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Cow-Sized 'Hyena' Cryptid Observed Near Shippensburg, Pennsylvania

It is not a hyena.  It is not a cow either.  Once again this is likely a giant sloth.  The fossil record does show us that some where in fact this large.  Its behavior conforms as well.

Fortunately for us we are now getting reports from people reporting twhat they thought they saw which is excellent.  It stops misleading us from trying to fit the story into something known.


Cow-Sized 'Hyena' Cryptid Observed Near Shippensburg, Pennsylvania

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

A south central Pennsylvania waste hauler recently observed an unknown cow-sized hyena-like cryptid at approximately 3 am during his route near Shippensburg, Pennsylvania.

The following account was recently sent to me:

"Around 3 am on July 14, 2020 I had my first close cryptid sighting. I'm writing to you and the community to see if anyone else has seen or heard anything the likes of what I saw today. Now I'm a Waste hauler (trashman). I start my days very early everyday. So the majority of my work day takes place in the wee hours of the day.

I live in south central Pennsylvania and have resided there nearly my whole life. My place if employment is in the College town of Shippensburg. My job sits on outlying area of Shippensburg. A lot of these areas are surrounded by vast farmlands and open fields. Well, this morning while traveling to the start of my route I turned down one of the MANY roads surrounded by fields. It was a half crescent moon so there was plenty of light to see in the darkness. As I rounded my turn I saw what looked like a cow lying in an open field. But this field had no fences or wire to keep livestock in. And it was only one. I found this very odd as I'm looking at the broad shoulders of what I thought was a cow. So I broke out my high power mag light to brighten up what I was looking at. When my beam hit this animal, it rose up from the ground in a slow lumbering and purposeful action. As it came up on all 4's the creature stood about 5 to 6 feet tall at it shoulder blades. I'm my truck I'm elevated and I sit about that high from the ground. The creature was about 30 feet from me and I know if I stood toe to toe with it, its head would be taller than I, and I'm 6 foot.

Now at this moment the back of this creature is still facing me. It then turned its head into my light and the lens flare off its eyes were a yellow green color. And eyes facing FORWARD. This was a predatory creature. Not a damn cow! At that moment heat and cold wash over my body and I feel real genuine life threatening fear take over. I don't move. Sitting the middle of the road knowing I'm low on the pecking order of the food chain at this moment. It continues to measure me for what felt forever and it suddenly turned its head, and tore off faster than I could know. My pathetic guess is about 30 to 40 mph as it darted away. And after all this, the only thing I could think was that it was some for of giant hyena. The most terrifying real life creature I've ever witnessed and it was gone so fast.

Its been on my mind all day and I had to share this experience. I always listened to your show or others and hear about people and their sightings, feeling a way, wishing for my experience. And as of this morning, I really wish I didn't get my turn. Not like that, not feeling so vulnerable. Like it was staring at its next meal. I hope there are others that may have seen or heard of what I saw, that light can be shed on the topic. Especially for my area. I work in that darkness all the time. Now I'm looking over my shoulder." VR

NOTE: we are in the process of interviewing the witness and plan to send investigators to the area. Lon

America Really Does Have a Space Force. We Went Inside to See What It Does

The tactical advantage is real and is been used by the USA.  Missing in this converstion is our use of gravity ships that do not exist of course.  Thse ships cvan metrely go around and collect adversary satelites and deliver the mall back to the senders while easily blocking opponents launching.

That is why i do not get too exercised here.

The Spaceforce has existed in fact since around 1980.  They have progressively become better.  The reast have not obviously started yet...

America Really Does Have a Space Force. We Went Inside to See What It Does

Radomes, called “golf balls,” at Buckley Air Force Base in Colorado protect 60-ft. military satellite dishes. 

Spencer Lowell for TIME

JULY 23, 2020

American intelligence analysts have been watching a pair of Russian satellites, identified as Cosmos 2542 and 2543, for months. Or rather, they have been watching them since they were one satellite, deployed by a Soyuz rocket that took off from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome on Nov. 26, 2019. It was 11 days after that launch that the first satellite split in two, the second somehow “birthed” from the other, and no one in the U.S. military was happy about the new arrival. By mid-January, both Russian satellites had floated near a multibillion–dollar spacecraft known as KH-11, one of the U.S. military’s most powerful spy tools, part of a reconnaissance constellation code-named Keyhole/CRYSTAL. It wasn’t clear whether the Cosmos satellites were threatening or surveilling the KH-11, which is said to have the resolving power of the Hubble Space Telescope, but it turned out that was only the start of the twins’ surprises.

After the U.S. expressed concern to Moscow through diplomatic channels early this year, the pair pulled away from the KH-11 and whizzed around the Earth at more than 17,000 m.p.h. Then, on July 15, with the U.S. analysts still tracking them, the “birthed” Russian satellite, Cosmos 2543, fired a projectile into outer space, General John “Jay” Raymond, the top general of the newly created U.S. Space Force, told TIME. It was the first time the U.S. military has publicly alleged an instance of a space-based antisatellite weapons test, a troubling new development in the emerging theater of orbital warfare.

America Really Does Have a Space Force. We Went Inside to See What It Does

To Raymond and supporters of Space Force, which is the first new branch of the U.S. military in 72 years, Moscow’s “nesting doll” satellites, as the military has labeled the Cosmos triplets, represent a threat not just to one really expensive piece of American spy hardware but to the basic functioning of modern America itself. “Russia is developing on-orbit capabilities that seek to exploit our reliance on space-based systems,” Raymond says.

Whatever the Russian crafts’ mission—and Moscow says it is purely peaceful—Raymond’s not wrong that Americans have come to rely on satellites in ways they hardly begin to appreciate. Even as the Cosmos 2543 was launching its projectile, Air Force satellites were performing a host of civilian tasks back home in the U.S. Streetlamps timed to global positioning system (GPS) spacecraft were turning on across the country, and businesses were relying on GPS to time-stamp credit-card purchases. Weather satellites were transmitting information for nightly forecasts. Many of the around 650,000 calls made to 911 every day in the U.S. depend on satellites overhead.

