Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Charlie Chaplin's Time Traveller

This piece is very interesting and let us assume it is real.  The subject woman is bulkily dressed and could plausibly be carrying equipment under all that clothing.  Except no hardware in 1928 was even slightly portable.  Thus that speculation is a complete waste of effort.

The woman is convincingly speaking into a cell phone circa from now on into our immediate future.  I can imagine no other object from 1928 that a person would hold up to their head in that manner.  Even the body language is right.

It certainly was no hoax of the time which is not plausible anyway and the woman did turn into the camera on noticing it.  All of which speaks to the authenticity of this snippet.  Thirty years ago we would not have understood what is apparent here.

At the same time, using a communication device on the high street is pretty cocky for a time traveler who does not wish to be observed.

So what is it that we just saw?  It is yours now.

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bbink said...

It is an interesting observation and as much as I wish that person was a time traveler, I would have to go back to Occam's razor and think of the easiest explanation. In those days most people lost their teeth and the role of the dentist was pulling abscessed teeth. This person either had an abscessed tooth or had just visited the dentist for extraction, leaving with a cool compress for pain relief. She was probably talking to herself because she had also swallowed some of that elixir of codeine she had just bought over the counter at the corner drug store. I'm sorry to disappoint. I love time travel and seek out books and movies about time travel. If I could have just seen the word "Verizon" on that phone, then maybe...