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Peter Khoury's Bizarre Experiences

This abduction report is oddly enough not unusual as it stands.  What makes it fly is the second remarkable fact of the recovered hair which while Earth derived, is extremely unlikely to be from a contemporary population.    Add in the obvious alterations and we are plausibly looking at human stock removed from Earth thousands of years ago.  I am quoting a large time gap here in order to open up our own thinking.
We obviously had an attempt to mate which he rebuffed.  Yet the method must have been accepted protocol.  Regardless it provides validity to deliberate efforts to acquire gene flow back into a human alien population which is a reasonable proposition. 

Larger eyes allow night vision and a wider spectral range as well.  Both would be very helpful even on Earth particularly as we need to also perceive the so called Realm of Dark Matter in which we continue to exist as spirit or light bodies.

The pay off here is the remarkable DNA as well as the utterly unique eyes.  This can be treated as a validated sighting.

Peter Khoury's Bizarre Experiences
Friday, March 13, 2015


Peter Khoury, a Lebanese expatriate to Australia, had an extraordinary encounter of the third kind that neither his wife nor he would soon forget. Born in Lebanon in 1964, he moved to Australia in 1973 where he eventually met his wife, Vivian. Married in 1990, he and his wife live in Sydney and have two children.

In his own words, Khoury detailed his encounter:

On the 12th July 1988, I had an experience which changed my life. While lying on my bed, I felt something grab my ankles. As I felt this, a strange numbness, tingling and churning sensation crawled up through my body and right up to my head. I was paralyzed, I could not move any part of my body but for the exception of my eyes which I could move, open, or close. My brain was functioning but I could not do anything physically. I tried to call out to family members but I could not force the words out. At this stage I started to panic, thinking I would not walk again. I thought I was truly paralyzed.

All of a sudden I looked to my right side and I could see three or four figures wearing dark robes with hoods on their heads. Their faces were very wrinkled and shiny dark black in color. They were only about three to four feet in height. It was then that communication was made telepathically. There was no sound made, yet I could hear the message in my mind. I was told not to worry and I would not be harmed and to relax. As I moved my eyes and looked to the left side I noticed two beings who looked so different from the others. These two were thin, tall with big black eyes and a narrow chin. They were gold-yellow in color. The one closest to my head communicated with me telepathically, telling me not to worry, it would be like the last time. He looked at me with those big black eyes and I could feel the emotion through them. It was the eyes that expressed these feelings. You could see the smile in the eyes.

It was at this stage that I noticed a long needle-like, flexible crystal tube. The being then pointed the needle to the top left side of my head and inserted it. It was then that I blanked out. The next thing I remember I was conscious. I jumped out of bed like a flash, I walked into the TV room where my dad and brother were. I noticed they were asleep. I woke my brother up—he looked dazed and lost. As he put it, he felt switched off. I asked him how long it had been since I went to my room. He replied about 10 minutes, which was how long I thought it had been. When I left the TV room a film was just starting, yet as I spoke to my brother we realized that the TV station was closed and at least one to two hours had passed by.

The next day I spoke to my [fiancée] Vivian. I explained to her what had happened through the night. As I touched the spot where the needle was inserted, I discovered some dried blood under my finger nail. Vivian took a closer look and noticed a puncture hole and blood. I went to my family doctor and asked for a check up. The doctor spotted the puncture mark instantly and commented that I must have hit my head on a nail at work. When I tried to explain what had happened I was laughed at. I had nowhere to go for help, no one to discuss the incident with. It was frustrating to experience something so bizarre, so strange, yet so real. I ask you all to think about the situation abductees are in. What if you became a victim of the same circumstances?

Wouldn’t you want someone to listen to you and feel confident in the fact that the people you are reporting your experience to understand and support you? I ask you once again to be open-minded to the fact that there are many individuals experiencing this phenomenon throughout the word.

In 1992, Khoury would have yet another bizarre experience...prompting him to contact Bill Chalker, a renowned expert in this field.

[ Four Years later ]

On the morning of July 23, 1992, Khoury was suddenly awakened to the sight of two naked, very human-looking females sitting on his bed. One of the women looked Asiatic while the other looked Scandinavian. Khoury claims they looked physically perfect and very exotic. He also alleges the eyes of the women looked unnatural in that they were bigger than a human’s eyes.

The women forced themselves on Khoury. He resisted and even attempted to bite one of them. His resistance caused what Khoury describes as confusion or shock. The women promptly vanished.

Khoury then alleges that he went to the bathroom and attempted to urinate. It was at that point that he experienced tremendous pain in his penis. When he pulled back the foreskin to examine himself, he discovered a blonde hair (one of the women was blonde while the other had black hair) wrapped tightly around his penis. The area of his penis where the hairs were wound was burning intensely. He did manage to unravel them and had the presence of mind to save the two blonde hairs in a plastic bag.

These pieces of hair were actual physical evidence of an alleged alien encounter. Khoury presented to ufologist and alien abductee investigator, Bill Chalker, the first case of collected evidence of an alien abduction experience. DNA was recovered from the hair samples.

A polymerase chain reaction process was done on the sample yielding a good result. For comparisons, hair was taken from the Khoury household members. The results were astounding.

“The thin blond hair, which appeared to have come from a light-skinned Caucasian-type woman, could not have come from a normal human of that racial type. Instead, though human, the hair showed five distinctive DNA markers that are characteristic of a rare sub-group of the Chinese Mongoloid racial type. A detailed survey of the literature on variations in mitochondrial DNA, comprising tens of thousands of samples, showed only four other people on record with all five of the distinctive markers in the blond hair. All four were Chinese, with black hair.” and “The findings suggest that all four of the Chinese subjects share a common female ancestor with the blonde woman. But there is no easy explanation for how this could be.” – The Anomaly Physical Evidence Group

To whom did the hair belong and how and why was it around Peter Khoury’s penis? No one knows.

But, without this evidence, Khoury’s experience would be chalked up to yet another unprovable eyewitness account.

Read more at Peter Khoury's 1992 Experience

California Has about One Year of Water left. Will you Ration Now?

