of the USA.  He thus remains the military commander in chief.

Better yet it is abundently clear that Biden runs na-na.  So yes in view of the fact that the next major political event will be the public reinstatement of Trump. having cabinet meetings are a public signal.

The harsh political truth is that 80% of the electors voted for Trump.. Then the election was publicaly stolen and the charade began in which all agencies responsible for election integrity were publically tested.

Understand that the whole election was a full on sting operation operated by the USA Military.  They knew who was dirty and now they are continuing the charade in order to catch them all.

At the same time, over 200,000 sealed indictmentes have been converted into arrests.  Understand that if you accepted money from the CCP, they have your ass under treason and a quick military trial before you are sentenced.  This is going on globally.

BREAKING: President Trump is Holding ‘Cabinet Meetings’ at His Golf Club in New Jersey

Published July 31, 2021 at 4:40pm

President Trump is reportedly holding meetings at his golf club in New Jersey with ‘Cabinet Members’.

The Washington Examiner reports that President Trump is holding ‘cabinet meetings’ in New Jersey.

Former President Donald Trump has been holding meetings with “Cabinet members” at his golf club in New Jersey this week, according to a top ally.

Mark Meadows, who was Trump’s final White House chief of staff, said the work at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey, is focused on “what comes next” with regards to 2022 and 2024 elections, after which Newsmax host Steve Cortes (himself a former Trump adviser) asked whether he wanted to break any news about his meetings with the former president.

“We met with several of our Cabinet members tonight,” Meadows said. “We actually had a follow-up member — meeting with some of our Cabinet members, and as we were looking at that. We were looking at what does come next. I’m not authorized to speak on behalf of the president, but I can tell you this, Steve: We wouldn’t be meeting tonight if we weren’t making plans to move forward in a real way, with President Trump at the head of that ticket.”

How Does the West African Talking Drum Accurately Mimic Human Speech?

Wow, i had heard about all this since i was a kid.  finally someone has figured out how it works,  sounds like a sonic alphabet at work.

All good and it explains why it was so wonderfully effective back in the day.

European explorers all commented on the system and were intimidated.


How Does the West African Talking Drum Accurately Mimic Human Speech?

A new study explores how the dùndún replicates tones and patterns of the Yorùbá languageThe Ifesowapo dùndún ensemble performing in Igbo Ora, southwest Nigeria (Cecilia Durojaye)

JULY 27, 2021 2:44PM


West African “talking drums” known as dùndún can accurately replicate speech with a remarkable level of detail, new research finds.

The study, published in the journal Frontiers in Communication, compares 30 verbal recordings—both spoken and sung—in the Yorùbá language with excerpts of drumming performed by professional dùndún drummers in Nigeria. Researchers found parallel patterns of intensity and timing between the language and the drums, reports Amalyah Hart for Cosmos magazine.

An hourglass-shaped, double-membrane instrument, the dùndún can be used for making music or “talking.” Per Encyclopedia Britannica, players typically use one hand to adjust the leather tensioning thongs between the two membranes, thereby raising or lowering the drum’s pitch, and the other to strike the instrument’s surface with a curved stick.

The new research found that the drums mimic the spoken word closely when they’re played in a “talking” mode, but not when they are used for purely musical purposes.

“The talking drum is unique in that it has a foot in both language and music camps, and because its existence reminds us of the thin boundary between speech and music,” says the paper’s lead author, Cecilia Durojaye, a musicologist affiliated with Arizona State University’s psychology department, in a statement.

Yorùbá is a tonal language that uses three distinct tones at different frequencies. Similarly, the drums have three main tones, using rising and falling pitch to reproduce speech sounds. This allows the instruments to imitate Yorùbá oral literature, including the emotions of spoken words.

“Bàtá drums, a very close relative of the dùndún, use drum strokes as a code that translate into Yorùbá language,” write the researchers in the study. “Dùndún drummers, however, draw elements from music and speech to communicate emotions on the drum.”

In a previous paper published in the same journal in May, Durojaye and her colleagues noted that Yorùbá drummers use the dùndún as a “speech surrogate” to communicate announcements, warnings, prayers, jokes, proverbs and poetry. According to Encyclopedia Britannica, skilled dùndún players use the instrument to offer up “ritual praise poetry to a deity or king.”

Durojaye’s doctoral thesis, completed at the University of Cape Town in 2019, won the African Studies Review’s 2020 annual prize for the best Africa-based doctoral dissertation. Her graduate work focused on the dùndún’s role in conveying emotion and information.

