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Democrats should ask Clinton to step aside

 I think the press may be turning on Hilary.  To start with, her campaign has been completely disastrous. I do not think even the democrats want to see her talk. Were she running against a typical GOP politician it might not have been too bad but still a problem.  Instead she is running against real star power in the Donald.  It is a disaster piled on a disaster.  And that is before we get to the drip drip of the building email impeachment undertaking that has now blown out of control as even the FBI acts to cover its ass.

All the media analytics are complete rubbish and effective lies.  However, they have been pushed so long that absolutely no one takes them seriously.  Classic GIGO.

My own surrogates for meaningful numbers tell of a true electoral disaster in the making.  It is so bad that I do not believe it.  We are talking about an impossible point spread in favor of the Donald that is likely to be historic and impossible to rig around anywhere...  

A successful spread would be 48 to 46 with 6 to independents.  An truly absurd spread would be 50 to 41 with 9 to independents.  The problem is that the whole situation is absurd and the question will be how much we deviate toward the absurd.  Right now folks are making up their minds and it is not for Hilary where they are been asked to support a truly impeachable president.

Democrats should ask Clinton to step aside

Hillary Clinton answers questions about the FBI reopening a probe into her use of a private email server on Oct. 28, 2016.

(Jewel Samad / Getty-AFP)
John KassContact Reporter

Has America become so numb by the decades of lies and cynicism oozing from Clinton Inc. that it could elect Hillary Clinton as president, even after Friday's FBI announcement that it had reopened an investigation of her emails while secretary of state?

We'll find out soon enough.

It's obvious the American political system is breaking down. It's been crumbling for some time now, and the establishment elite know it and they're properly frightened. Donald Trump, the vulgarian at their gates, is a symptom, not a cause. Hillary Clinton and husband Bill are both cause and effect.

FBI director James Comey's announcement about the renewed Clinton email investigation is the bombshell in the presidential campaign. That he announced this so close to Election Day should tell every thinking person that what the FBI is looking at is extremely serious.

This can't be about pervert Anthony Weiner and his reported desire for a teenage girl. But it can be about the laptop of Weiner's wife, Clinton aide Huma Abedin, and emails between her and Hillary. It comes after the FBI investigation in which Comey concluded Clinton had lied and been "reckless" with national secrets, but said he could not recommend prosecution.

So what should the Democrats do now?

If ruling Democrats hold themselves to the high moral standards they impose on the people they govern, they would follow a simple process:

They would demand that Mrs. Clinton step down, immediately, and let her vice presidential nominee, Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia, stand in her place.

Democrats should say, honestly, that with a new criminal investigation going on into events around her home-brew email server from the time she was secretary of state, having Clinton anywhere near the White House is just not a good idea.

Since Oct. 7, WikiLeaks has released 35,000 emails hacked from Clinton campaign boss John Podesta. Now WikiLeaks, no longer a neutral player but an active anti-Clinton agency, plans to release another 15,000 emails.

What if she is elected? Think of a nation suffering a bad economy and continuing chaos in the Middle East, and now also facing a criminal investigation of a president. Add to that congressional investigations and a public vision of Clinton as a Nixonian figure wandering the halls, wringing her hands.

The best thing would be for Democrats to ask her to step down now. It would be the most responsible thing to do, if the nation were more important to them than power. And the American news media — fairly or not firmly identified in the public mind as Mrs. Clinton's political action committee — should begin demanding it.

But what will Hillary do?

She'll stick and ride this out and turn her anger toward Comey. For Hillary and Bill Clinton, it has always been about power, about the Clinton Restoration and protecting fortunes already made by selling nothing but political influence.

She'll remind the nation that she's a woman and that Donald Trump said terrible things about women. If there is another notorious Trump video to be leaked, the Clintons should probably leak it now. Then her allies in media can talk about misogyny and sexual politics and the headlines can be all about Trump as the boor he is and Hillary as champion of female victims, which she has never been.

Remember that Bill Clinton leveraged the "Year of the Woman." Then he preyed on women in the White House and Hillary protected him. But the political left — most particularly the women of the left — defended him because he promised to protect abortion rights and their other agendas.

If you take a step back from tribal politics, you'll see that Mrs. Clinton has clearly disqualified herself from ever coming near classified information again. If she were a young person straight out of grad school hoping to land a government job, Hillary Clinton would be laughed out of Washington with her record. She'd never be hired.

As secretary of state she kept classified documents on the home-brew server in her basement, which is against the law. She lied about it to the American people. She couldn't remember details dozens of times when questioned by the FBI. Her aides destroyed evidence by BleachBit and hammers. Her husband, Bill, met secretly on an airport tarmac with Attorney General Loretta Lynch for about a half-hour, and all they said they talked about was golf and the grandkids.

And there was no prosecution of Hillary.

That isn't merely wrong and unethical. It is poisonous.

And during this presidential campaign, Americans were confronted with a two-tiered system of federal justice: one for standards for the Clintons and one for the peasants.

I've always figured that, as secretary of state, Clinton kept her home-brew email server — from which foreign intelligence agencies could hack top secret information — so she could shield the influence peddling that helped make the Clintons several fortunes.

The Clintons weren't skilled merchants. They weren't traders or manufacturers. The Clintons never produced anything tangible. They had no science, patents or devices to make them millions upon millions of dollars.

All they had to sell, really, was influence. And they used our federal government to leverage it.

If a presidential election is as much about the people as it is about the candidates, then we'll learn plenty about ourselves in the coming days, won't we?

The latest Patent for the 'Impossible' EM Drive

I do not know precisely how they all got here but it appears plausible that we can react with so called dark matter at the wavelengths suggested and that our reaction mass is fired out the back. as per expectations.  We just cannot detect it as the scale is electron level and the particles are neutral.

If that is the case, then this is good news.  we can establish simple continuous thrusters for our space craft and this allows the craft to travel continuously at one g thrust offsetrting low gravity sickness.   It also allows rapid passage to the near planets as well.

Gravity control does not obviously give us this and a convenient thruster will be welcome.  I note that our secret space craft still use jet engines to provide movement and that means unwelcome fuel space on the craft.

The latest patent for the 'impossible' EM Drive has just been made public - and it’s wild
So crazy, it just might work.

14 OCT 2016

It’s been a big year for the 'impossible' EM Drive - a new kind of rocket engine that appears to generate thrust without any kind of exhaust or propellant. Back in May, NASA researchers reported a successful 10-week trial of their EM Drive prototype, and inventor Guido Fetta just got approval to test his own version in space.

Now, the UK Intellectual Property Office has released the latest patent application from British EM Drive inventor Roger Shawyer, and he says millions of pounds rest on the success of design within.

"The patent process is a very significant process, it's not like an academic peer review where everyone hides behind an anonymous review, it's all out in the open," Shawyer told Mary-Ann Russon at the International Business Times.

"This is a proper, professional way of establishing prior ownership done by professionals in the patent office, and in order to publish my patent application, they had to first carry out a thorough examination of the physics in order to establish that the invention does not contravene the laws of physics."

For the uninitiated, the EM Drive was first invented by Shawyer back in 1999, and despite experimental evidence suggesting that such an engine could work, it’s been courting controversy ever since.

Why? Well, it just so happens to violate one of the most fundamental laws of physics we have: Newton's Third Law, which states, "To each action there's an equal and opposite reaction."

In its most basic form, the EM Drive uses electromagnetic waves as 'fuel', creating thrust by bouncing microwave photons back and forth inside a cone-shaped closed metal cavity. This causes the 'pointy end' of the EM Drive to accelerate in the opposite direction that the photons are pushing.

But there's the problem - "an equal and opposite reaction" means something needs to be pushed out the back of propulsion system in order for it to move forwards, and the EM Drive doesn't have an exhaust.

Newton's Third Law states that without an exhaust, you can't produce thrust, but experiments from NASA and a number of other research teams from around the world have shown that not only can the EM Drive produce thrust - it can theoretically produce enough to power an entire spacecraft.

If we can power spacecraft with such an engine, it could replace the incredibly expensive and heavy rocket fuel that’s been a major hurdle in getting us much of anywhere in the Solar System. 

As Harold (Sonny) White, leader of the research group over at NASA's Eaglework Laboratories, says, a crewed mission to Mars in an EM Drive-powered spacecraft could arrive at Mars in a mind-boggling 70 days. That’s less than half the time NASA has estimated it will take using current technology.

Since Shawyer proposed such a device almost two decades ago, he’s been busy trying to beat everyone else to the punch, applying for patent after patent with every tweak he makes.

His latest patent has just been made public, and describes a new thruster design that features a single flat superconducting plate on one end, with a uniquely shaped, non-conducting plate on the other. 

He says this is necessary to minimise the internal Doppler shift - a change in frequency or wavelength of a wave for an observer moving relative to its source - and also keep manufacturing costs down.

"This is pretty significant, because it enables you to easily manufacture these things, and we want to produce thousands of them," he told Russon at the International Business Times. "The patent makes the construction of a viable superconducting thruster easier, and it will produce a lot of thrust."

You can access the patent here, but here’s a taste of the contents, with a rundown of just one component - the control circuit:

Shawyer et. al.

