Friday, November 4, 2011

Worm Hole Produced

There is an article in the August – September issue of Nexus Magazine that is important and I cannot provide a copy here for you to read.  The title is Mike Marcum’s Time Machine Experiments.

Mark was a young geek who got into mucking around with rigging up a Jacob’s ladder with transformers and working in laser technology.  I suspect he did not know quite what he was trying to accomplish.

What he did accomplish on a desk top set up was the production of a small dime size heat ball that floated above the arcs that he was running.  He tossed a small screw into the ball and it disappeared only to reappear a few feet away on his table.

This story got told to Art Bell and this attracted donations in terms of ample hardware.  So our hero proceeded to make a giant device and arrange a power supply and this produced a heat sphere some four feet across.  After throwing objects and a few test critters into the device and then locating same some distance away, he got reckless and jumped in himself and promptly disappeared from the known world. This happened in 1998.

In fact he reappeared eight hundred miles away and two years later (2000) was suffering from what must be described as a mind wipe. This took place over a decade ago and he has since had substantial mental recovery although much detail in terms of specific day to day from the time and place is missing.  This past decade was spent obviously in survival mode but he did eventually make contact and this has led to the article in Nexus.

Of course what he did was bone dumb, but then his background lacked the necessary training that would have warned him off.  At the very least his head needed to be encased in a Faraday cage when he went into that sphere.

More critically the device does work on the lab top and plenty of obvious experiments needed to be conducted there were it was obviously safe enough.  He really had seen too many Dr Who shows.

Now we address the important question.  What did we observe?  Quite simply this is a worm hole.  It is even formed somewhat in the manner that I expected might actually work although my own considerations would have looked for a much more complex assembly to play with.  I was looking to produce a toroidal field with also high currents and voltage with slim hope of success in the early going. Stumbling onto it is a much better plan.

The real surprise is that he got it to exist so easily and that it is actually stable.  We still know nothing about it but we can now start to learn.  He also demonstrated that its effect clearly varies as to the mass passed into it and that in the uncontrolled form the exit is shifted in both space and time.  A surprise is that it at least appears to adhere to the local curvature regime or at least attaches itself to the ground at the exit.  Otherwise anything passing through would likely have dropped out of the sky.

First rule for future investigation.  Do not look a gift horse in the mouth.  Most likely we will learn to control this phenomenon and provide transport links with it.  The time component is inconvenient but there is no evidence that it goes backwards so far.

We now know that the device produces an exit point that is mass dependent.  That exit point falls to the ground during the process which is nice to have.  Whether it also swings around randomly or anything like that remains to be discovered.

The next step is to set up a table top system and to try feeding conductive and also nonconductive wire through it to determine what may happen.  At that point all sorts of additional tests may be conducted.  We should soon have an extensive lab book on the phenomenon that could then inform us on how to manage the behavior.


Factotum said...

And you believe this because???

arclein said...

It is never a matter of belief. We have a curious report that partially conforms to other curious reports and which is providing a lot of new information. A whole picture is described which is self consistent.

That leaves us two choices. the easy out is to show that it is fiction in whole or in part.
The second option is to accept validity of the report and continue to ferret out confirmation if such exists.

Far more important is that the narrative itself points us to specific evidence not looked at in the past. AS an example, certain fossils need a second look we would never have given them.