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Qanon Durham Unleashed - Greatest TREASON Trial in History

I have to say that i am scrambling to keep up here.  The Durham criminal investigation around the activities of the top level officials in the Obama administration appears to be hitting its climax.  Expect real arrests literally momentarily.

That list of questions regarding Obama tells me that they now have answers and hard evidence as well.   They are no longer speculative questions drawn from a conforming fact pattern. Way more important is that i now know new questions regarding the background role of Iran.

All this means real trials for treason and a real firing squad.  Thus suddenly we are told that Gitmo is ready to receive guests.  All this is set to happen now and it will focus on those in the jail image.

The ongoing round up of the global pedophile conspiracy and corrupt politicians will also ramp up but the ongoing TREASON trials will place them out of sight to some degree.  100,000 plus sealed indictments are outstanding.

The CCP will also be running for cover when this goes down.

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Unrelated but worth noting.
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[Placeholder - [DECLAS] Exculpatory Evidence [Illegal Hold-Non_Report] FISA_T_SURV]
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Praying for POTUS, Q team and all patriots. God wins!
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No coverage by US MSM?
Ask yourself a simple Q - why?


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Salvini is a PATRIOT

Italy is w/ POTUS.
Attempts by D's to prevent disclosure of FVEY material (re: Nunes non_official ways) was DENIED.
They are powerless.
Enjoy the show.


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Wray is a sleeper

Future marker.


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Thank you for confirming….
Coats BAD
Ratcliffe GOOD
Sleepers present problems re: staff fills.
More coming?


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The weblink wont open


Anons crashed the site.
High-volume traffic.


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Maryland has second-most defendants charged in federal human trafficking cases?
Who represents Maryland in the House/Senate?
The More You Know…

Real Hedge-Fund Managers Have Some Thoughts on What Epstein Was Actually Doing

First off, it is clear that he was a hedge fund manager in name only and likely made no other decisions beyond parking the money safely outside the long reach of the FBI in particular.  At any level you need access to a trading desk and that ended apparently with his job at Bears Sterns.

In fact, the Bears Sterns tale is revealing.  It tells me that their red hot operator who would be doing serious business to even have their trust, got himself funded by a private investor.  To make partner though a number of years would be expected so he was doing plenty business that worked.   What likely happened is that he had a complaint to fend off and his investor allowed him to be made partner.  The problem with all that is that your investor must be clean and this is something the firm cannot know until they do through the application process.  The loss of the investor would then precipatate the complaint problem and the end of his relationship with the firm.
It sort of looks like a Ponzi scheme with a twist.   Instead of earning a high rate of return on your money, you get tickets on the Lolita express or as a house guest at one of his fabulous mansions all secured by your capital.  The potential cover story is excellent for the 'investors'.  Better yet you avoid the charge of blackmail.  You also play the money end straight up because your guests will not tolerate been robbed outright.

Thus you have the type of facilities to lure others into your fabulous honey trap.  This includes famous folks who can provide you necessary protection or the aura of protection.

Real Hedge-Fund Managers Have Some Thoughts on What Epstein Was Actually Doing

By Michelle Celarier

Long before Jeffrey Epstein pleaded guilty to prostitution charges in Florida more than a decade ago, his fellow Palm Beach resident and hedge-fund manager Douglas Kass was intrigued by the local gossip about his neighbor.

“I’m hearing about the parties, hearing about a guy who’s throwing money around,” says Kass, president of Seabreeze Partners Management. While stories about young girls swarming Epstein’s waterfront mansion and the sex parties he hosted for the rich and powerful were the talk of the town, Kass was more focused on how this obscure person, rumored to be managing billions of dollars, had become so wealthy without much of a track record.

Kass was well-connected on Wall Street, where he’d worked for decades, so he began to ask around. “I went to my institutional brokers, to their trading desks and asked if they ever traded with him. I did it a few times until the date when he was arrested,” he recalls. “Not one institutional trading desk, primary or secondary, had ever traded with Epstein’s firm.”

When a reporter came to interview Kass about Bernie Madoff shortly before that firm blew up in the biggest Ponzi scheme ever, Kass told her, “There’s another guy who reminds me of Madoff that no one trades with.” That man was Jeffrey Epstein.

“How did he get the money?” Kass kept asking.

For decades, Epstein has been credulously described as a big-time hedge-fund manager and a billionaire, even though there’s not a lot of evidence that he is either. There appears little chance the public is going to get definitive answers anytime soon. In a July 11 letter to the New York federal judge overseeing Epstein’s sex-trafficking case, Epstein’s attorney offered to provide “sealed disclosures” about Epstein’s finances to determine the size of the bond he would need to post to secure his release from jail pending trial. His brother, Mark, and a friend even offered to chip in if necessary.

Naturally, this air of mystery has especially piqued the interest of real-life, non-pretend hedge-funders. If this guy wasn’t playing their game — and they seem pretty sure he was not — what game was he playing? Intelligencer spoke to several prominent hedge-fund managers to get a read on what their practiced eyes are detecting in all the new information that is coming to light about Epstein in the wake of his indictment by federal prosecutors in New York. Most saw signs of something unsavory at the heart of his business model.

To begin with, there is much skepticism among the hedgies Intelligencer spoke with that Epstein made the money he has — and he appears to have a lot, given a lavish portfolio of homes and private aircraft — as a traditional money manager. A fund manager who knows well how that kind of fortune is acquired notes, “It’s hard to make a billion dollars quietly.” Epstein never made a peep in the financial world.

Epstein was also missing another key element of a typical thriving hedge fund: investors. Kass couldn’t find any beyond Epstein’s one well-publicized client, retail magnate Les Wexner — nor could other players in the hedge-fund world who undertook similar snooping. “I don’t know anyone who’s ever invested in him; he’s never talked about by any of the allocators,” says one billionaire hedge-fund manager, referring to firms that distribute large pools of money among various funds.

Epstein’s spotty professional history has also drawn a lot of attention in recent days, and Kass says it was one of the first things that raised his suspicions years ago. Now 66, Epstein didn’t come from money and never graduated from college, yet he landed a teaching job at a fancy private school (“unheard of,” says Kass) and rose through the ranks in the early 1980s at investment bank Bear Stearns. Within no time, Kass notes, Epstein was made a partner of the firm — and then was promptly and unceremoniously ousted. (Epstein reportedly left the firm following a minor securities violation.) Despite this “squishy work experience,” as Kass puts it, at some point after his quick exit, Epstein launched his own hedge fund, J. Epstein & Co., later renamed Financial Trust Co. Along the way, he began peddling the improbable narrative that he was so selective he would only work with billionaires.

Oddly, Epstein also claimed to do all the investing by himself while his 150 employees all worked in the back office — which Kass says reminds him of Madoff’s cover story. Though it now appears that Epstein had many fewer employees than he claimed, according to the New York Times:

Thomas Volscho, a sociology professor at the College of Staten Island who has been researching for a book on Mr. Epstein, recently obtained [a 2002 disclosure] form, which shows [Epstein’s] Financial Trust had $88 million in contributions from shareholders. In a court filing that year, Mr. Epstein said his firm had about 20 employees, far fewer than the 150 reported at the time by New York magazine.

Given this puzzling set of data points, the hedge-fund managers we spoke to leaned toward the theory that Epstein was running a blackmail scheme under the cover of a hedge fund.

How such a scheme could hypothetically work has been laid out in detail in a thread on the anonymous Twitter feed of @quantian1. It’s worth reading in its entirety, but in summary it is a rough blueprint for how a devious aspiring hedge-fund manager could blackmail rich people into investing with him without raising too many flags.

Kass and former hedge-fund manager Whitney Tilson both emailed the thread around in investing circles and both quickly discovered that their colleagues found it quite convincing. “This actually sounds very plausible,” Tilson wrote in an email forwarding the thread to others.

“He somehow cajoled these guys to invest,” says Kass, speaking of hypothetical blackmailed investors who gave Epstein their money to invest, but managed to keep their names private.

The fact that Epstein’s fund is offshore in a tax haven — it is based in the U.S. Virgin Islands — and has a secret client list both add credence to the blackmail theory.

So what did Epstein do with the money he did have under his management, setting aside the questions of how he got it and how much he had? One hedge-fund manager speculates that Epstein could have just put the client money in an S&P 500 index fund, perhaps with a tax dodge thrown in. “I put in $100 million, I get the S&P 500 minus some fees,” he says, speaking of a theoretical client’s experience. Over the past few decades, the client would have “made a shitload” — as would Epstein. A structure like that wouldn’t have required trading desks or analysts or complex regulatory disclosures.

Kass has kicked around a similar idea: Maybe Epstein just put all the client money in U.S. treasuries — the simplest and safest investment there is, and the kind of thing one guy actually can do by himself.

If the blackmail theory sounds far-fetched, it’s worth keeping in mind that it was also floated by one of Epstein’s victims, Virginia Roberts Giuffre. “Epstein … also got girls for Epstein’s friends and acquaintances. Epstein specifically told me that the reason for him doing this was so that they would ‘owe him,’ they would ‘be in his pocket,’ and he would ‘have something on them,’” she said in a court affidavit, according to the investigative series in the Miami Herald that brought the case back to the public’s attention late last year.

In the 2015 filing, Giuffre claimed that Epstein “debriefed her” after she was forced into sexual encounters so that he could possess “intimate and potentially embarrassing information” to blackmail friends into parking their money with him. She also said photographic and video evidence existed — an assertion that looms especially large now that federal investigators have found a trove of images in Epstein’s home safe.

61-Year-Old Disabled Man Demonstrates EXACTLY “Why You Need an AR-15”


This is actually no argument for anything other than a good pistol.  The victim had holed up in a position forcing the assailants to come one at a time.   The assailant still got of a shot and that was highly likely.  However the victim then actually fatally shot that assailant and in such a place as to prevent further injury to himself.

If anything he ran a real risk in working with an AR - 15 in confined spaces as that may have slowed reactions and forced positioning issues.  A pistol has the advantage that you can broadly rotate it around your wrist to poke around corners and snap shoot without exposing your body.

Anyway he had the AR - 15 and they exchanged fire with both getting hit.  The other three fools had enough sense to run.

61-Year-Old Disabled Man Demonstrates EXACTLY “Why You Need an AR-15” 

July 16, 2019

by Daisy Luther

How many times have you seen a gun control debate in which someone chimes in, “Nobody needs an AR-15. What are you going to do, hunt deer with it?” It’s been a busy year for gun control advocates, passing draconian law after draconian law.

Sometimes it’s part of a heartfelt essay, like this, which is just another essay where a man bloviates about his views on high-velocity weapons.
There is no place for high-velocity weaponry in the hands of the citizenry. No number of lengthy oratories by National Rifle Association leadership and pandering politicians will ever justify the deaths this nation has already endured. “Every Marine a Rifleman” is an adage for Marines, not for civilians. We are no longer under the oppressive rule of a foreign king, and it is folly to think that by keeping civilians from such weapons that we risk our republic. We risk nothing more than offending the bloated gun lobby in Washington. But by doing nothing, we continue to risk our children’s lives. (source)
The author of that piece feels that since a pistol isn’t a match for an AR-15, nobody but police and military should be allowed to have one.

But that’s exactly why we should be able to own guns like AR-15s.

A disabled gentleman in Summerfield, Florida demonstrated exactly why one needs an AR-15 last Wednesday when he handily dealt with four home invaders who thought he was a soft target.
Deputies got the call at 8:21 p.m. Wednesday and went to the home at 14999 SE 32nd Court Road in response to a report of shots fired.
Sgt. Micah Moore found Doyle with a gunshot wound and a shotgun next to him on the ground. Deputies entered the home and found Jackson dead on the dining room floor. Detectives said he was wearing a “Jason” mask on top of his head, gloves on both hands, jeans and a black shirt.
Near Jackson’s head was a semi-automatic pistol, detectives said.
Continuing into the home, deputies found the 61-year-old homeowner in a bedroom.
He had an AR-15 rifle on his legs and was bleeding from a gunshot wound to the stomach, according to sheriff’s officials. Doyle and the homeowner were transported to Ocala Regional Medical Center, where Doyle died.
Deputies continued to search the area.
Deputy Austin Coon and K-9 Deputy Alberto Gago, with his dog Nitro, found Rodriguez and Hamilton in the 15000 block of Southeast 36th Avenue, according to arrest reports. Rodriguez was hiding in tall grass on the side of the road.
He was wearing sweat pants and a purple shirt. Hamilton was wearing all black clothing.
Deputies said the men were sweating. (source)
I’ll bet they were sweating when they discovered how outmatched they were. Here’s what went down. Police have opted not to name the brave homeowner.
The homeowner told Detective Travis O’Cull that, about an hour before the shooting, a male who he barely remembers from a past Craigslist transaction, knocked on the front door, according to sheriff’s officials.
The homeowner said he did not open the door but saw the male peering through a back sliding-glass door. He said he asked the male what he was doing and was told he needed help with his vehicle.
The homeowner said he told the individual he was disabled and couldn’t help him. That person then left and [the] homeowner went to sleep.
The homeowner told the detective he was awakened by a loud noise and grabbed his AR-15, which was near his bed. He saw a masked person inside the home, he said, and he and the intruders exchanged gunfire. He said he shot at the man in the mask and at a second person coming toward him.
The homeowner said it was Jackson who shot him. (source)
If ever there was a case for being ready to defend one’s home, this is it.

The other two suspects were interviewed and then placed under arrest.

Two of the four of the suspects have criminal records. Local police say that the homeowner faces no charges and that he’s done nothing to prevent him from owning guns. He is in stable condition, recovering at the hospital.

Here are the mug shots of the alleged home invaders.

Are you prepared to defend YOUR home?

I’ve written before about why preppers need guns, but it’s important to note that you need guns in good times too if you intend to defend yourself. This story is a perfect example of why. There’s no ongoing disaster or SHTF event happening in Summerfield, Florida. It was just an ordinary night in July…until 4 people allegedly decided to invade an innocent man’s home.

If the homeowner had not had greater firepower, this story probably would have had a very different ending. Imagine taking on 4 armed home invaders with a Glock.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why people actually do need AR-15s. We must be prepared to defend our homes and our families because when you need the police in seconds, they’re only minutes away.

About Daisy

Daisy Luther is a coffee-swigging, gun-toting blogger who writes about current events, preparedness, frugality, voluntaryism, and the pursuit of liberty on her website, The Organic Prepper. She is widely republished across alternative media and she curates all the most important news links on her aggregate site, Daisy is the best-selling author of 4 books and runs a small digital publishing company.  She lives in the mountains of Virginia with her family. You can find her on FacebookPinterest, and Twitter.

Bacterial Invasion? People All Over The East Coast Are Being Attacked By Flesh-Eating Disease

The only commonality is exposure to the ocean.  Stay clear or be aware.
Here is my problem.  Why now?  We have diseases worldwide or at least in specific geographic locales  that have no real history, but are acting like they are expanding through human intervention.
This year sudden broad distribution  comes out of no where and largely unrelated to past outbreaks.
Recall that a cabal of extremely wealthy folks who are also stupid have come to believe that the world is grossly over populated.  That should bother you the same way Eugenics did back in the day.
The potential is awful and needs to be rooted out as this could plausibly be a test bed for a directed attack on the human population. I do not know this, but the MEME is out there and caution is fully justified..

Bacterial Invasion? People All Over The East Coast Are Being Attacked By Flesh-Eating Disease

July 16, 2019 
Michael Snyder

Why are we suddenly seeing so many cases of flesh-eating disease all along the east coast of the United States? For years, flesh-eating bacterial infections were so rare in the U.S. that even a single case would make national headlines. But here in 2019 the news is telling us that we are seeing flesh-eating infections “at a rate much higher than in previous years”, and this outbreak really seems to have escalated dramatically over the last couple of months. In fact, I found so many cases as I was doing research for this article that I had to simply stop reading at one point or I would have never gotten this article done in time. So in this article I will be sharing quite a few examples with you, but it is far from an exhaustive list.

Let’s start with a Tennessee man that was just killed by flesh-eating bacteria after a trip to the Florida panhandle. This is what his daughter had to say about his death

“About 4:00 a.m. Saturday morning, 12 hours after we were in the water, he woke up with a fever, chills and some cramping. … They got to the hospital in Memphis around 8 p.m.,” Wiygul said in the post. “They took him back immediately. As they were helping him get changed into his hospital gown they saw this terribly swollen black spot on his back that was not there before.”

The man’s condition worsened over the next several hours. His immune system had been weakened by a bout with cancer, the daughter said, and he died Sunday afternoon.

That is how fast flesh-eating disease can kill you. If it is not treated immediately, there is a good chance you will die.

And it doesn’t take much. One woman that had just moved to Florida recently died after getting a small cut on her leg “while walking along the coast on Anna Maria Island”

A woman died two weeks after cutting her leg while walking along the coast on Anna Maria Island, Florida, according to her family. Her leg became infected with necrotizing fasciitis, commonly called flesh-eating bacteria.

A life in Florida had long been the dream of Carolyn “Lynn” Fleming, who was originally from Pittsburgh but was most recently a resident of Ellenton, Florida.

I apologize in advance if I am ruining your future Florida vacation plans, but the truth is that a lot of these cases are happening along the Florida coastline.

And one man recently contracted flesh-eating disease in Florida without even going in the water

Tyler King was at work in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, last week, when he noticed his left bicep starting to swell. He tried taking Benadryl but just a few hours later his arm had nearly tripled in size. He rushed to the emergency room.

“When I was a little bit younger, I probably would have tried to tough it out. Well, that would have been the worst thing that I could do,” King said. “If I had gone to sleep … and had woke up with it at the rate it was spreading, I might not have an arm right now.”

If your immune system has been compromised by another illness, that is certainly not going to help, but even very young, very healthy individuals are being attacked as well. According to Inside Edition, a 12-year-old girl almost lost her leg recently after getting infected by flesh-eating bacteria while on a family vacation…

A 12-year-old girl who was infected with an often deadly flesh-eating bacteria is walking again, just weeks after contracting it while wading in the ocean on a family vacation.

Kylei Parker knew something was wrong a few days after the Indiana clan arrived in Florida. Her leg hurt and she was running a fever.

When the family got home, her mother took her to the doctor after her temperature spiked at 104.5 degrees. The physician sent them straight to the hospital, where she was diagnosed with necrotizing fasciitis, a fast-moving, flesh-eating disease that could have killed her, doctors said.

If you think that you may have flesh-eating disease, you will want to take action as quickly as possible.

According to the CDC, common symptoms include “a fever, dizziness, or nausea soon after an injury or surgery”…

Necrotizing fasciitis (NECK-re-tie-zing FASH-e-i-tis) is a rare bacterial infection that spreads quickly in the body and can cause death. Accurate diagnosis, rapid antibiotic treatment, and prompt surgery are important to stopping this infection. See a doctor right away if you have a fever, dizziness, or nausea soon after an injury or surgery.

And most of the time the bacteria are able to enter through a break in the skin
Cuts and scrapes
Insect bites
Puncture wounds (including those due to intravenous or IV drug use)
Surgical wounds

Unfortunately, that would cover just about all of us.

After all, who among us doesn’t have a single cut, scrape, sore, wound or insect bite? During the summer, insect bites are exceedingly common in warm weather areas, and all it takes is one for the bacteria to gain entrance.

And I know that all of my examples so far have been from Florida, but let me give you some from farther north along the east coast.

For example, one woman recently got attacked after “just ten minutes in the water” at a beach in Virginia

Amanda Edwards can laugh today thinking back on her potentially fatal health scare after spending just ten minutes in the water at a Virginia beach.

“I was just like, ‘Oh my goodness… my leg is gonna fall off,’” Edwards chuckled. “That’s the only thing I could keep thinking.”

She told WTKR she contracted a flesh-eating staph infection during a day of fun at Norfolk’s Ocean View Beach. She said the infection spread quickly.

In another instance, a young boy “had red spots all over his body by the next morning” after a trip to a beach in Maryland

A woman says a trip to a Maryland beach left her son covered in wounds from flesh-eating bacteria. The Daily Times of Salisbury reports Brittany Carey says her son went swimming off the coast of Ocean City last week and had red spots all over his body by the next morning.

And it is exceedingly rare to see any cases at all along the Delaware coast, but according to Scientific American one recent report noted five “severe” cases…

The report authors described five cases of severe flesh-eating bacterial infections in people who were exposed to water or seafood from the Delaware Bay, which sits between Delaware and New Jersey. Such infections have historically been rare in the Delaware Bay, as the bacterium responsible for the disease, called Vibrio vulnificus, prefers warmer waters, such as those in the Gulf of Mexico.

So what is causing this extraordinary change?

Could it be possible that we have stumbled upon another element of “the perfect storm” that I keep talking about?

We seem to have entered a time when nature is behaving in some extremely strange ways. It would be great if the experts could explain all of the weird things that we are seeing, but they can’t.

I don’t know about you, but for now I am definitely staying out of the ocean. If something is causing a population explosion of flesh-eating bacteria along our coastlines, I don’t want to mess with it.

About the author: Michael Snyder is a nationally-syndicated writer, media personality and political activist. He is the author of four books including Get Prepared Now, The Beginning Of The End and Living A Life That Really Matters. His articles are originally published on The Economic Collapse Blog, End Of The American Dreamand The Most Important News. From there, his articles are republished on dozens of other prominent websites. If you would like to republish his articles, please feel free to do so. The more people that see this information the better, and we need to wake more people up while there is still time.

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Qanon - Barrack Obama Unsealed?


Coates removal allows Declassification.  It will now become hot and heavy.  What is obvious is that Mil Intel packed a number of key positions with removable placeholders while the back room went to work.  This allowed the opposition to be utterly distracted while the real work got done.

From the Q feed, it appears that not only are we about to see the removal of Dan Coates this week, but the long expected release of classified material in particular.
Much more interesting is that Barack Obama is also about to be fully outed as well.  This means a lot as it means all actions that took place under his tenure will have been illegal.  I am going to make the following assertions that i believe are plausible.
BO is a homosexual and his wife is male.
He was clearly born in Kenya, making him an illegal president.
He was raised as devout Muslim and remains so. 
His academic performance was lack luster and conforming to a Marxist ideologue.
He was also trained overseas with radical Muslims and may well have been part of an organized Jihadi Group, although his homosexuality makes that less likely.

What this does mean is clear Hostile Foreign National sponsorship and a long range plan to place him in the office.  Think Iran.

This would clearly explain BO's odd enthusiasm for an Iran deal that otherwise made zero sense.  It also provides the actual hostile Intel service necessary for execution.  It also explains Saudi and Chinese shunning of BO and the IMPERIAL welcome provided Mil Intel supported Trump.

All seems quiet out there while we just watched the savage reduction of  Robert Mueller.  Was he also a traitor?  I sense that men are dying out there and that the MSM will be abruptly reversing course, but that may still be put off for a while.

I had considered the possibility that Mueller had been running a sting operation, but that depended on him retaining his full mental abilities at the least.  What we saw was a complete surprise to me, but not likely to Trump.  What we saw was a man suffering from dementia for some time and long past taking an active role in tactical decisions.  Good night Bob and sorry to see you used in this manner.