“[T]his speech surrogacy functions in the dissemination of Yorùbá oral history, recitation of various forms of Yorùbá poetry, saying proverbs and even informing a king about the arrival of guests,” Durojaye told Helen Swingler, a member of the university news team, earlier this year. “The drum texts can also be philosophical, humorous or they can be a form of advice, prayer or vilification.”

She added that when the drums are used as speech surrogates, they’re performed without accompanying songs or vocals. When played alongside vocal music or poetry, however, the instruments are performed in a purely rhythmic fashion.

In the statement, Durojaye says that studying non-Western cultures can help scientists understand how humans process music and speech.

“These kinds of multicultural findings are useful for considering deeper relationships and understanding of types of auditory communication and the evolution of language and music,” she says.

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The Real 'Resident Aliens' - Part XIV

The story in which a victim is taken over by a alien presence is disturbing and appears high
ly plausible.

Mostly we have real aliens disguised as humans or at least living in the cracks of our own presence.

Here we have additional reports.

Understand something.  all alien races per se have been here forever.  They have had millions of years to integrate with our native lifeforms. they all communicate with each other and set up various arrangement we know nothing about

feel better now.  Yet our mission is to Terra Form Terra and for that we need a minimum of 100,000,000,000  of us.  They are still the tourists.

The Real 'Resident Aliens' - Part XIV

Tuesday, July 27, 2021


The Real 'Resident Aliens' - Part XIV

By Raymond A. Keller, PhD, a.k.a. “Cosmic Ray,” the author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising Series, published by Headline Books and available on Amazon.com, while supplies last.

Was she plagued by an extraterrestrial or a demon from Hell? Illustration source: https://scatterscott.bandcamp.com/track/aliens-or-demons.

Italian School Teacher: “The Devil made me do it!”

Rosa Amuso, an elementary school teacher from Palmi, a city in the Calabria province of Italy, claimed that an extraterrestrial had burrowed into her head and was commanding her to do all sorts of things that she could not resist carrying out. In the 13 March 1984 edition of the tabloid Sun newspaper of American Media in Boca Raton, Florida, an article appeared highlighting Amuso’s travails with this pestering alien. Titled, “Space alien takes over girl’s brain,” the article says that in early 1984, the then 26-year-old teacher traveled to the island of Sicily and visited a Catholic priest specializing in exorcisms, Father Teodoro Tomaselli at the cathedral in Messina, a city not far from the Mount Etna volcano.

Previous to seeking out the priest, Amuso’s mother Erminia, age 50, had taken her to several psychiatric doctors in Palmi and the surrounding area. While some of Rosa Amuso’s neighbors thought that she was insane, the medical experts felt differently, speculating that she was only temporarily traumatized due to suffering through some jarring incident in her life that she wasn’t ready to discuss with them, as yet. The priest, however, felt differently. After meeting with Rosa Amuso, Father Tomaselli decided that she was possessed and had to have an evil spirit exorcised out of her body.

Rosa believed that her mental torment was due to incurring a split personality. “I wanted to be exorcised,” she explained to a reporter from the Sun. Rosa Amuso was aware that she was doing all of the deviant sexual acts that the creature who lived inside her was telling her to do; but she did not have the will power to resist. Her mother said that this was because, “Rosa is a nymphomaniac. She chases men around, undresses on the street and copulates in public.”

Sadly, Rosa affirmed that what her mother was saying about her was true. “The Devil won!” she cried, adding that, “I am his slave!”

According to Erminia, her daughter’s problems began back in 1977, when Rosa was on vacation in Sicily. “Suddenly she felt a pain in her head. She started vomiting and felt dizzy. We thought she’d had a heart attack or a cerebral hemorrhage. But a few days later, Rosa knew what had happened. She heard this voice in her head. It said, ‘Well, here I am; and I am taking you over.’ It was a creature from outer space, from another planet, that had burrowed into her head and lived in her stomach. I believe it is really the Devil who is living in her in the guise of an extraterrestrial; but Rosa says it is really an alien.”

Erminia noted that the creature living inside her daughter had done some things that left no doubt in her mind that he is really the Devil. “Once the voice told her to go to a cemetery to find a young man who had been killed by his fiancée. The voice wanted her to see the grave because it belonged to the one had possessed before her. The voice told her all kinds of details, names, ages, things my daughter could never have known. When she got to the grave, she found out all the facts were correct.”

The mother and daughter seemed to have exhausted every avenue of approach with regard to this dire situation. While the first exorcism failed to work, Erminia stated her belief that, “Maybe we should try a better exorcist. Maybe Father Tomaselli did something wrong. I think, at this point, that exorcism I our only hope.”

Graphic from Cold War Era. Source: Library of Congress.

