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the Real Problem With Almonds

The real bottom line is that irrigation must become sustainable. That is likely impossible with alfalfa but also plausible with almonds. I personally think it can be done by lowering the per acre loading and introducing ample atmospheric irrigation and smart co cropping. Done well and you will justify your own bees as well.

If such a solution is impossible than face the reality that this land is unsuitable.  Yet i think it can work.

I do think atmospheric irrigation is a natural for the Great Valley.

Here's the Real Problem With Almonds

The nut apologists missed some important facts.

| Wed Apr. 15, 2015 6:00 AM EDT

Almonds: crunchy, delicious, and…the center of a nefarious plot to suck California dry? They certainly have used up a lot of ink lately—partly inspired by our reporting over the past year. California's drought-stricken Central Valley churns out 80 percent of the globe's almonds, and since each nut takes a gallon of water to produce, they account for close to 10 percent of the state's annual agricultural water use—or more than what the entire population of Los Angeles and San Francisco use in a year.

As Grist’s Nathanael Johnson put it, almonds have become a scapegoat of sorts—"the poster-nut for human wastefulness in California's drought." Or, as Alissa Walker put it in Gizmodo, "You know, ALMONDS, THE DEVIL'S NUT." It's not surprising that the almond backlash has inspired a backlash of its own. California agriculture is vast and complex, and its water woes can't hang entirely on any one commodity, not even one as charismatic as the devil's nut almond.

And as many have pointed out, almonds have a lot going for them—they're nutritious, they taste good, and they're hugely profitable for California. In 2014, almonds brought in a whopping $11 billion to the state's economy. Plus, other foods—namely, animal products—use a whole lot more water per ounce than almonds.

So almonds must be worth all the water they require, right? Not so fast. Before you jump to any conclusions, consider the following five facts:

1. Most of our almonds end up overseas. Almonds are the second-thirstiest crop in California—behind alfalfa, a superfood of sorts for cows that sucks up 15 percent of the state's irrigation water. Gizmodo's Walker—along with many others—wants to shift the focus from almonds to the ubiquitous feed crop, wondering, "Why are we using more and more of our water to grow hay?" Especially since alfalfa is a relatively low-value crop—about a quarter of the per acre value of almonds—and about a fifth of it is exported.

It should be noted, though, that we export far more almonds than alfalfa: About two-thirds of California's almond and pistachio crops are sent overseas—a de facto export of California's overtapped water resources.

2. While alfalfa fields are shrinking, almond fields are expanding—in a big way. The drought is already pushing California farmers out of high-water, low-value crops like alfalfa and cotton, and into almonds and two other pricey nuts, pistachios and walnuts. This year, California acreage devoted to alfalfa is expected to shrink 11 percent, and cotton acres look set to dwindle to their lowest level since the 1920s.

Meanwhile, the market is pushing almonds and other nuts in the opposite direction. At a recent confab in California's nut-rich, water-challenged San Joaquin County, Stuart Resnick, chief of Paramount Farms, by far the state's largest nut grower, explained why in a speech, as documented by an account in the trade journal Western Farm Press. Almonds, he said, deliver farmers an average net return of $1,431 per acre. Pistachios, another fast-expanding nut hotly promoted by the Paramount farming empire, net even more: $3,519 per acre.

Given that Paramount reportedly manages 50,000 acres of combined almonds and pistachios, it's safe to say there's big profits in growing those nuts. And the company, which also buys and processes nuts from other farmers and sells them under the Wonderful brand, plans to expand by 50 percent in the next five years. Currently the company farms 30,000 acres on its own and buys pistachios from farms occupying another 100,000 acres. By 2020, the company's "goal is 150,000 partner acres, 33,000 Paramount acres," which would be a 40 percent jump in just five years. And that's on top of the 118 percent expansion in pistachio acres over the past decade, according to figures Resnick delivered at the conference.

3. Unlike other crops, almonds always require a lot of water—even during drought.  Annual crops like cotton, alfalfa, and veggies are flexible—farmers can fallow them in dry years. That's not so for nuts, which need to be watered every year, drought or no, or the trees die, wiping out farmers' investments.

Already, strains are showing. Back in 2013, a team led by US Geological Survey hydrologist Michelle Sneed discovered that a 1,200-square-mile swath of the southern Central Valley—a landmass more than twice the size of Los Angeles—had been sinking by as much as 11 inches per year, because the water table had fallen from excessive pumping. In an interview last year, Sneed told me the ongoing exodus from annual crops and pasture to nuts likely played a big role.

4. Some nut growers are advocating against water regulation—during the worst drought in California's history. "I've been smiling all the way to the bank," one pistachio grower told the audience at the Paramount event, according to the Western Farm Press account. As for water, that's apparently a political problem, not an ecological one, for Paramount. "Pistachios are valued at $40,000 an acre," Bill Phillimore, executive vice president of Paramount Farming, reportedly told the crowd. "How much are you spending in the political arena to preserve that asset?" Apparently, he meant: protect it from pesky regulators questioning your water use. He "urged growers to contribute three-quarters of a cent on every pound of pistachios sold to a water advocacy effort," Western Farm Press reported.

5. Mostly, it's not small-scale farmers that are getting rich off the almond boom. With their surging overseas sales, almonds and pistachios have drawn in massive financial players hungry for a piece of the action. As we reported last year, Hancock Agricultural Investment Group, an investment owned by the Canadian insurance and financial services giant Manulife Financial, owns at least 24,000 acres of almonds, pistachios, and walnuts, making it California's second-largest nut grower. TIAA-CREF, a large retirement and investment fund that owns 37,000 acres of California farmland, and boasts that it's one of the globe's top five almond producers.

Then there's Terrapin Fabbri Management, a private equity firm that "manages more than $100 million of farm assets on behalf of institutional investors and high net worth clients" and says it's "focused on capitalizing on the increasing global demand for California's agricultural output." In a piece late last year, The Economist pointed out that Terrapin had "bought a dairy company and some vineyards and tomato fields in California, and converted all to grow almonds, whose price has soared as the Chinese have gone nuts for them." The magazine added that "such conversions require up-front capital"—e.g., to drop wells—"and the ability to survive without returns for years." Those aren't privileges many small-scale farmers enjoy.

Bronze Age Civilisation was Destroyed by a 'Perfect Storm

This stacks up the data for the 1159 BC collapse that took out the European Bronze Age and the Atlantean World culture of which we see bits around the world. I can be more precise because we have Irish tree ring data and we ourselves have come to understand the full extent of the geological calamity itself.

It include Hekla erupting and shutting down European agriculture for a generation.  That is the least we know.  I have also added crustal subsidence offsetting the Hudson Bay rebound.  This subsidence affected the Mid Atlantic ridge (Lyonese, Iceland, the Azores) and the Bahama Bank and the Cuban Ridge as well with Yucatan which possibly rose.  With something this massive, many other disruptions took place as well, but all were final adjustments to the Pleistocene Nonconformity dated 12900 years ago.

I painted the above picture to stretch your imagination and to appreciate just how scant survival likely  was.  Atlantis was not the loss of an island, it was as reported the loss of the eqivalent of a continent that included Japan, France and the British isles.

