Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Strange Vibrations Detected in North American Plate

This is something really odd and possibly unprecedented and at present unexplained. It is also not particularly threatening on the surface.

However this conforms to my conjectured crustal capacity to travel easily along a natural slip plane formed at around one hundred miles deep from the carbon phase change horizon no one understands as yet.

Obviously if the upper crust is not anchored, distant subsidence or curvature adjustment will lead to broadly distributed vibrations over the whole plate. These strange vibrations are good candidates for just that. Thus expected in my crustal model if one begins to look.

It is just that no one else is imagining such an easy pulling and stretching to be taking place at all. The good news is that it is nicely preventing excessive brittle failures in the crust.

Strange “Vibrations” Detected Throughout The United States

Saturday, December 1, 2012 9:02

Seen on multiple nodes managed by different institutions, feeding back to the CERI / Midwest USGS official charts across the region… what can only be described as low end vibrations, over a VERY large area.

NOT to be confused with earthquakes elsewhere around the planet, this is something I have not seen before over such a wide area.

Did the sensor network undergo some kind of damage?  Is there some kind of interference happening?  Is this a REAL detection of low frequency vibrations occurring?
Time will tell on this…

Here is the main link .. .click on CERI, SLU, or any of the other ‘nodes’.. then select 11/30/2012 (most current charts).. and then compare to a few days or weeks, or months ago by clicking back through the charts (listed by date):

use these links here to monitor earthquake activity nationally, and internationally:

The Live Internet Seismic Server also shows this activity.

If I thought that the world was going to end in the next 20 days, this might freak me out a little bit. Could this be a sign of Yellowstone is going to erupt?  or maybe New Madrid wakes up?  or something entirely global on scale and infathomable?   Maybe the machine is just broke…  Whatever it is, im sure DutchSinse will be on top of it, stay tuned.. ~Ophelia

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