Most California agricultural land is naturally desert.  That should make the present pickle unsurprising.  Worse, we apply none desert agricultural methods to it all and then use irrigation to make up the difference.  This was never a good plan if it was ever a plan at all.

Natural deserts demand a local sustainable water solution.  When I say local I mean by every field.  There is no other way to provide commercial security.  This can be made to happen by the use of both sticks and carrots.

First off though, come to your senses and put all irrigation water on an open auction scheme that forces cities to compete for water and ensure the price paid subsidizes agricultural water.  This will start to make it self balancing.  Use price volatility to bring all to their senses instead of playing the 'i am all right' game.  It also tears the problem out of the hands of politics and monopolists.

You still will not like the result but it sets the stage for aggressive conversion to sustainable practices.  As we have posted extensively the tools already exist to make agriculture self sustaining.  The most important is the natural Eden machine which exploits dew nets and a basin to capture water.  such a system attached to a tree and bed allows the land to be utilized in strips with the tress providing a lot of shade and crop protection.

The strip may be twelve feet wide and separated from adjacent strips by a similar amount.  The trees need to be well spaced allowing a Eden machine to sit in between with a ten by ten footprint.  The ones in Africa are off the ground, but they could just as easily be dug in to allow soil accumulation on the intervening beds.  Surplus water would then be distributed by drip pipes to the beds and into the roots of the tree.   Any actual irrigation can be fed into the basins as well.  Surplus soils between these strips can also be stacked onto the growing beds.

The natural Eden machine has not been optimized yet.  The one i see in Africa is a circular basket weave supporting a cone like sleeve of netting.  That is pretty minimalist.  A squared off design using basketry is an option along with a construct on top to hold multiple nets appears called for here.  The monofiliment mesh needs to be set up in several layers in order to maximize the humidity collected.  Since most moisture will be collected at night, it will pass into the ground then avoiding daytime evaporation.

With a base such as this applying organic methods should become rather easy and allow intense agriculture on these strips minimally augmented by irrigation.  With a complex growing bed, it should be possible to support bees as well throughout the season with careful planning.

California has about one year of water left. Will you ration now?


Given the historic low temperatures and snowfalls that pummeled the eastern U.S. this winter, it might be easy to overlook how devastating California's winter was as well.

As our “wet” season draws to a close, it is clear that the paltry rain and snowfall have done almost nothing to alleviate epic drought conditions. January was the driest in California since record-keeping began in 1895. Groundwater and snowpack levels are at all-time lows. We're not just up a creek without a paddle in California, we're losing the creek too.

Data from NASA satellites show that the total amount of water stored in the Sacramento and San Joaquin river basins — that is, all of the snow, river and reservoir water, water in soils and groundwater combined — was 34 million acre-feet below normal in 2014. That loss is nearly 1.5 times the capacity of Lake Mead, America's largest reservoir.

Statewide, we've been dropping more than 12 million acre-feet of total water yearly since 2011. Roughly two-thirds of these losses are attributable to groundwater pumping for agricultural irrigation in the Central Valley. Farmers have little choice but to pump more groundwater during droughts, especially when their surface water allocations have been slashed 80% to 100%. But these pumping rates are excessive and unsustainable. Wells are running dry. In some areas of the Central Valley, the land is sinking by one foot or more per year.

As difficult as it may be to face, the simple fact is that California is running out of water — and the problem started before our current drought. NASA data reveal that total water storage in California has been in steady decline since at least 2002, when satellite-based monitoring began, although groundwater depletion has been going on since the early 20th century.

Right now the state has only about one year of water supply left in its reservoirs, and our strategic backup supply, groundwater, is rapidly disappearing. California has no contingency plan for a persistent drought like this one (let alone a 20-plus-year mega-drought), except, apparently, staying in emergency mode and praying for rain.

In short, we have no paddle to navigate this crisis.

Several steps need be taken right now. First, immediate mandatory water rationing should be authorized across all of the state's water sectors, from domestic and municipal through agricultural and industrial. The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California is already considering water rationing by the summer unless conditions improve. There is no need for the rest of the state to hesitate. The public is ready. A recent Field Poll showed that 94% of Californians surveyed believe that the drought is serious, and that one-third support mandatory rationing.

Second, the implementation of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act of 2014 should be accelerated. The law requires the formation of numerous, regional groundwater sustainability agencies by 2017. Then each agency must adopt a plan by 2022 and “achieve sustainability” 20 years after that. At that pace, it will be nearly 30 years before we even know what is working. By then, there may be no groundwater left to sustain.

Third, the state needs a task force of thought leaders that starts, right now, brainstorming to lay the groundwork for long-term water management strategies. Although several state task forces have been formed in response to the drought, none is focused on solving the long-term needs of a drought-prone, perennially water-stressed California.

Our state's water management is complex, but the technology and expertise exist to handle this harrowing future. It will require major changes in policy and infrastructure that could take decades to identify and act upon. Today, not tomorrow, is the time to begin.

Finally, the public must take ownership of this issue. This crisis belongs to all of us — not just to a handful of decision-makers. Water is our most important, commonly owned resource, but the public remains detached from discussions and decisions.

This process works just fine when water is in abundance. In times of crisis, however, we must demand that planning for California's water security be an honest, transparent and forward-looking process. Most important, we must make sure that there is in fact a plan.

Call me old-fashioned, but I'd like to live in a state that has a paddle so that it might also still have a creek.

Jay Famiglietti is the senior water scientist at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory/Caltech and a professor of Earth system science at UC Irvine.

Lead Belly’s Music Defied Racial Categorization

Lead Belly lived through the transition into what i prefer to call modernism.  He was effectively discovered  by Lomax and this successfully captured his musical knowledge.  This both informed future artists and preserved content well on the way to been simply lost.  He ended up been moderately successful in a time when that did not mean as much in the music industry.  It was still a living and that was more than most saw.

Yet it is through him that so much music has flowed into our world and for that he deserves to be well remembered and studied as well.  Remember also how much talent was lost and how he was the real exception.