This obviously ended the global sea trade or at least its centralizing ability as a global enterprise.  Copper ended its dominance then and there and we worked off inventories for a thousand years thereafter.

This is obviously a bigger story than Archeology wishes to imagine but we have been steadily filling in the global brush strokes on this blog with plenty of real success.

A massive drought is also observed although that may be caused by the final collapse of the Sahara.  Dating may also be off and be a little too early but that is to be expected.  I only have three good dates.  Hekla in 1159 BC, Thera, and the Pleistocene Nonconformity.


Bronze Age civilisation was destroyed by a 'perfect storm': Ancient Egypt and other societies collapsed due to climate change, war and earthquakes
  • Historian Eric Cline at George Washington University says a series of disasters between 1225BC and 1177BC led to downfall of ancient societies
  • He argues that as they all relied on each other for trade the collapse of one society created a domino effect that resulted in the start of the Dark Ages 
  • He makes the claims in his book  1177BC The Year Civilisation Collapsed

It marks the moment when the civilised world entered the Dark Ages and some of the most spectacular societies in the world disappeared.
Now one historian claims he has unraveled what may have lead to the downfall of Ancient Egypt and other Bronze Age civilisations collapse.

He claims they were hit by a 'perfect storm' of disasters 3,200 years ago that left the Ancient Egyptians, the Babylonians, Minoans and Mycenians unable to cope. [ 1159 bc - arclein ]

The Sphinx and pyramids at Giza (above) hint at the power of ancient Egyptian civilisation before it collapsed

As each of these great societies were interconnected, the collapse of one also affected the others, creating a domino-like effect, claims Professor Eric Cline, director of the Capitol Archaeological Institute at George Washington University.
He claims that a series of droughts, famines, climate change, earthquakes, invasions and internal rebellions between 1225BC and 1177 BC happened in quick succession.  [ natural aftermath ]

Egypt's Old Kingdom - when most of the pyramids were built - collapsed more than 4,200 years ago because it failed to adapt to climate change, according to research.

Scientists examined 7,000-year-old ancient pollen and charcoal samples from the Nile to piece together the time - and found evidence of a 'mega drought' in the the area. 

The droughts brought fires, famine and social unrest to the region.

Pollen grains obtained from the bottom of the Sea of Galilee have also provided similar evidence that the region endured a 150 year drought between 1250BC and 1100BC.

Scientists behind the study say there was a sharp decline around 1250 BCE in oaks, pines, and carob trees—the traditional flora of the Mediterranean in the Late Bronze Age.

Plants usually found in semiarid desert regions increase while the number of olive trees - an important crop plant - also declined.

Speaking to Haaretz, he said: 'Normally if a culture if faced with just one of these tragedies, it can survive it, but what if they all happened at once or in quick succession.

'I think that the Late Bronze Age civilisations were simply unable to weather the "perfect storm" and cam crashing down.

'The thriving economy and cultures of the late second millennium BCE, which had stretched from Greece to Egypt and Mesopotamia, suddenly ceased to exist, long-used trade routes were abandoned, along with writing systems, advanced technology, and monumental architecture.'

Professor Cline sets out his arguments in his recent book '1177BC The Year Civilisation Collapsed'.

The claims the events that led up to the collapse of these civilisations marked a turning point in ancient history.

The demise of the powerful ancient civilisations has long been blamed on a mysterious group of seafaring raiders known as the Sea Peoples. [ Atlanteans of course ]

These marauding people have been credited with having invaded and destroyed large swathes of Ancient Egypt, Hittite, Mycenian and Mitanni kingdoms around the Mediterranean.

A series of battles between the Egyptians and the Sea People's are depicted on the Medinet Habu wall relief at Ramesses III's tomb on the west bank of Luxor in Egypt.

The Sea Peoples, shown here fighting ancient Egyptian forces, were widely blamed for the collapse of many of the great civilisations in the Near East and Mediterranean at the end of the Bronze age 3,200 years ago

The Sea Peoples, shown here fighting ancient Egyptian forces, were widely blamed for the collapse of many of the great civilisations in the Near East and Mediterranean at the end of the Bronze age 3,200 years ago

The map above shows many of the suspected invasions made by the Sea Peoples around 1200 BC

The map above shows many of the suspected invasions made by the Sea Peoples around 1200 BC
Although the Egyptians apparently managed to defeat them, the kingdom never recovered.[  at best they held them off and then settled them in Gaza as the Philistines to us ]

Ugarit, a port city in ancient Syria that traded with the Hittites and Egypt was destroyed and the involvment of Sea People's is mentioned in four letters found at the site of the city.

Archaeologists also point to the widespread destruction around much of the Mediterranean at the time.

Many Anatolian sties show signs of violent battles and abandonment.

Coastal sites at Canaan, including Gaza, Ashkelon and Ashdod, Akko and Jaffa, in Israel, were also leveled while the inland palace at Megiddo was burnt to the ground.

The ancient cities of Hazor and Lachish, also in Israel, were completely destroyed and left abandoned.

The tomb of Ramesses III (above) in Luxor, Egypt, features a wall relief that shows battles with the Sea Peoples

The tomb of Ramesses III (above) in Luxor, Egypt, features a wall relief that shows battles with the Sea Peoples

However Professor Cline says in his book that the Sea People's may have been unfairly blamed for causing the collapse of these great civilisations.

Instead he says while the raids may have been a menace, there were greater forces at work.

Recent analysis of pollen found in a core sample taken from the Sea of Galilee by researchers at Tel Aviv University and the University of Bonn has shown that the years between 1250BC and 1100BC were the driest the area had seen in the Bronze and Iron ages.

Clay tables found in Afek in Israel, Huttusa in Turkey and Emar in Mesopotamia and Ugarit in Syria also suggest the area was hit by an unrelenting drought.

Professor Cline says as each of the civilisations relied upon each other for trade, the misery of one was shared by others.

Ramesses III's reign was plagued by raids by seafaring people but also coincidence with a great drought

Ramesses III's reign was plagued by raids by seafaring people but also coincidence with a great drought

He said: 'I would argue that the civilizations of the Mediterranean and the ancient Near East were so interconnected ... that when one collapsed, it affected the others, so that one by one they fell, like a chain of dominoes.

'The fact that similarly-intertwined civilizations collapsed just after 1200 BCE should be a warning to us; if it happened once, it can happen again.'

Indeed Professor Cline warns that he can see parallels between the events that led to the downfall of those ancient societies and those occurring today.

He warns that the threat posed by the Greek economy as well as the chaos in Libya, Syria, Egypt and Iraq mirror some of the situations seen at the end of the Bronze Age.

However, it hard to argue that these countries now represent the dominant powers in the world.
However Cline even suggests that ISIS could be the modern day equivalent of the Sea People, sparking mass migrations and destablising the lands they invade.

He said: 'Even with all of our technological advancements, we are not immune.'

The Upcoming Dimensional Shift?

There has drifted into so called New Age thinking a meme that suggests that somehow or the other that the physical universe we experience can somehow shift 'dimension'  Yet no one actually defines 'dimension.

