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Dr Oz Slags Organics

What is happening of course is that deeply entrenched interests are now engaged in 'pushback' because the organic movement has gone from fringe to mainstream and the economic premium is sufficient to convert farming completely over to organic practices particularly since it has been shown to be superior to current methods even in terms of general productivity over a thirty years field study.

Of course parts of the organic crowd do take it over the top in efforts to be heard. However, we can expect outright lying and scientific misrepresentation to be the new order of the day.

It has been evident for a long time that our fertilizer and pest control protocols are in need of a serious rethink as to overall best practice. This is much of what this blog is about.

We have shown that the biochar protocol neatly sequesters all nutrients in the top soil until demanded by the growing plant. This ultimately eliminates the need for any fertilizer at all with modest waste recovery efforts that simply tills it all back in. Application of biochar is optimized around corn culture which can produce enough desiccated stover.

Pest control has also been well managed with the organic crowd and let us respect that. The fact remains that it requires sophisticated protocols to keep fields from been overrun or infested and draws from a deep understanding of local biology. Yet we have been winning.

The plot against organics: Dr. Oz part of an organized, well-funded P.R. propaganda campaign to destroy the organic industry (opinion)

Sunday, December 02, 2012

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

(NaturalNews) Dr. Oz's recent attack on organics has left a large number of people shocked at his betrayal of the organic consumer community. Yesterday, his Facebook page was being absolutely inundated with posts from people calling him a "betrayer" and asking why he would attack organics and start promoting feedlot beef and food made with pesticides and GMO.

But Dr. Oz's attack on organics is not the action of a lone madman who has lost touch with reality. It's part of a coordinated P.R. campaign that has been organized against organics, Natural News has learned, and it's being run behind the scenes by one of the most prominent P.R. companies in America.

Their tactics resemble that of Big Tobacco in the 20th century, which promoted cigarettes by linking them to freedom and "coolness." Today, as Dr. Oz's TIME Magazine article nauseatingly demonstrated, the P.R. strategy is to try to link organics with "elitism" by calling people who eat organics "the snooty 1%."

Where did Oz get his talking points?

Dr. Oz was not the author of the talking points highlighted in his article, I believe. Those were likely handed to him by the P.R. firm behind the attack on organics, and this same P.R. firm (which shall go un-named for the time being) also has links to the "No on 37" campaign in California that got caught breaking federal law, fabricating FDA quotes and impersonating police organizations in order to steal the vote away from the YES on 37 campaign.

The way the plot works is to recruit influential people, then convince them to put their names on highly manipulative, derogatory stories about organics that are placed in mainstream media rags such as TIME Magazine or the New York Times, often dubbed the "toilet paper of record."

Roger Cohen at the New York Times recently put his name on a story that called people who eat organics "delusional cult members." That article implied that people who choose organic food suffer from a mental disorder. For that article, Natural News gave him the 2012 Idiot of the Year Award (which, in retrospect, may have been premature as Dr. Oz is definitely in the running now...)

The world recently learned that TIME Magazine suffers from hilarious nutritional illiteracy when its own managing editor, Rick Stengel, recently declared that canned food was nutritionally identical to organic food. Click here to listen to Robert Scott Bell and Jerry Doyle break down this outrageously ignorant statement from TIME Magazine's editor. This is all part of the same orchestrated plot against organics that we saw Dr. Oz spewing recently.

Dr. Oz joined the ranks of the food sellouts by claiming that people who eat organic foods are "snooty" and "elitist" and even "undemocratic," as if choosing organic food is somehow anti-American. Real Americans eat pesticides and GMOs, Dr. Oz implied!

Who is behind this massive P.R. effort to destroy organics? The usual suspects, of course: All the same corporations that were behind the "No on 37" campaign. The near-victory of YES on 37 freaked them out, and they realized they cannot win the GMO labeling issue long term, so the only way to defend their territory and profits is to make healthy food seem un-cool and elitist.

It is my belief that Dr. Oz is part of an organized plot to destroy organics. Influential people are being approached and recruited. Mainstream media publication of the hit pieces is being "arranged" at high levels. Talking points are being crafted by master manipulators. And the whole thing is funded by the obvious opponents of organics: Pesticide companies and biotech firms.

Why is organic better, actually?

Organic certification is one of the best things to come out of the federal government. Run by the USDA, organic certification audits the process of food production, handling and packaging. A farmer who obtains USDA organic certification must be able to prove the he used no synthetic chemicals on his farm. Everything that goes onto the plants -- fertilizer, insecticides, etc. -- must be from a stringent list of acceptable organic items such as neem oil for insect control. This is all audited for compliance, both at the paperwork level (showing purchase receipts, for example) and physically at the farm.

At the food formulator and packing level, organic certification means you follow a very stringent process for tracking raw materials, blending food products, packaging and labeling them.

Both farmers and food packers are audited once a year by a USDA-approved organic certifier. This includes an on-site inspection which covers detailed requirements including cleaning solutions for machinery and even rodent control. Toxic rat poisons, for example, are not allowed to be used in a certified organic facility.

In great contrast to organic food production, a non-organic operation can spray any toxic sludge they wish on crops in the field, including sludge laden with heavy metals. Food packing and handling can take place in a warehouse that's chemically fumigated with toxic, cancer-causing chemicals. There are no requirements that food batches be tracked or tested for possible contamination. A non-organic label means, essentially, "almost anything goes."