But for all the ways that civilians and the military rely on it, America’s network of roughly 1,000 satellites is virtually unprotected. And just as lightly defended access to deep-water ports or natural resources was a source of war in the past, leaders and strategists worry that America’s vulnerable satellite network is an invitation to conflict in our times. Raymond tells TIME that Russia executed a previous, unreported projectile launch in February 2017. China has started training specialized units with weapons that can blast apart objects in orbit. Both countries have deployed ground-based laser and communications–jamming equipment that can disable satellites.

In short, an arms race for space has begun. This is the story of America’s effort to keep ahead.

Spencer Lowell for TIME

The mission of protecting America’s vulnerable orbital networks falls to U.S. Space Command and Space Force, which since December has the same status as the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines. The Pentagon has decades of experience building and deploying satellites, the military operates many of the most important ones, and it has arguably the best strategic planning skills of any organization on the planet. It also already employs 20,000 people whose jobs are to oversee and manage America’s space-based GPS, communications, weather and ballistic-missile-warning systems.

But less than eight months after its launch, Space Force is already trying to justify its existence. Some critics say diplomacy and a new international treaty, not increased military muscle, is the best way to secure space. Others point out that the Pentagon famously overstated the danger of Russian and Chinese weapons systems in the Cold War. And few institutions have the history of waste, fraud and abuse that the Pentagon does: watchdogs note that the Space Force budget for 2021 is $15.4 billion, with a projected increase of $2.6 billion over the next five years, most of it driven by classified programs.

Although the cost represents just a fraction of the Pentagon’s $740 billion total budget, convincing Americans that a new service can be trusted to protect our satellites and not just grow a vast new expensive wing on the military–industrial complex will take some doing. It doesn’t help that things have gotten off to a somewhat comedic start: the popular culture has dubbed the new command “Space Farce,” thanks in part to its biggest advocate, President Donald Trump. He’s made it a part of his re-election pitch, and his campaign sells Space Force merch. Trump even personally signed off on the Space Force official seal and made recommendations for styling its uniforms, four U.S. officials tell TIME. When word of Trump’s superficial interest in the complex, high-stakes military undertaking got out, it fueled endless memes and late-night comedy routines. In May, Netflix released a Steve Carell satirical series based on the service’s launch, including uniforms designed to provide camouflage on the moon.

General John “Jay” Raymond, Space Force’s first commanding general, says space-based systems form the backbone of modern life. 

Spencer Lowell for TIME

For more than nine months, TIME conducted a series of interviews with Raymond and other Space Command leaders, analysts and operations experts in Washington, D.C., and Colorado, documenting the birth of this new branch of the U.S. military. The picture that emerges is mixed. Space Force comprises dedicated professionals attempting to mitigate real threats. But it has work to do convincing Americans it is undertaking an operation critical to their safety and way of life, and not just an overpriced, militarized vanity project.

The American troops had just minutes to get to safety, and they didn’t even know it yet. At around 1 a.m. local time on Jan. 8, more than a dozen Qiam-1 and Fateh-313 ballistic missiles tore from their launch sites at three bases in western Iran. Within seconds, infrared sensors on U.S. satellites orbiting 22,000 miles overhead registered the missiles’ heat signatures against Earth’s background and beamed the data back to the 460th Operations Group at Buckley Air Force Base in Aurora, Colo. Three immense screens on the Buckley operations floor registered the missiles’ details in real time as row upon row of intelligence analysts, bathed in the bluish glow of computer monitors, triangulated their launch points and trajectories.

With the clock ticking, word went out over another set of U.S. military communications satellites to two Iraqi bases, Al Asad and Erbil, where hundreds of Americans were stationed. The first missiles hit at 1:34 a.m., their 1,400-lb. warheads turning buildings, aircraft and living quarters into smoldering rubble. Concussions from the blasts injured 109 American troops, but most had managed to shelter in underground bunkers and trenches. No one died.

The 460th Operations Group controls a space-based warning system that can detect a rocket or missile launch within seconds. 

Spencer Lowell for TIME

The foiled Iranian attack was a validation of the 50-year U.S. strategy of placing satellites into space to provide tactical advantage in conflict. But in recent decades, the contest has changed: it is about more than missiles, there are more players, and everyone is building constellations of more advanced spacecraft. Since October 2014, a Russian satellite called Luch has “visited” 15 different communications satellites, including a French and Italian military one, according to Bob Hall, a former Lockheed Martin satellite operator who now works as technical director at Analytical Graphics Inc. (AGI), of Exton, Pa. That incident prompted French Defense Minister Florence Parly to announce last year that France will develop “bodyguard” satellites armed with laser weapons. “If our satellites are threatened, we intend to blind those of our adversaries,” she said. The Chinese have also entered the game, deploying in 2016 the Shiyan-17 (SY-17) satellite to execute a “rendezvous” with at least four other satellites—all of them Chinese, AGI found. “They perform this orbital dance where they fly around a satellite very closely,” Hall says.

Both China and Russia reorganized their militaries in 2015, emphasizing the importance of space operations, according to a Defense Intelligence Agency assessment published last year. “They view space as important to modern warfare and view counterspace capabilities as a means to reduce U.S. and allied military effectiveness,” it said, adding that America’s dependence on space is perceived by adversaries as the “Achilles heel” of U.S. military power.

The U.S. government has responded with its own novel space technologies, many of which are top secret. One that is partly declassified is the X-37B space drone, which resembles a miniature space shuttle. The X-37B is in the midst of its sixth mission to test “capabilities necessary to maintain superiority in the space domain,” the military says. The most recent completed mission was a 780-day flight that ended in October.

Squadron emblem patches at 527th Space Aggressors Squadron at Schriever Air Force Base in Colorado Springs, Colorado. 

Spencer Lowell for TIME

The threats to space-based systems originate on Earth as well. On April 15, Russia tested an antisatellite missile, and in December the Russian military deployed a new laser system designed to blind spy satellites overhead. GPS users in northern Scandinavia since 2017 have reported signal disruptions whenever Russian military exercises are conducted in the region; the Norwegian government says the Russians are jamming the signals. China is developing jammers to target satellite communications over a range of frequency bands, including military–protected extremely high–frequency communications. And China demonstrated its own antisatellite–missile capability in 2007 when it blasted one of its old weather satellites apart, creating a cloud of more than 3,000 pieces of space debris—a tipping point that arguably started the space arms race unfolding today.