Dimension means something very rigorous to a mathematician and i want to state that having derived the first action in a three dimensional space and understanding that ongoing creation from the first movement is a rigorous way to understand time itself, it becomes clear that New Age usage is terribly misleading because it suggest that our physical rules can change.

What is happening though is that our physical spirit bodies are becoming emergent allowing us to accept greater wisdom and plausibly accept our roles as the inheritors of Eden or Terra.  This will likely take another thirty five years.

The Upcoming Dimensional Shift

In a previous article I wrote that the third dimension is the physical dimension wherein we exist. Since then I have been taught many things by God and my spirit guides and have come to realize that I’ve been wrong in my original premises. 1

Difference between Third and Fourth Dimensions
Earth, her solar system and that part of the Universe that can be seen either with the naked eye or with telescopes, is a holographic projection from out of the multidimensional universe but this hologram exists in the 4th dimension.

Why? Because the latter dimension consists of space and time and thus can we say what we see is third dimensional - space while time is something we experience but do not see per sé although what we do see are those things that give us time such as the stars, sun and moon, turning of the earth, changing of seasons in nature, etc.

What then is the 3rd dimension? Ah, it does exist, mind, but it’s a kind of box – a boxed-in hologram or a hologram within our 4th dimensional hologram. This is where the concept of programming of the mind comes from.

All of us have at one time or another been programmed to believe certain things and these things have put us to sleep – fast asleep each in his little box or pyramid. Within this pyramidal box we are fed constantly with certain lies – lies that have become the chosen diet for each experimental subject, you and me.

We may ask who is feeding us and where do they come from? Well, it is true that the feeding happen in real time by the hand of those that control and manipulate us, called by many names such as the elite, the Rothschilds, the Illuminati, the puppet masters or whatever term/name else you have heard.

However, they too are but controlled and manipulated; they too are but puppets and although they are bad assed human beings and we hate them we should in reality feel sorry for them.

I know most of you will be shocked but it is true that they deserve our sympathy at least for the simple reason that they, who have once been as human and gullible as we, have literally sold their souls to the devil [read Reptilians] for… MONEY – dirty, destructible, perishable rectangular pieces of paper that they and us were made to believe is money, is power, is control!

Within this third dimension then abides the fast and light asleep humans, the manipulating puppets of the Reptilians [I prefer to call them demons or demonic forces], most of whom are absolutely totally controlled and possessed by demons, and demons themselves.

Now you may well ask but are these evil demonic entities not contained somewhere dark and deep where they are only feeding on our negative energy and emotions? No longer are they all still there.

Many of them have become so bold due to atrocities committed by man upon the face of the earth and thought out by man in the third dimension, that they no longer possess persons but have emerged from their shadowy, slimy lower third dimension and are walking among us upon earth. Only thing is, most people cannot see them.

In another article I have mentioned that there exist veils between worlds - between dimensions -that, at certain times during the yearly solstices and equinoxes, become thinner and allows for spirits of dead people and demons from the underworld or lower third dimension to enter into our reality. 2

However, the increase in number and quality of horrific deeds committed upon earth only in the past 1000 years, has kept these veils open and there is only one way by which they can be closed again – a way not in the power of man but only by the force of God Almighty, which will happen.

The Fourth Dimension
The hologram called Earth together with all of creation that can be seen and experienced by man was intelligently designed by Source of All that Is, for the fourth dimensional level of existence.

It is a projection built in a hexagonal formation according to the perfect mathematics of the Universe called Phi or the Golden Ratio.

Life in this hologram has an infinite potential for every life form – be it spiritual or physical - to grow, develop and thrive until the entity or life form of every individual has been promoted to enter the next higher dimension - for most of earth’s creatures this is the 5th dimension.
The original shape and structure of this projected reality contains the harmonious vibrations of Source, which are present in everything created by him - that is why I can say as he himself is, so am I because I exist within him.

The energy/consciousness that the incarnated soul is born with is enough for him or her to stay in contact with Source, the higher dimensions or with his/her place of origin and to remember who it is and where it comes from.

If that soul nurtures the consciousness and energy he is born with there is no need for him to reach out to unknown practices for the absorption of more energy in order to heal his body or operate better in his ethereal body.

The multidimensional memory of the incarnated soul becomes its sense of purpose that arises from the ever-tugging action of Source.

This work through what we call the intuition and reminds the soul of its task during its period of probation – this persistent tugging is meant as a pull-back of the soul to ever higher degrees of unity and oneness, which manifests as a yearning to fully express the memory of the original condition of absolute oneness with creation and the Universe, with the Source of All that Is.

This is what defines and shapes the soul, an inherent divine sense of purpose, direction and destiny.
The fourth dimension is, however, not without its pitfalls and dangers for the simple reason that even here has our sphere of existence been invaded by the lower vibrational demonic and sub-human entities.
How? Well, every dimension carries with it the seeds of probation for every living being. In other words, even here are we kind of tested by Source to ascertain whether we are ready and fully prepared to ascend to the next dimension, the 5th, 6th, 7th or 8th.

Again we may ask how? Source has allowed some of the lower dimensional entities from the lower third dimension to absorb enough energy from their human victims to vibrate at a faster rate so that they can enter a sphere we call the astral plane. This was done with and through a practice we call chakra meditation.

The incarnated soul, stay in contact with Source by way of either direct communication for some but for most through meditation and prayer.

The energy within the human form is a life-force, which allows the meditating /praying person to become a kind of cosmic antenna that tunes into vast energy sources, receives that energy and changes itself into a magnetic field.

While most of the positive energy is focused within, some of it is scattered along the chakra spiral. Chakra meditation is in itself certainly nothing wrong with and had we lived somewhere outside of this hologram it would have been of huge benefit (if it would still have been necessary).

The Kundalini
The seven main adrenal glands of the physical body are called chakras in the etheric/astral body, acting as (i) transducers of energy that convert it and (ii) as continual transceivers of energy from and to the energy field surrounding us.

This happens naturally and spontaneously and there is no need for us to try and activate or re-activate such energy. The only thing necessary for us is to stay in contact with Source and learn how the flow of energy works.

Our energy system consists of conscious energy connected to the universal energies in all dimensions and therefore is it a connection between the physical and the metaphysical/spiritual world.

The energy spiral, as described in this article, is referred to in Hinduism and Buddhism as the Kundalini, which means this serpent has its tail in our root chakra and its flat evil head in our brow chakra (where the pineal gland, also called by them the third eye, is situated).

The word chakra means wheel, which tells us that energy in these chakras or vortexes have a spinning motion that push the received energy in a spiraling vibration upwards from the root or tail of the serpent to the head of the serpent where its eye is situated.

To illustrate to you how our astral chakra system, that works through into our physical endocrine system, have been invaded and occupied by the demonical forces, let me ask if you’ve ever wondered why this spiraling motion of energy is called kundalini by these religions.

Kundalini is defined as latent female energy situated at the base of the spine and conceptualized as a coiled-up serpent. It contains the power of the female serpent that devours the male after mating, lying curled at the base of the spine, in the back part of the root chakra.