Office “Space Cadet” May Be an Undercover Alien

Maybe there’s a weird gal or guy at the office who occasionally gets on your nerves. Now UFO experts are saying that such individuals may be spies from outer space. Back in early 1990, Brad Steiger (19 February 1936 – 6 May 2018), the famous paranormal researcher and author of over 100 books on such phenomena as ghosts, bigfoot sightings, ESP, UFOs, etc., told a reporter from the Globe tabloid newspaper of Boca Raton, Florida, in an interview that took place at Steiger’s residence in Phoenix, Arizona, and as published in its 27 February 1990 edition that, “Space aliens work everywhere, from small businesses to large corporations. By working in ordinary trades and professions, the aliens gain invaluable insight into our society. To identify a co-worker space alien, you must look for behavior patterns and personal habits.”

The ufologist Steiger provided a list of ten ways in which a space alien, operating in disguise, can be identified:

1. Aliens do not understand our style of dress and may wear shorts on a cold day or a plaid shirt with a striped blouse.

2. Aliens display bizarre eating habits, such as putting cream in soda or ketchup on toast.

3. Aliens call in sick frequently or are often late. Aliens find it difficult to adhere to a strict work schedule.

4. Aliens do not understand Earth humor and may tell jokes that no one understands.

5. Aliens display intense curiosity.

6. If a co-worker is constantly taking notes, he or she may be a keeping a record for his or her alien masters.

7. An alien never talks about its personal life.

8. An alien may use a screwdriver to open a letter or try to make soup in a coffee pot.

9. An alien has difficulty in getting ideas across.

10. An alien becomes elated or depressed around machinery.

Putting the Spotlight on Alien Neighbors

Art Bell: “If you are not paranoid by now, you haven’t been watching the news.” See https://blog.nbmpub.com/tag/paranoia/page/3/.

Arthur Brown has literally succeeded in “alienating” his neighbors in the city of Heritage, Pennsylvania, located in Mercer County some 60 miles north of Pittsburgh. In an article appearing in the 2 November 2015 issue of the National Examiner tabloid, published in New York City, New York, Brown, then age 78, informed that publication’s correspondent Malia McCarrick, that he has taken somewhat drastic steps to deter unfriendly extraterrestrials, who had moved into his neighborhood. First, he wrapped his home in tin-foil, to keep the aliens and those under their spell from psychically penetrating his domain and reading his mind. Second, he began shining intense spotlights onto all of his neighbors’ properties.

One of his neighbors, living directly across the street from the paranoid Brown, and interviewed by McCarrick, the then 72-year-old Nancy Raich, noted that, “Over the years, he (Brown) has become a real problem.” She then explained that, “He has a lot of issues fearing aliens. Little by little, we learned that he thought we were ‘they,’ and that we are the ones the aliens were contacting to get to him.” Raich had since become so frustrated with Brown that she put her home up for sale; but no one is interested in purchasing it since they, too, would probably have to start putting up with Arthur Brown’s shenanigans.

“Who wants to buy my house when this yahoo across the street decides he wants to shine lights on me?” rhetorically asked Raich, adding that, “I’ve had a lot of nice couples come and look at my house. You can’t get a second look until that’s cleaned up with the ‘alien lights guy.’”

Another perplexed neighbor, Donna Misinay, commented that, “He used to have an alarm that would go on and off and on and off and that was very annoying. He finally had to get rid of that. Now his new thing is to come out here and chase you with a spotlight.”

Early in 2015, a judge from Mercer County ordered Brown to take the lights down. If he failed to comply, the judge said that he would impose a $500-per-day fine. Unfortunately, the alien-fearing defiantly refused to obey; and as of November 2015, his fines have amassed to a total exceeding $20,000. Since Brown would not comply with the county judge’s order, the city of Hermitage sought an injunction to get the lights removed. The city manager Gary Hinkson insists that, “It’s a violation of the city’s zoning ordinance to have excess lighting that adversely affects neighboring properties.”


(Editor’s Note: Dr. Raymond Keller sincerely hopes that you have enjoyed reading his series on the Real “Resident Aliens” and will check out any of his five books in the Venus Rising series of international-awards winning books, available at amazon.com while supplies last. Should you have any questions or comments for the doctor, you can reach him at his e-mail: rkeller1@mix.wvu.edu. - Lon)


Physicists Have Developed a New Way to Levitate Objects Using Sound Only

this does not sound like much but it is a new and valuable tool.  One can see this expanding into a tool kit for working with essentially nano particles.

today we treat nano particles like a cement mixture.  good luck on fine tuning any of gthat.

so we are working slowly down this valuable pathway  We have actually made real strides during this past two decades before which really fine work was almost non existent.

