Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Area 51 With Annie Jacobsen

'Area 51 – an uncensored history of america’s top secret military base by annie Jacobsen

I have just finished reading this recent book and can strongly advise everyone to read it first before you attempt any other books on the subject.  The whole enigma has been massively clouded by any number of witnesses who always had a partial understanding to begin with.  It really has become the committee of the blind attempting to describe an elephant that they have briefly touched here and there.

That is the good news. This volume does capture reports from a large number of active witnesses and participants from the fifties and the sixties in particular.  Yet recent work just as compelling is opaque going back to the early seventies.  Yet much is gained as we eliminate a lot of confusion that has arisen.

The most important disclosure is that the USA has been flying post U2 aircraft since the mid sixties on a daily basis whose speed was Mach 3 or better and operating ceiling of almost twenty miles or nearly twice any other craft in normal use.

This means that such craft were anywhere in US airspace and in position if the right conditions existed to be seen as an UFO.  In fact any such observable could obviously be seen then by many folks.  For that reason alone a great number of UFO reports are surely these craft.  The distance was always too great to discern detail and the most likely sighting would be a reflection from miles distant.

I had always suspected that a great number of UFO sightings were just that.  The missing factor was the sheer number of opportunities afforded.

The other disclosure that comes out of all this is that the Roswell incident was perceived and understood as an attempt by the Russians to hoax the US.  Roswell was the base used to support major atomic tests conducted in the Pacific the previous couple of years.  That made it an excellent target for a UFO hoaxing scenario.

The bodies are understood as lab modified humans in an era in which this was actually been attempted.  The craft appeared to have Russian script and one presumes the material collected were of accepted alloy mixtures.

I disagree with this interpretation on the basis of what I have seen of the evidence but this was a very reasonable interpretation in the late forties.

Our knowledge of DNA did not exist and our knowledge of Russian and captured German Science capabilities was largely in fantasy land also.

Once such an interpretation became accepted at the upper levels, a better theory never had a chance.

After sixty years we have a large body in individual UFO sighting that include sightings of the non human operators and which confirms a magnetic field exclusion technology able to explain all the observed behavior.  A Roswell incident today would be treated very differently.

I also think that security compartmentalization has actually worked to box evidence into deep dead ends.  A researcher would be assigned the task of reverse engineering an object but not be allowed to share his information freely.  This would lead to a failed effort which would simply get set aside and plausibly never be looked at again.

The other key factoid is that all such projects had an important third player in the Atomic Energy Commission which is presently part of the DOE. Most documentary secrets are there and few have ever looked.  Been originally compartmentalized, one would have to get lucky just to get the proper address. 

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