Monday, November 8, 2010

Starchild Skull Update

This is a brief update from Lloyd Pye on his ongoing efforts to apply DNA work to the starchild skull.  Recent work confirmed two things, both remarkable.

1                    The DNA includes clearly human DNA.
2                    The DNA includes a lot of DNA that is not recognizable against the global human DNA data base.

In short, rather than having a pure human abnormality or a completely alien life form that is not known, we get both!  A possible explanation is that an alien was deliberately placed inside a human egg and brought to term.  This then lead to the death of both the child and the mother as the alien nature became more apparent.

The mystery is in fact getting a lot deeper and confounding and substantially more DNA work will make interpretation much more compelling.

Oct 2010

My three lectures in Europe went well and are discussed in detail next. This coming Friday, Oct. 29, I will be inHuntsville, Alabama, and next month, on Nov. 20, I will be in Edinburg, Scotland. Anyone interested in attending either of these lectures can find the details here:

In Malta I was with a great group of speakers that included Colin Andrews, Marcia Schafer, Steve Bassett, Phil Gruber, Geoff Stray, and Adriano Forgione, who publishes some of the finest alternative/UFO magazines in the world if you can read Italian. Adriano has created something fascinating with a pair of this season's crop circles, which I'll share in a later Byte.

After Malta came Zurich, where I spoke for the UFOrum group led by Philip Steinauer. Last was Oslo, where Terje (pronounced "Terry") Toftenes hosted and filmed my lecture for distribution in English-speaking countries. This should be available to anyone who wants to see it within two or three weeks. I will confirm when it's available in a later Byte. Terje also filmed a two-hour interview with me that he plans to make available as a DVD within a matter of weeks..

While I was in Oslo, Terje arranged for me to attend a lecture by Dr. Masaru Emoto, famous for his book "The Hidden Messages in Water." I've been fascinated by Dr. Emoto's work since he shot to worldwide fame in the documentary film,What The Bleep Do We Really Know? I was able to meet Dr. Emoto privately to show him many slides in my Starchild presentation. He then offered to put vials of water on photos of the human skull and the Starchild Skull to see what kind of ice crystals they might produce. To me this sounds like a fascinating diversion, so I will contact Dr. Emoto about it at the end of his current lecture tour.

Unfortunately, no investor appeared on the horizon in Europe, but a few things are percolating in that direction. The big news, though, is that our geneticist has arranged to use a new piece of DNA recovery equipment to undertake a fresh run with the Starchild's DNA. This should provide vastly more chains of base pairs, in the hundreds of thousands, and will give a much clearer picture of what we're dealing with. It should also provide the kind of "can't deny it" proof that investors and mainstream media require to take our claims seriously. So, personally, I am VERY excited to have this test upcoming, and its result should be available by Christmas to make a wonderful present for us all. This is the plan at this moment, and I will notify you all as it develops.

5 Nov 2010

I met with our geneticist again to discuss the details 
of his next step forward to recover more of the Starchild's nuclear DNA. So far he's used only a form of shotgun recovery which, he explained, could recover the genome, all 3 billion base pairs, in about 15 years. Much easier to secure the use of a 454 machine that sequences several million base pairs in one run of many hours duration. Using it, the Starchild's entire genome could be recovered within 3-4 months.

Unfortunately, 454 machines are expensive to use and maintain, so another machine, much less powerful, will be used to recover vastly more base pairs than we have now. Nowhere near the full genome we need, of course, but a number large enough for skeptics to respect, if not readily accept.

This will be an all-out effort by our geneticist. He realizes my hands are tied until I can present a more convincing case to mainstream scientists and their sycophants in the mainstream media. Both groups do have to accept certain realities, which we intend to produce in large numbers and in great detail. We expect to have it all squared away before Christmas.

While that unfolds, my focus now is on my upcoming lecture about the Starchild Skull at "The Wakeup Call" conference in Edinburgh, Scotland, on Nov. 20th. They're providing a two-hour speaking slot, so I've added 18 slides to the recent presentations I gave in Europe. This will be the most complete and most up-to-date lecture I've done this year. I hope to see some of you there.

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