The coil, in 3 ½ turns, is located in the sacrum bone. Since this part of the spine, with the attendant sacrum bones of the pelvis, had been seen in ancient religions in the West as the “holy grail”, it is easy to ascertain that it has to do with sexual energy or the sexual urge.
You can read about it here.
The Caduses Serpent Energy

In Tibetan Buddhism, this practice of awakening is called inner fire: the foundation of all higher spiritual realizations and can bring us unimaginable states of bliss, profound wisdom and the amazing power to achieve anything we set our mind on.

Wow, almost too good to be true. But that which is awakened, is nothing but a deep, primal lust that just has to be satisfied and which, inevitably, has the potential for an explosive aggression.

When you read what the authors of the book, The Shadow of the Dalai Lama, have to say about this practice, you will understand that what you thought of Buddhism as the foundation of all higher spiritual realizations, it is everything but.

According to Buddhism this state of ultimate nirvana is achieved by activating, within yourself, the chakras and the best way to activate them is by practicing yoga. Not just any yoga but tantric yoga.

The Kundalini is the power of a serpent sleeping coiled up at the base of the spine, ready to spring up and manifest itself through the chakras. This is the power that all occultists are in touch with.

This, my dear readers, is a demonic power or then the power of the reptilians as some of us call demonic entities. It is the power of the Anunnaki, that has lain chained down and asleep until the fairly modern age, when people upon earth began to practice Kundalini Yoga – from the Hindus to the Buddhists to the Lamaists to the western world.
You will ask what would be the point for demons/reptilians to advance and encourage this for do they not feed on negative energy. It’s true but some of them have evolved to a higher state that, among others, has been achieved through the Lamaist practice of tantric yoga, by which the chakras are activated during certain rituals.

It is with tantric yoga that the unwary is made to believe if he/she follows the sexual ritualistic practices, they will achieve a state of ultimate bliss.

During such rituals does, at first, the guru/master evoke and invoke demonic reptilian entities and as the student becomes more adept, he does the evoking himself. This evoking refers to the awakening of the kundalini serpent, which is called a god.

As we have been programmed to believe, a g(G)od has more power than the humans that serve it and this power is something that we can wake up within ourselves when we activate our chakras!

We can become one with this power because it lies latent within ourselves. Activating the chakras through mediation techniques or the practice of yoga then, becomes a means for me to get in touch with that power and after making contact I can realize my oneness with the god and the universe.

But please remember what I have said in the second paragraph above about having all the power of Source within us and that we do not need what these practice offer.

The agenda with evoking/awakening this power is to kill and undermine the truth within us; to make us believe we don’t need this personal relationship with Source or the energy and power he has given us; to keep us enslaved to the system and programming, keep us asleep; and that we need another kind of energy that will save us from fulfilling our God-given purpose in this our earth incarnation.

One ‘Master of Kundalini Yoga’ had this to say:

“Yoga with its every system is going to prevail. By the year 2013, 40 to 60 percent of the people will be practicing yoga… In the coming years, changes in technology, psychology and sociology shall be huge.

“In this chaos of the information age, it will be difficult for people to cope with their day to day lives. The body, mind and spirit have to be organized to meet these challenges. The word is going to spread that Yoga is the way. This ancient science has saved mankind before, is saving it now and shall save it in the future.” 3This god or spirit is demonic and known in the Christian world as a counterfeit ‘Holy Spirit’.

Under influence of this Kundalini force, same as the “Toronto blessing” that began manifesting among evangelical Christians a few years ago, people will testify of having deep spiritual sensations such as knowing other people’s thoughts, feelings of bliss & ecstasy; uncontrollable physical sensations such as crying, laughing and jerking of muscles; vivid dreams, visions and trances. 4

People have also testified of having gone through a fire tunnel.

Since the posture for this type of chakra meditation is the lotus position, we can view this explanation from out of the premises of yoga.

According to the Encarta World English Dictionary, yoga is the act of yoking the practitioner to a Hindu/Buddhist god, called the divine, who will enlighten the human soul by uniting itself with the human body.

This union is accomplished through intense concentration, controlled breathing techniques and prescribed yoga postures. Do you see, this means an entering into the human body and is called demonic possession!

The Encyclopedia of New Age Beliefs describe this process as follows:

“To assist the practicing yogi in achieving this divine enlightenment, a mediator between the practitioner and Brahman/Universal World Soul is invoked. The ancients describe this mediator as the Kundalini spirit with kundalini meaning serpent power.

“When a person engages in yoga, a chain reaction occurs within the body so that the Kundalini spirit is spontaneously activated and spiritual enlightenment is imparted by the Brahman. Yoga authorities say that all yoga is ultimately Kundalini yoga and yoga is meaningless without it. 5Most people do not understand that by its own definition is yoga an occult-religious ritual. It is practiced through postures, hand signals and mantras, which are ancient magical incantations that operate spontaneously on a vibratory and subliminal frequency.

Each practitioner upon his or her yoga mat unleashes sonic vibrations throughout a network of energy centers within the body, called chakras. When the chakras are activated by the snake-like motion of the Kundalini, the deities are summoned and each deity transfers a specific occult power to the yoga practitioner.
Kundalini Serpent is Satan
Devout yoga practitioners give credit to the Kundalini serpent for connecting them to the all-pervading power of divine love. We who believe in Source or God know that that all-pervading divine love comes from Source alone through Creation.

We can thus with right ask who is this Kundalini spirit that claims the power of God? The Kundalini serpent is the one called Satan who has positioned himself and built his kingdom between heaven and earth where he presumes for himself the right to act as mediator between man and the gods/God.

In this presumptive position he attempts to take the place of Source in Creation and use the power of Source to usurp the all-powerful position in order for the fulfillment of his desire “to be worshiped as God as if he is God”.

How does this usurper ensure in the world today that he is worshiped as if he is God Almighty?

New Age swamis or yoga masters that is nothing else but Lamaists qualified in the highest tantric yoga called the Kalachakra Tantra, believe and proclaim that a spontaneous transformation of mankind in union with the “Universal World Soul” will come by way of the Kundalini through yoga, i.e. the following of the Kala-chakra way.

Many of these gurus openly admit they become glorified by awakening the serpent power. Devotional bowing postures are part of yoga, the accepted practice of the Kalachakra ritual for Westerners, which are in reality choreographed religious routines.

These devotional bows deceive many into believing they are worshiping God through yoga, but they are instead worshiping idols.
These yogis further proclaim that the New World Order and the One World Religion will be led by one unparalleled yoga master who is already incarnate in the world to this day. This one would be a master of the Kundalini or Kalachakra and would teach all people the ancient secrets of self-transformation.

Believe it or not, this incarnated master is none other than the present head of the Lama before whom almost the entire world are bowing in adoration and wonder, the Dalai Lama. His followers worship him as a deity - a living Buddha also called a Kundun and call him their divine king.

Not even the Catholic popes – seen as the vicars/ representatives of Christ - ever claimed such a high spiritual position but like as their adherents of the Catholic faith continue to bow down before God Almighty (or then the one they perceive as their god), as his supreme servants.