We live in an age where musical talent is captured and rewarded so long as you generally stay the course.  It really is a living for thousands.  We forget how it was not. 

Lead Belly’s music defied racial categorization

March 12 2015, 6.06am EDT

Clifford Murphy


Through his music, Lead Belly rejected the stereotype that country music was the domain of white artists, while blues music was reserved for blacks. Tamiment Library/Robert F. Wagner Labor Archives

Last month, Smithsonian Folkways released Lead Belly: The Smithsonian Folkways Collection, a carefully curated collection of Huddie “Lead Belly” Ledbetter’s recordings that is – like the singer himself – breathtaking in its muscular artistry.

Marketed by the Smithsonian Channel as “one of the most influential musicians you’ve never known,” Lead Belly’s legacy can be heard in the grooves of Led Zeppelin III, seen in Nirvana’s MTV Unplugged performance, or echoed in cavernous ballparks, where Ram Jam’s “Black Betty” plays as a relief pitcher warms up.

But beyond his influence on (mainly white) musical artists, the collection is significant because it shows how Lead Belly defied the racial categories of blues and country (as black music and white music, respectively) – stereotypes established by the burgeoning record industry of the Jim Crow era that persist today.

A black singer’s cowboy past

Born in 1888, Huddie Ledbetter was the son of landowning African Americans in western Louisiana. He was considered a bright, if undisciplined, student, and an expert horseman.

Lead Belly was drawn to many kinds of music, and he loved riding and breaking horses (later in life, he would even travel to Hollywood to try to make it as a Roy Rogers-style singing movie cowboy). He gained notoriety performing at local square dances and for church services in rural Louisiana before his explosive temper brought an end to a tough but nurturing home life. Lead Belly was arrested on charges of assault, and escaped from a chain-gang to live in Texas under the alias “Walter Boyd.” During these years, he performed extensively around Dallas with legendary bluesman Blind Lemon Jefferson before being arrested in 1917 on a homicide charge that landed him in the legendary Sugarland prison. Released nearly seven years later, he was arrested again in 1930 – this time on charges of assault with intent to kill – and was sentenced to five to ten years in prison.

As Lead Belly lingered in prison during the 1910s, 1920s and 1930s, the nation was experiencing sweeping cultural and economic change. Everyday life was transformed – through technology, through the arrival and growing influence of immigrant Americans and through musical recordings that surmounted the racial barriers of Jim Crow. Meanwhile, a bifurcated view of American culture began to emerge. Many pined for the older, “authentic” America – as opposed to what they characterized as a culturally corrupt present.

It’s a (misconceived) narrative that has played out perpetually in American history, as one generation passes the torch to the next.

Jailed – and therefore ‘genuine’

Perhaps due to these perceived cultural changes, in the early 1930s the Library of Congress tasked folklorists John and Alan Lomax with finding and recording older, “authentic” forms of African-American music as an act of preservation, celebration and scholarly inquiry. In 1933, the father-son duo discovered Lead Belly in Angola, a maximum security prison in Louisiana nicknamed “The Alcatraz of the South.” At Angola, convicts sang as they picked cotton, chopped wood and crushed rocks under the blazing Mississippi Delta sun. It was, to borrow a phrase from Pulitzer Prize-winning author Douglas Blackmon, slavery by another name.

Slavery by another name: forced labor was commonplace at southern prisons like Angola.

John and Alan Lomax viewed these southern prisons as cultural time capsules, places where, due to the inmates' isolation, older musical styles endured untarnished. The Lomaxes recorded many talented singers, but Lead Belly stood out for his skill, his memory (his mind seemingly worked like a tape recorder) and his gift as a “songster” whose repertoire encompassed the pre-and-post blues world of the Gulf Coast.

After Lead Belly’s final stint in prison, he went on to gain moderate commercial success – but only as a singer of “authentic” African-American music. Promoted as a “pure” relic of a fading past, he toured the northeast performing before mainly white audiences. Though he had an immense repertoire, he was urged to record and perform only songs like “Pick A Bail of Cotton,” while songs considered “white,” like “Silver Haired Daddy of Mine,” were either downplayed or cast aside.

Here, we see how a singer like Lead Belly was constrained by a commercial and cultural industry that wanted to present a certain archetype of African-American music. Meanwhile, Lead Belly biographers speculate that the artist failed to gain a following among northern African Americans because they were largely disinterested in the older styles of music that Lead Belly was encouraged to record and perform, preferring instead the sounds of Cab Calloway or Count Basie.

For this reason, Lead Belly – the supposed exemplar of African-American musical authenticity – came to be a source musician for a number of white musicians. Songs closely associated with Lead Belly like “Goodnight Irene,” “Midnight Special,” “Cotton Fields,” “Rock Island Line,” “Gallows Pole” and “Black Girl (Where Did You Sleep Last Night)” gained widespread popularity in the hands of many white singers – Pete Seeger, Ernest Tubb, Johnny Cash, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Led Zeppelin, Lonnie Donegan, Van Morrison and Nirvana, to name a few.

We were left with an historical record that was misleading at best, inaccurate at worst.

Lead Belly’s ‘Gallows Pole’ would be covered by Led Zeppelin.

Folkways sets the record straight

Thankfully, Lead Belly’s Smithsonian Folkways Collection defies those cultural reductionists who would suggest that firm racial categories of blues and country ever truly existed, and that “traditional” singers were uninterested in – or, worse, corrupted by – popular music. The set’s 108 tracks may be a small sampling (Lead Belly claimed to be able to sing 500 songs without repeating one – and he likely knew far more). But a bi-cultural reality glimmers within the set’s five CDs.

Though folklorists of the 1930s wanted to present “pure” culture (as though such a thing existed), Lead Belly actually loved Gene Autry, and the Folkways Collection includes the Autry cover “Springtime in the Rockies.” Yes, Lead Belly sang blues, field hollers and spirituals. But he also recorded songs more closely associated with “white” string band traditions of old-time music (“Rattler,” “Julie Ann Johnson”) and country music (“How Come You Do Me Like You Do?”).