Because of the requirements of organic certification, organic foods consistently test as far lower in synthetic chemicals, and of course genetically modified foods are not allowed to be labeled "organic" at all. Organic foods are higher in nutrients, and their production method is more kind to the planet because synthetic chemicals are not sprayed on farms and then washed into streams, rivers and oceans.

Dr. Oz apparently does not care about any of this. He wants you to eat foods sprayed with synthetic chemicals that pollute the planet. He wants you to eat foods laced with toxic pesticides, herbicides and unknown quantities of heavy metals. He wants you to think that eating more agricultural poison is "cool" and that demanding clean, non-GMO, non-poisoned food is "elitist" and "snooty."

Such is the sad truth about a man who has sold out to the propaganda interests of the biotech and pesticide industries. Organic food is "undemocratic," he says, implying that if everybody just ate more GMOs and chemicals, then we'd all be more "equal." Huh? Yeah. That's how warped the P.R. has become on all this: Let's all be equally poisoned and call it "democratic."

You are going to see the attack on organics ramped up

Watch for more high-level attacks on organics from major newspapers and magazines. Based on the information I have received so far, it appears this P.R. propaganda effort -- which smacks of the tactics of Edward Bernays -- is actively recruiting high-level people who agree to put their names on op-ed pieces that are essentially ghost-written by the biotech industry.

It is very common, by the way, for drug companies to ghost-write "scientific" papers that are placed in so-called "science journals" under the names of prominent scientists who are paid to take part in the conspiracy. The pharmaceutical industry got caught red-handed fabricating papers in this way about hormone replacement therapy.

So don't think this tactic is unusual. It happens every day in America behind the scenes of the corporations that manufacture toxic vaccines, prescription drugs or GMOs. It's "business as usual" for those who are trying to pretend their poisons are somehow "scientific."

Beyond the fraudulent authorship of papers and articles, the P.R. propaganda effort also involves distributing a list of distorted, manipulative talking points to news organizations and TV talk shows.

They include points like "organic is elitist" or "not all Americans can afford organic food, therefore it's un-American to recommend organic to everyone." Watch for talking heads on the evening news to start mindlessly repeating these talking points in the days ahead.

Natural News is going to call out those who betray organics and sell out to corporate interests

As more journalists and celebrities betray the organic movement and put their names onto these propaganda articles, Natural News is going to name them and call them what they are: TRAITORS to the movement, to the planet, to honest agriculture and to the American people.

Remember: Organic food is simply honest food. It's real food, the way your parents or grandparents might have grown it. Organic food is grown without pesticides or other synthetic chemicals, and it represents the only real future to sustainable food on our planet.

Even more importantly, organic food doesn't promote Alzheimer's, cancer and other diseases like synthetic pesticides do. For people who wish to lead healthy lives free from the disease-causing contamination of synthetic chemicals and cancer-causing GMOs, organic food is the best insurance against developing chronic disease.

Anyone who attacks organic foods is attacking health, sustainability and the environment. They betray everything that matters to informed consumers who want to know what they're eating.

Any person who attacks organics is a traitor to humanity and a sellout to the Monsantos, DuPonts and Bayers of the world. It is a despicable stance to take, as these companies have been involved in some of the most heinous crimes against humanity ever recorded in the history of the world. Bayer, for example, saw its own chairperson convicted and sentenced for the company's role in Nazi war crimes in World War II.

This is partly why Natural News has announced a lifetime boycott of the chemical pesticide companies who committed outright fraud to defeat the GMO labeling ballot measure in California.

If you don't support organics, you have no credibility in the realm of health

For any person who wishes to retain any credibility whatsoever with the informed public, there is only once acceptable stance on this issue: The whole-hearted support of organic and non-GMO agriculture. Anyone who is not advocating organic farming methods is encouraging the destruction of the environment. Anyone who is not advocating organic food consumption is encouraging chronic disease among the population. Anyone who is not fighting for the full-disclosure labeling of GMOs is selling out humanity to the most evil corporations in the world -- the biotech giants.

For a person to have any credibility whatsoever in the realm of health or food, they must first establish that they embrace clean, pesticide-free food (organics) and that they support honest labeling of such foods (GMO labeling). If a person fails on one or both of these counts, they have zero credibility in the realm of health.

You will note, by the way, that Dr. Oz never overtly advocated GMO labeling. He invited Jeffrey Smith on his show for a few minutes, then kicked him off the stage to bring on a biotech shill who blatantly lied to Dr. Oz's audience about GMOs. It was all part of elaborate theater to pretend to be "balanced" on the issue while actually pushing a collection of corporate lies about genetically modified foods.

Dr. Oz is finished as a person with any credibility among those who are informed. And any other person who puts their name on a P.R. propaganda piece that attacks organics will suffer a similar fate: Widespread ridicule followed by a collapse in their support base (and hence their influence).

To announce that you are opposed to organics in 2012 is the moral equivalent of announcing you support Hitler in 1945. The informed public is far beyond the point where they can be manipulated into thinking that eating more pesticides and GMOs is somehow patriotic or even healthy. They're much smarter than that, and any person who attaches their name to this outrageous P.R. propaganda plot to destroy organics is going to see their own credibility and reputation destroyed instead.

Good riddance, I say. It's time we stopped listening to quack authority doctors who betray humanity and sell out to corporate interests.

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