In contrast the Dalai Lama however, according to Tibetan doctrine, himself appears and acts as the “Highest”. In him is revealed the mystic figure of the Supreme Buddha; he is a religious ideal in flesh and blood.

In some circles, enormous hopes are placed in the Kundun as the ultimate end-of-the-world Redeemer himself while not just Tibetans and Mongolians but many Taiwanese and Westerners see him as the latter-day Messiah. 6

My hope is that you, the reader, would by now be able to see how that the Kundalini serpent/Satan is the one who initiated the Kalachakra rituals and philosophy that has been carried into the world by yogis or gurus whom he has allowed to be possessed by his lesser reptilian servants from the nether regions of the lower third dimension.

He himself has possessed the so-called kundun and is ruling his kingdom, which has become a global kingdom, through this man.

Also through this man, coupled with his various disciples throughout the world, is Satan’s aim to establish the ultimate counterfeit religion where he alone will be worshiped as God and as such will there be no place for either the three monotheistic religions, the Hindu religion or normal Buddhism.

With the kundalini as the facilitator of the Tibetan inner fire that supposedly awakens a person to higher spiritual states and enlightenment, have many people reported of so-called spontaneous kundalini-awakenings but instead of reaching a state of bliss or peace these experiences were often accompanied by painful and even disastrous physical, mental and emotional symptoms.

Although all teachers of kundalini practices agree that a student should be well prepared to cope with the onslaught of the powerful energy of the kundalini, the students are not warned about being prepared beforehand.

Why would this be so? Because neither the teacher/guru nor the “awakened” serpent want that student to know what is really going on, lest he/she opt out and another soul is lost to the kingdom of darkness.

Reading about the man Paul Levy who apparently experienced a kundalini awakening and reading this article by a former Satan-worshiper and warlock.
I am fully convinced that what my star people had told me about this practice and its dangers, is absolutely true.

After you have done reading this article of mine and still differ from the statement I just made (and I know there are many of you who will not believe me), all I can say is: So be it.
I stand before you perfectly sure and certain that what I have heard and translated into this article, is the absolute truth. For further confirmation I invite you to watch this and this.
Allow me to add that I, as the author of this article, am not in any church, do not conform to any religion – be it Christian, Judaism, Islam or whatever, do not read the book called the bible for the reasons given by Christianity and Jews, do not read the Quran for the same reason because I’m convinced that what is written in there was thought out by man.

I was taught by my spirit guides and star family to search for certain truths within those pages where these truths are hidden within the writings contained therein.

I am saying this so you understand that this warning comes not from a religious mindset but from an honest heart that really cares about you.

I have enough scars on my physical body acquired from demonic attacks that will not deny the truth of what I am saying here.

A final word about who really is your enemy and what is his agenda in this world, please read this.
Awakened Negative Energy
According to Tibetan philosophy, kundalini becomes the fastest road to enlightenment under the watchful eye of a caring and experienced spiritual teacher. 7

Do not believe this, dear reader for it is gross deception. It is the fastest road to the total destruction of your mind, body, spirit and consciousness and binds you forever into a state of slavery to the king of the underworld!

As to what is awakened and how, all I can say is it’s a very powerful negative energy. Its sudden onslaught on an unwary person can cause physical pain, illness, etc.
As this energy coils upwards through the body, it intensifies all our negative emotions and opens the floodgates to our unconscious mind - confronting us with all our unresolved issues, as well as a host of antisocial or megalomaniac ideas that we never thought we had.

Demons can cause illnesses, which in the medical world would be diagnosed as caused by chemical imbalances or from such sources as bacteria or viruses – exactly because these entities that has entered the body through the root chakra, originates from a dark bacteria and virus infected nether region.

Following is a truthful description given by a so-called holy or wise man:
“They (negative entities) feed on your energy. A person who has many entities or a couple of huge ones will generally have low energy… the more entities you have, the less energy and vitality you have.

“Entities can cause physical problems in the part of the body or the chakra where they are stuck… cause physical disease and problems. Extreme entity infestation could, in the worst case scenario, lead to premature death as the entities will deplete your life force and/or wreck vital organs.”8Another example is given here by the same kind of people. 9
It has been scientifically proven that our genetic code determines who we are and what we will become, however this determination can only be if we develop according to the DNA blueprint of Source.

Should we come at one stage or another into a different environment than the one laid out in the pre-ordained plan for our life’s journey, our DNA can change. One such environment is that which had been discussed above – the environment of the negative force of an apparent sleeping Kundalini.

By giving ourselves willingly to this and other practices for the purpose of enlightment, then our pre-programmed genes are turned off in a process called epigenetic silencing, which in turn contributes to a differential expression of our DNA.

Although the structure of DNA is determined by its sequence, epigenetic changes can not alter the sequence of DNA but can cause mutations.
A mutation of any kind is already more negative than positive for it is a parody of the perfect original. [Please watch video at this link to see an example of such parody]

Because our DNA has the blueprint of Source, our genes dictate our life’s functions and therefore is our lives controlled by someone that is outside of our ability to change them.

In the same way that we choose to be reincarnated with this genetic blueprint and follow the journey prepared for us, can we choose to follow another journey that will lead us to a place where our blueprint can be changed by something that is outside of our ability and thus do we willingly become the victims of the king of negative energy; the king of darkness.
The Vatican is offering a course on exorcism this April to teach priests and laypeople how to recognize and fight demonic possession. And they should know what with their own history of terrible evil.
According to a spokesman, the course is more timely than ever given the growth of interest in the occult, which can open the door to serious spiritual problems in today’s very secularized society “…there is an increased tendency to open the doors to occultism and esotericism.”

Diabolical action, he said:

“…is favored by magical practices and the use of diviners, who may have a real influence in demonic possession.”The course will address the topic of exorcism both theologically and scientifically, as well as exploring the danger of cults, magic, the occult, Satanism and nihilism, especially among young people.
Pope Francis has spoken about the devil on numerous occasions, insisting that “he is not a myth” and that “we have to fight him.” The Pope has also blamed divisions among Christians on the devil’s work.

“During her journey through history, the Church is tempted by the devil who tries to divide it,” the Pope said, “…and unfortunately she has been marred by serious and painful divisions. The modern world was led to believe that the devil is a myth, a picture, an idea, the idea of evil. But the devil exists and we have to fight him. The devil is a liar, the father of lies.” 10In my humble opinion you can never drive out evil with evil no matter how good and godly your intentions are. Rabbi Isa (Jesus) in his time on earth confirmed this when he said that if Satan casts out Satan he is divided against himself and his kingdom cannot stand (Matthew 12:26)

This first video will illustrate how an exorcism is performed by a genuine disciple of Rabbi Isa while the same act performed by a Catholic exorcist can be seen in the video here.

I am making this comparison for the simple reasons you will read of here and here.
Awareness of higher Dimensions
Because the nature of the soul and its awareness is higher than 4th dimensional we spiritually experience the reality of the soul in a higher dimension although our physical awareness is still 3D in the 4th dimension.