The set also addresses the tendency of early folklorists to omit contemporary popular songs from their field recordings and – to paraphrase historian Benjamin Filene – “romance the folk.” Instead, the set includes covers of popular blues, gospel, and R&B songs from the 1930s and 1940s (“Outskirts of Town,” “How Long, How Long,” “Rock Me (Hide Me In Thy Bosom)”) alongside folk material (“John Hardy,” “Pick a Bale of Cotton”).

The myth of authenticity

Nonetheless, we remain a nation of worriers, debating the merits of what can and can’t be called “real.” In politics, President Obama gets it from all sides –- not American, not black, not Christian. And whether we realize it or not, we spend an awful lot of time arguing about authenticity and music. What is “real” country, jazz or hip-hop? Who owns a genre’s culture, and who has the right to sing certain styles?

Ultimately, a century of race-based marketing practices of record companies influences our answers, which often fall along racial, class and generational lines. Cultural historian Karl Hagstrom Miller has argued that our tendency to “segregate sound” is baggage from blackface minstrelsy and the racist policies of the Jim Crow era.

Embedded in this debate is the problematic idea that white recording artists may borrow freely, while African-Americans must stick to “their own” styles. The music industry built this quandry. In the pre-World War II era, white musicians were allowed to move freely across musical genres, while African-American musicians – Lead Belly, Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters (who had all performed country music, alongside blues, before African-American audiences) –- were actively denied the option of making commercial recordings of country music.

Perhaps Lead Belly can remind us – 125 years after his birth – that neither music, nor people, should be racially segregated. After all, as his voice tells us from these archival recordings, “We’re all in the same boat.

This is What Shamanism Can Teach Us About Ourselves and Our Future

This does not spell out a pathway. However it is reported that a regimen consisting of twelve separate Ayahuasca trips followed by a form of fasting and additional work will make it possible.  It surely means two months of instruction as well. 

I also think that this demands a prepared mind as well.  This is presently difficult to teach as the student must come more than half way and likely knows he is a candidate already.  The challenge laid out here is migrating this system into modernity itself where it is desperately needed.

If you think you may be a candidate do contact me and open a dialog.

This is What Shamanism Can Teach Us About Ourselves and Our Future

Gilbert Ross, Guest

Shamanism is a topic that is still more prevalent in anthropologic studies than in mainstream discussions of culture and society. For the western psyche, shamanism is a thing of the past, some type of sorcery used in relatively ‘primitive’ societies and cultures. The lack of understanding inherent in this cultural bias or stereotype prevents us from appreciating what shamanism is all about and more interestingly, how it is relevant to today’s society and to our future more than ever before.
Shamanic wisdom has been partly transmitted down through the eons and fragments of it still survives in certain cultures that preserve and honor their ancient heritage. Interestingly, there are also individuals coming outside this cultural lineage who have learned and are practicing shamanism in 21st century society. These are the modern day shamans who are contributing to what Terence McKenna called the archaic revival.
I decided to find out more about what shamanism can tell us today about ourselves and about our future. I talked to Franco Santoro, holistic counselor at the Findhorn Foundation Community in Scotland and author of the book series Astroshamanism. I asked Franco a few questions in my quest to dig deeper about the role of the shaman and shamanism in our present day world. What I learned was astonishing and revealing.  I am quoting Franco’s own words ad verbatim below whenever I use the quote marks and his initials F.S.
The Role of the 21st Century Shaman is Open to Everyone:
F.S: “The role of a contemporary shaman, as I see it, is to be a living testimony of the experiential awareness of the unity of all aspects of life. This implies contributing to the release of separation, and promoting our human sense of purpose through the acknowledgment of the wider reality in which we exist. This reality also includes death and whatever lies beyond our ordinary perception, which and can ultimately provide the authentic understanding of who we truly are…
…In some way it is easy to play the shaman in nature or feel great power by emulating the ritual practices of native shamanic cultures. What is difficult is to keep this attitude in ordinary social life and the contemporary settings, and these are the places that need it most.
The world needs shamans able to function on the roads, among the electronic equipment and engines, in the squares and markets of our contemporary society.

Being a shaman, as I see it, is not about being a “shaman”. It is being whoever and whatever can serve for the purpose of healing, no matter how contradictory or incompatible it seems to be for narrow minded folks. Each identity is provisional, taken for the purpose of connecting with other identities, healing fragmentation and separation.

A shaman can shift from a “shaman” to a business man, an artist, a devoted Catholic, Hindu, or Muslim, a doctor, an architect, a gardener, you name it. Yet once a shaman becomes only a “shaman” you can be sure there is no shaman anymore.”
Direct Experience is key to Recovering our Original Unity:
The primacy of experience lies at the heart of shamanism. This means that direct experience should come prior to dogma, culturally transmitted beliefs, preconceptions and institutionalized knowledge. It is mostly the direct experience of ourselves as multidimensional beings connected to an original unity or source. Our path is to use, Stan Grof’s term ‘Holotropic’, that is, moving towards the whole – towards unity.

[ curiously, i had come to the same conclusion. arclein ]
F.S: “I believe what most people on a quest seek today are not mere formalities, doctrines or creeds, but paths of direct experience. They search for a first-hand knowledge of their true self, their life purpose and ultimately a direct encounter and communion with God. This implies recovering our original unity, becoming whole and at one with God, which is ultimately, as I see it, the authentic essence of what shamanism pursues….”
We Need to Bust the Myth of Separation

The shaman sees the malaise and dysfunction of the modern world as arising from the disconnection from ourselves and the spiritual dimension and the disenchantment with our world. We have reinforced a perceived sense of separateness between ourselves, others, nature and between things in this world. This schism or sense of separation inherent in our psyche, is according to the shaman, the source of physical or mental imbalance that manifests both on an individual or collective level. The shamanic healing practice, for instance, addresses this energetic and psychic imbalance.
F.S: “…One of the basic experiential assumptions of shamanism is that I am not a separated physical being: I am an energy field or I am part of the whole. Actually, from a more genuine shamanic perspective, the entire notion of I, seen as separate from you and them, does not make any sense at all.
Contemporary human beings have confined themselves almost exclusively to the identification with the physical body and the idea of being a fragmented unit. Shamanic experience is one way in which it is possible to perceive others, the world and ourselves in their original united forms again.
I believe we have become estranged from something of which we were once aware, establishing a mythology of separation where unity and ecstasy are the most rooted taboos. As we consider ourselves individuals severed from other people and the environment, we tend to invest much energy to exploit our fellows and the Earth.”
It’s Time to Shift our Consciousness: Entering the Shamanic Trance State and Leaving the Mass Trance of Consensual Reality