Behind two tiers of razor-wire-topped chain-link fencing inside Schriever Air Force Base, east of Colorado Springs, sits Building 400, one of the most restricted facilities in Space Command. On each floor, space-operations squadrons work in temperature–controlled rooms behind vaultlike doors to ensure that 190 Defense Department satellites, which they call birds, operate without a hitch. These days, when something goes wrong, the operators no longer assume they’re dealing with a technical glitch. “A problem you encounter may be because an adversary created it for you,” says Lieut. Colonel Michael Schriever, director of GPS operations, whose grandfather lent his name to the base. “Space is no longer a benign environment.”

This new mentality, which is referred to as orbital warfare, is a prime driver behind the creation of Space Force. Until recently, space was seen as a peaceful domain: satellites like GPS were thought to be too far away and too costly to target. Not anymore. The Navy has restarted astronomical–navigation training for its officers after concluding their recent reliance on GPS left them vulnerable to space-based attacks. The Army has granted contracts for miniaturized inertial navigation systems that can be strapped to soldiers’ boots to keep track of them if satellites go down. “Our space systems are vulnerable,” says Todd Harrison, director of the Aerospace Security Project at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. “That’s why it’s time for a separate uniformed service.”

460th Space Wing mission brief at Buckley Air Force Base in Aurora, Colorado. 

Spencer Lowell for TIME

Another reason for Space Force’s creation is that national satellites are currently controlled by multiple services and agencies, which can lead to excessive secrecy and the lack of information sharing known in the intelligence world as hypercompartmentalization. During the Obama Administration, it once took officials four months to assemble a briefing on U.S. space capabilities for then Vice President Joe Biden because information was scattered among so many top-secret classifications and few officials had access to all of them, recalls Robert Cardillo, former director of the U.S. National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency.

But reorganization presents its own challenges. Inside a lower ground-floor office at the Pentagon, behind an unmarked, key-card–accessed door off Corridor 8, is where military planners mapped the future of the military’s newest branch. Step in and look to the right, where the blueprints for the organization are tacked to the wall. At the top of the military hierarchy is General Raymond, currently one of only 88 official Space Force members. Below him is Chief Master Sergeant Roger Towberman, the first senior enlisted adviser, and then cascading tiers and rows of mostly empty rectangles signifying commanders, deputies and other positions.

Some of the work of standing up Space Force is superficial, like what to call its members. If you’re in the Army, you’re a soldier. The Navy? Sailor. Marine Corps? Marine. Air Force? Airman. But the Space Force? Are you … a spaceman? (The Pentagon sent out surveys to service members for their input.) But other aspects are more complicated. The backbone of what will be the Space Force is about 16,000 uniformed and civilian Air Force personnel. On July 16, the new service announced it had selected 2,410 airmen out of more than 8,500 active-duty volunteers to transfer beginning Sept. 1. All will need to transfer contracts, pay and benefits to the newly created bureaucracy of space.

The U.S. military’s operations in space are among the most highly technical and classified secrets in government possession. 

Spencer Lowell for TIME

If that sounds potentially expensive to you, you’re not alone. In a rare act of budget prudence, the Hill restricted Space Force from adding any new military positions—they must instead be transferred from other services. Nonetheless, the Congressional Budget Office estimated it would cost up to $3 billion in one-time expenses over the next five years to set up the force, plus an additional $1 billion or so to pay for new management and administrative positions. Government watchdogs have little doubt that a whole new bureaucracy will result in increased federal military funding. “The initial costs of setting up the Space Force are likely a small down payment on an undertaking that could cost tens of billions of dollars in the years to come,” says William Hartung of the Center for International Policy.

The prospect of Space Force has stimulated the enthusiasm of the aerospace industry, which relies on big-ticket defense contracts, and high-tech research institutions and think tanks, which depend on government funding to lend expertise. That in turn creates opportunities for traditional forms of Pentagon waste, fraud and abuse. The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO), Congress’s watchdog, has warned the creation of Space Force risks exacerbating fragmentation and ineffective management and complicating oversight when it comes to buying new satellite systems. That’s a big concern considering space projects are routinely billions of dollars over budget and years behind schedule, the GAO said. Deborah Lee James, Air Force Secretary under President Obama, concluded when she was at the Pentagon that Space Force made little sense. “Inherent in all reorganization is bureaucratic thrashing,” she says. “To me, this is just an extra thing out there that’s going to take away time and attention and money.” Convincing Americans otherwise is proving difficult.

It was an abnormally balmy day in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 15 when General Raymond arrived at the White House for a briefing with President Trump. The visit, which was described to TIME by four U.S. officials, was more than just business for Trump. Over the past two years, Space Force has become tied up with his political prospects. Mentions of Space Force are a routine applause line at political rallies. Supporters purchase Space Force hats, T-shirts and bumper stickers on his official 2020 campaign site, putting it on par with “Build the wall” and “Make America great again” as a rallying cry for his re-election push. Trump, a businessman who regularly flipped through fabric swatches for his multibillion–dollar construction projects, has made clear to Pentagon leadership that he wants to have a personal hand in decisions on everything from uniforms and logos to the service anthem and names of ranks.

Helical antenna used to scramble adversaries GPS signals in combat. 

Spencer Lowell for TIME

So, after being ushered into the Oval Office to sit in a semicircle before the Resolute desk, Raymond and other military leaders, including Defense Secretary Mark Esper, presented Trump with the first of what will be a long list of Space Force decisions: What will be the official seal? Four options, products of monthslong deliberations with advertising agencies and Air Force brass, were printed on foam-core posters and arrayed in front of the President. Trump studied each one before settling on one featuring a silver delta symbol circled by a white orbiting spacecraft surmounting a blue globe. To make it official, Trump pulled out a black Sharpie marker, drew an arrow pointed at the seal and scratched out his signature above it. Before the brass left, the President offered a suggestion: perhaps First Lady and former model Melania Trump should help design Space Force uniforms because of her impeccable fashion sense. The incident later served as the comedic tension at the heart of an episode of the eponymous and fictional Netflix series.

Nine days after that meeting, without warning the Pentagon, Trump took to Twitter to post his decision on the new seal, which he erroneously called a “logo.” It drew instant ridicule. Thousands of users pointed to the seal’s noticeable resemblance to Star Trek’s emblem for the fictional space organization Starfleet. Executives from Paramount Pictures later requested a conference call with the Pentagon to ensure their trademarks weren’t infringed, U.S. officials tell TIME. The U.S. military fired off a prewritten statement to tamp down the criticism, which said the main elements of the seal date back to the 1940s and serve to honor the Air Force’s “proud history and long-standing record of providing the best space capabilities in the world.”

The dustup underscores what may be the main challenge confronted by the Pentagon in the early phases of rolling out the new service: Space Force is still seen as a joke by many Americans. Raymond insists that any news is good news and that the mockery will only raise the profile of the mission. “We have a pop–culture intrigue that we need to capitalize on,” he says. Privately, military officials say, he’s even considered making a guest appearance on the Netflix series. “We’ve got some education to do for the average Americans on just how reliant their lives are on space capabilities,” Raymond says.

The 50th Space Wing operates military satellites, including the GPS network, at Schriever Air Force Base. 

Spencer Lowell for TIME

Behind the humor are serious concerns about war: the mix of vulnerable satellites and Russian and Chinese competition has even doves worried about where things are headed. The Trump Administration, and the majority of House Democrats who voted in December to create and fund Space Force, agree that to limit the danger of a 21st century war in space, the U.S. must deter nations by expanding American military capabilities.

Russia and China say it is the U.S. that is militarizing space. Both have lashed out about the creation of the Space Force as a violation of the international consensus on the peaceful use of outer space, which they say undermines global strategic balance and stability. On the same day of the July 15 Russian space-launched weapons test, Dmitry Rogozin, head of Russia’s space program, delivered a speech to counterparts in Brazil, India, China and South Africa via 

videoconference in which he called for “space free of weapons of any type, to keep it fit for long-term and sustainable use as it is today.”

Regardless of the seemingly contradictory Russian positions, some U.S. critics and arms–control analysts say the creation of Space Force makes conflict more likely. A new orbital arms race has turned space into a “war-fighting domain,” like air, land and sea, and will funnel billions of dollars to newfangled technology that increases the possibility of war, both up there and down here. A separate branch of the armed forces for space, these critics fear, risks militarizing U.S. space policy and promoting weapons in space. On June 17, the Pentagon unveiled a Defense Space Strategy that made clear the U.S. will counter Russian and Chinese space weapons, coordinate with allies and prepare for war in space.

Those looking for a less martial alternative point to Cold War treaties that reduced the chances of conflict with the USSR. Despite the advancements of space weapons, there are no enforceable rules for military action in space. The 1967 Outer Space Treaty forbids countries from deploying “nuclear weapons or any other kinds of weapons of mass destruction” in space. But that language is broad, arms–control analysts say, and could not foresee the rapid pace of technology now in development. “In the absence of any international agreements about protecting satellites and the outer-space environment, more countries are developing weapons that can destroy satellites in orbit,” says Laura Grego of the Union of Concerned Scientists.

Interior of a radome at Buckley Air Force Base in Aurora, Colorado. 

Spencer Lowell for TIME

A treaty for space brings its own challenges. There are ongoing U.S. military and diplomatic discussions about bringing more allies and partners together to ensure space remains safe, but the White House says it isn’t interested in forging new treaties on space-based weaponry. A U.S. State Department official tells TIME that defining a “space weapon” is difficult and verifying that it isn’t a weapon is an even harder problem. “It’s not like you can go up there and inspect it—a satellite is going to look like a satellite,” the official says. “For all of those reasons, we don’t support arms control” in space.

Treaty advocates say the problem will get harder as time passes. The U.N. recognizes 90 space-faring nations. In March 2019, India tested its antisatellite system, obliterating its own spacecraft. It proudly proclaimed that it had joined the “elite club of space powers.” Other nations such as Iran, North Korea and Pakistan have demonstrated space-weapon capabilities or a desire to expand them.

One way or another, hawks and doves agree that something must be done to shift the new space arms race off its current trajectory. It is a historical truth, after all, that wherever humans have ventured, violence has followed.

—With reporting by Julia Zorthian

Why are scientists trying to manufacture organs in space?

The best reason is for direct comparison.. We already know that a difference exists and that informs wonderfully.

In face we will want to test all biolgical growth against such a standard.  It has to be helpful.

This tells us at least that this is well underway.

Why are scientists trying to manufacture organs in space?

By Alysson R. Muotri, Professor of Pediatrics and Cellular and Molecular Medicine, University of California San Diego

Gravity can be a real downer when you are trying to grow organs. That’s why experiments in space are so valuable.

They have revealed a new perspective into biological sciences, including insights into making human tissues.

Gravity influences cellular behavior by impacting how protein and genes interact inside the cells, creating tissue that is polarized, a fundamental step for natural organ development. Unfortunately, gravity is against us when we try to reproduce complex three dimensional tissues in the lab for medical transplantation. Maybe we developed in space that’s why most people have back problems and can’t look at the bright sun.

I am a stem cell biologist and interested on brain health and evolution. My lab studies how the human brain is formed inside the womb and how alterations in this process might have lifelong consequences to human behavior, such as in autism or schizophrenia. Part of that work includes growing brain cells in space.

Editors Note: Perhaps humans were actually grown in space; the aliens claim they are our ancestors and not apes.

To build organized tissues in the lab, scientists use scaffolds to provide a surface for cells to attach based on a predetermined rigid shape. For example, an artificial kidney needs a structure, or scaffold, of a certain shape for kidney cells to grow on. Indeed, this strategy helps the tissue to organize in the early stages but creates problems in the long run, such as eventual immune reactions to these synthetic scaffolds or inaccurate structures.

By contrast, in weightless conditions, cells can freely self-organize into their correct three-dimensional structure without the need for a scaffold substrate. By removing gravity from the equation, we researchers might learn new ways of building human tissues, such as cartilage and blood vessels that are scaffold-free, mimicking their natural cellular arrangement in an artificial setting. While this is not exactly what happens in the womb, weightless conditions does give us an advantage. And this is precisely what is happening at the International Space Station. These experiments help researchers optimize tissue growth for use in basic science, personalized medicine and organ transplantation.