Physicists Have Developed a New Way to Levitate Objects Using Sound Only

26 JULY 2021


A newly developed method of levitating and manipulating tiny objects using sound waves could represent a major step forward for the technology.

Engineers in Japan have figured out how to pick up objects from reflective surfaces using acoustic levitation. Although they can't yet do so reliably, the advance could help unlock the full potential of the manipulation of physical objects using nothing but sound.

Biomedical engineering, nanotechnology and the development of pharmaceuticals are some of the fields in which manipulating objects without touching them is potentially really useful. We can already do this with a technology called optical tweezers, which use lasers to generate sufficient radiation pressure to levitate and move extremely small particles.

Acoustic tweezers - where pressure generated with sound waves can be used to move particles - have the potential to be an even more powerful tool. They could be used to manipulate a wider range of materials, and at larger sizes - up to the millimeter scale.

However, despite being first discovered in the 1980s, there are significant limitations hindering acoustic tweezers from broad practical application. To start off, you need a reliable 'trap' made up of sound waves.

Hemispherical arrays of acoustic transducers can be used to create the sound trap, but controlling them in real-time is tricky, since you need to create just the right sound field to lift an object and move it far from the transducers.

It gets even trickier if there is a surface that reflects sound, since this can complicate the sound field.

Engineers Shota Kondo and Kan Okubo of Tokyo Metropolitan University in Japan have figured out how to build a hemispherical acoustic array that can lift a 3-millimeter polystyrene ball from a reflective surface.

"We propose a multi-channel hemispherical ultrasonic transducer array for non-contact pick-up on a rigid stage with reflection," they wrote in their paper.

"The phase and amplitude of each channel are optimized using the sound reproduction method. This creates an acoustic trap at only the desired position, and pick up can thus be realized on the rigid stage. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first study to demonstrate non-contact pickup using this approach."

Their technique relies on splitting the transducer array into blocks, which is more manageable than trying to control the transducers individually. Then, they used an inverse filter to reproduce sounds based on the acoustic waveform. This helps optimize the phase and amplitude of each transducer channel to produce the desired acoustic field.

Three-dimensional simulations showed how and where the field was being generated using these techniques.

This field can then be moved around, which - of course - also moves around the particle trapped therein. Using this array, the researchers were able to pick up their styrofoam from a mirrored surface, but unreliably - sometimes the ball scattered away from the acoustic pressure, rather than becoming trapped.

Nevertheless, the work represents a step forward, since contactless pickup from a reflective surface had never been done before. Doing so - even unreliably - shows us how to move forward.

"In future studies," the researchers wrote, "the robustness of the proposed method will be improved for practical use of non-contact pick-up."

Archaeologists Discover 2,550-Year-Old Carving of the Last King of Babylon

Rather interesting but hardly a likeness.  You understand that we have little of written history outside of recovered written material from the Greek world and the Levant and Egypt that is all from 500 BC through 500 AD when western Civilization as we know it began its rise in Europe.

We also have material from China covering the same time spans.

What we have is scant archeological evidence for the preceding three thousand years or so and what we have from Sumerian cuniform.

what we have are names and little else.  Yet the general background for civilization was Big Man city states or antique polities.  the truth is that this was global until the past two centuries.  Big Men are still out there attempting to assert rule..


Archaeologists Discover 2,550-Year-Old Carving of the Last King of Babylon

Found in northern Saudi Arabia, the inscription depicts sixth-century B.C.E. ruler Nabonidus holding a scepterThe four symbols seen in front of the king—a crescent moon, the sun, a snake and a flower—may hold religious significance. (Saudi Press Agency)

JULY 27, 2021 6:30AM



Researchers in Saudi Arabia have discovered a sixth-century B.C.E. rock carving of the last Babylonian king, Nabonidus.

As Arab News reports, archaeologists from the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage spotted the 2,550-year-old inscription engraved on a basalt stone in the Al-Hadeed Governorate, in the country’s northern Hail region.

Per a statement, the carving contains 26 lines of cuneiform writing, making it the longest cuneiform inscription discovered in Saudi Arabia to date. The find could shed light on the history of the Arabian Peninsula and its ancient residents’ ties to neighboring Mesopotamia.

The etching shows the Babylonian king standing with a scepter in his hand. Four symbols—a crescent moon, the sun, a snake and a flower—hover in front of him.

Scholars suspect that these images hold religious significance but are still comparing the carving with similar ones to determine its meaning, notes Arab News. According to the History Blog, the markings may be linked to deities in the Mesopotamian pantheon, representing the star of Ishtar, the winged disc of the sun god Shamash and the crescent of the moon deity Sin.