The most important aspect of shamanic practice is the most misconceived as it is based on fear and lack of familiarity. This is the trance or shamanic states of consciousness which shamans use to journey between dimensions or ‘walk between worlds’ and get information from higher dimensional entities or from the wisdom of the inner self.  What we refer to as non-ordinary states of consciousness are ordinary, or let’s say, familiar territory for the shaman. Surprisingly, it is also worth noting that research in neuroscience is starting to understand these states of mind under its own lens.
F.S “A typical feature of shamans is their familiarity with states of consciousness that allow visions and explorations of other dimensions. Their primary function is to navigate from one reality to another in order to operate as bridges and create healing connections. There are many dimensions and worlds, which in our separate reality are totally unknown.
Trance and shamanic states of consciousness are part of the genetic structure of mankind. Each one of us, in the past, present or future, has an inner biological need for ecstatic experience. The problem is that such experiences, in the majority of contemporary human cultures they do not find space in the official educational or scientific context and tend to be socially unacceptable. As a consequence, this unmet need often ends up being expressed through harmful addictions.
Shamanic states of consciousness represent the major taboo for the ordinary perception of the world as they cause its deceptive structure to vanish and expose to the secrets of our origin, that is where we truly come from and how and why we got to be here. In recent societies, perceptions beyond the physical body have been generally ignored or disregarded. The forms we see with our physical eyes, identified with names and specific shapes, have been extracted from their original unity and transformed into fragmented pieces. They are seen as definite configurations and separated from each other by areas termed as nothing or void.
Most mankind seems to live in a symbolic reality where only what is conventionally accepted is acknowledged as real, whereas everything else disappears from sight and dwells in a dimension surrounded by fear and mystery.
In the contemporary world what counts is the goal. To reconnect with the Earth and the Sky what matters is the present, not the destination. Trance or shamanic states of consciousness have to do with the present and with getting out of the most dangerous trance: our conditioning and daily conventions.
Evolution by Asage

The fact is that on the Earth we are always in some kind of trance and the actual work consists of learning to balance such states and being aware that you cannot go into a new trance without moving out of the one you are already in. When there is unbalance we live in a state of hallucination where we perceive pain, anger and all kinds of grievances. When there is balance we choose consciously to open only to the trance states that bring love, ecstasy, peace and blessings to ourselves and others.

Opening up to shamanic states of consciousness means to truly say yes to life and be fully responsible. It means to accept becoming a conscious part of the universe, choosing to trust a divine purpose, identifying with the maximum expressions of our being and moving further to project this potential on all that surrounds us.

Despite the strong oppositions and conditioning of the consensus reality, shamanic states of consciousness are regularly experienced by all human beings. What is missed is solely the willingness to acknowledge them or consider them significant.”
Looking Ahead: The Shamanic Revolution and the Archaic Revival

F.S: “As we have separated from the Earth, we have also disconnected with the dimension of the Sky. Through a blind adherence to religious and social conditionings, we have denied a direct access to God, resigning ourselves to the power of religious teachings or hierarchical structures to operate as mediators between us and the Divine.
Through shamanism each one can obtain visions and spiritual experiences without any mediation. Yet, shamanism, as I see it, is not about mounting opposition to political and religious authorities; this is what has been happened throughout history and it has resulted only in even more grievances and separation.
According to shamanism, I believe the true revolution consists of taking the courage to face the spiritual or inner world, for it is from this world that all that seems to be outside emanates. This does not mean that life should be limited to shamanic journeys or states of consciousness. These experiences are important, yet we also need to take physical actions.
The best physical actions are those which allow the ecstatic experience of unity and love derived from shamanic states of consciousness to be grounded on earth. This can happen by promoting healing relationships with ourselves and the environment, by creating works of arts and doing whatever can make this world a better place.”

Monday, March 30, 2015

Native Elders Reveal Centuries Of Extraterrestrial Contact Lore

Native Elders Reveal Centuries Of Extraterrestrial Contact Lore - See more at: http://humansarefree.com/2015/03/native-elders-reveal-centuries-of.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+blogspot%2FYTqom+%28Humans+Are+Free-Blog%29#sthash.KPkcShb9.dpuf
Native Elders Reveal Centuries Of Extraterrestrial Contact Lore - See more at: http://humansarefree.com/2015/03/native-elders-reveal-centuries-of.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+blogspot%2FYTqom+%28Humans+Are+Free-Blog%29#sthash.KPkcShb9.dpuf

This obviously took place some years ago and expectations have come up short regarding dates and time.  Yet that is common and is driven by our own perception of time.  We think that a specific event is meant to occur on human time scales when it would be much better to think in terms of something much larger.  

What is described here falls into the emerging pattern that we have discerned of a universe chock a block with dark matter lifeforms.   That pattern is slowly reaching out and informing the willing yet the process is painfully slow by our perception.  Yet that is how it must be.

You read this item and you must go away and digest it or dismiss it.   Later another item shows up and perhaps your perception shifts slightly.   This must take a long time even if a little drama is introduced.  Regardless you are reading this now.  Thus you are meant to change. work on it.

Native Elders Reveal Centuries Of Extraterrestrial Contact Lore


For ten days in June, the Yankton Sioux Reservation on the windswept high plains of South Dakota was a gathering place for indigenous tribal leaders from around the globe and hundreds of Native and Euro-American listeners. 

The occasion was the Star Knowledge Conference and Sun Dance, convoked by Lakota (Sioux) spiritual leader Standing Elk in response to a vision.

The vision showed that Native American spiritual knowledge about the Star Nations was to be shared. This Conference also fulfilled ancient Hopi and Lakota prophecies.