Ouch, this is a tough one but let me try to explain: Higher dimensional awareness has the basic qualities of timelessness, infinity and energy that create experiences of unity, of being and of flowing.
The consciousness of eternity here, where past and future co-exist simultaneously in the now, is a consciousness of omnipresence wherein is located the everywhere. In other words, the here and now is "Home Central" of the higher dimensions, which gives it the sense of permanence and eternity.

Therefore, to change the quality of our spiritual experience we have to raise our consciousness from the 4th dimension wherein we physically exist to the domain of spirit where sub-consciousness and super-consciousness reside.

This change in quality of consciousness involves a shift into a higher dimension.

Raising our consciousness is not something we can control for the simple reason that, when we move about in these dimensions, we don’t do with our intentions because intention implies something planned mentally; we do it unintentionally but because we have at the onset made the free choice to do it, it happens spontaneously.

Thus does the pattern of our raising-experience become the vehicle that carries the soul into the higher dimensions.
In order to raise our consciousness our vibrations have to be raised and for this our spiritual energy, i.e. our spiritual signature and status is used, which differs between individuals.
The stronger our spiritual energy, the stronger is our presence in the spiritual realm.

However, our spiritual energy can also become less strong due to various factors and when this happens we are allowed to call down what is referred to as white energy from the Cosmos - Christians refer to this as the power of angels or of God the Father but you don't have to be a Christian to access this type of spiritual energy.

All living beings in creation have some format of this kind of energy and it’s the same type of energy that Rabbi Jesus used to perform miracles.

Between dimensions are veils that, invisible to us in the physical sense, separate us from all other dimensions and are boundaries, at which the energy between planes of existence changes from alertness to full alertness and to a fully operational consciousness vibrating at the highest frequency possible for a particular soul.
When someone dies or transcends the bondage of this physical dimension, his/her consciousness of soul is set free of the physical plane.

Passing back to the side of the veil from where the soul originated, it becomes possible to view the earthly life the soul had just lived from this highly expanded vantage point.

The passing back to the other side of the veil, removes the veil and suddenly everything begins to make perfect sense
The 4th dimensional side of this veil seems to function internally and externally in such a way that the external is a reflection of the internal; it’s as if there’s a time lag between our internal awareness and its reflection on the outside.

This time lag becomes a portal that gives the seeking soul access to the other side in the immediate higher-than-4th-dimension.

Humanity was profoundly influenced by an incarnated soul, Jesus who, after he had completed his earth journey, had returned to the dimension of his origin.

By doing this he laid down a way for people to follow so that they would be able to denounce self and the ego, to awaken to their true divine origins, and eventually enter through the separating veil again.

At the time of his passing over or through, a veil that divided the holy place from the most holy place of the Jewish temple, was torn in two from top to bottom.

This veil is symbolic of the veil between the 4th and the higher dimensions as well as between the 4th and the lower dimensions; the tearing of the veil is symbolic of man’s ability restored to him so that he can again have access to the higher dimensions. 11
The veil was torn so that the truth could be revealed, that mankind could, with the enormity of this truth, be jolted awake and begin to know all albeit in phases or waves.

This veil then that was lifted or torn is the veil of amnesia, which allows us to begin to remember things.
How thick or how thin this veil would be for each soul is judged according to his/her state of awakening, absorbing of knowledge and truth, as well as the changing of self according to revealed truths.

Portals through the Veils
Remember, I’ve written that there are veils between the underworld and lower 3rd dimension; between the lower 3rd and 3rd dimension; between the 3rd and 4th dimension and between the 4th and higher dimensions.

Within each of these veils are gateways or portals that can open to allow two-way access between any two dimensions.

What is a Portal? A portal is a two-way inter-dimensional door or gateway into several realities including parallel universes/ planes/ spheres. It allows for communication and interaction between us and spiritual, inter-dimensional and extraterrestrial beings.

Some of the inter-dimensional beings act as our spirit guides protecting and teaching us what we have to know (same as what is called angels in the Christian religion). Their presence with us enhances our lives as we progress on our journey through this earth incarnation.

By opening ourselves to and uniting with our benevolent spirit guides we are enabled to experience enrichment such as becoming telepathically gifted, have increased personal power and an almost constant sense of overall peace and happiness.

One example of how a departing soul has left such a legacy behind for his followers is when the Rabbi Jesus (prophet Isa) said, shortly before he exited through one of these portals into a higher dimension:

“The Father (meaning Source) will give each of you (an)other helper(s) that will be with you forever because they stay with you and in you. So you see then that I will not leave you alone and one day I will return to reveal to you and all the world the truth of all things.”[This is as I have received these words said a long time ago by this man, from my spirit guides, who are also my star family]
The Christian bible version is a bit different because they changed the actual words to suit their religious agenda – (See John 14:16-18).
I think some of us may have experienced the presence and location of such a portal in our immediate environments which, when we approach or stand within it, causes a tingling sensation to our bodies starting normally on top of the head and running down around us as when we stand under a waterfall or shower.

We are invited by our spirit guides to search for such portals and as a guideline we should pay close attention to the temperature and electrostatic sensations in any given place near us.

Evidence of an active portal inside our homes, for example, will be that we will actually experience a large electrostatic field, wherein sensations of anti-gravity (a floating feeling) and a sense of being fully relaxed, are encountered. 12 According to this website the earth has 9 dimensional portals shown in this video.

Although, I do not fully agree with the location given in this video, watching it will give you an idea of the upcoming full dimensional shift]
When two Worlds collide – Gateways to the other Side

Not all portals lead to a higher dimension where light and joy is experienced, as we have said at the start of this paragraph.

In the story There is A Portal In My House given here the owner of the house describes what she is seeing not astrally/spiritually with a third eye or anything but straight out boldly on photos taken with a digital camera in broad daylight.
Following is the witness of a man who is an investigator of the paranormal and as such has had encounters with demonic entities.

How to close a portal to the underworld or exorcise a demon out of a location:

“I began walking in the night in spirit and would then walk through the house. As I did I found various "things" coming out of one bedroom and invading our home. These things came in various forms but all of them were small, not more than 3 feet tall. Some were like dwarfs or little monkeys while others were more reptilian – they were territorial.

“I encountered a tall thin entity that said, ‘Leave my little friends alone or I will kill you, your wife and your children.’ Now I had a connection - that thing was a demon and his little friends were of an evil nature. After all they did come up out of the ground into my house.

“These things are bad, they can mimic people or animals and they have been called by different names by different people around the world. Sub-demons, gremlins, or gravelings, are three such names. (I would call them elementals or shape-shifters?)
“I told the thing it had no authority over me. I commanded it back where it came from never to return here again. In a flash it dropped through the floor and was gone. As I stood at the foot of my bed where I had seen the thing vanish, I realized we were dealing with a portal to the underworld and for me and my family to be safe and happy here, I had to close that portal.”Explaining how he was able to close that portal, Mr. Smith teaches:

“Your spiritual presence, confidence and continuity will convey your power in the spirit world and will cause any malevolent entity to flee in haste. However the opposite is true of a paranoid, fearful, or unsure person.

“Paranoid, fearful people already have a darkness within them that attracts dark energy for feeding. Fear gives off a special kind of energy that a hungry dark entity can sense and is attracted to.