According to Russon, Shawyer is working with an unnamed UK aerospace company to develop his second generation EM Drive, which he says will produce thrust many orders of magnitude greater than that observed by NASA’s Eagleworks team or any other laboratory.

We’ll have to wait and see once he gets his invention out of the lab and into space, like this entrepreneur is planning to do in the coming months.

And in the meantime, we’ve got a milestone paper coming up, because the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) has finally .confirmedthat a paper by the Eagleworks team has been peer-reviewed and accepted for publication in December. 

We can't wait to see what the critics will do with that

Former Ontario Amish Farmers Find Paradise on PEI

What the Amish operate is a form of natural community. Modernizing the natural community is central to my protocol for ending poverty globally.  Some of what they do is unnecessary and some of what they need to do would be highly welcome.

Ending poverty and converting global agriculture to organic sustainable systems are all part of a combined solution that ends all environmental abuse in the long term.  The Amish are a long way down that road and most importantly they show us what it can actually look like.

I am not entirely a fan of horse culture per se but they also preserve it.  Where they are valuable is in grooming of wood lots and that will become a huge ongoing enterprise.  I expect that we will see a huge expansion here.

Former Ontario Amish Farmers Find Paradise on PEI 
Islanders thrilled with population boom, welcome Amish with open arms
October 12, 2016 AT 9:02 PM

An Amish farmer in Summerville, P.E.I., on Oct. 8, 2016. Over the past year, eastern Prince Edward Island has become a bit of an Amish paradise, and Islanders are welcoming the new settlers with open arms. (The Canadian Press/Andrew Vaughan)

MONTAGUE, P.E.I.—There’s a sudden population boom in eastern Prince Edward Island, and the local hardware store has been buzzing.

Home Hardware owner Mark Beck says they’ve been busy supplying new customers with lumber, hardware, and paint. They’ve even started stocking a specific model of straw hat. His new clients, he says, are very particular about their straw hats.

About 14 pioneer Amish families from southwestern Ontario have bought farms here this year, lured by low land prices, and settled in the communities of Dundas and Summerville. Many more families are expected.

“Being rural P.E.I., any time there’s new business, it’s a boom,” Beck said from his perch on Main Street.

A horse-drawn wagon soon passes by, heading into downtown. Onboard are two young Amish men, each dressed in light blue shirts, dark blue pants with suspenders, and straw hats. One sports a bushy beard.

“We see the buggies in the town every week and it’s kind of exciting,” says Beck. “It’s new, it’s change, and it’s nice to see the old farms getting worked.”

It’s new, it’s change, and it’s nice to see the old farms getting worked.
— Home Hardware owner Mark Beck

Islanders, thrilled at the sudden interest in a shrinking, aging corner of their rural province are going out of their way to help make it an Amish paradise.

A number of businesses in Montague and Cardigan have installed hitching posts where buggies can be parked. Along the highways and roads in the area, there are signs urging caution that horses and buggies might also be using the road.

Amish are groups of traditionalist Christian church fellowships. They are known for simple living, plain dress, and a reluctance to adopt modern technology.

None agreed to be interviewed, but their impact is undeniable.

Brad Oliver, a real estate agent in Montague, first became involved in 2014 with efforts to move the Amish families, by helping them find land—often older farms that needed some TLC and hadn’t been tilled in years.

“They’ve done an amazing amount of building and renovating on the properties that they bought. They are very industrious and well-organized,” he said.

“A lot of their work is community-based where they’ll work on one fellow’s farm and a few days later you see them working on another.”

Oliver said a big attraction for the Amish settlers has been land prices.

“They’re coming from an area in Ontario where it’s $20,000 to $25,000 an acre for good agricultural land, and here it starts at $2,000 and goes up from there,” he said.

‘My horses love it here’

An agreement was reached with the provincial government to allow the Amish to do a form of home-schooling with an old-fashioned, one-room school house.

The first families arrived in the spring. Oliver said they’re also impressed with the quality of the P.E.I. soil.

“A good comment I heard from one guy was ‘My horses love it here.’ The land is lighter and they can do with two horses what it would take three or four horses to do in Ontario. They are very happy so far.”

At most of the Amish farms, you’ll find roadside produce stands, or signs directing you in to buy produce or baked goods. One place also listed puppies and bunnies as items for sale.

For Mary Grant, at the nearby farm feed supply business in Cardigan, the Amish have become clients, friends, and a draw for tourists.

“It’s just a plus, plus, plus because it’s a way of life that is intriguing to most people and even when they stop at the vegetable stands, a lot of people stop more out of curiosity than anything else,” she said.

Grant said many of the retired farmers in the area are happy to see the old farms being used again and have embraced their new Amish neighbours.

The retired farmers around here have taken the Amish under their wing in a big way.
— Feed store owner Mary Grant

“The retired farmers around here have taken the Amish under their wing in a big way. A lot of times when they come in here, they come with retired farmers from Kings County who spend time with them and take them places. They all have a good time,” she said.

The Amish are known for their draft horses, and Grant said most of the farmers in the county are sending their horses to the Amish to be trained.

“People see the lifestyle and respect it,” said Premier Wade MacLauchlan.

“People who deal with the Amish families directly can see what they’re adding to our province as a whole.”

MacLauchlan said the Amish have been a spark for the local economy and he expects more to arrive over the next two years. He said he also expects the Amish to spark a sense of pride and enthusiasm in the area.

Two weeks ago, the first Amish baby, a little girl, was born on the Island.

Genesis for the New Space Age with John Leith - end notes

This is the extent of apparent references.  As the real references are in the form of interviews and published no where it is difficult to say much.  The published works are mixed as to quality and mostly irrelevant except by lucky accident.

I know this background and it is far removed from what this narrative is claiming.  This is a huge leap.

 At the moment we have no way to prove validity.


Social, Political, Economic and Religious Life in Inner Earth

The spoken and written language of the Inner World Atturians in their capital city of Shambala, from
which Professor Haammaan emigrated to the U.S. via an Icelandic passport, is the original Sanscrit.

Their flag is orange with black letters beneath a coat of arms under which is the legend, "Peace with
Honor," meaning to end a war without surrender.

Their Sanscrit alphabet contains 38 letters, many of which are in double form such as AA, CC, 00, etc.

These double letters are used only in proper nouns such as persons, cities, Aarpo, Baacco, Winnaabbaago, Saapraanoo, Jaapanno, Cannaggo. In word construction two words are often joined also, and pronounced as one. In punctuation, one question mark upside down is placed before an interrogative sentence and a normal, upright question mark then follows the sentence.

The country of over 300 million people is served by color television. Newspapers are smaller than ours and contain little advertising because of the shortage of pulpwood.

The home city of Professor Haammaan is the capital city of Atturias, Shamballa, located on the continent of Agharta, comprising a population of several millions. The city (as is the nation) is served by air transport with other metropolitan centers (i.e. magnetic powered craft which have been in their possession since their forefathers came from Venus). Connecting ground transportation is via railroads which ride on cushions of air in'stead of rails. (The Japanese are currently experimenting with this method.) Most ground traffic is by means of four-wheel cars and busses, both of which principally use electric energy as their motivational source. Electric outlets  are located at roadside intervals of 25 miles from which a three minute charge of renewed power is drawn at no cost capable of providing a driving range of 100 miles. Radio waves sent from the remitting source to each energy depot supply the electric power, the remitting sources being solar, hydro-electric and nuclear fusion. Free energy, magnetic vehicles are also used.

Professor Haammaan was asked to describe briefly their immigration system followed by their monetary policy. Regarding immigration, he explained visas between countries in the Inner World were non-existent and that international travel was unrestricted, although each nation was very isolationist in its outlook and did not depend on a United Nations body of politics as practised above surface. When  a foreign traveler visits another nation, the person simply signs a card upon entry saying they agree to abide by the laws of the land being visited. As all coin and paper currency are redeemable by gold according to international monetary standards, travelers therefore may exchange their own money for currency of the host country. Elaborating on money Haammaan added:

"Like you say above, 'Love for money is the root of all evil.' Therefore, we don't permit hoarding of money. It is to be spent for immediate wants and needs. To prevent hoarding, our paper money is recalled annually and newly numbered serials are issued. Hoarding gets the greedy person 30 years in prison, but savings are not frowned upon when kept in a bank. We also use coins for exchange, their contents of gold or silver being 70 per cent and that of the alloy 30 per cent.

"The reason for the harsh anti-hoarding law is that if money is kept in circulation (which our banks do with peoples' savings at low interest rates) then capital projects in private, corporate and government  sectors provide full employment. One of the problems here above is that so much of the wealth accumulated over the years or centuries by certain groups is kept out of circulation and hidden away in private banks or vaults. In such cases, that money withheld (usually gold) is a form of power which is harmful and often used as a power base to influence sectors of the overall society. I'm sure you are  aware of many examples of this hoarding abuse by such powerful control groups."

"Our central government treasury owns all our gold to back up the coin of the realm, which is the established policy of each nation below. Much of our own gold reserves was brought down from old Atlantis."

"Our numerical system is what you call Roman numerals and the Algebraic system, neither names being historically correct. Our system of numbering is more related to your British and U.S. methods. We don't use the decimal system and I predict it will be discarded up here within 100 years. Some of our units of measure are as follows: 1 quatal = 1 mile *** 1 qquttall = 1 inch *** 1 quntall = 1 foot *** 1 vartall = 32 inches (equivalent to the British yard of 36 inches) *** 16 quntalls = 1 chain. The average road width below in Atturraas is 3 chains and an alley is 1 chain wide. (Haammaan said their Inner World is 23,000 quatals in circumference and it is 7 Vi (seven and a half) thousand quatals from Pole to Pole.)"

The calendar used throughout the Inner World is based on a year of 360 days, each month having 30
days. The five days remaining at the end of the year are called by the people "year's end days" during
which all non-essential work stops. Babies bom on these days are bom officially on January 1st following. For thousands of years the above calendar time has been followed below, Do you have any  specific ideas about employment?

"Depending on technical skills or academic abilities, graduates of grade school or college have already been pretested (as in Bodland) to determine their careers. We have no retirement laws but limited or part-time employment is the norm throughout the Inner World in later years. It is up to the man or woman. Certain job categories are considered to be more suitable for women who are not encouraged to compete for certain masculine jobs and vice versa.

"Our medical research has overcome most diseases, including all types of cancer and arthritis by predetection or postdetection. The people still get injured through a variety of accidents. Emergency methods to mend bones and replace skin are among the advanced medical practices. For instance, a synthetic skin used on grafts or plastic surgery resulting from severe wounds or bums is simply cut from a roll of substance in much the same manner plastic paper wrap or tin foil is removed for domestic use in the U.S.

"Placed over the burned or diseased area, under sterile conditions, along with a special healing gel, the synthetic graft immediately takes to the skin area to be rebuilt. Its use makes plastic surgery much easier and faster.

"Amputations are extremely rare since crushed limbs are immediately rebuilt with synthetic bone that
quickly is accepted by the natural bone being repaired. Hearts, lungs, eyes, ears and other body parts
are replaced routinely as are decayed teeth. (Damage to nerve fibres was not discussed.)

"Free total medical care is provided to all age groups."

The Atlanteans have overcome most of the illness common to surface people, and their age life span
apparently is generally over a thousand years, with premature death an exceptional occurrence.

The first two hour interview with Haammaan was held secretly at an airport in Maryland. Crime was
dealt with briefly, and answers were sought as to how their society treats those offenders who violate
the age-old system of laws derived to protect members of society.

The gist of the discussion is as follows: a criminal is considered a social disgrace only if he does not respond to treatment, but all crimes are treated as a form of mental illness. A first offender automatically is sent to a state psychiatric hospital. Most respond to initial treatment, the nature of which was not disclosed in the interview. The hospital board has the authority to declare a person a habitual criminal on the third offense.

In such a case, treatment is stopped and the offender considered a criminal. All clothing is removed and the naked prisoner is put to hard work in a public chain gang, made to sleep on a board at night and given only meagre sustenance. Six months maximum of this type of sentence usually changes the person and returns him to society again, as an accepted, normal citizen.

If the prisoner does not respond to this penalty treatment, he is committed by three doctors and a judge to a remote island where, like an animal, he is worked naked at manual labor during the day and forced into a lonely cage at night. This routine is followed with full understanding by the public of all its indignities to the human psyche. Public knowledge of this irrevocable punishment is a deterrent to crime.

Branded as "discarded citizens", those sent to the island prison are declared legally dead on arrival and relatives are so notified. All attempts to rehabilitate are ended. Upon death, the body is cremated and the ashes not returned to relatives, but tossed into the sea without burial services.

There are three major crimes, convictions of which automatically label the convicted felon a "discarded citizen" for shipment to the last-stop island. Those crimes are rape, kidnapping and murder. Guns are  outlawed.

In Atturraas, the death penalty is also in force and may be given at the request of the judge or the prisoner himself, if rehabilitation treatment has failed. In such a case the felon is given a glass of liquid from a tree called the Poison Root which induces a painless death within an hour.

Even in perfect environments certain people are criminally prone and cannot be conditioned to the norm required by a civil code of laws. This fact is true both in societies above and below. But in Atturraas their confinements for offenders are located in rehabilitation centers and hospitals rather than in prisons. There are few youthful offenders in the interior world, perhaps because the responsibility for a youthful crime rests with the parents who are judged on a guilt basis along with the youth convicted. Obviously, the basic unit of learning and training in their society is the home, even before church or school. If early school tests indicate a criminal tendency in a child, he is removed from classes and placed in a hospital for correctional therapy at an early age.

Our news media below (as in Bodland) does not carry stories of crime, let alone headline them. Nor do we have long drawn out judicial exercises. An apprehended murderer generally is tried the second
week with the death sentence carried out the following week.

Youth gangs are not tolerated and common assaults and muggings, so widespread above, don't exist below. All male youth in Atturraas and Bodland must serve two years without pay in one of the defense forces where behavior disciplines are further emphasized.

There is no syndicate crime problem below.

Haarnmaan continued: "Your police above are still an effective force, but they are much maligned in their duties. Your society seems more concerned with protecting offenders than the rights of the offended. When your system of protection and justice is overhauled, your crime statistics will fall. The  legal system is a bullwark, devised to protect all members of your society in the upper world - as
elsewhere. But that system in the lower courts has been detoured from the code which was so carefully built to safeguard all sections of society. There are too many legal loopholes for perpetual offenders against your society in the western world. There is also a growing number of lawyers who are perpetuating the breakdown of the legal code. The law societies themselves must institute the remedies."

Generally speaking, life sustenance within the planet is comparable to that above. Their staple food products in the warmer climates is rice, which was also brought above by the people which we know as the Chinese. Main crops of wheat and barley are grown in the northern locales. Other vegetables are string beans, soy beans, okra, eggplant, cabbages, turnips, carrots, etc. The Atturraans are mainly vegetarians, but consume much fish with a variety of artificial flavors such as chicken, beef, pork, etc.  Milk is also their staple nutritional drink. They do not know of the turkey, but, on the other hand, have a large, native bird they call the duckquail, highly rated by some for its edibility.

Two building blocks made below would be of interest to surface people. One is a concrete block virtually unbreakable. A powdered plastic, sand and water are heat-treated like terra cotta and the product used extensively in both their residential and commercial construction.

Another substance known as glass-tile consists of finely ground silicone or glass mixed with clay, placed in various molds and heated to a high temperature. The finished glazed tile is used for floors, outside facades on buildings (where we use marble facing) road building blocks, etc. Their Atturraan highways are constructed with lateral grooves running across them. Automobile tire treads are grooved to produce a meshing, cog wheel, effect, thus holding the car in position assuring the driver control against brake skidding, or planing on a wet pavement.

A second final hour interview was held with Mr. Haammaan on Sunday, November 20, 1977. Accompanied by a reliable witness from the State Department, we checked into a Holiday Inn at Mt. Vernon, New York and talked in the conference room. The six foot, three-inch Atlantean had the build of a football player but his hands were slender, more like those of a pianist. Quizzical blue eyes
responded to changes in mood. His hair was fair and cut medium short. He looked like a modem Scandinavian.

Time being of the essence and certain prepared questions needing to be answered, the dialogue was begun. Haarnmaan's manner was less reserved than at the first meeting, and after coffee and tea had been ordered each sat in an easy chair and the talks began.

Question: How old are you? Answer: "I am officially 57 years old according to records on file here, but truthfully I am some hundreds of years of age. Average age on my continent of Agharta is a minimum of 800 years."

(Haarnmaan's claim has not been reconciled with that of the Inner World Bodlanders. Dr. Jerrmus of
Bodland's capital city Bod, is 58 years old and he states his father died at 135 years, but that 200 years is common longevity in Bodland. Some Bodlanders may reach 300 years but those passing 200 are the elite senior citizens.)

Haarnmaan's conversation is resumed. Question: Why should you Atturians live so much longer lives
than we on the surface? Answer: "Harmful ultra violet and other sun rays are the chief cause of death to those on the surface. You recall we have an artificial sun (600 miles in diameter) which lights up our interior world. That sun takes its energy via crystal receivers from the outside sun and stores it, but the harmful rays are not retransmitted. The second cause of premature death to you people above is your diet, in my opinion. The majority of us Atturians are not flesh eaters as are most of you above, although we eat fowl and fish in preference to red meats. But let me state categorically that you and I are biologically identical."

Question: You mean our sun rays shorten life?

Answer: They certainly do. Deterioration, so caused, starts at approximately 20 years in your lives, even where no disease is noticed. The harmful sun's rays even affect your fruit and vegetables, the effects of which are passed on to you when you eat them, as well as the more harmful meat products you consume.

Question: Is longevity below not the result of spiritual or psychological advances, which your society has mastered during the 1 1,000 years your people apparently have been free from war, economic worries and other tensions?

Answer: That's a wrong assumption. Our original long life spans below have been maintained and increased over the centuries partly because we perfected our eating and drinking habits, but mainly because of the filtering of harmful solar rays by our man made sun. Hence, today we have overcome premature old age and the major diseases which inflict you people on the surface.

Question: Tell us more, especially about the fruit and vegetable juices.

Answer: Combinations of certain natural vegetable and fruit juices, or their extracts are used below for many medical cures. We call the system of producing these formulas, "Natural Hygiene." We didn't develop these cures all at once, but their precise compounds are the results of thousands of years of research. We below are careful of our diet although we provide succulent and gourmet menues as do you above.

Question: You say even with improved diet you are occasionally subject to the same diseases as above? Enumerate some diseases which are prevalent here for which you have cures below.

Answer: Cancer is one of your worst destroyers of life. We compound a precise mixture of vegetable juices which when taken at the rate of a half pint per hour over a 30 day period destroys all cancer cells, replacing them with new healthy, normal cells. (Haammaan then explained he was not a medical man and that his remarks were those of a layman but the evidence which he volunteered could be substantiated in tests held on earth in any medical or research facility.) Doctors below were first successful in curing particular cancers by means of a drug called "UGROME" but the drug was later   eliminated from the formulas and straight vegetable and fruit extracts used exclusively with such ingredients as carrots and tomatoes among others.

Question: You say our upper sun rays kill certain fruit or vegetable cells which contain added li£e support elements. How can we on the upper earth raise these products and keep their natural cells
intact at the time of their ripening?

Answer: Grow them in greenhouses with glass that keeps out harmful rays. Your people already know what glass or plastic formula is required to shut out any of the sun's harmful rays in the spectrum.

Question: Please name other cures you have below which those above badly need.

Answer: Abcesses, skin cancers and boils. A jelly used by us clears them up in 24 hours. The jelly can
also be taken internally in a capsule form. You are already aware of our artificial skin made from a sterile compound of vegetable juices and adhesives. The skin comes in rolls like your band-aids and is placed over large first and third degree bum areas. Body moisture is thus retained over a bum area.
The body begins immediately to form new skin beneath. When healing is complete, the artificial skin is peeled off. No scars are seen.

Our dentists below also implant new teeth buds in the cavities of teeth which must be removed due to decay or infection. In the case of cavity filling, dentists below give their patients internal medicine made of natural ingredients which results in a tooth cavity being healed.

Question: Do you have the problem of drug addiction and alcoholism?

Answer: Neither are manufactured or sold in Atturas or Bodland or Vikingland. Drug addiction is considered a serious offense and if it became prevalent as above in your society, its use would not be tolerated. However, we have cures for the major types of addiction found here above. Take your marijuana! We have a weed below which tastes the same as marijuana when smoked. An addict who smokes one such cigarette finds his craving for marijuana satisfied and he or she breaks the drug habit without any side effects. We have similar cures for all your other drug problems. The acceptance of opiates is growing quickly in your society. Alcoholic beverages and smoking products are also not sold in Atturas although the old Vikings and Bodlanders indulge in barley beer and like tobacco, I'm told.

Mr. Haammaan continued, "Gentlemen, I am a man of arts and letters. I am not a scientist of medicine, nor a candidate for a doctor's degree. Very soon I shall communicate with certain people below and in time, through the good offices of you authors who have discovered my whereabouts in your land, and treated me with respect, I shall ask to have brought up some suggestions and perhaps explicit formulas which your druggists or researchers above can compound for controlled trial use. As things stand at present in your country, I would expect reference to these discussions in your book to be rejected or laughed at by the major medical associations. But on leaving the subject of medicine for a while, I would add we have authenticated cures for blood cholesterol, obesity, senility, osteoarthritis, stomach ulcers and many more of your diseases. Plus marvelous diagnostic equipment.

Contrary to what your fatalists say, three score years etcetera should not be the span of a man's existence. If the major diseases could be overcome on the Earth's surface, then mankind's life span would be extended for certain, notwithstanding the harmful surface sun rays.

May I also disagree about your earlier question which implied that our longevity stemmed from a collective, well balanced, spiritual and psychological attitude. Typical longevity below in Atturas is over 800 years and some have reached 1,200 years.

But, to prove that we, below, don't inherit a life span ten or twelve times longer than yours simply because we possess superior spiritual or psychological qualifications, let me tell you about our dogs and cats.

The life span of our domestic animals is perhaps thirty years. The one common denominator which both we people and our animal creatures have in common is an environment free from harmful solar rays.

We can't unveil the mysteries of old age in a few hundred words, but regardless of your sun's harmful
rays and your diet, there are some reversible techniques used by our medical men in Atturraas which
could be copied above to drastically cut the annual death rate. Your medical scientists believe that each cell has an aging clock or self-destruct mechanism built in at about 70 years, but we below have proved this absolute life span is incorrect (as have the Bods). Well over 100 vigorous disease-free years are possible for your people here in the near future, if preventive help to cure the diseases of aging is studied.

Question: Upper earth nations publically spend many, many billions annually on war preparations - notto mention the huge interest cost to governments for monies borrowed to finance war debts. The question is, do you have a military apparatus below?

Answer: A qualified no! Nor do we have cadet colleges or war training schools. We, nor the Bods or Vikings, have standing armies (nor do the New Germans or Six Kingdoms of Old German Saxons).
Our sole para-military effort is policing our own people and that force, whether land or sea, is light. We do have a standing air force which has considerable power but this is based on an ancient system of sky reconnaisance and transportation which you people amaze us by referring to as unidentified flying objects. All the monies you expend in armaments if turned to peaceful uses could create full employment, remove your welfare roles, totally provide doctor and hospital benefits and create a Utopia like that of which you haven't imagined. And what are your poverty stricken, emerging nations buying first? War machines!

But, I must add, no one major country like America could achieve this Utopian structure while a single antagonist nation relies on the force of armaments to dominate the world. All countries would have to   lay down their arms simultaneously.

Question: Does your nation regard America as an aggressor nation?

Answer: I can't speak for our people, but I would say that the English speaking people are not warlike.  But we do regard the Russian leaders as a military complex to be carefully watched.

Question: Who attacked who in the 1946 war of the inner world? Was it the New Germans or the old

Answer: The Vikings observed the New Germans building up their new space craft squadrons.
Worried about the growing German occupation of inner earth lands and suspecting the real intentions of the New Germans from their surface record of war, the Vikings attacked. We, the new Atlanteans, advised the Vikings to stop as soon as we had ascertained their intentions. On our signal the Interplanetary Police Force came in and enforced a Viking withdrawal. The Vikings and New Germans now exchange ambassadors.

Question: Is your nation of Atturraas more advanced than the U. S .A.?

Answer: Yes and no. The U.S.A. is extremely advanced in science and technology, but the inner earth nations are hundreds of years ahead of the upper world in social justice, the humanities and medicine. Although in space technology North America has built a technical and scientific civilization in just a few years, as have certain countries such as Germany and Britain, it has taken us thousands of years to achieve our pre-eminence. But remember, we have had 1 1,500 years without war, and the Bodlanders 30 millenniums.

Question: So in addition to having a society free from want and hunger, clothing and shelter, you must have time for leisure activity.

Answer: Yes, but we have had Olympic Games (which we call Quad) since before we retreated to the inner earth from above. The New Germans below are now sending their athletes to compete and the Vikings, Six German Kingdoms and Bodlanders have long done so. The annual games are a big event   in our lives. We also have other leisure activities like you have above such as hiking, racing and sailing on our oceans. You do practically every thing we do in the world of leisure. We also have our own versions of your baseball, football, tennis, but our athletes are not paid the enormous salaries yours are paid in stadium sports participation. In our houses we have TV or home movies. I would say our movie houses show a better three dimensional picture than yours above.

Question: Is sex exploited below as in certain countries above?

Answer: Sex is not a goddess of worship below. There are no pornographic movies, periodicals, or media advertisements of same. There are no houses of prostitution. This is an explanation that requires a much longer treatment than we have time for today. You will recall married men, women live apart but have special houses for sex visitation. (The Bodlanders are more family oriented, living, playing and entertaining as a unit till the children leave home. The close Bod-family ties remain unbroken according to Dr. Jerrmus.)

Also, there are no polygamous marriages and no divorces in Atturas or Bodland. The childbearing age in Atturas is from 25 to 60 years of age. Marriages take place after age 25. The children live with the mothers until ten and afterwards are trained by the state. The family connection is never broken and we enjoy long lives of fellowship. Wives are permitted to have only two children and afterwards have a minor operation to prevent a recurrence of childbirth. Abortion is not permitted except for proven medical reasons.

(In Bodland intensive high school sex education is taught, the harm of illicit sex acts is discussed and
studied by both sexes. The Bodland student must attend a state run, tuition free high school. All reading is censored till adulthood, with not even Shakespeare being on the high school curricula. University is free.)

I would simply say that total guidance by the state is obligatory until the child/youth becomes of voting age. You above permit the undesirable elements to become an accepted part of your society and then spend the state's monies in locating, watching or incarcerating them, after the criminal tendencies have surfaced. We try to find and correct the troubles beforehand.

Question: Are there any primitive societies down below?

Answer: Yes, in addition to certain Eskimoes, there are a number of tribes in out of the way areas who go practically naked like certain of your New Guinea and Borneo primitives.

Question: What would you call your form of government?

Answer: Ours is a private enterprise system (as is Bodland and Vikingland). We have a hereditary King (as do the Vikings, Bods and Old Germans). A republic form of government (re-elected rulers) was tried many thousands of years ago, but it failed. For 300 years, we had a republic similar to America.   The President was elected for a five year term and could be re-elected three times up to 15 years. This term was changed to one 15 year term and the constitution allowed this for another 300 years. Next, a man was elected for life. Finally, we returned to the hereditary monarchial system which has been in effect ever since.

(Contrary to the Atturian hereditary monarchial system, the present Bodland monarch, King Haakkuuss m, was appointed for life in 1928. Recently he gave notice he wanted to relinquish his duties and the Bodland parliament is now seeking a new king.) Under the existing monarchy in Atturas, a head of state similar to a Prime Minister is in charge and is elected by parliament on recommendation of the king. He presides over the upper and lower houses of parliament. He doesn't necessarily sit in the legislative assembly, but all bills must be approved by the Prime Minister and King. Term of office is 15 years. Both lower and upper houses are for five year terms by the citizens. A few have I been elected for life.  

Question: Is not the Atturian state below somewhat of a disciplinary force in all walks of life including  religion?

Answer: No, it is not. The state allows freedom of conscience in matters of religious conviction where everyone may hold their own concensus of religious philosophy. But we do have a universal church.

The author was unable to explore Atturian religious beliefs in any detail, partly because of the subject's reluctance to elaborate on their forms of worship except to have Haammaan admit they worship a Supreme God and that they regarded Osiris who visited ancient Atlantis above as their Christlike advocate with the Supreme Deity. Haammaan also said that Atturans were divided as to the belief in an afterlife, although this admission was not pursued by the authors.

Interested in the overall religious complexion of the Inner World societies, the author therefore, at a later date, sought further explanations from visiting Bodland lecturer Dr. Jerrmus. He was persuaded to discuss the Bods' religious beliefs and agreed to do so but forewarned of his reluctance because he did not wish to offend his upper world hosts by arguing either religion or politics. With the foregoing preface to religion in Bodland, the urbane doctor of Philosophy described Bod religious backgroundwith some caution, this paraphrased as follows:

The accepted book of divine inspiration used below by the Bods is the Upper World bible expanded with three Old Testament and two New Testament chapters. The Bods claim that the existing old testament as used below was compiled by scholars who were not exclusively Hebrew, but included Greek and Bodlanders, Ezekiel being a Bodlander, Dr. Jerrmus claims.

The entire original bible is kept below in their national museum for all to see and compare, whereas the missing bible books of the Upper World are hidden in three places, these being Rome, Cairo and Tibet.

An important book in the Bod New Testament is the Book of Bod, written and compiled by the king of Bod living at the time of Christ. The king was also one of the (four not three) wise men, all of whom were kings, one having begun his journey from a civilization in the Gobi desert. The second Bod book  deals primarily with healing as explained by Christ to the early Christian disciples. Some original manuscripts on exhibit in the National Bod Museum were written by the apostle scribe Saint John and signed by Jesus Christ.

The Book of Bod elaborates more than the known gospels on Christ's birth, as well as the origin and activities of the wise men and the celestial nature of the star, as the direction and focus of its rays were altered from time to time following its appearance almost a year before Christ was bom in Bethlehem.  

The star was also seen by those in the Inner World and the inhabitants regarded the new light as a long anticipated astrological sign by which the Bod King should begin his journey to pay homage to the Son of God. The King came through a tunnel, emerging in a Bod temple in Abadan on which there has been built a Moslem mosque, and after the visit of the magi to the Christ child, the King returned below via  space craft. The Book also details the crucifixion and tells particularly how the wrath of God was felt on Earth through the elements of nature including bolts of lightning which killed 12 Roman soldiers who participated in the crucifixion. The Book also explains how the entire mideast world was caught up in  the events of the crucifixion, especially an Assyrian king who began too late a forced march with 3000 troops to save Jesus from death.

But there are also variances in the Book of Bod with the existing gospels. For instance, the Bod version credits the Bod King with warning Mary and Joseph to flee with the infant Jesus to Egypt after his birth in order to escape Herod's hate and vengeance. Then, after Jesus' first encounter with the teachers and priests in the temple at age 12, the Bod narrative says he was taken by space ship to the Inner Earth where he was tutored in the Palace of the Bod King till his mid twenties, when he asked to be returned to the Upper World where he completed his studies in India and Tibet before beginning his ministry of  healing and preaching of salvation. Thus the wisdom and learning of the Inner World are represented as figuring largely in Christ's earthly pilgrimage, but that preparation does not discount his divinity nor the main purpose of drawing separated mankind back to God, says Dr. Jerrmus, who does not pretend to be a biblical scholar.

The second expunged book which has been denied Upper World biblical readers, but is an integral part of the Inner World bible, is the book of healing, which was the cornerstone of Christ's earthly ministry. The visiting Bod doctor of literature expounded his opinion that the greatest hindrance to the growth of Christianity in the Upper World was due to the culpability of the early church fathers in their removal of the practical and sacred book on healing, which was a legacy of God's mercy not intended   exclusively for a priestly caste. St. Luke, the physician, was a Bodlander, claims Dr. Jerrmus.

The learned doctor from the Inner World concluded by saying that their prophets anticipated the arrival of Christ thousands of years before his coming. They also foretold the end times of this present age which is supposed to include a final holocaust of mankind after which the perfect world order of universal peace and happiness will be reborn. The Bod pre-Christian temple mentioned earlier, now buried under a Moslem mosque near Abadan, Iran, still has the ancient Bod prophecies engraved on its walls concerning this age.

With this brief mention of religious ethics in the Inner World as described by Dr. Jerrmus, our narrative reverts to the dialogue held with Professor Haammaan on the composition and authority of government in Badlands Inner World neighbor, Atturas. Professor Haammaan continues as follows: "The state of Atturas does not suppress individual initiative or deny freedom of expression, but neither does it allow such wide range objections and lobbying from self interest groups as is permitted in America.

It seems to me that the constant attempts to tear down government here will lead to anarchy soon, or else a clashing of government forces and various so-called objector groups. Unlike a dictatorship, the problem of a republican form of government as in America or France is that there is a danger that the central power base needed for civil obedience is dissipated by too many voices of self-willed interest. Your vested groups in America are very powerful and selfish, often at the expense of the majority electorate! I don't speak of politicians critically, but as an observer. We once had a republican form of government like yours, but abandoned it, as did the people of Bod."

Question: What main dangers lie ahead for Earth?

Answer: Number one - nuclear war. That is why we came up in 1945. Number two - an intruding planetary influence that is growing which could drastically change the climate in the entire northern hemispheres of the upper Earth in the next 20 years if the planet is not diverted away. Past intrusions of this planet Nagirth caused the formation of other continental ice sheets, the origin of which has defied your geologists. Your Science Foundation has all the information here and probably is greatly concerned about this coming new glacial age. But I believe Nagirth will be deflected.

Question: Have you heard that the Earth's mantle between your people and us is combed with manmade tunnels?

Answer: Yes. There are tunnels at varying depths containing very ancient vast civilizations. We use them to commute between Shamballa and the capital of the subterranean Kingdom of the Far North, located in the mantle under Siberia. During the time of the Russian Czars there was an upper opening into Siberia through which we had access to Russia via the tunnels, but this opening has been closed since  Russia went Communistic. Openings exist in the U.S.A. and other parts of the upper world. (See map)  We use them constantly. The North American tunnel opening of which I am aware has a "y" located deep in the mantle where a city exists. One line of the "y" goes to Shamballa and the other goes to Bod. We below are concerned about possible illegal entries of undesirable races from the subterranean world to our nations via tunnels. Other tunnels are the highways used by certain highly civilized subterranean people who travel via rail from city to city. You nor your readers will likely believe this "inside the Earth's crust" remark, but there are reputed to be more people living there than exist on either surface. In addition to tunnel dwellers there are major cities supported by steel domes under the ice caps of the Polar regions, which were tropical before past Ice Ages and shifting of earth poles caused the dwellers to cover their cities for protection. The Antarctic ice-covered, polar cities connect by train tunnels to subterranean mantle cities and major cities of the Inner World. A third of the tunnel cities are natural and the remainder man-made.

Those people living inside have protection against sun and cold, hence a great longevity span. Your Admiral Richard Byrd was taken to one of the domed cities through sub tunnels. We have mapped all existing tunnels and cities, but there could be pockets we don't know of. When Atlantis sank, our ancestors built plastic domes over those remaining cities which had not yet been inundated by the ocean. Today those six plastic domed cities on the Atlantic bed are still inhabited by our Atlantean people. In all, I believe there are 28 cities located allover the world underwater, each being reached by saucer craft as well as tunnel trains. The undersea city near San Juan, Puerto Rico, in the Bahama trench is round in shape and is ten miles in diameter. It is occupied by millions of our people. All our undersea cities also are connected with Shamballa.

In effect, our Atlanteans, Bodlanders and Athenians occupy the inner Earth, many of the tunnels and tunnel cities as well as domed cities on the bottom of the oceans.

Part of the former continent of Atlantis sank immediately, but other parts including those on which the domed cities stand, settled beneath the Atlantic over a period of 300 years. And, of course, the ice
formed slowly over the Antarctic sub continent which was the home of the original Garden of Eden, our legends tell.

Question: What is your explanation of the Bermuda Triangle?

Answer: The so called "Bermuda Triangle" does not exist as a defined boundary. During our war with the Athenians we dumped many multi-faceted crystals, of golf ball size, in areas of what today you call the Bermuda Triangle. The crystals were refractory, power sources of some of our weapons and energy centers. They were able to capture the sun's rays and by internally refracting the rays an intense beam or laser ray was produced. The crystals were first used for peaceful purposes and later
developed for war. These crystals are still operational 1 1,500 years after they were dumped in these
Caribbean areas which subsequently became flooded, but which have been raising gradually since then.

When the sun's rays reach the ocean floor of these areas, the crystals are temporarily activated. When this happens, a steel ship or plane coming in contact with the rays simply disintegrates. Wood is not affected by them.

In the 1600's a fleet of three Dutch ships were sunk in the Sargasso Sea. Survivors, who were found in
the lifeboats put together with wooden dowels, told how their larger sailing ships fell part when the shipsmetal spikes disintegrated. In 1641 the Dutch King built an entirely wooden sailing ship with hardwood dowels. Sent over the same area, the ship found the floating debris of the former wrecks and returning   to Rotterdam in 1641 first told the tale of a sea demon who ate up the ships' spikes. Today we know this area is part of the so called Bermuda Triangle and the sea demon is the dreadful black rays emanating from the crystals which early Atlanteans dumped in that area, now underwater. But it should be remembered that there are also suppressed reports claiming radioactive waste dumped recently in the Caribbean is causing mysterious effects.

The ray in effect is called a black ray by us because it can't be seen. Our ancestors deployed the disintegrating ray in their war with the Athenians to destroy whole cities and also air ships. It is the most devastating ray weapon in the world. The colorless crystal collects its energy from the sun (making it crystal clear) during the day and releases it whenever it is charged to full capacity.

These crystals are indestructable. They were made active by the bottom of the present sea bed rising, along with bottom sands shifting enough to expose the dormant crystals. The crystals are active only at certain times. I believe your government is aware of the danger periods.

Our inner sun is a modified version of these crystals and it, too, is activated in part from the solar sun
shining through the Poles throughout the year. This artificial sun was built in ancient Atlantis, transported inside by our space ships and first charged by the real sun after being orbited in the Earth's interior. Foreseeing the coming war, our ancestors began our colony below 3000 years before Atlantis sank or  approximately 15,000 years ago. The artificial sun has functioned perfectly since it was installed. Our lead protected engineering "ray men" do go in periodically and check the lantern for replacement parts. The refractory crystals, however, are everlasting.

Question: When are you going home permanently?

Answer: Your State Department permitting, I intend to remain above for a long time. It is my new home. While attending college, I fell in love with a surface girl and married her. We have three lovely children and I have made this upper world my home. If my wife and children were to pass on, God forbid, tragically before myself, then I would go back because I expect to have many useful years
ahead. But who knows the future so exactly? Maybe I shall remain above till I die. I have not reckoned how many years of my normal life span I will lose by remaining on the Earth's surface.

Four interviews were held with the two inner world contacts from 1977 to 1979. Many aspects of their separate civilizations were discussed which have not been introduced here because they do not add to  the credibility of a hollow earth. Two important revelations about them should, however, be brought to the reader's attention. The first is the greater longevity of the old races of the Inner Earth who are actually related to surface dwellers. Evidence indicates that those below, without exception, live a minimum of a hundred years longer than we do in a single life span and millions apparently live several hundred additional years. Until we gather further proof of this, a discussion of the longevity of dwellers in the Inner World will be held in abeyance, because the possibility of its being true is more disquieting than anything else discovered. If the Bodlanders live to be several hundred years, then an exchange of medical teams, which the Bodlanders are anxious to do, would be desirable to provide surface dwellers with the formulas used below. If, on the other hand, the Atturans live for a thousand years, is it not possible that mankind on the surface has indeed fallen from grace since he left the legendary Garden of Eden? And have human beings been denied longer lives by the finite life sentence of only three score years and ten? On being asked what was the greatest difference between the Inner and Outer worlds which he first noted on arriving on the surface to live, Haammaan replied, "Old age, hospitals and mortuaries."

Notes on Sources


Incidents in Chapter I are indicative of outer space surveillance and the four primary events described were chosen from hundreds of sightings and alien manifestations gleaned from various sources, including Navy and Air Force files. The name Major Farrel is a pseudonym used by a retired Air Force person who now resides in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. Fifty pages of supporting documentary evidence regarding the Mantell/UFO encounter were read in the National Archives but when copies arrived by   mail the photostat information was so purposely overdeveloped it was unreadable. Complaints were unanswered.


The Caldwell invention of an aerodynamic breakthrough which had merit enough to become government subsidized was denied by the Army- Air Force at the time. The stories appeared in several American dailies in July, 1949, under AP wire, including pictures of the Roto Plane and Grey Goose in their battered and found conditions, since they were abandoned in 1936. Baltimore Sun carried the original. Researcher Hudson found initial story evidence in the National Archives, following a civil service tip. Follow-up then began in the Baltimore Sun's morgue where editors and cameramen were interviewed. The search was continued in California and Canada. America's greatest aerodynamic genius since the Wright brothers resides at various locations and is always on the move. The author met him twice under a different name, part of the careful plan to shield him from public awareness for fear of renewed Soviet attempts to kidnap him. Caldwell's body movements are still quick, his mind is clear, his eyes sparkle with a merry, almost mischievous gleam as he philosophizes or reminisces about his favorite hobbies and pursuits. He is always accompanied by what appear to be secret service agents and he refuses to discuss his contributions to science.


Classified files in the State Department on the visit of the outer-terrestrials to President Roosevelt in1936 and 43 were shown to the book's researcher. This information was followed up through diplomatic papers in the National Archives. Personal verification was made also through a close contact with President Roosevelt, who said the visits were "common knowledge" among the White House staff  at the time. However, much additional research, particularly about the beginning of the U.S. government cover-up, was done in order to present the facts in their proper context of that period. Several government heads who helped should be acknowledged, but they insist on remaining anonymous. The  author and exemplary voluntary aides spent four years before discovering the current hiding place for the entire UFO repository including the U.S. space role in earth and outer space environs. Although the-hideaway for the network of cover-up was located in the National Security Agency, it was apparent that the section, which denied all knowledge of the program, was in fact semiautonomous and not answerable to the head of the agency, and frequently defied orders to explain its actions. It was never discovered just where the roots of the cover-up section ended nor from where its personnel were  recruited, but information sources indicated it was the Council on Foreign Relations.


Some of the sources for early U.S. development of the round wing plane must still remain secret as well as the names of contributing associates. We were unable to obtain existing close-up photos of Caldwell's first airworthy prototypes of the 30's, which are stored in the Smithsonian Institute for future public display.


First story leads on the German development of their own flying saucer came from Christina Edderer,
private pilot to Hitler who was interviewed twice in Munich in December 1975 and early 1980. Through Edderer, our contact led to the Von Schusnick family. John Taylor of the Modem Military Records of the National Archives dug out much German material and OSS records of World War U to  complete the chapter. To get a first-hand account of the sorry lift-off of the first German saucer prototype, one of the former crew now living in America was questioned. He is still an arrogant hard core Nazi at heart. Reference to the espionage trials and executions of the eight traitors invalved in the stolen Caldwell plans were from various government files as well as old newspaper stories. A State Department source verified details, and provided other leads.


Untold is a great story on the stupendous civilian effort of Americans and Canadians to develop a lost British Columbia valley and build a complex within it to house the U.S. round wing plane factories and housing. The author was unable to get any realistic perspective of the valley for security reasons still in effect, although he is aware of Canadians and Americans who have been located there. On a per capita basis, the Canadian war effort and its part in the round wing plane story via the valley complex, etcetera, was as great as that of the United States or Britain.


The records of an OSS agent, a bonafide Catholic priest under the code name of Father John, were shown to the researcher and from this source the story of Father John's visit to the British Columbia valley complex is told. Most helpful in finding and acquiring much of the related material in the chapter of war time development of the allied round wing plane was material from old files which were unclassified as to their security nature, keeping in mind that nothing of a strategic or significant military disclosure was made available.


Two of the four agents who infiltrated Germany and rode the troop trains to Spain are still alive and live in the U.S.A.; Allen Dulles and the Catholic priest are dead. Those alive are brave heroes whose names, because of security reasons still in force, must be protected and even their true identities and
whereabouts cannot be divulged. OSS records in the National Archives contain much of the cloak-and-dagger bravery of these American agents (and British as well) which won't be made available to the public till fifty years from these happenings or after the death of the remaining agents. A high government official, without whose help this book would have floundered in its early stages, made these records available. Microfilm files of captured German records at the Archives were also read to reveal the story of the sinking of the two British cruisers. The same story was researched in the British
Admiralty Office in London. A letter from the National Archives in Washington, signed by John S. Taylor, introduced the researcher to Sir John Cole, Keeper of the captured German records in the British Admiralty. (British and American German records are now being transferred back to Germany
on microfilm.) The official German Archives in Bonne, hidden deep underground, also admitted the researcher in order to verify information on the super subs and other matters. Finally, the sub builder was interviewed.

Records transferred from the London office of the OSS activities in World War JJ regarding meetings of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under the late General Dwight Eisenhower and OSS Chief General W. Donovan (deceased), were studied in Washington and the Public Records Office in London, held by her Majesty's Secret Service, under Army Intelligence.

The episode of the giant German super sub was first discovered in the captured German Archives of the U.S. National Archives as well as the Library of Congress where the super sub plans were seen (but copies could not be obtained). The bulk of the information re the super sub came from the British
Admiralty Office in London. Bonn Archives were also checked for verification. Both the German Captain of the sub (whose name given is fictitious), and the former OSS agent Schellenberg were located by the authors. Neither man was aware the other was alive. Many additional episodes were revealed which must be excluded from this chapter because of time. Names of the mass Jew exterminators in German concentration camps and elsewhere, came from original notebooks, diaries, and records captured from the Germans at World War JJ's end, including the one signed in human blood, kept in the National Archives. Dr. Wolff, head of the captured German records in the National Archives, was most helpful to the researcher.

Material re the Hitler escape was made available when Generalissimo Franco of Spain ordered to be opened the Spanish Military Records in Madrid and Simcas, Spain, and King Juan Carlos later helped in a personal way to secure additional supporting information. Without the American CIA the picture story of the German exodus would never have been verified, the author having met the agent who took the intelligence snap shots.


Phase I of the 1572 unwilling German exodus into the mantle of the earth was obtained in parts from Portugese Archives in Lisbon, French Archives in Paris and Vatican Archives in Rome. Eric Von Schusnick, living in Washington in 1977, verified to the researcher the author's questions on the whereabouts and population of the present German cities located in the earth mantle, and German populations in the earth's interior, but all Bodland information came from Dr. Jerrmus, visiting lecturer from Bodland's capitol city. Much tunnel information came from other German sources, including Swiss tunnel engineer Karl Schneider. Ben Miller, an assumed name, Byrd's navigator in hiding since 1947 for fear of his life, also provided extensive tunnel and interior information, and turned over his copies of the world's early (and perhaps first) written language used in the ancient Antarctic cities now covered over with ice. Most of all the information for this chapter came from old German sources. But official records, manuscripts and nameless books at the Library of Congress catalogued only by numbers, were searched. The conclusive break in the almost fabled story of Germanic penetration of the Inner World occurred when Dr. Jerrmus was located, who provided the many unanswered queries on the 20th Century Nazi plans for emigration to the Inner World prior to World War U and also the post-war German exodus. It was Dr. Jerrmus who provided the contents of the 1943 King Haakkuus the Third's welcome speech delivered to the Upper World Germanic cousins, which speech laid down the terms of Inner World occupation. Dr. Jerrmus also told of the 1936 warning to Hitler, given by King Haakkuus the Third, that Germany should not incite another world war on the surface of the planet.


Admiral Byrd's 1946-47 log was made available for one hour on one occasion and again later on. Congressman Claude Pepper arranged the first review and the signature of President Ford was required for a second look. A Navy airman who accompanied the group down and into the interior was interviewed as well, along with Byrd's navigator Ben Miller who of course played a leading role. Franklin Birch, head of Polar Archives, while not admitting the Byrd Flight, eventually gave much valuable information and assistance to the author-researcher team. Hundreds of pictures re the inside
of the earth were seen by the researcher. Those chosen were paid for, but never delivered, as opposition hardened to the Byrd story release. The briefing upon Byrd's return to Washington came from Navy Archives. Newspaper accounts stored on microfilm also were read.


The official account orally given was that Byrd's 1947 flight crashed in an Antarctic snow storm. Still-living members of the crew as well as naval records proved that this version of the missing airmens' deaths was concocted. Makeup and composition of the navy fighter squadron was located in the Navy Archives. Correspondence with Byrd's family went unanswered. The main German account of the Russian and American aerial destruction in the interior was given by Kurt Von Ludwig while visiting the West German Embassy in Washington. Eric Von Schusnick gave the rendering of the dead airmens' return to Arlington cemetery. The plaque honoring those killed in action in what could be called the Inner World Mini- War, was seen by the book researcher in 1979.


Someday historians will rewrite the drama of the Admiral Richard Byrd excursions to the Poles and inside the Earth in order to insert a momentous missing chapter to American history. It was Byrd's flights, regardless of the final disastrous one, that roused his successors to carryon the search for the "legendary" Inner World and prove it was real. Briefly interviewed for this chapter was Captain R. Davies of the 1947 flight by American round wing plane into the center of the Earth. Most convincing of the returned information were the picture composites which formed the Upper World's first map of thehollow interior.


The California base supplying the Antarctic stations was visited by the author to gather material for  
communications center in northern Ontario, Canada. The deception that Arctic and Antarctic defense
lines were mainly built for possible action from the Russians, intentionally ignored the presumed German menace entrenched in the interior of the earth which in the immediate post war years was considered a threat. The researcher sat in on an Allied Polar Defense meeting in Washington in 1975, attended by two representatives from eight nations including U.S.A., U.S.S.R., Canada, Great Britain, France, Netherlands and Italy, the purpose of which was continuing discussion of a common northern defense against possible invasion from the interior (presumably New Germany). After the meeting the Russian representative invited Hudson to Moscow to discuss the UFO information. According to German and American Intelligence sources, the Russians do not possess the round wing plane but are aware that the Germans and English speaking people have it. The Soviets also know (fearfully) of the American presence of the magnetic space craft generally called the round wing plane because of its use on occasion over Moscow. Films of UFO sightings were also shown the researcher while in Russia where he was guest for three days with the Russian Institute of Space Sciences. The episode on how America nearly lost the secret of the round wing plane as a result of the Yalta conference (had it not been for the protective OSS concern in cooperation with British Intelligence) was provided through a two hour study of a secret CIA brief of the Yalta affair and added agent verification. In trying to discern President Roosevelt's egomania and diminishing well-being in his final months of life, the author was made conscious that without Roosevelt's earlier vision the round wing shield over the free world would have been only a dream.


Description of German life in the hollow earth was delayed until the reader was first made familiar with the earlier origins of the hollow earth civilizations. Again it was information from German sources that gave the authors contemporary evidence that the earth is hollow, as are most planets. A grandson of the original Captain von Jagow, Helmut von Jagow, formerly captain in the Imperial German Navy and now (1978) with the United Nations in New York, supplied many details along with visitor to America John von Tirpitz (now 81), formerly Grand Admiral of the German North Sea Fleet, who as a young lieutenant served on board the ship to the interior. Two persons from the Inner World were interviewed - the first man in 1977 named Haammaann is a professor at an Eastern university. Professor Haammaann divulged the historical facts of the Upper World nuclear war 1 1,500 years ago and gave credibility to the sinking of the continent of Atlantis. Further information on the social, political, economic and religious life in the Inner World was supplied by Haammaann and Jerrmuss (who was interviewed in 1979). Their fascinating accounts of the interior systems are in the appendix. Both men want the story of the Inner Earth explained although Professor Haammaann has been harassed by officialdom for talking and is afraid of deportation. Hence his picture is not shown. On the other hand, Dr. Jerrmus states there are no classified secrets in his country of Bodland and welcomes visitors in the years ahead who may want to ascertain what life is like in the most advanced nation on or in the world. Another Inner World man, J. B. Accerson (English spelling) who was on loan from Atturia to the U.S.A. on a map exchange program, drew for us the map of the interior. For his help he was turned out of his office in the Library of Congress and was forced to go in hiding to complete the work, after which he sought and was granted asylum in a foreign embassy. He will probably be deported unless a Presidential stay is granted. In coming to the authors' aid in similar situations, the executive branch of the government up to and including the President has been obliging and helpful.


Correspondence between Truman and Churchill, and other related letters from commentators such as Plateu, are kept in bound books in the Kensington Tombs, Maryland. In reading this correspondence, one can't help reflect that the letters represented a course of action for transportation and technological changes of a new world to be bom well in advance of the next century. The great contributions made by General Charles B. Wilkerson and his staff were barely touched on in using laymens' language. No investigation of the twelve research centers was conducted and no attempt was made to evaluate the round wing program after 1952. Almost as fascinating as the round wing plane possibilities was the trial ran of the automobile as it crossed the country (rather continent) without fuel. It is reliably reported that the same test motor is still in use on a highway conveyance vehicle.


The name Colonel Fox is fictitious, the author having decided to give the OSS agent the same name by which the Germans referred to him. He is also referred to under one of his code names. Fox himself spoke to the author and gave details of the von Rundstedt visit and follow-up meeting with Patton in Berne, Switzerland. In order to avoid dry statistics, only one family's migration and residence was used. Five leading Von Schusnicks (three generations) were interviewed in America, Switzerland and Germany. Hitler's funeral was verified from government sources in Spain, Germany and Washington.