Spiritual shamans from the Plains tribes (Lakota, Oglala, Dakota, Blackfoot, Nakota) were joined by spokespersons from the Eastern (Iroquois, Oneida, Seneca and Choctaw) and Southwest (Hopi, Yaqui and Mayan) tribes.

In addition, the chief Maori shaman came from New Zealand at the southern end of the world, as well as a professional formally residing in the land of the Saami people from the part of Scandinavia above the Arctic Circle.

They came because they had seen signs now occurring which had been predicted by ancient prophecies. These signs signified to them that the time had come to speak openly about their most closely-held oral traditions. 

These traditions include their origin from the stars, the influence of Star People visitors on the formation of their culture and their spiritual beliefs and ceremonies, and the imminent return of the Star Nations.

Unprecedented as this gathering was, further precedent was set when Standing Elk, in a published announcement with apology to all Elders, declared that this sacred knowledge “is to be shared with our brothers of the four directions”, (the entire non-Native world). Additionally, he invited world-famous Euro/American experts on the Star Visitors to also speak at this gathering of elders. 

Among those speaking were such notables as former NATO intelligence Sgt.-Major Bob Dean, Harvard Professor John Mack, MD, author Whitley Strieber, CSETI assistant director Martin Keller, former acting Finnish Surgeon-General Rauni Kilde, MD, Professor Leo Sprinkle, Ph.D., ET research psychologist Richard Boylan, Ph.D., Professor Courtney Brown, Ph.D., Italian stigmatic-experiencer Giorgio Bongiovanni, German researcher Michael Hesemann, former CIA paranormal operatives Dea Martin and Derrel Sims, contactees Marilyn Carlson and Randolph Winters, and others.

This report is a summary of the Star Knowledge Conference. As such, it will necessarily not cover every topic or every speaker. Furthermore, because Native speakers have not presented their messages publicly before, while the Euro-American experts have been widely reported, this report will focus on the Native revelations.

Standing Elk, Lakota Keeper of the Six-Pointed Star Nation Altar, in his opening remarks noted that Medicine Men have the ability to communicate with the spiritual entities of Mother Earth, such as the Eagle, the Deer, the Coyote and the Star Nations.

The Star Nations were the most crucial of all entities, because the thought of other races . communicating with the grassroots [indigenous] people would create a major threat to the religious systems, the economy and educational system of any government. The greatest fear in the governmental structures was the knowledge that all forms of `Star Governments’ had no monetary systems within their governing structures. 

“Their system was based on the mental, spiritual and universal laws with which they were too mentally and spiritually intelligent to break. The collapse of the monetary system within the United States Government and the Religious Denominations became a National Security issue, and so it became an easier task to make the Lakota/Dakota belief system illegal to participate [in] and practice.” 

Standing Elk added that “The Lakota/Dakota Medicine Men are now being instructed to share spiritual knowledge of the Star Nations, because of the contamination of Mother Earth and the pollution of the air.”

He spoke of as a child witnessing UFOs flying down the nearby Missouri River valley, green balls of light four times larger than a school auditorium. Through portholes on the sides of these ships he could see shadows of persons inside. +

During one encounter he met a seven-foot-tall man in white clothes who appeared like a middle-aged Caucasian. The room was filled with light. It contained computer-like machines which operated on light and “the law of thought”.  

 [ this is helpful as it describes a dark matter photon architecture of our own spirit and is the ultimate technology. - arclein ]+

Standing Elk talked about meeting another Sioux Medicine Man who confirmed that there are Star Visitors. Some are like ants, with big, black eyes and long fingers and toes. Some live out in the cosmos and some on the other side of the Moon. 

Sioux legends relate that they came from the Pleiades, with others coming from the Sirius and Orion systems. He related about having visitations in the sweat lodge from the “Gray” Zetas, who bear messages and provide answers to questions. 

Standing Elk talked about being visited by a five-foot-tall, orange-skinned Star Visitor with large eyes. He also mentioned blue and green Star People, and “a hundred other races you don’t know about.” He asserted that “the way of the Stars is in every culture.”

Moving to a religious theme, he said that Jesus was a Star Man. Standing Elk noted that the symbols found on the wreckage of the Roswell UFO crash each had two meanings: a universal law and a spiritual law. 

During a subsequent presentation he presented interpretations of these various Star Visitor symbols which he had received from Star People who manifested during sweat lodge ceremonies.

The next speaker, Oglala spiritual advisor Floyd Hand, continued the religious theme, speaking about the Avatars (world religious teachers), such as Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, and White Buffalo Calf Woman, (the Star Person who gave the Sioux their spiritual history, health practices, and ceremonies). 

“The Avatars are Star People”. He said that seven different galaxies are represented on the Earth. “Each Native American tribe has its ET race [of origination counterpart]”. 

The Star People will return in the latter part of the 1990s. Changes will happen as their time draws near. The first sign is floods, fires and earthquakes. There will be a world Great Drought in 1997-1999. Many will starve. There will be destruction of electrical and sewer lines, loss of cities and many lives.

In 1998 White Buffalo Calf Woman is coming back to Turtle Island (the U.S.). There are Four Omens.

The First Omen was the recent birth of a white buffalo calf on a White ranch, whose hide eventually turned the other colors of the Four Nations (yellow, red and black). The Second Omen was the birth of another white buffalo calf to a Sioux rancher, but it died. 

“We have no right to destroy four-leggeds and winged creatures for our purposes.
The Third Omen was a third white calf, but no one is listening despite human suffering and death.

The Fourth Omen will be the Star People coming and visiting in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Floyd Hand urged people to get away from urban hubbub and sharpen their senses. He added, “Start putting in a garden, put away food; it’s going to be hard. There will be a new government.” Hand sees the end of the current “world” on January 21, 2021.

Elder Paula Underwood gave an Iroquois perspective on off-planet lifeforms. She described the many appearance-forms of the extraterrestrials.