“It's like an open wound giving off negative spiritual energy. Dark entities feed upon a person's emotional/spiritual energy if they can. These entities are parasites, soul suckers and a type of spiritual vampire that steals what it wants from the living. Emotionally wounded, physically wounded, people with psychological problems or sick people are prime subjects to become hosts for dark entities.
“I know that evil spirits can see that my energy is strong and most of them will prefer to keep their distance from me but I am also aware that some of them are more aggressive than others and will desire to scare me into leaving a location. I'm saying that some of them may realize that frightening me out of their territory may be worth a try.

“The more powerful dark entities will sometimes challenge a paranormal investigator's spiritual protection and courage by striking at them. This is when the scratches, burns and bruises occur as a result of entities’ attack upon the living.”[ - copyright © 2005 Bryon Smith]
Testing the spirits

As Alexander also has warned many times on his site,, we must always be very careful to test all spiritual things. Don't believe a person, or an angel who claims to be sent from God or Source or this or that star system/dimension without testing it.

The Christian bible says test even the angels of God because demons have presented themselves as angels of God and have lead many astray.

Ask for the gift of spiritual discernment as it’s called by Christians but which boils down to asking your spirit guides/guardians to identify any messages you receive out of the spiritual realm or encounters u experience with entities, channellers, etc.

The gift of spiritual discernment allows us to know if a person or spirit is good or evil and will even allow you to know what type of spirit you’ve encountered.

“To help you with identifying negative and/or evil spirits, know that they will frequently repeat certain things word for word. People infected or influenced by an evil spirit will sometimes repeat the same things word for word as that spirit expresses itself through that person.

“There are certain things some of them will always do and certain things some of them will never do. Now and then they will make a true statement to get you to agree with them while following it with a false statement trying to trick you into agreeing with the false part of their message.

“If you have ever had a run-in with a dark entity that spoke certain things to you remember what it said. If you ever run into a person who says the same thing a dark entity has said you can be sure that person has a dark entity influencing them”.[ © 2005 Bryon Smith]
For further reading click here.
Calm before the Split
We’re on the verge of some kind of significant breakthrough - a good move forward for conscious humanity. It seems to be an awareness step of some sort as if the next stage is becoming more and more palpable.

There is much talk about energetic changes and the consciousness shift we’re in the midst of, but even within that, we can sense levels of relative change and it’s as if there’s an unraveling going on.

This we see and hear on all levels of society as criminal acts of governments and people in high place against humanity are being exposed at a rather rapid pace.

Many dynamics are involved and the difference lies therein that we should not be reactive – emotional; in the heat of the moment; have the fight or flight syndrome; lashing out as if a victim of events and not fully in control; when reacting we are typically using the lizard brain, but responsive - taking time to think things through, consider, plan and do the right thing; being empathetic, take things less personally; quieting the lizard brain and stay calm and at peace. 13
The current trend is almost as if a spiritual resignation is taking place; a realization of what is about to happen while we try to help those who aren’t willing to be helped.

Also, working with those who aren’t willing to be made aware of all this, we sometimes feel as if all our efforts are futile and it triggers the desire to react instead of to respond. In such a case its then better to walk away and go find those who are waking up.

We have serious work to do and just because we run up against dead ends, don’t mean we stop doing what we are tasked to do.
We march on in spite of thuggish attitudes and mindless opposition and therefore, keeping at the battle every chance we get, is what we are living for right until the end when we pass through the veil. 
As an example of people fighting on until the end, I invite you to watch this.

Preparation for Transition

Many people across the world are experiencing a feeling as if time is speeding up. While a day is still constituted in 24 hour increments, time seems to be moving faster than ever for many people. In probing this phenomenon we have to take vibration into account because everything in existence revolves around vibration.

As the atoms in our 3D-reality are vibrating faster, the illusion is created of time speeding up.

The reason we cannot physically see higher dimensions is because they are vibrating at a higher rate but as our bodies, consisting of atoms, start to vibrate at a higher rate, we should be able to have glimpses of the higher dimensions.
Because our consciousness is expanding beyond the limitations of the 3D physical world we need to “shift gears” into thinking multi-dimensionally, which is not a thing of the mind. In other words we have to envision/imagine a multidimensionality which is a concept very foreign to us earthlings.

Luckily however, do we carry the blueprint of Source’s DNA and therefore are our minds able to adjust so as to take multidimensional factors into account and allow us to compare our present 3D reality with a multidimensional reality.
Once our consciousness begins to expand in order to encompass our conscious perception of the 5th and higher dimensions, we will begin to experience energy field, as was explained above in the paragraph about Portals.
Our third dimensional perceptions are now, more than ever before, stretched to their limit as we try to make sense of other energy frequencies beyond our 4th dimension.

This stretching does not go unnoticed by our earth vessel that can feel things changing and some of us will exhibit some of these symptoms as were described in a recent article:

Weird sleeping patterns, strong need for extra sleep and naps, passing out and waking up at strange hours;
Pressure, pain, swirling and drilling sensations around solar plexus area and the head, resulting in headaches;
Hearing a kind of buzzing metallic/mechanical, a hum as of bees at their hive or a roaring as of the ocean;
Heightened sensitivity and awareness of everything around us as well as of technological waves in the air around us;
Technological malfunctions when you come near it or touch it, lights flickering, Internet going out, cell phone shutting down or dropping calls, computer crashing, etc;
Deja vu sensations like being inside a movie and watching the road and everything around you “on screen” while walking or driving;
Body out of coordination, loss of balance;
Quickly passing but constant waves of intense conflicting and overlapping emotions;
Inability to focus on one subject, an avalanche of thoughts flooding the mind all at the same time and difficulty to concentrate;
Strange, unfamiliar sensations and urges in the body;
Heightened synchronicities;
Time lapses and loss of sense of time. 14

All these changes in our perceptions and bodies happen because we are in the process of making the transition from the 4th to the 5th dimension and beyond.

As we progress gradually we will for instance dream more of the next destination – as happens with me although upon waking up there is no memory of where I’ve been.

This is so because what lies ahead, although something infinitely more pleasurable than the here and now, is still something I cannot fathom because my consciousness hasn’t made that adjustment yet.

Making that adjustment will happen some time or another. More and more, whether in sleep-dream or in broad daylight, I enter a state of déjà vu, experiencing flickers of movement at the edge of my vision and hearing voices talking softly and gently.

From this I know, where I am now, the veil between me and my next destination has become very thin and soon the portal through which I will exit will manifest.

As the changing landscape around us suggest, we have collectively entered a time space that has become increasingly negative and chaotic. This is so because those in the lead of nations and governments continue to ensure that we see this as the new normal: perpetual permanent warfare and suffering of humanity.

Not only are we besieged with wars and rumors of wars but also are there daily occurrences of some new horrible threat to our freedom and privacy. The reason for all this is that the ‘powers that be’ need to keep us focused on the negative, chaotic circumstances they create in order to control us all the better.