Experts found the inscription in the town of Al Hait. Known as Fadak in ancient times, Al Hait is home to the ruins of fortresses, rock art and water installations, writes Owen Jarus for Live Science.

The site holds “great … significance,” boasting an early history that spans the first millennium B.C.E. through the beginning of the Islamic era, notes the commission on Twitter. Researchers in the area have previously discovered inscriptions and obelisks mentioning Nabonidus, who ruled Babylonia from 556 to 539 B.C.E., when the kingdom fell to Cyrus of Persia, reports Arab News.

At its height, the Babylonian Empire stretched from the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean Sea. When Nabonidus began his reign, he conquered portions of what is now Saudi Arabia. Four years after assuming power, the king named his son Belshazzar coregent and went into exile in Tayma, a city some 160 miles north of Al Hait. He remained there until around 543 B.C.E., per Live Science.

Historians are unsure why Nabonidus left Babylon, but as Arkeonews points out, his “self-imposed exile from political and religious authority” may have been the result of a coup.

Disputes between the clergy and Babylon’s elite could also have led to the king’s departure. According to the History Blog, Nabonidus attempted to change his people’s religious hierarchy by declaring the moon god superior to all other deities—a move that may have aggravated the nobility.

New Way of Healing: Concealed Technologies

This tells us much more of just how Med beds will work.  The good news is that they naturally eliminate the effects of the Vaccine but not most have been convinced they have a death sentence.

This tech should allow us to restore the dead as well.  That will depend on the individual spirit though.  Yet been able to reatomize an organ is no different from full ressurection.

so far this is crazy talk except it conforms to all we know about the other side and the WAR.  If we lose that WAR we all LOSE.

New Way of Healing: Concealed Technologies

New way of Healing

Source: Final Wakeup Call | By Peter B. Meyer

Within a year’s time most hospital procedures are obsolete
Concealed Technologies; Med Bed, Quantum, Anti-Gravity, Replicators
Perpetual Fountain of Youth
Moving to new channel

Healing through Frequency Therapy

Anyone who is not on the specific Earth-frequency for awakening and healing, meaning open to incoming ascension energies; the inward waves of harmonic resonances leading to unity consciousness, will either have to transform or fail. This consist of your body and soul, and is not fantasy, it is measurable, real science and fact, called Schumann resonances that are global electromagnetic resonances, generated and incited by energies in our universe and noticeable during lightning.

The older we get; the more errors occur in the coding of DNA. As a result, the overall condition of our bodies decreases over time. We grow old, we get wrinkles, we get sick and eventually die.

A method to treat physical complaints by means of radio frequencies, is aided by highly advanced and avant-garde equipment, to treat physical complaints or to prevent, reduce and heal. Intentionally, hidden from the public eye, as it is not benefitting Big Pharma.

We hear sound because our ears distinguish different frequencies and resonances , which are interpreted as sound by the brain. Light is received by our eyes and translated by the brain into images. Both sound and light have frequencies. Radio frequencies are used in this treatment. The equipment transmits specific frequencies to the body. These are particularised for each individual. People can distinguish different musical instruments and individual tones in the complexity of frequency signals of music, so can our body individually distinguish radio frequencies from a complex signal.

Some do feel this as vibrations, others cannot. Every matter has its own frequency; just tap the table or the window and you will hear the difference in sound, which is each own frequency. In the same way, atoms and molecules and cells have their own frequency. If those frequencies correspond to the frequency of cells or molecules in the body, a resonance is generated. This is called bio-resonance. Living matter reacts to any frequency that matches and consequently can be received.

Cells can be affected by bacteria, fungi, viruses, cosmic radiation, X-rays, ultraviolet light and toxic substances. These changes in the DNA code, which is copied to the next generation, occur through cell divisions, ionising radiation, some viruses and recently through mRNA Covid vaccination. These changes in codes are passed on to the next cell generation.

At each cell division, errors occur in copying DNA, and even after repair by the cell’s own DNA repair mechanism, some of the errors remain. As a result, of DNA changes over time cells can no longer perform their original function.

This, among other things, is called auto-immune reaction that increases, together with an ever-worsening presence of pathogenic micro-organisms. A protective mechanism against further mutation is existent, causing the irreparably damaged cells to be put into a silent mode, called senescence, aging of organism, a sort of hibernation, stopping further cell divisions.

These senescent cells increase in number during aging and in themselves have a degenerative influence on their immediate environment. All in all, both the quality and quantity of functional cells decrease. – New research is underway enabling the removal senescent cells to be replaced by functional cells.

Frequency therapy applies a multitude of different frequencies simultaneously. It is a homeopathic harmless treatment, comparable to rewriting a hard disc in a computer, but in this case the rewriting of the immune system and DNA structure who are reprogrammed completely eliminating autoimmune diseases that among other roots are caused by mRNA injection. More information regarding treatment is available via email.

Within a year’s time most hospital procedures are obsolete

President Donald Trump said on June 14, 2020 to the nation, “within a year’s time or so almost all hospital procedures will be obsolete.” Every city will have many medical beds and Tesla chambers capable of healing and repairing DNA along with curing all ailments. Like; Age regression, up to 30 years. No more Cancer, Autism, Alzheimer, Fibromyalgia (fi·bro·my·al·gi·a) a condition that causes joint pain all over the body, sleep problems, fatigue, and often emotional and mental distress, and many other deficiencies.

Proof is in the signed executive orders. Med beds have the ability to regrow organs that are missing, such as a gall bladder, kidney or lymph nodes etc. Through the use of light spectrums and frequencies.

The Holographic Medical Pods or Med Beds are automated Stations where a medical expert Healer selects the type of procedure to be done from the computer database, the patient lies down in the Pod or Bed and the Machine performs the medical operation or procedure. Finally, lasers close the points of entry from where the procedure commenced. The Med Beds diagnose, treat and perform a wide range of surgical procedures with ultra fine-laser incisions that are guided by 3D anatomical scanning. The 3D scanning has refractory lenses that take live scans of the body in order to perform various medical procedures.

The technology of the Holographic Medical Pods is not from planet Earth. It is not a humanoid created technology. It is a technology that has been given to humanity by off-world extraterrestrials. A Med Bed is based on tachyon particle energy those are hypothetical faster-than-light particles and plasma energy. Plasma energy comes of the universe, balancing planets to keep them in their position, in order they do not collide with each other. In other words; the solar system is in balance with itself and with all the planets.

The soil, atmosphere, water, everything is plasma energy, actually, everything in the universe is plasma energy, it’s just in a different form amid dissimilar vibrational frequencies.

The Med Beds have controllable Artificial Intelligence (AI) so it cannot get out of control and run wild, actually a computer. It operates like a magnetic resonance imaging – MRI, that makes a magnetic oscillation and resonance scan of your body to diagnose disease.

Med Bed scans skin, muscle tissue, all organs and everything else in the body. It shows everything – all the way down to the micron level of the blood. It actually identifies your DNA and it does a complete internal analysis of the body. Doing so, it picks up any disease and any genetic imperfection. For example, stage 4 leukaemia on a Med Bed is cured in about 2.5 minutes, without any side effect.

If an organ has been removed; Med Bed’s re-atomisation process regenerates that organ as if it had been never removed. Due to the body’s original resonance, its vibrational frequency. The body always remembers when an organ has been removed or stopped functioning. Med Bed’s artificial intelligence links into the body’s vibrational frequency and DNA to regenerate the organ. It is simple like that.

Concealed Technologies Med Bed, Quantum, Anti-Gravity Propulsion, Replicators

Again, Med Bed technology has been “suppressed” and “concealed” from the public for a long, long time. This technology is not available for purchase or services to the general public, until after the Deep State Cabal is rendered powerless.

Fortunately, because of the recent planetary shift from 3D to 5D, and increasing demand for transparency by the human collective consciousness; courageous people are coming forward to disclose what has been hidden for decades, even centuries, and most likely for thousands of years.

The global transition for decades, and has information about many topics the general public is not aware of, including but not limited to, off-world ET technology gifts to humanity like the Quantum Financial Monetary System, Anti-Gravity Propulsion, Replicators and Med Beds.

It’s not difficult to imagine that there are suppressed technologies today that are being purposely hidden from the common masses for the benefit of those who are at the top of the society; those who are “in charged” of the system to maintain their control on everything – natural resources, institutions, the military, political, and even the psychological aspect of every individual. What is difficult to accept, however, is the claims that these advance technologies are not from earth but was given or left by extra-terrestrial beings existing from other planets.

There exist three types of Med Beds: Holographic; Regenerative which regenerates tissue and body parts, and finally Re-Atomisation Med Bed that in about two- to three minutes regenerate the whole human body, head to toe.

Perpetual Fountain of Youth

What does this advanced technology mean for an 80-year old person? He/she could be 30-years old again in less than three minutes. Fifty years pealed off his/her life. Now, she can have children again. They could have a whole new family if they want. It looks like, Med Bed technology is a perpetual fountain of youth.

Med Bed technology looks at the body and corrects imperfections. This technology has been around for quite some time. It has been kept hidden from the human race for a very long time. Some people may think this healing technology is science fiction. Too good to be true. It is even not too complicated to manufacture those Med Beds in quantities and distribute them everywhere it is desired. Jered Rand says;

“When you are in a Med Bed, you don’t go through any pain, you don’t go through radiations. It’s not like some evil event. You go into a deep sleep. There’s no injection, no needles or anything. You wake up and look in the mirror and your creepy skin is gone. Your white hair is the colour it was when you were in your twenties (20s). It’s the same for your eyesight, your hearing, your taste, your smell. Everything is restored to a perfected younger state again,”

This is the new age for the new Earth and new human race. It’s totally the opposite of what we’ve lived. These technologies are already here. It’s a matter of getting them safely to the people that can use them.” At last, since year 2020 Med Beds technology is not available to the general public.

Replicators recycle old things back into plasma energy. There’s no waste, no trash, no garbage, nothing to pollute the environment or to destroy the eco-system. Soil is plasma energy. Plants are plasma energy. Take a replicator to a poor village and those people can have everything they ever dreamed of in a matter of minutes. Replicators will eliminate the need for massive amounts of land to feed the population. Anything you want, you can have it.

3D printers are the forerunners of replicators. Accelerate that a hundred times and you have a Med Bed replicator. Everything in creation and is composed of plasma energy. Replicators are off-world technology, given to us by the Galactics, who are sharing this technology with the human race. This technology is coming! It’s going to be available everywhere. You will be able to have a phenomenal future.

There is a list of genetic diseases and disorders so long it’s unbelievable! Once you understand how DNA, RNA, mRNA, and proteins work, you soon understand that all diseases are genetic mutations. Those mutations, or variants are all caused by something that changed the information of the RNA, which the mRNA gave to the protein to tell the cell what it would become.

Think about; Vaccines cause genetic diseases; since the 50’s these are the causativeness of all variants/mutations which cause a genetic disorder. In other words, the medical establishment causes every disease on earth, while curing none of them! They have destroyed the quality of life for billions of people over the years.

Saturday, July 31, 2021

Plumes of Smoke From Fires in the North American West Stretch Across the Continent

This sort of happens every year and we all are subject to wind directions.  This year the western fires are been b lown fully into hte States.

This is all a problem if you suffer from asthma.

I get to be lucky this year as hte winds have stopped it all East of us.  Last couple of years we were  not so lucky and got our share of smoke.

Plumes of Smoke From Fires in the North American West Stretch Across the Continent

Particle pollution is affecting air quality in cities thousands of miles awayThe billowing smoke resulted from nearly 300 wildfires currently ravaging British Columbia, Canada’s westernmost providence, and 80 fires blazing through states in the Western United States. (Joshua Stevens/NASA Earth Observatory)

JULY 27, 2021 6:30AM


As regions across the western United States and parts of Canada face an intense early wildfire season, its effects are being witnessed on the opposite side of the country as far east as the Atlantic Ocean.

Skylines from Boston to North Carolina faded behind an eerie haze, and air quality alerts urged residents thousands of miles away from the wildfires to stay inside as winds blew the smoke eastward, reports Sarah Gibbens for National Geographic.

“What they’re experiencing on the East Coast from our West Coast fires shows it’s a nationwide and a global problem,” says Mary Prunicki, Stanford University’s director of air pollution and health research, to National Geographic.

The billowing smoke resulted from nearly 300 active wildfires currently ravaging British Columbia, Canada’s westernmost providence, and 80 fires blazing through the American west. The largest fire is Oregon’s Bootleg Fire, which had already charred 400,000 acres, or roughly an area nine times the size of Washington D.C, per National Geographic.

Ignited by a lightning strike on July 6, the Bootleg Fire was so large it created its own weather, prompting even more lightning and releasing vast amounts of smoke, reports Nadja Popovich and Josh Katz for the New York Times. The fire threatened a total of 5,000 homes, and 2,000 households had to evacuate, reports Gillian Flaccus and Sara Cline for the Associated Press.

Satellite images released on July 23 by NASA’s Earth Observatory revealed the extensity of the smoke’s reach from the various wildfires. The images from July 20 and 21 displayed a band of smoke traveling eastward and particulate matter concentrations, or soot, masking North America, reports Harry Baker for Live Science.

Particulate matter (PM), or particle pollution, are a mix of liquid droplets and particles of dust, dirt, soot, or smoke that can be seen with the naked eye. Particulates are directly released into the air from smokestacks, fires, construction sites, and unpaved roads. Some of the particles can be so tiny that they can be inhaled. PM less than ten micrometers in diameter can only be seen using a microscope. These tiny particles can reach deep into the lungs, pass into the bloodstream, and cause severe respiratory illness and distress, National Geographic reports.