In answer to the question of whether we can form community with them, she replied that “all who walk on two legs are our brothers and sisters. We come from the unity of the Universe.” Underwood told of an Iroquois oral tradition of a Star Nations telepathic message to the Iroquois:

“We are Coming.” The Iroquois Elders thought-responded, “Don’t come; we are not prepared.” The Star Visitors replied, “Prepare yourself.”

Lakota Elder Harry Charger discussed the oral tradition of the Sioux peoples. There have been many Star People visitations with the Sioux during sweat lodge ceremonies. Charger said that 50% of what we see of Star Visitor appearances are mental projections from the Visitors.

He said that the Star Nations are concerned about our destruction of the planet. He told of, as a boy, being instructed by his grandmother to make a ball that didn’t bounce. Later the village grandmothers gathered to try out tossing this gentle-landing ball he made. 

They smiled with satisfaction as it soft-landed. Years later he realized the point: that the soft-lander ball was a ritual reenactment of a space vehicle which had touched down on the Lakota lands.

The Lakota Elder told the Sioux spiritual origin legend. Two Lakota scouts were out away from the tribe when a young, beautiful, pale-white luminous woman appeared to them, White Buffalo Calf Woman. 

She gave them important instructions about their origin, and spiritual teachings and ceremonies to bring back to their people. One scout had lustful thoughts for the woman and sought to approach her erotically. He perished. 

The other scout had paid respectful attention and brought back her teachings to the people, who have been sustained by them. Charger said that each of us faces the same choice: how will each of us react to the return of the Star People’s presence?

Finnish physician Rauni-Leena Kilde spoke of the Star Nations experience among the Saami (Arctic Circle indigenous dwellers) people she was raised with above the Arctic Circle and in Scandinavia.
[Airman Charles Hall revealed that the Saami are drescendants of immigrants from Barnard’s Star.] Her first remembered contact was when she was in a severe car crash. 

As she laid there mortally injured, a small Star Visitor was at her side working on healing her injured liver. Later the hospital staff could not understand how she survived the crash.+

Later she remembered Star Visitor contacts as a child living among the Saami. She reported that there is a change of attitude in Scandinavia and the European Union about cosmic contacts. +

She hears positive reactions to Star Visitor encounters. In Scandinavia the so-called “Grey aliens” +

[Zetas] are rare. Most common there are the small, short, wrinkled “Dwarf” Star Visitors. Her country borders Russia, whose cosmonauts were threatened with death if they talked openly about UFO encounters.

Steve Red Buffalo (Lakota) gave a talk about the Star People coming down from the Pleiades. The Sioux trace their origin to that Seven Sisters constellation. The Pleiades have a connection with the chanupa, the sacred pipe, which symbolizes the union of the Earth (stone bowl) with the Sky (hollow stem through which smoke is drawn and sent heavenward.)

Dakota spiritual leader Chanupa Wambdi Wicasa (Deer Man) startled those listening by stating that the current Pope, John Paul II, is a Pipe Carrier (a Native-American spirituality tradition- keeper). The Pope fasted and entered into a sweat lodge ceremony with the Dakota while visiting in Canada, and congratulated the Dakota for keeping their traditions and ceremonies.

Deer Man interpreted a recent Crop Circle design as containing a highly relevant message. This Crop Circle consisted of five concentric circles. The first four circles are like orbit paths around a central sun, with a planet-like “bead” imbedded in each orbit circle except the third one. The outermost ring is a chain of densely-packed “beads” of varying sizes.
The entire Crop Circle is the Circle of Life. The four inner circles are the traditional Four Nations of humanity: white, yellow, red and black. The smallest circle near the nucleus is the White Race. Spirit gave the White Race responsibility for Fire. The White Man forgot his responsibility, and so created the nuclear bomb. 

The White Race’s elliptical orbit indicates that it is out of balance. The second orbit is the Black Race, which has the responsibility for Water. They have forgotten their responsibility. As a result, the waters are contaminated, and this causes cancer. The third orbit is the Red Race, whose “planet-bead” is missing. 

The Red Race has responsibility for the Earth. Their “bead” is missing because the Red Nation still walks with the Tunkashilas (Grandfathers, spiritual guides). The fourth orbit is the Yellow Race, whose responsibility is the air. But Asian-sponsored factories pollute the air. 

Deer Man commented that “we have brought these imbalances on ourselves. The Red Race has responsibility for the land, but cannot do so because of herbicides, acid rain and underground nuclear testing.” Spirit told Deer Man that the other races were to follow the Red Way of Life too, but have lost it.

The outermost circle is the Star Nations. 

“The Star Nations are here to help us.” 

The Earth was out of balance, and is rebalancing its tilt. 

“We have to help the Earth come back into balance. Time as you know it is coming to an end, sooner than you think. There will not be cars or TVs.”

He said that the Grandfathers taught him that we are coming to the end of the Fourth World. We are about to enter the Fifth World. [This concurs with similar Hopi prophecies.] 

“It will take Nine Worlds before we get to the Spirit World.”

The adopted son of Grandfather Titus, Keeper of the Hopi Prophecy Tablets, Roy Little Sun, was scheduled to speak on behalf of his grandfather. Because of difficulties, he designated Eric Skywalker to speak in his stead. He told of a Solar System planetary alignment sequence moving into place which is powerful for the Earth. The outer planets line up with the planets near Earth. 

“The power of the heavens steps down to the Earth. The New Moon [June 16-Conference conclusion] is an opening of a gate of Star Knowledge.” Eric said that the Star Knowledge Conference is like a Medicine Wheel.

Conference participants will radiate out to spread the information to others: “taking the teachings of the Star People and applying them to human interactions.”

Norbert Running, a Lakota Medicine Man, was one of the first to participate in the revived Sun Dance of modern times. He chastised latter-day Native American “neo-traditionalists” as contaminated by Christian missionaries, believing in devils, and making up bureaucratic religion rules.

Norbert Running said that most Indians on the reservations believe in the Natural Way of spirituality. He urged everyone to “cultivate Spirit Guides to help you in the life path.” 

He learned most of what he knows in the Yuwipi, Spirit Calling-In, ceremony. He told of legendary Sioux Elder Black Elk having a prophetic vision of racial unity, a rainbow lodge with the Four Nations together. He also spoke of the Hopi prophecy of Red and White brothers working together.