. Studying astronauts’ bodies before and after their mission can reveal what goes wrong on their organs. Thus, growing human tissues in space can complement this type of investigation and reveal ways to counteract it.

Finally, all forms of life that we know about have evolved in the presence of microgravity. By recreating embryonic organ formation in space, we can anticipate how the human body in the womb would develop. There are several research initiatives going on in my lab with human brain or ganoids at ISS, designed to learn the impact of zero gravity on the developing human brain. These projects will have profound implications for future human colonization (can humans successfully reproduce in space?). This article is republished from the Conversation.

Be One Of The First In History To Witness A Supermassive Black Hole Destroy A Star

Super gravity wells exist and what is lacking is real evidence of an event horizon,  not least because they are supposed to not be emitting.

I would like to see all this clearly associated with a visible object as well.  And why are quasars so untouched as well?  We need to start watching these.

All good though.

Be One Of The First In History To Witness A Supermassive Black Hole Destroy A Star

By Natasha Ishak
Published September 27, 2019
Updated March 29, 2020

Events like this are not only incredibly rare but difficult to capture. NASA managed it with a state-of-the-art satellite and a network of robotic telescopes.

NASA’s Goddard Space Flight CenterA computer-generated image of a black hole shredding a star.

Have you ever wondered what a star looks like as it’s ripped apart by a black hole? Probably not. But thanks to NASA and Ohio State University, you don’t have to wonder at all.

According to Ohio radio station WOSU, a NASA satellite and a network of robotic telescopes known as the All-Sky Automated Survey for Supernovae — or ASAS-SN for short — located at the university gave astronomers an unexpected glimpse of the epic cosmic battle back in January of this year.

Courtesy of NASA, we can now watch a computer-generated video of the incredible — and terrifying — event as it unfolded.

The conditions have to be just right for a black hole to rip apart a star like this.

The supermassive black hole in question is estimated to weigh approximately 6 million times the mass of our sun and is located in the Volans constellation, some 375 million light-years away from Earth.

So, according to Science Alert, what we’re seeing actually happened 375 million years ago, but the light is only reaching us now.

The ill-fated star was roughly the same size as our sun.

The event, known as a tidal disruption event (TDE), is not only rare — occurring once every 10,000 to 100,000 years in a galaxy the size of the Milky Way — but it also requires very specific conditions to occur.

If a star wanders too close to a black hole, it will be sucked in without a trace. If the star is too far, it’ll simply ricochet off the black hole and be bounced off into space.

If it’s at the perfect distance, the star can be seen in part sucked in by the black hole’s dominating gravity and ultimately ripped apart. Some of that starry material is then shot back out into space as the rest remains trapped in the black hole.

Due to their rarity, these events are very difficult to capture.

“Imagine that you are standing on top of a skyscraper downtown, and you drop a marble off the top, and you are trying to get it to go down a hole in a manhole cover,” Chris Kochanek, professor of astronomy at Ohio State, said in a press release. “It’s harder than that.”

NASA’s Goddard Space Flight CenterAn artist’s rendering of a star caught in the gravity of a supermassive black hole and ripped to bits.

However, the latest advancements in NASA technology allowed scientists to achieve just that. Apparently, NASA’s TESS satellite, which launched in July 2018, had detected the early signs of a possible TDE.

The satellite’s massive surveying area covers an area of space 400 times larger than that observed by the famed Kepler telescope. Its four wide-field cameras on board are able to scan different sectors of the sky for days at a time.

This particular tidal disruption event has been dubbed ASASSN-19bt. The research team watched it unfold for 42 days before it peaked in brightness 37 days later.

“Only a handful of TDEs have been discovered before they reached peak brightness and this one was found just a few days after it started to brighten,” said Thomas Holoien, an astronomer at the Carnegie Institute for Science.

Robin Dienel/Carnegie Institution for ScienceAn artist’s illustration of the battle between the star and the black hole.

“Plus, thanks to it being in what’s called TESS’ ‘continuous viewing zone,’ we have observations of it every 30 minutes going back months — more than ever before possible for one of these events.”

That data collected from this latest TDE is incredibly valuable as it has never been recorded in such great detail before. The team hopes that the data will allow them to possibly pick up another TDE event in the future.

For instance, they recorded a brief moment of cooling in temperature and fading in the galaxy’s vicinity before its temperature leveled off and its luminosity continued to build toward its peak. This blip is considered “unusual” when compared to other TDE events.

“It was once thought that all TDEs would look the same. But it turns out that astronomers just needed the ability to make more detailed observations of them,” the study’s co-author, Patrick Vallely, said.

The groundbreaking discovery was published in The Astrophysical Journal.

“We have so much more to learn about how they work, which is why capturing one at such an early time and having the exquisite TESS observations was crucial.”

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Three Gorges Dam showing severe instability?

This report was put up by the Florida Marquis.  He specializes in using Google Earth and uses all the advanced tools available.  What he shows is huge structural deformation in the top of the dam itself well beyond anyone's comfort levels.  Do look at it. I cannot vouch for him.

What this tells me is that the foundations have been transitioning through high pressure water injection into an effective fluidized bed.  This dam cannot operate anywhere near flood levels at all and if we are allowed to do so, it must be draind to a safe loading level that allows such a flood to arrive.

If the dam fails over the next few weeks, expect to see a partial collpse and a possible breach which could easily chain saw the dam in half.  This is still a slow process that allows an uncontroled lowering of the resovoir.

All this is survivable.  This is the biggest dam of its kind and pushed what i would describe as theoretical failure modualties.  It is a mile long which is not a problem by itself.  however it is also 181 metres high.  That is a lot of pressure into the underlying rock which is known to be weak  Real rotation of the Dam cross section must surely weaken that foundation and allow deeper water penetration.

The images shown are profoudly trou.bling.  


three Gorges Dam.

China massive flood update: Three Gorges Dam ‘leaked, moved and distorted but safe’

08:58 | 22/07/2020Jasmine Le

Beijing has admitted in a rare revelation that ts 2.4-kilometer Three Gorges Dam spanning the Yangtze River in Hubei province “deformed slightly”, with some nonstructural, peripheral parts of the dam had buckled, after record flooding. 

According to China Three Gorges Corporatoin, the dam’s deformation occurred last Saturday when flood from western provinces including Sichuan and Chongqing along the upper reaches of the Yangtze River peaked at a record-setting 61,000 cubic meters per second.

“The dam had ‘deformed slightly,’ displacing some external structures, and seepage into the main outlet walls had also been reported throughout the 18 hours on Saturday and Sunday when water was discharged though its outlets”, the corporation notes. 

But the problem of water seeping out did not last long, as the dam reportedly deployed floodgates to hold as much water as possible in its 39.3 billion-cubic-meter reservoir to shield the cities downstream from the biggest Yangtze deluge so far this year.

A report cited by Xinhua stressed that all metrics were still up to standard and all the variables being monitored fell within the design parameters.

Three Gorges Dam, the world’s largest hydroelectric gravity dam was a pet project of the late Premier Li Peng and a monumental pride of the nation when it blocked and diverted Asia’s largest river in 1997, as reported by Asia Times.

China is in another all-out mobilization following the Covid-19 plague as virtually all southern provinces have been drenched by rainstorms unseen in decades, with many rivers overflowing within the dam’s catchment area.

The Three Gorges Dam on the Yangtze River in Yichang, Hubei province (Photo: Reuters) 

China said the deformation of the Three Gorges Dam ‘rumour’ shows lack of basic knowledge

Chinese engineers and mechanics experts on Tuesday denounced the reports, saying the reports were taken out of context and exposed their anti-China mindset and lack of basic physics knowledge, Global Times said.

Accordingly, the engineers noted all objects subjected to force, including dams, roads and bridges, will display displacement and deformation to a certain extent. The elastic deformation is recoverable and not permanent, and that of the Three Gorges Dam has always been within the design limits.

The deformation smear also emerged in the summer of 2019 when the dam was holding floodwaters during China's rainy season. Chinese experts explained at the time that the dam was not on the edge of collapsing, and only had elastic deformation within the designed limits of about 1.4 to 26.7 millimeters. 

Another slander in July 2019 cited satellite images of Google Maps showing the Three Gorges Dam "seriously distorted." Though the "distortion" later proved to be caused by low resolution of the image, the "deformation and collapse prediction" continued to circulate.

Zhang Shuguang, chief engineer of China Three Gorges Corp (CTG) noted that the dam has a monitor system with more than 12,000 detection spots, which will sound an alarm if there is a minor abnormality. The lifespan of the Three Gorges Dam is said to be beyond 100 years.

Real-time monitoring data shows that buildings and foundation of the Three Gorges Dam are working in a normal, safe and reliable manner, said the company. "Speculation without scientific monitoring data is irresponsible and unprofessional, or out of ulterior motives!"

Floodwater discharged from the main outlet of the Three Gorges Dam (Photo: Xinhua) 

High flood levels ravage the world’s largest hydroelectric facility

Final week, a number of days of contemporary rain introduced the water stage on the dam, positioned a number of hundred miles upstream from Wuhan in central Hubei province, to its highest level since development was accomplished in 2009.

The water stage within the reservoir was greater than 50 toes greater than its flood-limit stage, with inflows reaching 61 million liters a second through the peak of the rainfall on Saturday, China’s state-run Xinhua Information Company reported. The enormous dam is able to dealing with inflows of about 83.7 million liters a second.

China’s meteorological authorities anticipate heavy rainfall to proceed to pound the Yangtze River basin within the coming days, bringing extra flooding to the realm.

Chinese language chief Xi Jinping, talking final week, described the flood-prevention state of affairs as “grim” and having “entered a vital interval”.

The newest spherical of flooding compelled jap Anhui province to open up two dikes and blast one other two to launch waters, inundating some 45,000 acres of arable land. The province on Saturday raised its flood alert to the best stage.

Extreme flooding in Chongqing, a metropolis of some 30 million folks that’s upstream from the dam, and in cities in Hubei province which can be downstream from the dam, has shut down enterprise and site visitors and disrupted the lives of residents.

The flood has disrupted people's life (Photo: New York Times) 

In Jiangxi province, Li Qian’s household has been trapped on the highest ground of their two-story home for greater than per week since rising waters from Poyang Lake, China’s largest freshwater lake, swamped his village. Mr. Li and younger males from different close by households have teamed up to herald groceries and different requirements on small boats.

Torrential rain also caused three landslides on Thursday in a town in the mountainous municipality of Chongqing, upstream on the Yangtze, leaving six dead, the Chongqing Emergency Management Bureau said. The bodies had been found by Friday evening after more than 200 people were dispatched for search and rescue. The rainfall in the town of Dunhao totalled 39cm (15 inches), according to SCMP.


I love irony. Quinine strikes again. europeans found it impossible to work in the tropics until they started using this stuff. It is hte source of tonic watyer which was then used to provide gin and tonic as a malaria defense.

Never perfect but still way better than nothing.

The point is that it is possible to put a useful therapy out on the shelf right next to vicks coughdrops.

It used to be readily available on the shelf back in the fifties. Not in the candy form either.

What this tells me is that this will soon be readily available through normal supply chains.

This is 100 times better than any vaccine man can make ... Quinine extract is made from the bark of Cinchona tree.huge population of these trees grow in South India & west Bengal & Sri Lanka & Africa ... 100 years back , the local healers used to give dried cinchona bark powder

UFOs Fly Straight Lines or Ley Lines over Sacred Sites

I do think that ufos kick themselves around the sky by projecting  strong magnetic fields.  Ley lines do  appear to conform to magnetic field lines as well.

Thus it is both plausible and practical for ufos to maximise use of ley lines to avoid irregular flight.  Recall that these craft are operating gravity free and also momentum free.  Thin like a bubble.

All of which explains ancient attention to crossing points and the like..

UFOs Fly Straight Lines or Ley Lines over Sacred Sites

Ley Lines in Red Criss cross UK

Alfred Watkins, a landscape photographer in Herefordshire, England noticed that ancient sites seemed to be aligned with others nearby. His idea was that our ancestors built and used prominent features in the landscape as navigation points. They are like a chain of fairy lights, or lights from UFOs flying in a series of straight alignments of various ancient features, such as standing stones, wayside crosses, causeways, hill forts, and ancient churches on mounds. He realized immediately that the potential discovery had to be checked from higher ground when, during a revelation, he noticed that many of the footpaths there seemed to connect one hilltop to another in a straight line.

These features included prehistoric standing stones and stone circles, barrows and mounds, hill forts and earthworks, ancient moats, old pre-Reformation churches, old crossroads and fords, prominent hilltops and fragments of old, straight tracks. Watkins went on to suggest that that the lines connecting these ancient sites represented old track ways or routes that were followed in prehistoric times for the purposes of trade or religious rites, and in 1921 he coined the term ‘Ley Lines’ to describe these alignments.” While I was flying in the Air Force UFOs were often hovering over key places like Stonehenge or power plants. Many ancient megaliths, pyramids, and power plants emit energy that may be used by UFOs.

Watkins himself did not believe that there was any magical or mystical significance to Ley Lines. However, the authors note, “The idea that there is a hidden network of energy lines across the earth … fired the imagination of the burgeoning New Age movement, and dowsers in particular became keen on detecting Leys with dowsing.”

The orange balls of light phenomena, that certain UFO investigators such as Andy Roberts and Paul Devereux claim earthlights, are mainly seen over positive Ley Line areas. Although some orbs may be Earthlights caused by electricity generated along the earth’s tectonic plate’s fault lines most orbs observed are not along the fault lines and seem to be intelligently controlled.

Some Ley Lines run on the earth’s tectonic plates fault lines, which according to Roberts and Devereux release earthlights during stress on the fault lines before an earthquake. Ley Lines give off positive and negative energy, the same as a magnet has a positive and negative poles. The blacked or negative Ley Line attracts negative experiences, and apparitions as well as alien abduction experiences due to the negative energy that the lines are emitting. The negative dark Ley Lines draw negative things towards them so that they can feed off the negative energy, which is being put out by them.

Mark Patrick Gibbons writes, Because of this New Age interest, Ley Lines rose from mundane origins to an entire field of study, spawning books, seminars, and groups of Ley Line enthusiasts who gather to discuss, research, and walk the lines. Ley Lines have also been incorporated into a variety of otherwise unrelated paranormal subjects, including dowsing, UFOs, crop circles and numerology.

The native Indians of the United States; used to call Ley Lines spirit lines and their Shaman’s used to use the electro-magnetic energy in these lines to help them contact the spirits. They even designed their medicine wheel on the spirit lines, as they knew that these lines followed a straight round line because the sky Gods told them.

Almost every ancient culture claimed that Ley Lines gave off positive or negative energy. Aliens, spirits and even some humans are evil, while some are good. The black dragon or black lines represented all that is bad and evil in the world, which then in turn brings us back to the Eastern philosophy of Ying and Yang the dark and the light

Much abduction by the grays and poltergeist activity seemed to be happening on Ley Lines that had been blacked, by occult practices. Incidents of witchcraft, kidnappings were reported over the centuries along the blacked Ley Lines. I came to the conclusion as most people who are abducted that it had negative implications in their lives. The experience on board the gray’s craft was negative experience. About ninety-five percent of abductions with the grays happened where there are blacked or negative Ley Lines.

Positive, good, or light forces apparently control some Ley Lines. Rather than abductions, these are on the Contactee side of the UFO phenomenon.

Astronaut Edgar Mitchell had explained to me that the Dead Sea Scrolls explain the UFO situation in the War Scroll between the forces of Darkness and Light. These scrolls contain an apocalyptic prophecy of a final War between the Sons of Light and the Sons of Darkness. The Sons of Light in the scrolls are Israel and its allies. The Sons of Darkness are those forces of Belial and Edom attacking Israel. US Astronaut Edgar Mitchell Says UFO and Aliens are Real and Watching Us. Edgar Mitchell is a famous NASA astronaut that has walked on the moon. He says he has proof that the greys are real and that right now aliens are watching us.

Sorcha Faal: China Prepares 500,000 Strong American Invasion Force

What appears plausible is the presence of CCP military operatives in States under DEM control which certainly supports the case for direct CCP infiltration.  Thks is not soft operatives who however trained are never expected to take  up arms.

These sightings suggest real soldiers under orders.  This is very disquieting.

The actual transport of a half million soldiers to provide regime security cannot be dome secretly or quickly, but can be prepared for ahead of an expected seizure of power by the DEMs or their Marxist sub group.

Such a movement would still need to be kept silent so plenty of subterfuge is indicated.

Sorcha Faal: China Prepares 500,000 Strong American Invasion Force

Source: What Does It Mean | By Sorcha Faal July 25, 2020 China Prepares 500,000 Strong American Invasion Force In Preparation For Bid...

Source: What Does It Mean | By Sorcha Faal

July 25, 2020

China Prepares 500,000 Strong American Invasion Force In Preparation For Biden Election Win

A mind-blowing new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today discussing a Ministry of Defense (MoD) war warning based on the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists having recently assessed that India may have put the Communist Chinese capitol city of Beijing within the range of its nuclear weapons, says equally worrisome to note is the United States having just made this past week a strategic shift to the critical Pacific Ocean region by deploying its nuclear weapon capable F-35 fighter aircraft to a new air base facility hidden deep in the interior of Alaska—a war move made notable because the F-35 is feared to be the biggest electronic collection system ever devised—and are F-35 fighter-surveillance aircraft now positioned to defend the huge Pacific Exercise centered on Guam being conducted by naval forces of the United States, Japan and Australia—a massive naval force quickly assembled within hours of Australia joining the United States to declare that Communist China’s claim on the South China Sea does not comply with international law—that was immediately followed by Indonesia rushing 24 of its warships to fight back against Communist China’s claims on the South China Sea, too.

Rush to war moves against Communist China being led by the United States, one of whose reasons for is disturbingly outlined in a Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) document that’s also being discussed in this report—a document that begins by noting that Communist China has 2,000,000 police officers, as opposed to the United States having just under 690,000—that are augmented by the estimated 1.5-million forces belonging to the People's Armed Police (PAP)—the political police forces of the Chinese Communist Party that SVR intelligence analysts assert are preparing to send 500,000 of them into the United States upon socialist Democrat Party candidate Joe Biden declaring that he’s won the 3 November presidential election.

An assertion made by the SVR after US police forces captured a People’s Armed Police vehicle and its driver last 10 September in California—with even more People’s Armed Police vehicles being reported in other West coast region American States under socialist Democrat Party rule—and though US police forces quickly disappeared the driver of the People’s Armed Police marked vehicle, the FBI issued an immediate grave warning saying that they believe there may be more of a criminal intent behind the unusual Chinese police activities in America—an FBI warning followed on 17 September, when a mysterious group calling itself “War on Fear” registered an account and published a video on YouTube showing People’s Armed Police forces forcing prisoners into train cars—a video that could have only been obtained by a state intelligence service (like the SVR, CIA or NSA), as it was hacked from the video feed of a People’s Armed Police drone.

And when confronted with it on live British television this past week, saw Communist Chinese Ambassador Liu Xiaoping saying it only showed “a normal transfer of prisoners”—a claim supported by official Communist Chinese news sources saying that “the Western media is being malicious”—neither of which, though, explains why many of these People’s Armed Police were wearing English language “SWAT” markings on their uniforms, or why they were even giving commands in English. [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

People’s Armed Police vehicles have begun roaming socialist Democrat Party controlled States on American West Coast (top photo is the one captured in California) while Communist China defends (bottom graphic) “normal prisoner transfers” being planned for the dissident citizens of the United States.

According to this report, in the American article published this week titled “Why This Election Could Be The Most Important Since The US Civil War”, aside from its stating that “this election is undoubtedly the most important one since 1860….the outcome of that was the War Between the States”, it grimly warned that “the election will be contested no matter which side wins because the country has become totally polarized…no matter who wins, the other side is going to be terminally unhappy with the result”—a warning being supported by the likes of socialist Democrat Party leader US Congresswoman Maxine Waters, who maniacally this week told her radical followers that President Trump’s sending federal police forces to protect lives and properties from mob violence was all a plot—a “plot” she exposed by stating: “This is what you see in countries where you have dictators…In third-world countries with dictators who have paramilitary that they can call up anytime they want…As a matter of fact, it has been suggested that this is a trial run of the president of the United States who may be organizing to not accept what happens when we have the election if he’s not elected…Is he going to pull out his military?...Is he going to engage us?...He has already alluded to there may be a civil war if he’s not re-elected”.

Now jumping into this looming cataclysm called the 3 November presidential election to make it even more absurd, this report notes, is the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), who this past week issued a comical warning about foreign interference in this election—a warning, however, that fails to explain how any foreign nation could possibly harm an election process more than the Americans do to themselves—best exampled in the 2016 presidential election that saw the Obama-Clinton Regime and their intelligence agencies illegally interfering in it so much, US Attorney General William Barr was forced to call what they were doing “a coup attempt”.

Most bizarre about this American presidential election, this report details, is that its main socialist Democrat Party candidate Joe Biden has devised a campaign strategy that has increasingly focused on blaming Trump for disease, depression, and racial unrestnone of which Trump is responsible for—and today sees this Biden campaign strategy having made the entire socialist Democrat Party the party of disease, depression, and racial violence in order to aggravate all three crises—with it being noted that the real danger for these socialist Democrats is that this could backfire—and most certainly backfired this past week with the hugely popular American black radio personality Charlamagne Tha God, who after hearing Biden call Trump “the first racist president”, reminded Biden that America has had actual slave owning presidents—thus earning Biden the dubious “Donkey of the Day” award from Charlamagne, who further told Biden to “Shut The Eff Up Forever”.

Watching as this slow moving train wreck of an election draws ever closer by the day, this report continues, is noted leftist Hollywood filmmaker Michael Moore—who in 2016 warned his fellow socialist Democrat Party comrades that Trump was going to win if they weren’t careful—and who is now warning “I want to caution everyone, do not underestimate the evil genius that is Donald J. Trump”—a warning joined by Moore stating the facts that: “Trump has lost none of his base and they are more rabid than ever…Sleeping on the sidewalk for five nights just to get in to see Trump?...THAT is commitment…Do not take Trump for granted…Don’t think he can’t win…Don’t get all cocky telling everyone there’s no way he’s winning the White House because, frankly, you sound a lot like yourself four years ago when you told everyone there’s no way this country is going to put a clown in the Oval Office”—true facts stated by Moore that he followed by saying: “If you are once again not taking my warnings seriously, then I have a question I want you to answer, and I ask you to answer me honestly…How many people would line up for five days just to hear Joe Biden talk?...12?...5?...None?...The candidate who inspires the most people in the swing states to excitedly get to the polls — and ensure that each of them bring 10-20 of their friends and family with them on Election Day — all of them highly-motivated, fired-up and on a mission from God — THAT’S who wins the White House”.

Soon to confront these “fired-up” American citizens “on a mission from God” as they prepare to vote in what is being called the most important presidential election of their lifetime, however, this report points out, is the grave warning just issued in the article “8 Big Reasons Election Day 2020 Could Be a Disaster” that says: “You may think you know how bad Nov. 3 will be…But all signs point to something far, far worse”—and wherein it methodically lists the disasters for this election just waiting to happen, no one has really prepared for, and could even end up with both Trump and Biden each declaring that they’ve won.

The current strategic assessment by Russian Federation military and intelligence analysts of what the socialist Democrat Party is doing, this report concludes, is that no matter if President Trump wins the 3 November election in a landslide, Joe Biden will be declared the winner by socialist-globalist forces the world over—a scenario that will see Biden and his socialist forces fleeing to the socialist iron grip controlled Democrat Party regions on the American west coast—which Biden will declare is the new temporary seat of the American government—after which this “new” government will appeal for international recognition as being the legitimate government of the United States, as they’ll claim that President Trump was only able to win by cheating—that Communist China will immediately recognize and offer to support with its People's Armed Police forces, thousands of whom will already be pre-positioned in North America—a scenario that no one knows which side the American military will support—but whose “wild card” in this geopolitical poker game for control of America is the largest standing army the world has ever seen—and are the over 100-million gun owners in America standing solidly behind President Trump—all of whom keep buying in historic record numbers even more weapons.

July 25, 2020 © EU and US all rights reserved. Permission to use this report in its entirety is granted under the condition it is linked to its original source at WhatDoesItMean.Com. Freebase content licensed under CC-BY and GFDL.