Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Starchild Skull Conjecture

This week we got a really good look at the mtDNA of the Starchild Skull.  The evidence conforms completely to my conjectures relating to human history and development over the past thirty thousand years as I have posted throughout this blog over the last three years or so.

It is possible that life not based on Earth was responsible for upgrading Earth based primates into a range of advanced primates including ourselves, yet this explanation is plausibly unnecessary.

Modern humanity has been extant for at least 70,000 years and in some form for at least 200,000 years.  For 70,000 years individuals have existed equal to the task of fitting into our own modern society if integrated from childhood.  Up to 15,000 years ago such human populations were restricted to the tropics and to the coastal plains of the continental shelf.  This was still ample to sustain a population of one billion.

In time, the modern world emerged.  They mastered space travel and DNA manipulation as we are doing now and as we will largely master within the lifetimes of most reading these words.  It is really happening that fast.  At the same time they mastered the art of the Magnetic Field Exclusion Vessel (MFEV).  This is recognized as a UFO in our own skies today and the key breakthroughs were make just this past year or two.  We will have it inside the next two decades. 

This presented mankind twenty thousand years ago with a massive opportunity.

It became possible to evacuate Earth itself and to shift the population into space habitats able to hold a million or so each and undertake a massive repositioning of the crust itself in order to end the Northern Ice Age.  The habitats are easy to build and could be built today once we have the MFEVs.  It is noteworthy that some such habitats may well have been placed in safe geological structures after the crustal shift as an additional option.  This would explain the obvious ongoing UFO traffic we observe.

The MFEVs make it trivial to move personnel from high embarkation points to the space habitats.  The craft may well have been called Arks and could easily carry hundreds at a time.  It appears that the text regarding the story of Noah is a copy of an original history of Earth’s deliberate resettlement after the crustal shift.

Once this was accomplished, the crust was shifted thirty degrees south along an arc running through Hudson’s Bay using the directed impact of a comet at the Pole.  Recent work has begun the process of collecting and understanding the evidence of the comet impact from 12900 BP.  Both the Himalayas and the Andes were thrown up at this time and local subsidence also occurred.

A couple thousand years on, settlement groups were placed on each continent at least and likely three or four on the Eurasian land mass.  Australasia may not have had such a colony.  The purpose was to jump start agriculture and commence the terraforming of Earth to make it completely suitable for the huge populations that it is capable of supporting.  Without getting too involved in this, a figure of 100 billion is defensible.  We have a lot of work to do.

Conjecture 1:               The aliens (UFOs) we are aware of are earth descended humanoids genetically adapted to living in space.  Multiple species were created in order to provide a range of useful characteristics.  They were enhanced over and above those needs that are earth specific.

Conjecture 2:               We are such a species enhanced in order to terraform Earth.  We are not told this in order to get us to work a lot harder and to quit whining.  We are now reaching critical mass in population and knowledge that allows us to reconnect.  It must happen soon, although they will likely just wait for us to produce a MFEV and come on up.

Conjecture 3:               Immortality through machine copying is plausible and provides a mechanism by which individuals can do a short tour of duty on Earth as a embedded ‘soul’  We are going to try and do this ourselves within the next thirty years.

These are extraordinary conjectures and extraordinary claims.

The reason I am writing this today is that the mtDNA work on the Starchild Skull has now delivered extraordinary evidence of everything I have just said within the mtDNA itself.  The mtDNA is explainable only as enhanced primate mtDNA.  The add-ins are there and can be isolated.  What also cannot be denied is that the rest follows the same patterns as we follow.  So unless you want to believe that DNA arises independently in the same order as a natural law, this is primate  mtDNA that has been actively improved, as evidenced anyway by the special features in the skull.

Extraordinary Conjectures need Extraordinary Evidence.  We now have it.  There is plenty of other conforming evidence floating out there and often commented on here.  These conjectures could never have arisen without that.

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