The chief Spiritual Elder of all the Maori people of Aotearoa (New Zealand), Mac Wiremu Ruka, accepted Standing Elk’s invitation to share the ancient truths and prophecies of his people.

Since age three, Elder Ruka had been taught the genealogies, secrets and incantations of the cosmic and Earth realms. A special star alignment in 1988 told the old Maori Grandmothers that the time had arrived to bring out publicly the Old Stories which had been kept hidden for centuries, and that Elder Ruka was the one designated to speak.

The Maori Elder related accounts of the star origin of his people. In a moving candle-lit ritual, he created a twelve-woman ceremonial circle at the Conference to speak for Spirit and set the proper vibration for creating such awareness.

Choctaw Medicine Man Panther (Preston Scott) told of how he was designated to follow the path of the heyoka (sacred trickster). One day as a boy he was being walked to school by his mother. A dark storming cloud came up from the west. His mother told him to run to his grandfather’s house. 

He made it as far as his grandfather’s yard when a lightning bolt struck so close to him that the heat and energy flipped him over. He landed on his feet still running and went up on his grandfather’s porch. Being struck by lightning is Spirit designation as heyoka.

As an adult, Panther was climbing a hill one day and received a vision of three Grandfathers. He was told that he was going to go north to the Lakota land, where they would give him a foundation of spiritual knowledge to take back to his people, because the Choctaw had lost their spiritual ways. Now he is seeing spirituality rising among the Choctaw.

An inipi (sweat lodge) ceremony for a Sun Dancer was led by Panther on the night of June 15. As we prayed inside the totally-dark lodge, there appeared two rectangular-shaped lights, about the size of bricks, dancing near the upper east wall. Panther commented that there were six spirits inside the lodge. 

After the lodge, we learned from others waiting outside that, during the sweat lodge, a high UFO went across the sky. At first it looked like a satellite, but then it stopped and gyrated in geometric patterns of flight.

Eagle Pipe Man (Galen Drapeau), a Lakota Medicine Man, is a carrier of the Elk medicine bundle. His spiritual path was deepened when he almost died during brain surgery, and had an out-of-body-experience where he met an old Indian medicine man adjusting energy particles coming out of people’s bodies.

Eagle Pipe Man told of seeing UFOs flying over Bear Butte, a volcanic peak in the Black Hills and the sacred heart of the Sioux Nation. 

Then he spoke about the Star Nation Altars. These are sacred ritual-object altars kept by certain designated spiritual leaders as shrines where knowledge of the Star People is gathered, kept and honored. The Lakota Elder said that Star Nation Altars send a blue light up to the heavens, which the Star People can see as a beacon.

He told of doing a ceremony for a woman, during which a Star Elder came in and landed nearby. The Star Visitor was tall, gray, and had large eyes. Eagle Pipe Man did the Calling-In Song, and the tunkashilas (Grandfather Spirits) came in, went over and held the Star Elder. 

The Star Elder told them some things: Mother Earth is dying; their (the Star Elder’s) planet is dead, lifeless. He is telling Holy Bull this because the Native Americans have the Spirit. Mother Earth will clean the ozone.

Eagle Pipe Man had an advising Dream one year ago to go to a spiritual gathering where sacred bundles and pipes were placed together. That Dream was fulfilled on June 23rd at Greengrass, South Dakota. 

In an unprecedented joining, the three sacred bundles of the Sioux (the pipe), the Cheyenne (arrows) and the Arapaho (sacred hat) were brought together. This fulfills a prophecy about the beginning of the Thousand Years of Peace.

Rod Shenandoah, a Blackfoot-Oneida medicine man, in a side lecture during the Sun Dance ceremonies, talked about the visitations from the Star People which he, Wallace Black Elk, and many other medicine persons, chiefs and other Native Americans have experienced.

He pointed out that “Indians consider themselves privileged” when such Star Nation contacts occur. 

They consider such visits to be sacred events. Wallace Black Elk had a visit by Star Visitors while he was in isolation on a spiritual hanblechia (fast and Vision Quest).

In a final teaching round adjacent to the Sun Dance, Standing Elk said that the Star People are here to teach, to foster spiritual growth, and to prepare us for dealing with the challenging Earth Changes coming up in the next several years. The Star People are included as honored Elders in the Native American key reverential saying, “Mitakuye oyasin!” (All [are] my relations).

Standing Elk spoke of the Star Visitors communicating telepathically with Indians, and that the original Spiritual Language of the Sioux [different from conversational Lakota] is a language of a few cryptic key words, designed to stimulate, and be supplemented by, full additional telepathic communication. The same Star People who visit the Sioux also visit the Hopi Indians. 

He said that the Star People and the Indians have the same DNA. Standing Elk noted that there is Big News coming, “fast changes, but they are slow in arriving.” He also commented that the Star People are also aware of the Law of Karma.

Arvol Looking Horse, the 19th Generation Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe for the Lakota-Dakota-Nakota Nation, had called for a World Peace and Prayer Day on June 21, Summer Solstice. This was in response to prophecies shared by spiritual leaders and Elders at the United Nations, that it is time to begin global healing by working towards world peace and harmony.

While Looking Horse, the other Sacred Bundle Keepers, and many others gathered at Grey Horn Butte (Devil’s Tower National Monument), Standing Elk and those participating in the Sun Dance on the Yankton Sioux Reservation held an observance in support. 

As representatives of the Four Nations stood in the Four Directions doorways of the Sun Dance, and the gathered dancers and participants prayed, high above the central Sun Dance pole a thin hollow circle of cirrus cloud formed around the sun, refracting within itself a perfectly circular rainbow. 

Although the wind was up from the west, and other scattered clouds blew by, the circular rainbow remained perfect and immobile for over an hour, as witnessed by all the participants. 

In the Bible the rainbow is described as a sign of peaceful favor from the one the Indians know as the Great Spirit. Perhaps Tunkashila was indicating that we can approach the end of the Fourth World and our emergence into the Fifth World with hope. -