Expect the actual roundup of the folks in that jail picture during August while all members of congress are on vacation and away from their spotlight.  understand that Durham is conducting a full criminal investigation of all events surrounding the Obama admin's efforts to stop Trump in particular..

House of Cards.
You didn't think the plea deal was the end did you?
[ of course not - welcome back boys  - arclein ]


3531 Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 8442b9 No.7233932 
Jul 28 2019 18:17:54 (EST)
Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 8442b9 No.7233832 
Jul 28 2019 18:11:09 (EST) rec $1.8 BILLION from [HUSSEIN]'s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act?
Follow the money.
Follow the family.




Those who take are offered more powerful positions within the party (controlled).
Italy is w/ POTUS.


3530 Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 8442b9 No.7233832 
Jul 28 2019 18:11:09 (EST)
Baltimore rec $1.8 BILLION from [HUSSEIN]'s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act?
Follow the money.
Follow the family.


Jul 28 2019.

The President of the United States retweeted this graphic.
Pause, re-read above.
Pause, re-read above (again).
Nature is unpredictable.


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 359e76 No.7216378

Jul 27 2019 3522 Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 359e76 No.7216378 
Jul 27 2019 13:01:26 (EST)



3520 Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 359e76 No.7215917 
Jul 27 2019 12:36:07 (EST) EAf62hmWwAEIO_n.jpg



Enemy of the People.


3519 Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 40036d No.7215162 
Jul 27 2019 11:49:22 (EST) EAfx8mfX4AET9MX.jpg

3518 Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 40036d No.7215112 
Jul 27 2019 11:46:55 (EST)
Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 40036d No.7215015 
Jul 27 2019 11:40:14 (EST)


Ask yourself a very simple Q -
How did someone die from this type of accident?
Severity of impact?
Do you believe in coincidences? 


3517 Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 40036d No.7215015 
Jul 27 2019 11:40:14 (EST)
Anonymous ID: 75c29e No.7214979 
Jul 27 2019 11:37:11 (EST) Screenshot_20190727-113533_Chrome.jpg



3516 Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: ceceab No.7214842 
Jul 27 2019 11:30:17 (EST) D-a3tlRXkAALrik.jpg

3515 Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: ceceab No.7214693 
Jul 27 2019 11:21:30 (EST) screenshot_2-5.png

3514 Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: ceceab No.7214430 
Jul 27 2019 11:01:48 (EST)
One or both of his parents fluent in Russian?
Is Russian a common language to learn?
Farms develop necessary (unique) skill-sets in order to produce results.
Stay awake.


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Soloman on Hannity Radio

Next week

Change of DNI, Coates Gone
Declass of Docs
Durham news

said on the show, might be on Hannity tonight, did not say that but this is big so watch Hannity

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Do you remember?
We do.



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[Smoke & Mirrors]
How do you attempt to keep the 'narrative' in play [control the 'sheep']?
Key sentence:
Nadler called the grand jury materials “critically important” for their investigation.
Does Nadler understand that the 'critically important' material requested would be illegal for AG Barr to disclose?

"This means Attorney General Barr must redact grand-jury material from the Mueller report before disclosing it to Congress. Democrats will complain long and loud about this, but I don’t see how Barr can be reasonably faulted for following the law. Congress, after all, has the power to legislate an amendment to Rule 6(e) that would permit disclosure of grand-jury materials from a special counsel investigation to appropriate congressional committees."

Will members of the D party Congress attempt to amend Rule 6(e) in order to obtain grand jury material deemed 'critically important'?
Logical thinking, why?
Why paint a narrative that the one item you cannot possess is the one item you need in order to justify your argument?
People elected 'knowingly' spreading false-information [disinformation]?
Puppets follow orders.
Think for yourself.


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Some Anon add the Punisher face to Pepe.

While it is certainly not meant to be 'funny', it sends a very important [intended] message.
"Cast of Characters" are known. 


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It's all coming out soon!!!

Nunes to receive a special package from BARR?


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 Anons going to play the new 'Save the Children from…….' video game when released?
The cast of characters should be interesting.

'Eyes Wide Shut

The global pedophile conspiracy is the one true natural conspiracy and it traps the wealthy. It is a true honey trap for the rich and powerful because it promises command and control not to the wealthy but the facilitators.  This clearly explains the CIA involvement in all this.

Why are these folks so willingly showing up again and again?  Can they not walk away?  Would you like to be framed for a young women's murder that you witnessed?   My point is that over the top obsessive behavior usually attracts treatment instead.

This film is drawn from a novel about the 1920's which was safely in the distant past when Kubrick shot it.  Recall as well that the Marquis de Sade wrote during the late Eighteenth centuries and his work also provided elite behavior as well.