The author obtained a complete list of those who attended and a description of the service and final burial place of the former German dictator. Hitler's remains have since been moved twice. The revelation of German-based war aspirations located in various South American locales was sketched in order to show the reader that two separate German branches developed after World War II, one being inside the Earth under Bodland direction — and the other hidden in the vastness of unexplored South American areas principally under Nazi direction.


The author tried unsuccessfully to obtain a copy of the State Departments alien card used to admit outer terrestrials to planet Earth. The text was read but no copies permitted for publication. Neither was it possible to use the name of the director of that department, notwithstanding he was most helpful in the interviewing. Six interviews were held with Mr. Estes Plateu. The first was in Danny's Cafe, Washington, accompanied by Major Donald Keyhoe. Second meeting was arranged by a senior civil servant over the protests of another military intelligence group. Much of the information was not used. No attempt was made to prove if Venus is occupied because of book limitations although Mr. Plateu issued an invitation to the author to visit his homeland - with our government's permission of course. Plateu says his father visited George Washington in the field and the present Plateu visited Lincoln on more than one occasion of which the author has been given record. Plateu also says his father was an observer in Palestine and Rome at the time of Christ. The elder Plateu heard Christ preach many times in the Holy Land, thus verifying the gospels. Plateu is reported to have said of his father that if the people had only listened to Jesus then the world would be a paradise today. When in astral projection, Plateu is not photographable. Hence an artist was used to draw his portrait at an unnamed location. The first artist refused to finish the project because of threats to his life. It is obvious that Plateu's movements in the U.S. are so restricted by the unfathomed autonomous UFO control group located in the Washington vicinity, that Plateu's usefulness to America and the world in general cannot be effectively tapped. The Vatican was visited on two occasions by the researcher in order to verify the visits of the outer terrestrials. He spoke with Pope Paul, the Vatican Secretary of State, and the Press Secretary who began by saying, "We don't expect you to believe this — we ourselves have a hard time deciding its reality."

The author's own interpolation was added to that of the Vatican notes in order to look at the role of Christendom in the world today. Most Protestant leaders approached in America did not react with openness or credibility to the comments on extra- or outer-terrestrial visits to churchmen, avoiding discussion or calling the subject matter heretical. Dr. Billy Graham did not reply nor set up a meeting. But a scientist at Stanford said, "How could only a few hundred pages in the bible tell all the things of
the future that God wants man to know? The Old Testament and Revelations read that important prophecies would be unfolded at the closing of this age. Also if aliens and airships are arriving from other planets and we've made contact with those inside the Earth, then we should pause and recall that Galileo was ahead of his time but bold enough to declare that 'Earth was not the center of the
universe.'" A Doctor of Divinity who teaches a class in Revelations at a California Christian college said:

"The concept of Christ's atonement for mankind's sins must be taken on faith - but students today are asking many other questions of this age on which we need more complete answers." And a top writer for a large Protestant Evangelistic association said: "It isn't necessary to prove God. Just tell the  facts. 
God's word must stand up to any examination! Otherwise, it is not God's word." But Israel's Prime Minister Manechim Begin stated that neither outer nor inner terrestrials had visited Israel, whose small stub of land is in the crossroads of the world's trouble spot in this decade. Because of this remark, the author considered that the historic Judaic position in the light of current Christianity should be mentioned.


Several unnamed military eyewitnesses spoke of the Ocala confrontation between an American round wing plane and a Nagirth intruder. A White House executive source was also helpful. The researcher learned of the event while it was happening but the author was not allowed on the site. Regarding the
remarks on the changing weather patterns across the globe, there is a film issued by NASA named "The Coming Ice Age," which via this 35 mm, 30 minute documentary gives scientific, meteorological  and astronomical proof of the wandering planetary intrusion of Nagirth. Mr. Plateu of Venus said his planetary advisors have shown North Americans how to build electro-magnetic, anti-gravity machines which will repel Nagirth as was done 300 years ago when the same unwelcome influence approached  the Venus orbit.


The United States Air Force provided the recent cases of unidentified craft in earth skies. Of prime importance is the understanding of the author that the space craft sighted and reported are said by the Air Force to be foreign to this solar system — that is, the craft are considered as inter-galactic.


No intensive review was done on the use of the anti-magnetic motor possibilities which military and civilian research groups have been conducting for decades. The researcher attended a meeting in  Washington at which members of the aircraft industry were briefed on the transition from fixed wing to round wing air travel by the round wing plane specialists of the U.S. and Canadian air forces. The
Russian versus American (or free world) problems in the upper atmosphere were brought into focus after much thought in order to show the reader that Soviet versus free world antagonism has already reached into outer space. A private investigation by the researcher uncovered the existence of planetary delegations located in Washington. The reference to the 1952 flight of an American/Canadian/British  flight to Venus was obtained from the actual flight log of the flight was read in its entirety on the authorization of an unnamed government committee. That story will be written as a separate narrative at another time, mainly because half of the contents describes life on Venus. Two round wing pilots were interviewed for this chapter and the head or commander of the Interplanetary Police Net (a Venusian) was also interviewed, the English phonetic rendering of the Commander's name being Karkov.


The 54-12 committee was attentive when we asked to explain to them our reasoning for telling the public of the round wing achievement in the field of space travel and the obstacles which we had overcome to reach the concluding chapter. Although the committee did not reveal their inner deliberations, it was apparent that erudite and scholarly men from the United States and Canada sat thereon. At that point in time, after four years of research, writing and rewriting, no censorship demands were made by the committee, and no attempt was made to stop the book by 54-12. The work of the author is generally optimistic in its outlook, but some sobering mysteries of this age are briefly mentioned in the last pages. From the frontispiece to the last paragraph, world science is truly shown  as advancing at colossal speed, but in the end, as at the begining of the book, mankind is still feverishly poised to obliterate his neighbor with the ultimate weapon - nuclear powered hate - conceived in his own heart and fashioned with his own hands.



Proper names of individuals and places in this book have been changed or omitted where security demanded such precautions. In several other instances, the true source of information must remain unidentified. But there are people whose valuable contributions can be acknowledged without indicating the context in which they helped.

A few people provided counsel and support whenever called upon throughout the entire book. Those contributors are John S. Taylor, U.S. State Department, and Charles B. Wilson, former Dean of
Princeton University Law School.

Specific information and supporting evidence was provided by the following. The names do not necessarily coincide with the order of incidents. They were: Lt. Commander Harold B. Simpson, U.S. Navy; U.S. Senators Robert Byrd, Lawton Chiles; U.S. Congressmen William Young, Claude Pepper; Johnathan Charles Black, Naval Observatory; John C. Gaines, Naval Intelligence; James P. Kelly, N.A.S.A.; Arthur B. Hines, South Polar Archives, National Science Foundation; Hal B. Smith, Air Force Archives; Lewis B. Taylor, Library of Congress, Manuscripts Division; Dr. John B. Sherman, Ph.D., Treasury Archives; Dr. J. Manson Valentine Ph.D.; Robert J. Brush; Major M. C. Jones, U.S. Air Force; Lt. Colonel Louis B. Mackenzie, U.S. Air Force; W. T. Lee, Library of Congress; Fred C. Lewis, National Space Foundation; Lee E. Walter, Smithsonian Institution, Outer Space Division; C.  S.Leighton, U.S. Air Force Records; George Leese, U.S. State Department, Outer Space Division; Albert V. Pace, Baltimore Sun; Jacob F. Oxford, National Observatory; Lt. Col. Eric C. Hoborn, U.S. Air Air Force (retired); Lloyd C. Wright, Navy Hyrdographic Department; Maj. John C. Blalock, Naval Intelligence; William G. Ivey; William Bruce Jones, National Aeronatucis Association. For those informants who also helped, but could not permit their identities to be revealed, appreciation is also expressed.

To Mr. Estes Plateu, Venus Ambassador to Earth; Mr. Jooaannoyhssn Haammoond, Shamballa, Agharta; Dr. Jerrmuus of Bodland, and J. B. Accerson of Shamballa who drew the Inner World map, our appreciation is gratefully acknowledged.

To an old friend of over three score years and ten, Lionel Mayell (now deceased), who believed the story of worlds beyond, when others scoffed; and tribute to a young friend, Greg Leith, who never ceased to encourage his father to persevere in writing the book, in spite of countless discouragements.

Additional Acknowledgments

The particular government department or agency for the following names cannot be given for various reasons. Names are as follows: Thomas B. Goodnight; Orvil C. Kelly; John B. Williams; Thomas Watkins; Waddley G. Blake; George B. Meyer; Franklin B. Pierce; James D. Bouman; George A. Kelly; Orval C. Harris.

Without the aid of the following Americans, this book could not have been completed. They are Charles E. Scott; Bryan B. Kelly; Cecil M. Lloyd; Thomas (Tom) Whiford; John T. Jones; A Cecil B. Brown; Amos P. Taylor; John F. Lynch; Xavier B. Johnnas; Merril P. Fanning.


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