PM less than 2.5 micrometers in diameter (PM2.5) poses the greatest health risk. Breathing excessive amounts of PM2.5 increases the risk of asthma attacks, strokes, and heart attacks, National Geographic.

Particulate matter levels are measured using the Air Quality Index (AQI), with a scale ranging from 0 to 500. Any values above 100 are considered unhealthy. In New York City, AQI levels reached above 170, a level unsafe for sensitive populations with existing respiratory conditions and healthy people, reports Live Science. Air quality in cities from Toronto, New York, and Philadelphia also reached unhealthy PM levels, the New York Times reports.

“We fully expect that you’re going to see more situations where smoke, from fires occurring farther away, is going to travel long distances and affect people in other parts of the country,” Jesse Berman, a University of Minnesota air quality expert, tells the Associated Press. “I would not be surprised at all if these events did become more frequent in the future.”

Chronic pain found to alter brain chemistry and emotion regulation

We sort of know that pain stress affects our moods and all that.  It is not just painful and benign otherwise.  It would really help to understand the pathway because this side effect is not overly useful if useful at all.

We may even lock onto the source of depression while we are at it.

Again we do know that CBd and even THC helps change all that to some degree.

It would be nice to know also if the side effects are continous or do they dissapate somewhat.

Chronic pain found to alter brain chemistry and emotion regulation

July 27, 2021

New research has found chronic pain sufferers have low levels of key neurotransmitters in brain regions that regulate emotional behaviors


New research led by a team of Australian scientists has found chronic pain is associated with lower levels of key neurotransmitters in the brain. The researchers believe this chemical disruption plays a role in the difficulties people with chronic pain have in regulating negative emotions.

Anxiety and depression are commonly seen in people suffering chronic pain. It is unsurprising those experiencing persistent long-lasting pain can be quick to temper. Pain is exhausting, and chronic pain can wear a person down.

This new research indicates the emotional dysregulation that often goes hand in hand with chronic pain may be rooted in neurochemical changes actually brought on by the pain itself.

“Chronic pain is more than an awful sensation,” explains Sylvia Gustin, senior author on the new study “It can affect our feelings, beliefs and the way we are. We have discovered, for the first time, that ongoing pain is associated with a decrease in GABA, an inhibitive neurotransmitter in the medial prefrontal cortex. In other words, there's an actual pathological change going on.”

The researchers recruited 24 subjects with chronic pain, and 24 matched healthy controls with no history of chronic pain. GABA levels in the medial prefrontal cortex were measured and those subjects with chronic pain were found to have significantly lower levels of the vital neurotransmitter compared to the controls. Interestingly, GABA levels were consistently low across the chronic pain cohort regardless of the type of chronic pain they were suffering from.

“A decrease in GABA means that the brain cells can no longer communicate to each other properly,” says Gustin. “When there’s a decrease in this neurotransmitter, our actions, emotions and thoughts get amplified.”

A prior study from the same research team found low levels of another important neurotransmitter in the medial prefrontal cortex of chronic pain sufferers. That research directly linked low glutamate levels in that brain region with increased feelings of fear and worry.

The researchers are clear to note the findings do not offer evidence of a causal link between chronic pain and these neurotransmitter imbalances. However, Gustin does hypothesize a plausible mechanism by which pain could cause these brain changes.

“Everything starts with stress,” says Gustin. “When someone is in pain, it increases stress hormones like cortisol, which can trigger massive increases in glutamate. This happens during the initial, acute stage of pain.”

It is possible that immune cells in certain parts of the brain then attempt to try and regulate these neurotransmitter abnormalities. But by doing so, in the context of chronic pain, this leads to long-term downregulation of key neurotransmitters needed to manage emotional behaviors.

“As a result of this disruption,” says Gustin, “a person’s ability to feel positive emotions, such as happiness, motivation and confidence may be taken away – and they can’t easily be restored.”

What all this means is that there could potentially be a treatment in the future that can specifically target GABA and glutamate levels in the medial prefrontal cortex to help improve mental health in chronic pain sufferers. While there are already drugs designed to influence GABA and glutamate levels they only work broadly across one’s entire central nervous system.

Gustin says for a drug to be effective in helping chronic pain sufferers and causing little side effects it would have to be very targeted on the medial prefrontal cortex. In the meantime, the researchers suggest therapy programs helping chronic pain sufferers learn ways to better regulate negative emotions can be effective. We may not be able to pharmacologically solve this problem yet, but the brain is plastic enough to learn novel techniques that can help mitigate this chemical imbalance.

“It's important to remember it’s not you – there’s actually something physically happening to your brain,” concludes Gustin. “We don't know why it happens yet, but we are working on finding solutions on how to change it.”