Fear and faith do not make good bedfellows and to further access this present reality we need to cultivate a perfect peace within ourselves that will also assist us to progress to the final location in front of the portal through which we will exit. This is imperative!
We are fast approaching the event we have been waiting for so long – an event that will determine who remains in this dystopian nightmarish holographic reality and who will make the transition into the 5th and multi-dimensional levels of existence.

Although we are on our way home now we are not there yet and so must still be alert, watch what we are doing and how we transverse this last uphill climb of our journey lest we be devoured by an avaricious reptilian or a reptilian-like human being disguised as a family member or a partner.

If we allow ourselves to become enmeshed in the carnage alongside our paths we run the risk of being sucked back into the anarchy and chaos, the constant warfare, blood, smoke and pieces of humans scattered across the burning earth like so many rags.
We should also be warned of not becoming embroiled in the lives of those who have presumably woken up because they are beginning to ask questions of what is happening in the world.

They are the great many who are not yet spiritually ready to depart from this holographic reality and it shall continue to exist for them and anyone else who cannot, or will not free their mind and hearts of the negative addictions of the matrix.

Many of them are almost more reactive than the ‘powers that be’ on earth, shouting and planning revolutions to overthrow oppressive regimes. Others again are not only still attached to the apron strings of their programming but are soul-tied to people the closest to them.

Such people are not yet willing to dissolve their attachments to this reality and want their bread buttered both sides.
To become entangled in such lives is definitely something that we have to seriously consider avoiding - this is a proactive choice we have to make no matter how much empathy we have for these people.

We must remember that, because energy follows thought, we are sure to act/react as they are doing if our thoughts stay focused on such mundanities.

How will It happen
How can the body change to where it will disappear, moving through space and time in an instant? Such a phenomenon is very different from an out-of-body experience, where the soul can distance itself from the physical body.

This change is a full reunion of body, heart/mind and spirit in alignment with heaven and earth. 
People have called the re-aligning all kinds of names, such as physical, mental, emotional and/or soul integration. But let’s call it body, soul and spirit for the sake of consistency.

As third dimensional beings, we see and experience ourselves as solid objects of matter which, in scientific terms, is any substance composed of atoms that occupy space.

The amount of matter contained in an object is determined by its mass while the mass or weight of an object is determined by the number and arrangement of the electrons, neutrons and protons of the atoms that make up the object.

Depending on the environment, this mass can actually change in size, shape and form. (A good example of this is H2O – water, which can be in at least three states: ice, liquid or vapor. Although in different forms they all have, nevertheless, the same atomic number).

Now it may be easier to see ourselves as solid objects of matter, made up of at least three components: body, soul and spirit; we can see these components easily in three-dimensional form as our physical body.
We don’t think, “this part is my body, this is my soul and this is my spirit”, because it is all one (as water is just water although it has components that comprise it).
How can we possibly change our form like water is doing? The best possible answer can be an equation of Einstein: E+MC2 that says matter (M) and energy (E) are interchangeable in form.

How can this be? Let’s take a look at Energy: energy is simply the ability to perform work; there are different types of energy such as kinetic, potential, thermal, chemical, electromagnetic and molecular; energy is involved when you move an object or when heating something; it’s present when an object emits light; it’s taking part in every chemical reaction.

Energy can actually be changed from one form to another - electrical energy can be converted to light, radio waves, heat, motion or it can cause chemical changes; it can also interact and change other objects by being either absorbed or released from that object.

All these forms of energy are found working in our beings all the time.

As a third dimensional living, breathing, spiritual beings consisting of matter we are continuously changing.

We are constantly experiencing these electromagnetic shifts in every cell of our body all the time, but we normally have seen ourselves as solid objects of matter although we have within us the other components of water and vapor as well.

Way I see it, when the time comes and the portals from our dimension to the higher dimensions are fully aligned, our human form will effortlessly shift from solid matter to water to vapor while still having all the components of body, soul and spirit.

This happens by way of vibration just as water changes its form by temperature and thus, as our vibrational rate changes, our form shifts. 15
Once through the portal we are escorted to our pre-appointed locations where we shift form again and solidify so to speak back into body, soul and spirit or, to put it another way, we are reunited with our body, soul and spirit.

To illustrate to you what I mean with a portal and the thinning of the veil, please see this image of two butterfly nebulae. Where they meet it’s like a portal and there is a clear thinning where the white light is the strongest:

The Actual Shift

The following images will illustrate the different dimensions that are aligning so that the portals can open and we can move through into a higher dimension:

This distinction between the two groups of beings that include not only humans but also other creatures can be compared to what I have been informed of, i.e. that I have a parallel existence in the here and now in another reality where I am the wife of the man who is my twin soul in this earth incarnation, the mother of 5 children who all are presently incarnated into this earth life and are of divergent world-wide nationalities, and where I am regarded/consulted by my community as a wise one.

We have a beautiful big house surrounded by green space as far as the eye can see. Something like this, perhaps?

This parallel I can compare with my earth 3D-life where I am not married to my twin soul and we are working and living in two worlds that are almost totally incompatible; I have only one child who is living a life of his own, far from me in a fully different environment and with different viewpoints about life and the afterlife.
We can say then that my own personal existence in the two spheres parallel to one another applies to most of us who are on our way out of 3D-reality and that this parallelism can refer to a timeline split that we hear so many people speak about.

What we have here are two worlds: one being born for us, although it has always existed, almost before our eyes as the dimensional portals shift into place and another world, the present holographic earth reality that is dying.

The latter world is everywhere enthralling and blinding those that are not ready yet for the new world, in the most primeval ways, as I have described above in the paragraph: Preparation for Transition.

The new world is a resonance of who we really are and from where did we come combined with the sure knowledge that we are homeward bound.

Our time here is getting shorter and shorter and the shifting of dimensions is happening faster and faster with each passing day, amidst all the electronic soup from cell phones, Wi-Fi and Radio-frequency identification (RFID) - the wireless use of electromagnetic fields that transfer data. 16

Final End of Planet Earth as we know our Mother
It is this electronic soup mixture fused with intensifying levels of nuclear energy in whatever form that will eventually lead to planet earth imploding.

This implies that the earth as a spherical mass is compressed by the use of high explosives that detonates on the outer surface of the sphere so that the detonation wave moves inward.

The following video illustrates how this can happen and I require that, instead of the cubic structure in the video, you envisage a spherical structure such as the earth.

After that the planet has imploded and has died it may be born again as most other stars are born - as fiery cauldron consisting of about three-quarters hydrogen and one-quarter helium.
As stars mature their outer envelopes expand, consuming energy that is generated by fires burning in their cores [sounds familiar when we think of the biblical description of hell as referenced in Revelation 20:10 - And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire where the beast and the false prophet are and shall be tormented day and night forever and ever].

These inner fires burn so lustily that their very atoms are transformed from the original hydrogen to an increasingly complex structure and weight. How long they live depends on their conversion rates, i.e. how fast nuclear fusion changes their fuel from one chemical to another.

The conversion rate of this change is dependent on high orders of interior temperature while temperature is again strongly dependent on mass. 17

By Caeli Francisco,
17 Professor of Physics and Astronomy Kam-Ching Leung,
- See more at: