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1000-year-old Glass Beads Provide First Evidence of Glassmaking Development in Sub-Saharan West Africa



There is nothing so mobile as knowledge, especially when the output is valuable and that certainly describes glass.  Thus it surely sprung up easily enough all over the developing world of its time.  My own Saxon ancestors brought glass making into Slovakia during the thirteenth century although that surely meant that they produced charcoal and developed villages or what we know as homesteads in the forest.
Amusingly, their town name was Neuhau which simply means new clearing.  I had to be told this from a friend who understood German well enough to catch on.  The original pioneers.

The ingredient hard to source would be the niter and that is what suelt drew glass makers.  Thus this odd place in Africa surely had a nearby source of niter.

1000-year-old Glass Beads Provide First Evidence of Glassmaking Development in Sub-Saharan West Africa

14 June, 2017 - 23:01 Theodoros Karasavvas

A newly found treasure trove of more than 10,000 colorful glass beads and evidence of glassmaking tools, makes scientists think that an ancient city in southwestern Nigeria was one of the first places in West Africa to ace the complicated art of glassmaking.

Glass Production in Sub-Saharan Africa

The new finding reveals that people who lived in the ancient city of Ile-Ife produced their own glass with the use of local materials. Interestingly, they could transform it into colorful beads, as the study lead researcher Abidemi Babalola, a fellow at Harvard University's Hutchins Center for African and African American Research, told Live Science. "Now we know that, at least from the 11th to 15th centuries (AD), there was primary glass production in sub-Saharan Africa," he says and adds that Ile-Ife is also popular for its copper alloy and terracotta heads and figurines that were made around the same period and included the colorful glass beads.

Phoenician pendant in the form of a bearded head decorated with beads (4th-3rd century BC) (Public Domain)

For that matter, some of the figurines are decorated with glass beads on their headdresses, crowns, necklaces, armlets and anklets, the researchers said. Additionally, researchers have discovered glass beads at Ile-Ife's ancient shrines and within unearthed crucibles — ceramic containers that were used to melt glass.

The Origin of Glass

The question is: where did these glass beads come from? The majority of the researchers suggested that the beads were transported through trade, most likely from the Mediterranean area or the Middle East, where the art of glassmaking flourished in early antiquity, and from them local artisans in Ile-Ife used crucibles to melt and reshape some of them into new beads, as Babalola told Live Science.

As DHWTY reported in a previous Ancient Origins article, glass was first (accidentally) produced by merchants moored on the river Belus in the Syrian region of Phoenicia. These merchants were said to be transporting niter (potassium nitrate) in their ship. As they were preparing their meal on the beach, the merchants could not find suitable stones for supporting their cauldrons. Therefore, they decided to take some lumps of niter from their ship for that purpose. When the niter combined with the sand on the beach, and reacted with the heat from the fire, “they beheld transparent streams flowing forth of a liquid hitherto unknown”.

After that coincidental event and the invention of glass, several techniques would be used in order to produce glass in the ancient world. Some of them are core-forming, slumping, and mould-forming. The first technique involved coating molten glass around a mass made of dung or clay. A similar process was used to form glass beads, though a rod coated with a release material replaced the core.


Necklace (Odigba Ileke Ifa), 1900s, Guinea Coast, Nigeria, Yoruba people, cloth, glass beads, cardboard, wood - Cleveland Museum of Art (Public Domain)

Slumping was used to produce open vessels such as bowls and plates. Molten glass was poured into a heat-resistant mould (either a positive of negative refractory form), and was allowed to flow downwards due to gravity. When the glass cooled, it would achieve its desired shape. Bowls and plates were also produced by the mould-forming technique.

Evidence That Glassmaking Developed Independently in Nigeria

However, Babalola insists that his African ancestors didn’t borrow much from foreign nations when it comes to complex glassmaking. During a 2012 excavation he collected almost 13,000 beads, 812 crucible fragments, 403 fragments of ceramic cylinders (rods that were possibly used to handle the crucible lids), almost 7 lbs. (3.2 kg) of glass waste and about 14,000 potsherds, as the researchers noted in the study.

Photos showing (a) crucible fragments; (b) vitrified clay; (c) ceramic cylinders; and (d) glass bead production debris. The blue likely came from cobalt. Credit: Babalola, A.B.

Despite not finding any furnaces that would have helped artisans heat the crucibles, the researchers write that "the abundance of glass-production debris and the presence of vitrified clay fragments [clay with melted glass on it] indicate, however, that these areas were in, or very near, a zone of glass workshops," as Live Science reports.

Furthermore, researchers found that many of the beads, mainly the blue ones, were made "almost exclusively" from materials that are found near Igbo-Olokun. These beads as Babalola said are called drawn beads, meaning that artisans used a unique technique that included using an air bubble to make the beads' holes.

Of course, Indian craftspeople were making drawn glass beads many centuries before the West African artisans, with earlier archaeological finds suggesting that such beads were made in India as early as the fourth century BC. However, because of the distance between India and modern-day Nigeria, Babalola and his colleagues suggest that West African artisans developed the technique separately, admitting though that further research is needed in order to prove that theory, since there’s no clear evidence backing it up at this point.

Top image: Glass beads of all colors found in the ancient city of Ile-Ife. Credit: Babalola, A.B.

Edible Trees: Foraging for Food from Forests

Fall Sugar Maple (Acer saccharum) 








Without question, we have barely begun to properly exploit the food producing capacity of our trees.  Even better we actually need those trees in order to enhance our open field agriculture in the best way possible.

Here is a good intro to what we can squeeze from what we already have.

I do observe that most leaves are generally bitter, yet this is a characteristic easily adjusted as well.  Add fermentation and we have a lovely feed-stock to at least feed animals.  In short, we have not barely begun to think it out.

And simply having massive forests of pine trees producing high quality nuts is eminently practical now.  Choice species are available.

Edible Trees: Foraging for Food from Forests
By Jesse Vernon Trail

Fall Sugar Maple (Acer saccharum). Credit: Http:// via Wikimedia Commons.
Most of us know of, and greatly appreciate, the wild and cultivated fruits, nuts and berries that come from trees. However, few are aware of the edible yields (and great value) that several of our trees have to offer. Aside from producing delicious snacks, such as apples, cherries, walnuts and chestnuts, some trees provide other edible parts: bark, leaves, twigs, seeds, pollen, roots, new growth, flowers and, of course, sap used for syrup.
For example, did you know that the young leaves and even the seeds of many of our maple trees are edible? Maple trees provide more than the familiar delicious maple syrup! Also, did you know that the inner bark and young twigs of many of our birch trees are edible? Birch trees can also be tapped for a sweetish sap/syrup. Then, there are the immensely valuable pines, with their edible inner bark, seeds and so much more.
Deciduous Trees
Beech leaves

American beech leaves (F. grandifolia). Credit: Louis-M.Landry

The American beech, F. grandifolia, is an exceptional, magnificent and majestic shade tree that definitely deserves to be grown more often in the landscape. A slow-growing native of eastern North America, the tree can grow to about 100 feet tall, often with a nearly equal spread. It has grayish bark and dark green foliage that turns golden bronze in autumn. The small, edible nuts are very tasty but not that well known. Young leaves can be cooked as a green in spring. The inner bark, after drying and pulverizing, can be made into bread flour, though this is probably best considered as a survival food.

[ perfect for grafting larger nut bearing stems.]


The birch species are well known, especially the strikingly beautiful white-barked varieties. The inner bark of birches is edible, making it an important survival food. Many have kept from starving by knowing this. Native peoples and pioneers dried and ground the inner bark into flour for bread. You can also cut the bark into strips and boil like noodles to add to soups and stews or simply eat it raw. In spring you can drink the tree’s sap directly from the tree, or boil it down into a slightly sweet syrup.


The linden (or basswood) is often a well-shaped tall tree, with grey fissured bark. The young leaves in spring are pleasant to eat raw or lightly cooked. The flowers are often made into a soothing, tasty tea.


The sugar maple, A. saccharum, is a beautifully formed tree. It provides us with some of the best and intense autumn foliage color, ranging from brilliant orange to yellow to bright reds.
Sugar maples have distinctive, slightly notched, three-lobed leaves, whereas those of the black maple, A. nigrum, are more shallowly notched. The bark of the black maple is almost black in color. The five-lobed leaves of the silver maple, A. saccharinum, have narrow and deep indentations between the lobes. The undersides of its leaves are notably silvery-white in color.

The sugar maple is famous for the deliciously sweet syrup you can make from its sap. But, few are aware that many other species of the larger maple trees can also be tapped for an edible sap. Among these include: the black maple, whose sap tastes almost identical to that of the sugar maple; and the silver maple, also providing an equally sweet-flavored sap. The syrup you can make from other maples varies considerably in flavor and quality, but feel free to experiment. Native peoples and pioneers drank the fresh sap from maples in spring, as a refreshing drink.

The inner bark of maples can be eaten raw or cooked — another survival food source! Even the seeds and young leaves are edible. Native peoples hulled the larger seeds and then boiled them.

Boiled Maple Seeds Recipe


The mulberry, M. alba and M. rubra, are mediumsized, fruit-bearing trees, with a short trunk and a rounded crown. The twigs, when tender in spring, are somewhat sweet, edible either raw or boiled.


All Juglans species can be tapped for sweet-tasting syrup, particularly black walnut and butternut.


The oaks are mentioned here, for it is not that well known that the acorns are edible. All acorns are good to eat, though some are less sweet than others. Some, like red oak, Q. rubra, are bitter tasting, while others like white oak, Q. alba, sometimes have sweet nuts. The bur oak, Q. macrocarpa, often bears chestnut-like flavored acorns.

[ soaking in cold water will strip out the tannin s.  Grind the acorn seeds first to do this - arclein  ]


The Populus genus includes aspens and poplars. Their somewhat sweet, starchy inner bark is edible both raw and cooked. You can also cut this into strips and grind into flour as a carbohydrate source. Quaking aspen, P. tremuloides, catkins can also be eaten.

[  this super common and quick growing so well worth trying. arclein ]


The green buds and leaves of a sassafras (Sassafras albidum)

The green buds and leaves of a sassafras (Sassafras albidum). Credit: Matt Jones via Flickr.

Sassafras tea (mainly from the young roots) is well known, and its pleasantly fragrant aroma is unmistakeable. The young, green-barked, mucilaginous twigs of this small- to medium-sized tree, when chewed, are delicious to many. The green buds and young leaves are also delicious. Try them in salads! Soups and stews can be thickened and flavored with the dried leaves (but, remove the veins and hard portions first).


This medium-sized tree is well known for its many herbal medicine uses. The thick and fragrant inner bark is extremely sticky, but provides nourishment, either raw or boiled.


The inner bark of the willows can be scraped off and eaten raw, cooked in strips like spaghetti or dried and ground into flour. Young willow leaves are often too bitter, but can be eaten in an emergency — it is a survival food!
Conifers (in particular, The Pine Family, Pinaceae)
The entire pine family comprises one of the most vitally important groups of wild edibles in the world, particularly for wildlife. The inner bark and sap is very high in vitamins C and A, plus many other nutrients. And, when eaten raw or cooked, its bark has saved many from starvation and scurvy. You can cut the inner bark into strips and cook like spaghetti, or dry and ground into flour for bread and thickening soups and stews. The sap in spring can be tapped and drunk as a tea.
Even pine needles, when young and starchy, are rich in nutrients, like vitamin C, and are reasonably tasty. These are not usually eaten, but rather chewed upon for about five minutes, swallowing only the juices. Perhaps a better alternative is to make a tea with the needles. Pine or fir needles make a fine tea in winter.

Korean Pine Cones
The cones of a Korean pine (P. koraiensis). Credit: Peter GW Jones via Flickr.

Then, there are the edible cones, seeds and pollen of the Pinus genus. The woody cones that produce seeds within their framework are female. These are delicious when shelled and roasted. Nutritious pine nuts are often not considered for food because they are too tiny and hard to get at (a hammer or rock will be needed). However, there are a few pine species that provide delectable pine nuts (seeds) that can be as large as sunflower seeds or larger. Here is a small selection of these: the Korean Pine, P. koraiensis; Italian Stone Pine, P. pinea; and Pinyon Pine, P. edulis.

The soft male cones and pollen are also edible, but the taste is very strong, so is better if used in cooking. In spring many of these male cones produce copious quantities of pollen, so much so, that you can practically scoop it up from the golden carpet it makes on the ground.

The pine family includes genera such as: the pines, Pinus; spruces, Picea; larches, Larix; firs, Abies; and the hemlocks, Tsuga (not to be confused with the totally unrelated poison hemlock).

Certain genera of another plant family, Cupressaceae, specifically two species of arborvitaes, Thuja, cedars, also have an edible and nutritious inner bark. These are: western red cedar, T. plicata (in particular); and eastern white cedar, T. occidentalis. Native peoples would harvest and dry it, then grind it into a powder for use when travelling or as an emergency. On the advice of native peoples, Jacques Cartier, a French explorer, used the eastern white cedar to treat scurvy among his crew.

Sap, Syrups and Tapping
Tapping sap

Properly selecting and tapping trees for syrup can be a detailed process. Credit: Alan Sheffield via Flickr.

There are a relatively surprising number of trees that can be tapped for their sap and syrup. However, be forewarned; many of these offer a bland, bitter or almost tasteless flavor and quality. For example, you will find that tapping a hickory tree will result in unsatisfactory tasting syrup. Whereas, tapping certain other nut trees, like butternut and black walnut, will provide you with quite a fine-tasting syrup. Also, the native peoples tapped the sycamore tree, Platanus acerifolia, but this syrup is considered much too dark and strong flavored by most people. The maple by far yields syrups of the best quality and taste, and the best of these is from the sugar maple, or black maple, and followed closely by the silver maple.
Properly selecting and tapping trees for sap can be a detailed process, so here we will address just the basics. You can purchase the necessary spiles and pails for sap gathering, or for better enjoyment do it on your own.
First, in most instances, you will want to select trees that are at least 18 inches in diameter. A rough estimate of how much finished syrup you will get per tap is about one to two quarts, or about one gallon of syrup per year, per tree.
Cut a V-shaped gash into the tree (an age-old method of our native peoples), at the base of which you can drill a hole about 2 inches deep and close with a peg. Then, when you are ready, remove the peg and insert your spile. A spile is the means to convey the sap from the tree trunk to your bucket or pail. This is essentially a hollow tube with a spout end. It can be made from a wide range of materials from metal to bamboo. One of the best is made from a sturdy, hollowed out twig or branch of a staghorn sumac, Rhus typhina. Or, you can use the lid from a tin can for a sort of spile. Just smooth the rough edges first. Make a single bend in the lid and insert it into your tree tap hole. Drive a small nail into the tree to suspend your bucket or pail from.
Then, it’s just a matter of boiling the sap with water, and spooning off the characteristic scum as it rises. The best ratio is around 35 parts of water to one part sap. The water evaporates over time, leaving a clear amber syrup. Strain carefully.
For sugar, continue boiling until a test portion of the syrup forms a very soft ball in cold water. Remove from the heat, agitate with an egg beater and pour into dry molds. Delectable!

Jesse is an author and instructor in environment, ecology, sustainability, horticulture and natural history. Check out his first book, “Quiver Trees, Phantom Orchids and Rock Splitters: Remarkable Survival Strategies of Plants” at

How One Man Got to the Other Side of the Veil – and Witnessed the Coming Shift

 By now we have gained a pretty extensive knowledge and understanding of the other side.   I also must admit that when i began my researches down this path, i had low expectations.  Instead we have a rich library of reportage, much of it reflected through cultural expectations but all based on the physical reality of the spirit itself.

After all, if a spirit is happiest imagining itself as Tyrannosaurus Rex, what does it matter to spirit?  Most of us will find our community of souls, and we all will tend to associate with like and then perhaps accept guidance.

What is interesting here is that we get more on the architecture of it all.  It appears that we do participate in a group mind if you like that acts to provide a general guidance.  It is unexpected and must be considered.

How One Man Got to the Other Side of the Veil – and Witnessed the Coming Shift 
june 10, 2017
During a past life regression session, a man receives urgent information about the New Earth: we’re all awakening and evolving, and we need to prepare for what’s ahead.

Client Gary, under hypnosis with clinical and transpersonal hypnotherapist Alba Weinman, connects with his Higher Self and reveals stunning details about the evolution of mankind to the New Earth. This shift is already happening, and our time to prepare is short.

Watch the 2-hour video or read the transcript below. Be sure to read to the end for info on how to have your own experience behind the veil.

Read the Transcript:

Alba: Trust your first impression. What are you seeing or feeling? What impressions do you have? Look around you. Use that inner vision. Use your feeling, your knowing. Are you indoors or outdoors? How does it feel? Use your senses. What are you experiencing? The only way I know where you are is if you tell me. Where are you?

Gary: It feels like space.

Alba: It feels like space. Very good. So tell me what’s out in space. Look around you. The more you speak, the more I’ll be able to help you and the more you speak, the more you’ll see. Describe everything around you.

Gary: Colors.

Alba: Colors, beautiful. What colors do you see?

Gary: Violet.

Alba: Violet. Mm hmm. Any other colors? Look around you.

Gary: I see …

Alba: What do you see?

Gary: I see Earth.

Alba: I see Earth. Beautiful. Tell me more.

Gary: I see colors around it.

Alba: What colors do you see around Earth?

Gary: Bands of colors.

Alba: Bands of colors. What do you imagine these bands are for?

Gary: Energy.

Alba: Energy. So now that you see these colors I want you to use your mind telepathically to decipher what these bands are. What do you get from these bands and these colors.

Gary: It’s the energy.  It’s the aura. It’s the total of all of us.

Alba: The total of all of us. And as you look at this aura, what feeling do you get from the aura. What is the aura saying? What’s the health of it?

Gary: It’s changing.

Alba: It’s changing. So tell me how it’s changing. Connect with it. It can speak to you. What’s it telling you?

Gary: It’s …  reaching out.

Alba: It’s reaching out.

Gary: Trying to talk.

Alba: Trying to talk.

Gary: Looking for someone. There are so many entities.

Alba: Do these entities have a form?

Gary: They’re like I am.

Alba: Do you have a form?

Gary: Yes.

Alba: Use a mirror to see yourself and tell me what you look like.

Gary: I’m myself. I’m energy.

Alba: Energy. Do you have a color?

Gary: I’m … I’m white light.

Alba: White light. Beautiful. So these entities that are around you …

Gary: They’re endless.

Alba: Can you connect with them?

Gary: They’re there on earth. There are thousands in the bands of light.

Alba: In the bands of light around earth?

Gary: Yes.

Alba: Now when they’re around earth, do they take on a different color to match the band or do they continue to be white?

Gary: There are so many different colors all together.

Alba: So all of the different colors create the white?

Gary: It’s like a rainbow of ]??]  Lower colors.

Alba: More colors.

Gary: Lower … lower.

Alba: Lower colors. What are these lower colors?

Gary: It’s like the colors of the rainbow. Lower vibrations. Dimmer colors.

Alba: Tell me more about this and these entities and yourself. What are you doing there?

Gary: We’re waiting for something.
Alba: You’re waiting for something. What are you waiting for?
Gary: Something that doesn’t happen very often.
Alba: Can you tell me what it’s all about?
Gary: Evolution.
Alba: Evolution.
Gary: Of humanity.
Alba: Now you say it hasn’t … it doesn’t happen very often. When was the last time that it happened?
Gary: A long time ago.

Alba: What happened then?

Gary: A gathering.

Alba: Tell me more.

Gary: Many are coming to participate.

Alba: What are they participating in?

Gary: Evolution.

Alba: Evolution. Can you describe to me …

Gary: Of mankind.

Alba: Can you describe to me what this evolution entails? What does it mean by evolution when we talk about mankind? Is it physical, emotional, mental evolution, spiritual?

Gary: It’s both. Man is being forced to evolve whether he’s ready or not.

Alba: How is this happening?

Gary: It’s past time.

Alba: It’s past time?

Gary: Man was meant to evolve sooner.

Alba: So why were they held back?

Gary: Distractions.
Alba: What kind of destructions?
Gary: Distractions.
Alba: Oh, distractions. I see. What are we being distracted by right now?
Gary: Our ego. Greed.

Alba: Now you had said that we had evolved before, a long time ago. Is that correct?
Gary: Yes.
Alba: What happened then?

Gary: We started again.

Alba: How is it that we start?
Gary: We will it.
Alba: You will it? Is the planet destroyed when it’s evolved?
Gary: No.
Alba: So how did you will the evolution? What do you use?
Gary: Collective thought.
Alba: Ah. Are these the lights that we see around the planet? The thoughts from these light beings?
Gary: Yes. There are many here.
Alba: Tell me more about the ones that are on earth now.
Gary: They are us and we are you.

Alba: Can you elaborate on that?
Gary: So many are making the choice now to come here and help. More and more are incarnating to the physical here.
Alba: As they incarnate as babies how long does it take for them to influence the others?
Gary: Almost immediate.
Alba: How do they do that?
Gary: For some just the act itself of being here is an influence.
Alba: Ok. And when we arrive on this earth, what is it that these beings do?
Gary: We influence one another. All things.
Alba: All things. What is it that you’re doing now as a being? Are you influencing there?
Gary: I … I know that … I know it’s difficult each time. It’s not home.
Alba: It’s not home. Where is home?
Gary: Another planet.
Alba: Where is this planet?
Gary: It occupies another space.
Alba: Does it occupy the same …
Gary: Another dimension.
Alba: Another dimension. That’s what I was going to ask. If it was in the same dimension as the earth.
Gary: It’s difficult to come to earth.
Alba: How do you arrive to earth? How do you go there?
Gary: It’s traveling without moving.
Alba: Traveling without moving. What do you use to take you there?
Gary: Our minds.
Alba: Does earth have a particular vibration or something that you hone in on?
Gary: Yes. It’s difficult.
Alba: Is it some sort of mathematical destination? Like a point that you know how to get to?
Gary: Yes.
Alba: Like an address? Like a mathematical address?
Gary: We …
Alba: You say it’s difficult to explain this. I want you to move …
Gary: We can fold time.
Alba: Excuse me?
Gary: We can fold time.
Alba: You can fool time? How do you do that?
Gary: We can fold time.

Alba: Oh, fold time. Okay.
Gary: There is a concept of time. It’s an illusion.
Alba: Tell me more.
Gary: We can … we can use our energy to travel without moving quickly. Earth takes much energy to get here.
Alba: Why is that?
Gary: The space is not the same properties of this universe.
Alba: The space is not…
Gary: It’s different.
Alba: It’s different. What’s special about the earth?
Gary: It’s important. It’s unique.

Alba: Why do people choose to be born on earth?
Gary: It’s considered … there are many warriors here in life.
Alba: What do you mean by warriors?
Gary: It’s considered to be a great achievement.
Alba:A great achievement. 
Gary: [?] to be a human of earth.
Alba: So you consider it a great achievement to be a human of earth. What is it that’s so important or difficult to become a human?
Gary: It’s a life experience lived here.
Alba: What’s different about it?
Gary: The ego.
Alba: The ego.
Gary: Emotions. Addictions. It’s difficult to escape.
Alba: Why was earth created like this?
Gary: The Creator experimented in evolution.
Alba: The Creator experimented in this evolution?
Gary: How far away from the light can people survive.
Alba: Tell me more. What was the … Go on.
Gary: It’s … it’s … it’s called … many are blind here.
Alba: Many are blind here?
Gary: Yes.
Alba: Blind to what?
Gary: Their full potential.
Alba: Why is that?
Gary: They forget where they came from.
Alba: And where is that?
Gary: The Creator.
Alba: Now when we started out you were saying that you were going to … were waiting for the evolution of the earth.
Gary: It’s happening now.
Alba: It’s happening now.
Gary: I can see it.
Alba: Tell me about it. What’s happening?
Gary: The auras around the earth. Many are focusing on the new earth.
Alba: Can you tell me about this new earth.
Gary: It’s … it’s already … it’s already here.
Alba: Is this new earth something that’s physical or vibrational?
Gary: It’s our creation.
Alba: Does it look any different than the other earth?
Gary: It’s another dimension.
Alba: Another dimension. What dimension is it?
Gary: A new one.
Alba: It doesn’t exist now?
Gary: It does.
Alba: It does?
Gary: It’s here now.
Alba: Okay. How do we get on this new earth?
Gary: We make a choice.
Alba: What’s the choice?
Gary: Simply create it.
Alba: Is this individually or collectively?
Gary: Both.
Alba: Both. So what would a thought be in the new earth? What would it look like, the type of thought we’d be having individually and collectively?
Gary: Mutually beneficial.
Alba: Mutually beneficial?
Gary: For the well-being of all.
Alba: Without the ego in the middle of it?
Gary: The ego does not reign supreme there.
Alba: What does reign supreme there?
Gary: Love.
Alba: Would this be the kind of love that you would have for, for example, nature, animals?
Gary: All things. It’s just we’re still in the old earth and all the other earths …
Alba: How many other earths are there?
Gary: Many.
Alba: Are these different dimensions?
Gary: Infinite.
Alba: Infinite. How do you determine which earth you’re on?
Gary: You learn this … we all have the veil. It’s being lifted. And you will decide which earth to shift your focus to. Many will fear. Many will not notice. Some will feel as if they are going insane. And some recognize the new earth for what it is and evolve there.
Alba: Is it possible for anyone right now to be on the new earth?
Gary: Yes.
Alba: How do you know if you’re on the new earth? Would you recognize it in yourself?
Gary: Only if you have been made to see.
Alba: And who decides that?
Gary: You. Yourself. You need only surrender and open your eyes.
Alba: And open your eyes. Who’s helping us with this evolution?
Gary: Many. Many races. Many entities.
Alba: How are they doing it? How are they helping?
Gary: Many are incarnating into lifetimes. Many places, many times.
Alba: Now when you’re saying many times, are we talking about just the time we’re living now or in past and future?
Gary: … [?] human concept.
Alba: Can they incarnate into a so-called past life of a person?
Gary: Yes. They all are happening side by side.
Alba: Where you are now are you in the same timeline as the person who is speaking?
Gary: I’m in space. Above the earth.
Alba: What association do you have with the man that’s speaking?
Gary: I am him. He is me.
Alba: Are you his higher self?
Gary: Yes.
Alba: Why did you bring him to the session today?
Gary: It is our wish …
Alba: What is your wish?
Gary: To evolve.
Alba: To evolve?
Gary: Evolve mankind.
Alba: How can you help in particular?
Gary: Love.
Alba: Can you tell me more?
Gary: It’s … It is time. Mankind must move forward.

Alba: How long will it take for mankind to move forward to where it would completely evolve?
Gary: It’s an infinite process. It’s very slow and deliberate.

Alba: What’s happening right now besides the incarnation of the new generation of souls to move this forward? To push the evolution forward?

Gary: There is longer count just as there are seasons here on earth. There is a longer count in the universe.

Alba: Tell me about that.

Gary: Man forgets. There is changing of the seasons on a much greater time scale that man forgets and this changing, lifting of the veil, is upon mankind again. And whether man is ready to evolve or not, this evolution of the planet will take place.

Alba: So are you saying that it’s the planet that’s evolving and not mankind?
Gary: Both.

Alba: Both.  In years, does this have anything to do with the revolutions of the earth around celestial beings or planets? Is there like a 25,000 year cycle.
Gary: There are many cycles on the long count.

Alba: Many cycles on the long count.
Gary: Just as on earth there are many milestones, seasonal, centuries. There are in the long count as well and you can look into the earth for confirmation of this. Many times over eons has been in life been forced to evolve. Man forgets.

Alba: When we evolve, I’ll ask this again, is there a destruction on the earth?
Gary: There is a cleansing. Yes.

Alba: Yes. So is this why you say some will be in fear. You had made mention that some people are going to be in fear and some people will …
Gary: All things that have ever occurred will occur. Every outcome and possibility that has been imagined has occurred and will occur again. The earth is a living being just as man, each soul.

Alba: Just as man needs what?
Gary: Each soul …
Alba: Each soul.
Gary: … is a smaller, living, vibrant potential just as earth once was.
Alba: Just as earth once was. What’s going on with earth now? (47:26)
Gary: It’s evolving. The earth … you asked of the long count.
Alba: Tell me.
Gary: The constellations in your sky are not by accident. They are there … they are there …
Alba: Tell me.
Gary: As you are guided, the earth, each age has its lesson of evolution and the age of Aquarius will spill out …
Alba: The age of grace?
Gary: Aquarius.
Alba: Oh, the age of Aquarius. Will spill out?
Gary: Yes.
Alba: How does that work? What’s the age for? What will happen?
Gary: It will spill … passing of Pisces. The fish will be spilled out onto the land. This happened before and it will happen again and again.

Alba: So are you saying there will be massive floods? Spilling of oceans onto the land?
Gary: No. When the veil is lifted, all perception of what is reality will change. Man will perceive what he has been kept shielded from seeing, perceiving. He will, he will be spilled out from his comfortable ocean. And many have not yet evolved.

Alba: Many have not yet evolved?
Gary: Many will be lost. Many will reside in te false, false lap of fear. They will not make the leap.
Alba: They will not make it?
Gary: They will not evolve.
Alba: They will not evolve. So what happens to these people who won’t evolve and won’t make it?
Gary: They are thrown back into the mix.
Alba: What does that mean?
Gary: They will go into the light.
Alba: They will go into the light?
Gary: Yes.
Alba: And what happens to the rest that are evolved?
Gary: They will be in new earth.

Alba: Now going back to the ones that are going into the light. Does that mean that they lose their bodies and go back to Source?
Gary: Yes.

Alba: Will this be in a sudden way or will it take time?
Gary: Many will not even be aware that they have passed.
Alba: So they will disappear?
Gary: They will be stuck.
Alba: They will be stuck?

Gary: Mankind … mankind cannot help but die to their expectations. Unfulfilled expectations. Many will reside in their own creations, their own false realities ‘til they realize that they no longer are with the living.

Alba: Now, when we talk about these people that are not evolved, some of them are family members, some of them are friends. What happens when one is awakened and one is not? Many people are concerned that their spouse or child is not evolved, or their parents?
Gary: Each soul is unique. Each soul fits into … each play a part that’s integral to the overall. One may seem unevolved may be the most spiritually evolved. What seems as simple-minded may be the highest form of sacrifice and love that a soul can make.
Alba: So we can’t judge just by seeing someone how evolved they are?
Gary: Unless you are in their shoes, literally.
Alba: Unless you are in their shoes.
Gary: You do not know.
Alba: You do not know. Who chooses who goes to the new earth?
Gary: We do. We all have made the choice already.
Alba: Can you tell if you’ve made the choice?
Gary: Yes.
Alba: Can you tell me how you know?
Gary: It resonates within. The mere recognition. All things in this place crave recognition.
Alba: In this place it craves recognition.
Gary: Yes. To be noticed, loved.
Alba: Is that part of the ego?
Gary: You know this already. We have all chosen long ago what our part will be.
Alba: What will Gary’s part be?
Gary: Sacrifice.
Alba: Sacrifice. What kind of sacrifice? He wants to know what his mission is.
Gary: He is doing it now. He knows.
Alba: It would be nice for you to tell him just to get confirmation. Can you tell him what his mission is in your words?
Gary: It’s still courage [?] humans. Everything in this place is infested with fear. Every living soul. It is to push every soul to push them forward.
Alba: Is he on the path or is he still looking for a way?
Gary: Yes, like you, a warrior in life is considered great achievement. There is no higher form of love than to sacrifice oneself for another being.
Alba: Is he sacrificing himself now?
Gary: You are also. Many are.
Alba: Is this helping?
Gary: It’s necessary. Every …
Alba: Go on.
Gary: Every, every living being matters.
Alba: Every living being matters.
Gary: Yes.
Alba: You’re talking everything … insects, birds, animals, rocks.
Gary: Yes. Yes. Man does not know what he does. Man, earth is the land of the walking blind.
Alba: The walking blind?
Gary: Yes.
Alba: We don’t see.
Gary: If you were aware of all that you do, not just to your own planet but to the other dimensions, that all will face this when they are on the other side
Alba: Is that…
Gary: You would not do … We wouldn’t …
Alba: Tell me what he’s feeling. What are you showing him?
Gary: He sees himself and all of the consequences of his actions.
Alba: You’re giving him a life review?
Gary: He is aware, yes.
Alba: What did you show him?
Gary: How the earth weeps.
Alba: What else?
Gary: [?] He … can only bear so much to his body.
Alba: How is this affecting him?
Gary: He has prepared already. He weeps as the earth weeps.
Alba: He has seen a lot of destruction of trees, of land?
Gary: Yes.
Alba: How does that affect him?
Gary: We’ll feel consequences of our lives.
Alba: Can you explain how we would feel those consequences.
Gary: All things are connected. We are all the same. All are connected to the Creator. You have the power at any moment of your life to feel like he is now.
Alba: Why have we chosen to be separate and not feel?
Gary: It was a great experiment. Far from Source, could we thrive?
Alba: How’s it working, this experiment?
Gary: It’s evolving.
Alba: Is the Creator ever going to stop the experiment and just let us all know what it feels like to be one?
Gary: God seeks companions not followers. Creator is … It is in each of us to look within at any time of your choosing. You need only seek the Creator. Look within.
Alba: How do we, how do we use the powers of the Creator when we don’t know how?
Gary: The process is not by accident. You need only the desire to know the Creator. It is meant to be a struggle.
Alba: It’s meant to be a struggle?
Gary: A struggle makes all things stronger. Earth, your life, all life, is based on experience and you cannot … you cannot move forward without this struggle.
Alba: Where do people have more struggle than others?
Gary: Fear. Ego.
Alba: How do we minimize the struggle?
Gary: Let go of fear.
Alba: Let go of fear?
Gary: Yes.
Alba: But doesn’t fear have its moments when it’s necessary to keep us out of danger or is that something different?
Gary: That … there is nothing to fear even in the face of danger. Fear holds you back. There is no death as you perceive it to be.
Alba: What does happen to us when we lose our body?
Gary: You make an amazing discovery.
Alba: What’s that?
Gary: That your soul survives. You will fall into your expectations when you pass. Some whose beliefs are of nothingness will meet nothingness. Most will seek out the light.
Alba: What happens to those who don’t go to the light? I find a lot of them attached to people.
Gary: They are addicted to the physical plane. They have unrealized … many attach themselves to people living or objects they coveted.
Alba: So we could actually purchase an item that has somebody attached to it?
Gary: Yes.
Alba: And bring it home?
Gary: In some instances, yes. There are many who seek these beings out but this never-ending task.
Alba: I spend a lot of my sessions sending these to the light.
Gary: Many create unneeded attachments with other souls or desires. Earth is full of addictions. Then many, many souls fall into these same soul traps after their earthly existence. You see, there is just as much trouble where I am now.
Alba: Why is that? Being a higher self, why is there struggle?
Gary: As stated, we all seek to evolve. Struggle makes us stronger. And we all thrive on experience.
Alba: Even in the non-physical plane?
Gary: Yes.
Alba: Is that why when I speak with someone’s higher self, it seems more evolved than others?
Gary: Yes. There are many, there are those who seek to manipulate and control here also.
Alba: Can you tell me about that? That seems something important.
Gary: Yes. This body is …
Alba: Does he need a rest?
Gary: There are those who, because of unfulfilled desires, unlived, under-realized on the earth plane, there are evolved entities that will prey upon those fixated with physical.
Alba: So those who are greedy or maybe addicted to things?
Gary: Yes.
Alba: They fall prey to them?
Gary: There are many soul traps and they will use their energy for … yes. Most important thing one can do is to prepare for death.
Alba: To prepare for death. Many people are afraid of death, though. How can we prepare for it?
Gary: Meditate. You must learn to create your own radiant being. The stronger the spin, vibrational spin …
Alba: The vibrational spin?
Gary: The … yes.
Alba: Is Gary having any ill feelings?
Gary: My vibrational … it is matching his vibrational frequency.
Alba: So what’s going on with his body? Is he feeling ill?
Gary: No, it, it is … tuning it.
Alba: Okay. Could you help with that?
Gary: I have been.
Alba: Okay, good.
Gary: This experience is a new sensation.
Alba: Gary had talked about wanting to know more about the new earth and you’ve given us a lot of information today. Is this something that we should be doing in the future together again?
Gary: Yes. Everyone should prepare when the veil is lifted.
Alba: What’s the best way to prepare … meditate?
Gary: Yes.
Alba: Okay. What’s the best way to meditate? There are many people who just cannot still their mind?
Gary: They must learn to still their minds. They must learn to look within and imagine their radiant being. For when this passing comes, many will not be able, many will be lost.
Alba: Many will be lost. So it’s very important to meditate.
Gary: Yes. Learn to create your radiant being. Many upon passing will not even realize the environment, the laws that make up the other side …
Alba: The laws that make up the other side? The non-physical side?
Gary: … are …
Alba: Very different to this one?
Gary: Yes.
Alba: Good.
Gary: They will be as if newborn babies that cannot speak or even crawl.
Alba: In the non-physical sense?
Gary: Yes.
Alba: Brand new?
Gary: Yes.
Alba: To all of the information. Who helps these newborn spirits in this non-physical realm? Who helps, who teaches them the laws?
Gary: There are those who will sacrifice themselves to help but the goal is to evolve now.
Alba: Very good. Thank you. Are you able to answer Gary’s personal questions now?
Gary: He knows the answers.
Alba: So we don’t need to ask any of these questions? Or is he tired now and you’d like to answer these at a different time?
Gary: He knows the answers.
Alba: Very good. Thank you so much. Do you have a message for me today?
Gary: You are important. Your mission is, above all, to evolve. Your time is short. Prepare.
Alba: Start meditating?
Gary: Yes. It is the most important thing that one can do. You must … remove the fear of ridicule. That is all.
Alba: Wonderful. Thank you very much. What message do you have to give Gary today, who came all this distance?
Gary: Courage.
Alba: He is a warrior.
Gary: You all are warriors. No one in this place are not.
Alba: What are you showing Gary?
Gary: The new earth. His body …
Alba: What about his body? What are you showing him?
Gary: How it can radiate just by the thoughts in his mind.
Alba: Beautiful. And that’s how it will be in the new earth?
Gary: Yes.
Alba: Wonderful. If Gary and I were to get together again to do this, would you be willing to give more information about the new earth?
Gary: He must prepare his physical self.
Alba: Can you tell him how?
Gary: He has been given the message. He must meditate.
Alba: Is this something that he came here to do or that we both came here to do?
Gary: Yes. There are many now, as you, and all will continue. It has been passed on to you.
Alba: Who has passed it on to me?
Gary: You were chosen and you accepted.
Alba: Is this before I was born or afterwards?
Gary: Yes.
Alba: Before?
Gary: Yes. Many, not all, succeed. Many fall prey to the distractions of addiction in this place.
Alba: So I need to keep myself focused and not be distracted.
Gary: Always. You’re … You are a warrior.
Alba: Thank you very much.
Gary: That is all.
Alba: Thank you very much for all of the information you’ve given Gary today and me and anybody else who sees this. I know he’s really going to appreciate it. Welcome back. How do you feel?
Gary: My whole body is tingling.
Alba: Is it a good tingling?
Gary: It’s almost too much. I’m so sad [?]
Alba: You saw?
Gary: Yeah, I saw.
Alba: Tell me what you saw. You were given a lot of information. A lot of visuals.
Gary: How could that be real?
Alba: How long do you think you were under?
Gary: I don’t know.
Alba: How did it feel? Fast? Long?
Gary: Short.
Alba: Short?
Gary: Just what [?], short. Maybe 20 minutes.
Alba: Try an hour and 45 minutes.
Gary: You know, when you start, it’s just what you said. It just felt like I was talking and then suddenly it grabs you.
Alba: For someone who’s always in control, I think you did a great job. I think we found the person who’s going to work with me.
Gary: I can’t remember the last time I cried. I did it twice in one day. That’s … thank you, Alba.
Alba: Is it something you’re going to share?
Gary: Oh, man. I don’t care. [?]
Alba: We can talk about it. These are very deep.
Gary: It’s … that other person is strong. Oh, man.
Alba: Your higher self is strong?
Gary: It’s really intense. It’s almost … you can’t … God … my head, my out of body experience. What brought me back? I felt as I was looking at all the cells [selves?], I felt a huge presence behind me. It was so bright. And I felt like a little tiny, insignificant, little dim nothing. And I cowered. Just that little bit of [?] made me want to run and hide and get back to my body. I thought I had died. It wasn’t easy to roll [?] myself back. I remember it was hard to anchor my body back in … that feeling of ... that bright. I was afraid to even look. It was so immense. That’s what it was just now.  I’m still … my body is vibrating. It’s … whooooo … I can’t believe that’s me.
Alba: Life changing? Was it worth doing this now that you’ve seen it from the other side?
Gary: Yes. Have you?
Alba: I didn’t have the same experience as you did. Yours was mind blowing.
Gary: It didn’t feel mind blowing. It felt like, for me, it was a review. It was …
Alba: You had like a life review there for a little while, right?
Gary: It was “get off your ass.” That’s what it was. Oh, man. Yeah. I don’t want to go through that again.
Alba: You don’t?
Gary: No, I felt like I was being chastised. My hand slapped on the wrist.
Alba: This is the review that you’re talking about?
Gary: Yeah.
Alba: I guess you needed that to move forward, to complete your mission.
Gary: It’s different for me, Alba. You’re lucky. I’m lucky, too, but … Maybe you’re a little bit stronger than me in certain things. You don’t remember, that’s it [?]
Alba: The recycle bin. It helps. It’s a gift.
Gary: You’re amazing. You really are.
Alba: How does your body feel now?
Gary: I feel like I just … I don’t know … like I just had the flu and I just woke up in the middle of the night and it’s gone and I feel like I’ve just been sweating and I feel like my … I’m not a sweater but my hands are like completely … I like have the cold sweats now cause I … yeah … see. I never get wet palms or anything. If anything, I’m like Mr. Dry.
Alba: How’d the selenite work? I guess so.
Gary: I don’t know. It’s just …
Alba: Did they vibrate or anything for you? You feel anything?
Gary: I just remember seeing those images again.
Alba: You’re going to be seeing that for the next few days ‘cause you’re wide open now.
Gary: I think so.
Alba: Yep.
Gary: Wow. Wow. That aura surrounded the whole globe. It was just like the little cells that make up everything. Auras. Vibrating auras. You could see another kind of break [?] from people and all their thoughts. All of it going on and just …
Alba: You had a great experience. I don’t think you expected that, did you? Not to that extent anyway.
Gary: [?]
Alba: It could have been worse.
Gary: It’s not fun not being in control.
Alba: You gotta give up the reins some time.
Gary: Oh my God.  I wonder how you match …
Alba: You good? You want to say goodbye? We’re going to share this?
Gary: Oh my God. Can I watch it first?
Alba: Of course you can.
Gary: Man, I don’t even remember any of it. I only remember just what it looked like. Oh, God. Did I say anything crazy?
Alba: No.
Gary: Honest.
Alba: Not at all. It was all about the new earth.
Gary: About any family or anything?
Alba: No, not at all. It was all about the new earth. Everything is about the earth. It was wonderful. It was all about the new earth. All of it.
Gary: I just remember sweating and just, God, it like burned. It’s like it just felt too good. It’s like when you, like a little child and you look at someone and you just, you feel so good you have to look away. It was like that.
Alba: Wow. That’s great.
Gary: Yeah.
Alba: So whenever you’re ready.
Gary: I’m ready. I’m ready.
Alba: So we just had an amazing session.
Gary: It was amazing.
Alba: Amazing.
Gary: Amazing.
Alba: You had no idea that this was going to happen … this way?
Gary: No. No. Like you, I probably have watched quite a few of Alba’s videos and I just could not help but bring myself to come experience this in person.
Alba: And you are coming from …?
Gary: I came all the way from San Diego. Really, it’s not that big of a trip to get out here and it’s cheap to stay here. It was really inexpensive for me. And um, but I kind of thought it was going to be like a lot of the other, um, experiences that I saw on your tapes but man, it was … it was … you said it, it was life changing, so …
Alba: Tell me what happened with this life review cause that’s, you were like, there were times when you just stopped and you were … seeing something and it was almost startling to watch the way you were reacting. What were you seeing?