Now the Epstein disclosures have begun and will over whelm  us with histories of what turns out to be elite depravity.  What is suggested but little proven is bad enough ,but the continuing nature over many years is a disaster and i do think that few could have completely avoid some form of  interaction and receiving at least whispers.

In 'Eyes Wide Shut' Stanley Kubrick Captured Horrors of Jeffrey Epstein Era

By Andrew Whalen On 7/12/19 at 11:47 PM EDT

The arrest of billionaire influence peddler Jeffrey Epstein for the alleged repeated and systematic trafficking and sexual assault of underage girls is more than an indictment of a sexual predator. It's also compelling evidence of corruption among the most powerful political and business interests in the United States. But public knowledge is, so far, founded as much on horrifying insinuation as actual evidence.

Who are the "potential co-conspirators" left unnamed and immunized in Epstein's 2007 non-prosecution agreement, negotiated by Trump's disgraced former Labor Secretary Alex Acosta? Why did Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance's prosecutors intervene in an effort to downgrade Epstein from his Level 3 sex offender status, then fail to enforce—along with the NYPD—the court-mandated check-ins Epstein spurned? What are Epstein's connections to the intelligence community?

There is always the possibility that our institutions defer to the rich as a matter of course; that Epstein's treatment is only a particularly grotesque form of business as usual. But Epstein's penchant for installing security cameras throughout his homes, combined with dinner parties, allegedly stocked with underaged girls, leaves open the possibility of systematic blackmail, further hinted at when federal agents pulled "compact discs with hand-written labels" like "Young [Name] + [Name]" from a safe in his $77 million Upper East Side mansion. Is there, somewhere in this evidence, a video or videos, possibly from Epstein's "Lolita Express" or "Pedophile Island," capable of exposing the depravities of one or many of the politicians, celebrities and financiers in his orbit?

We search for reprieve from this dead air, where the entire moral constitution of some of the most powerful people in the country, including two presidents, hangs uncertain. In this zone, the darkest possibility—a world-spanning pedophile elite, safeguarded by institutions throughout society, by both witting and unwitting co-conspirators in a web of influence and silence—seeks a space in our imagination to unfold.

Art can suffice, by capturing the psychic sensation of an uncertain moment, so we might observe and improve our own fumbling efforts at reconciling ourselves to the world. But there is also the comforts of conspiracy theory: extrapolating from what's known to create an imagined order, built from clues inscrutable to most. Stanley Kubrick's final movie, Eyes Wide Shut, is embraced from both directions. Baffling critics and audiences in 1999, Eyes Wide Shut has become a defining movie of the Jeffrey Epstein era.

In Eyes Wide Shut, Dr. Bill Harford (Tom Cruise) and his wife Alice (Nicole Kidman), explore the possibilities of infidelity, newly possible with their entrance into high society, which lifts them from a state of childish naiveté, until Bill's explorations bring him to places he will never be allowed. In the movie's central sequence, Bill, stung by his wife recounting a sexual fantasy, follows an old friend to a secretive event at a Long Island mansion, where he gains entry to a masked orgy with a password. He is found and turned out. Because of his actions, or possibly not, a woman dies under suspicious circumstances.


Bill (Tom Cruise) is unmasked. Warner Bros. Pictures 

Kubrick's 1999 death of a heart attack, just six days after screening a completed Eyes Wide Shut, left an opening for a conspiracy narrative to grow in the cracks of the movie's ambiguities. In part because it is replete with occult imagery, like a pyramid-faced mask (oozing the same Illuminati energy as the dollar bill), Eyes Wide Shut is subject to the same kind of analysis that lead people to conclude Kubrick faked the moon landing, then revealed his deception to the world on Danny Torrance's sweater in The Shining.

But some outright fabrication was needed to draw concrete connections between Eyes Wide Shut and the secretive cabals central to conspiracy theorizing. One widely cited Nicole Kidman interview was made up by the fake news site NewsPunch. Equally false are descriptions of 24 minutes of lost footage, cut from Eyes Wide Shut to protect the elite. Photos exist of a deleted scene featuring Bill, Alice and their daughter rowing a boat in Central Park, but it's hardly a smoking gun. A dream sequence—which would have counterbalanced Bill's experience at the orgy with the sexual imaginings of Alice—was storyboarded, but never shot.

Chris Baker aka Fangorn's storyboards for the unmade dream sequence from EYES WIDE SHUT.

— WILL McCRABB (@mccrabb_will) March 16, 2017
Those close to Kubrick are in agreement that Eyes Wide Shut is as close to Kubrick's vision as possible. In Eyes Wide Shut: Stanley Kubrick and the Making of His Final Film by Robert Kolker and Nathan Abrams, Kubrick's personal assistant Leon Vitali says "he had completed his final cut," sending the movie on to the studio with the simple message, "This is it." The book similarly documents how closely the post-production team hewed to Kubrick's notes and intentions for the music implementation and fine-tuning still needed at the time of his death. If Kubrick had intended to make specific allegations with Eyes Wide Shut, his close friends and collaborators weren't aware of it.

So what connects Eyes Wide Shut and Epstein? If Kubrick's movie isn't a skeleton key for unmasking specific elite depravities, what is it?

Since the 1968 release of 2001: A Space Odyssey, Kubrick wanted to adapt Traumnovelle, or Dream Story, by Arthur Schnitzler. He held the rights from 1970 on. A 1927 German novella doesn't immediately suggest the movie's applicability to a modern understanding of sex crimes among the governing elite. That Kubrick's screenplay with Frederic Raphael hews close to the novella may suggest Kubrick had Freudianism on his mind (Freud, a fan of Schnitzler's, described the author as his "double" in a letter) more than politics, for Eyes Wide Shut.

Kubrick made his own interest in Traumnovelle known in several interviews, spread over decades. "Traumnovelle speaks of the fact that men have a desire for stability, security, repetition and order in their lives and that at the same time they have a tendency to want to flee, to meet the adventure, to destroy..." Kubrick told the French film magazine Positif in 1972.

In 1999 he described the book as an opportunity to "explore the sexual ambivalence of a happy marriage and try to equate the importance of dreams and hypothetical sexual relations with reality" to film critic Michel Ciment.

But reading Eyes Wide Shut narrowly, as a dreamlike parable for the complications of monogamy, is partly to blame for the movie's initial reception. After trailers promising a steamy thriller, there was no hiding how Eyes Wide Shut was actually rooted in 1920s sexual mores—the movie's frank conversations about infidelity and desire outside of monogamy sounded old-fashioned to viewers jaded by the 90s spate of high-profile sex scandals. Rather than underlining the different moral universe of a secretive elite, the mannered, abstract and unsexy orgy scene lead the Washington Post to call Eyes Wide Shut "the dirtiest movie of 1958."

While subsequent years of child abuse cover-ups and political scandals—Epstein following the Catholic Church, Dennis Hastert, Operation Yewtree and Westminster's missing "paedophile dossier"—hasn't made Eyes Wide Shut any more or less shocking, they have made the extremities of orgiastic ritual more plausibly imaginable as a political or systemic phenomenon. Like the Yellow King of True Detective, Eyes Wide Shut's orgy came to stand for a whole complex of elite degeneracy.

Reality is catching up to political reads of Eyes Wide Shut, like Norwegian historian Håvard Friis Nilsen's essay "Deterioration of Trust: The Political Warning in Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut," which sees the movie as a warning against "a society where the social fabric of trust deteriorates into a hermeneutics of suspicion, paving the way to an increasingly authoritarian political climate." Nilsen compares the gilded inequality of Traumnovelle's 1920s with the inequality of finance capital blossoming in the 90s.

In Eyes Wide Shut, Bill is summoned to Ziegler's (Sydney Pollack) Billiards Room to be told barely disguised lies about a woman's death. Confronted by Ziegler's brazen deception and the casual tone of the rich man's threats, Bill is forced into a limbo, between his justified suspicion of a grand evil and the lies that will enable him to continue his striving life, now colored by the realization of its limits.


“Those were not just ordinary people there. If I told you their names—I’m not going to tell you their names. But if I did, I don’t think you’d sleep so well,” Ziegler tells Bill. 

"There is no apparent heroic resistance against the secret society of the power elite," Nilsen writes of Eyes Wide Shut's ending. "What we see is an acknowledgment of the futility of control: they can neither control superior powers nor each other; loyalty is never guaranteed; they must be thankful for the moments in which they are awake." How many people in close proximity to Epstein turned away because of this same sensation?

Bill and Alice can only achieve a brief moment of clarity. It's a thin victory, but likely a familiar one to anyone who has separated themselves from the sheeple, taken the red pill or otherwise defined themselves in a sliver of realization: online pantomimes of Kubrick's sought after dream state. In Eyes Wide Shut, Kubrick suspends his characters between the reality on offer and looming hypotheticals. We find ourselves in the same place. Eyes Wide Shut tells us we are not likely to find our way out.

"Stanley always spoke of movies as dreams, dreams about dreams, including daydreams and nightmares (although I don't think he ever spoke of them as only dreams), and never made any distinction—this is the kind of materialist I think he really was—between a dream and a vision," journalist and co-writer of Full Metal Jacket Michael Herr wrote in his memoir, Kubrick.

Unlike Eyes Wide Shut, in which a courtier of the powerful gets a glimpse through the keyhole, Epstein's depravities were laundered in the open, in magazine profiles and in the halls of power. But the arrest of Epstein and its unfolding aftermath leaves us in the movie's dream state, between our suspicions and the reality we are allowed. Now we wait to learn where we can know no further.