Gary: Um, some of it, it felt I was being shown images that I saw what the earth is going to go through. I saw how we’re damaging the earth every single day. I saw the negligence and the intentional looking away in the name of greed. It was … it just … it hurt. I could feel everything that I was seeing on a, I know this sounds crazy, on a cellular level. It’s as if I was in the shoes of everything that was being destroyed and I could feel it and experience it and it was too much to endure. Um, emotionally I couldn’t handle it. And I wasn’t really, I felt as though I, it’s really hard to explain, it was as though I was in two places at once. Almost three places because this other person is talking and I’m kind of in the background listening. And then he throws … me … then I throw these images inside of my head and you’re experiencing that at the same time and you’re, I can hear you, um, asking the questions. I don’t remember all of it. I remember certain things that have a lot of emotion tied to it but I’m saying Answer! And I’m trying to answer but I can’t. But I realize ‘cause I can feel from all perspectives. First, second and third person. It’s really strange. I can tell that because of me, the way I am, and whatever the limitations of my body has, he’s just sitting there like, How the f*ck do I use…. I’m sorry. How do I use the words, the vocabulary that’s in this little man’s head to express? So he’s … yeah, so. My body as it is, was a limitation and also the words that I … that he was trying to choose to um, and my intellect.

Alba: Now there was a lot of noise. How did the noise affect you?
Gary: I didn’t hear anything.
Alba: Cause there’s palm fronds banging on the window. There’s …
Gary: I don’t remember any of that.
Alba: And this is something I bring up because you are in an industry where you pick up all of this stuff. You tell me you can hear me gulp when I’m drinking water when you’re watching my videos. You can hear me rustling papers and how was it feeling for you being in that position? How does that affect you?
Gary: I didn’t notice anything. I was, to be honest, I hardly remember any of it. It’s the damndest thing. I only remember the things that had really strong images where I … I know I felt like I cried like a baby for like an hour. I just could not stop crying. That’s what I remember most. I don’t remember the small talk that much. It just felt like it was a constant struggle … the whole thing, to try to, to try to, um …
Alba: Express it? Like the vocabulary or what?
Gary: No, no, it wasn’t me. I felt like I was in the background again and I was just trying to … I wanted to stop crying. That’s what I was trying to do.  It was a constant struggle to try to stop crying and I couldn’t stop. That’s what it was.
Alba: You did great.
Gary: I wasn’t worrying about the camera. I forgot about all that stuff. I was just trying to stop crying. I didn’t want to feel that, that emotion anymore. Not for you or anybody else, it was just for me. It was weird.
Alba: Do you recommend this to other people?
Gary: I think, rather than just say I recommend you should come out, because it’s in Miami … and Alba’s amazing, by the way. She really is. It’s real easy to connect because she feels like you’ve known her for a long time.
Alba: You know, one thing that you said when we were interviewing is that, now I know why it’s four hours. We’ve actually spent more. We’ve actually spent, holy moly …

Gary: Alba and I had a chance to connect. She really takes an adequate … I don’t want to say adequate. She really takes the time to get to know you and find out information that she needs to help make you understand what’s going to take place during the session. She does a really good job of relaxing you and making you feel comfortable. I think the whole thing is to make sure that the person that’s going to go through this experience knows what’s coming and that they feel comfortable. Because a lot of people like me, you’re in control of how you appear to everybody when you’re out walking around every day. What I was going to say is, I think that, just my own personal experience, if everybody had an experience like this where they actually get in touch with their higher self or they some sort of communication with the other side in any way, shape or form, it is a life changing event to use your words. It is. And you will change how you view your reality and life and how you communicate and interact with people every day. And it changes you for the better. So, that’s why you should come out and do it. I think if more people did this, if every single person did this,\

Alba: Ah, the world would be different.
Gary: It would be.
Alba: The world would be totally different. You’d see things from a different perspective.
Gary: That’s why you should come. Not because some … I recommend it. You should come to have a positive impact on the world. That’s just me, though.
Alba: Thank you very much. So …
Gary: [?], Alba.
Alba: Thank you. So if you want to have a session with me, you know where to go. Very easy to find my calendar and you just book it and have a session. Bye.
Gary: That was just the practice, right?
Alba: Haha. No, it’s not. Give me a hug.

Watch for Gary’s new e-book “THE CON OF MAN: The Path to a New Earth” available soon through iTunes and the App Store. It’s the true story of Gary’s introduction to his higher self and the communication he received that led him on a path to the evolution of humanity and the new earth now manifesting.
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Kolbrin - Book of Scrolls - Chpt 29 - Sacred Registers Pt 29 Songs of Tantalip


This song is of course the mirror image of the last song but from a male perspective.  Again both are lovely songs expressing young love and may well have been part of a wedding feast.

Thus their survival as part of a body of teaching used by the priesthood.

All good.




The night rolls back to reveal the promise of another day. The great sun comes up in the morning time and the lotus opens to reveal its shining heart displayed in devotion. You come and my heart leaps up from my breast to meet you.

The wind blows and shakes the wild fig tree, you come and your delicate perfiime enwraps my spirit, and my body is shaken. I become weak within the shadow of your presence. I feel a radiance about you which calls to something within me and I am awed by the wonder of a love which can subdue all base feelings.

I have seen you. In the cool dewtime of the morning I passed on my way and you were bathing in the freshening waters. I saw your pure loveliness and all else faded and passed from me, the beauty of the morning was dimmed before the vision I had of you. Modest maiden of mine, clad in a white garment which clutched your supple limbs, I saw you and my heart swelled up in joy. The breath was stopped within my throat. 

You looked up and smiled a chaste greeting, covering yourself in a garment expressing your maidenly modesty. 

Your delicate hand plucked a lily, and my heart left its cradle when you came up out of the waters and drew near. You embraced me with cool, glistening arms and open wet lips. I savoured the joys of the gods, with a greater promise of unutterable joys to come, before I continued on my way. Would that I were the fishes in the pool, that I might be so near to you twice daily.

Yet I am a man and consumed in the fires of manhood in my need for you. Still you remain veiled in reserve and I pray to the great god for the assurance that some day my sister in love will be truly mine. Her reserve and modesty, treasured as gifts to be surrendered in love, mean more to me than gold and pearls or the treasures of kings. What is mine no king, no matter how great, can claim. It is love's mantle bestowed on manliness. 

The night comes and I dream it is our wedding night and you are beside me. My spirit rises on wings of joy, singing, "O let my love find its ultimate expression in this night of beauty!" Your breath caresses me with the fragrance of Heaven, your lips dispense the heavy wine of love. Our bodies meet in ecstasy and part, but our spirits remain mingled in the greater bond that knows no severance. Our united souls share together the destiny of eternity. 1 sleep at last in the gentle arms of contentment.

0 Great Readers of the Souls of Men, see the strength of my love. Is it not untainted with base feelings? Is it not wholesome and undemanding? Is it not protective of womanly secrets? Let it endure on Earth, that it may blossom in glorious fullness throughout the great ages in everlasting splendour. May it shine forever in the unwalled Halls of Eternity. O grant me my heart's desire!