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Adam and Eve Hybrids?

Wading through this speculative alternative historic narrative is a bit much but is worth it for the oral exposition of Credo Matwa.  I find the explanations for alien interest on the basis of gold to be not particularly creditable and the claims of open war equally unlikely.  That a contactee might be told such a tale is another matter.

The last item addresses the science of the human genome and it is clear that humanity arose once as a result of a specific mating that clearly ended out breeding.  I do not think we could find anything like this in any other lineage.

On top of even that the outright differences between our source stock and humanity is huge from the very beginning and it appears that the linage may have well been improved on as time progressed.  The immediate speed of our physical improvement over two hundred thousands of years is particularly noteworthy.  This culminated with completely modern humanity arising around seventy thousand years ago.

If then we accept the conjecture that modern humanity has been accelerated by judicious alien genetic intervention, we need to understand motives.

The only motive that makes sense is that the aliens simply want the Earth to be fully terraformed and made comfortable for human and other sojourners passing through.  This has included a first emergence of modern technology man, followed by the ending of the Ice Age and our own introduction in order to complete the terraforming job.

As I have posted before, such a transformation would allow populations on Earth’s surface to approach one hundred billion.

Extraterrestrial War of 1930’s linked to Adam and Eve ruling hybrids


Were “Adam” and “Eve” the genetic ruling hybrids that were formed following an Extraterrestrial War against humans? Were Adam and Eve bred as the first elites to rule over humanity? Did Adam and Eve as alien operatives, embark humanity toward courses of on-going mis-direction from our true origins? Were Adam and Eve the beginnings of a New World Order which embarked us, as Earthbound humans, on a course of oppression against each other through human rights abuses, and wars in general which has been historically executed in the name of a “God“ -- that really happens to be the pseudonym for their Manipulative Extraterrestrial breeders?

Is the Bible’s Book of Revelation, as claimed by Alex Collier, Dr. John Lash, and other investigative researchers, an Alien Plan that the elite descendants of “Adam” and “Eve” are being expected to execute with the Manipulative Extraterrestrials which travelled back in the human space time continuum, in order to “re-create history”?

Dan Sewell Ward writes that “The story of Adam and Eve is often treated as an allegory, but in reality [it] is quite likely a great deal closer to factual history, a story of genetic manipulations, by a group of [E]xtraterrestrials who commit the ultimate in“Prime Directive” Violations.” But, then again, Manipulative Extraterrestrials would not have such a ‘Prime Directive‘.

According to ancient Sumerian texts, as interpreted by Laurence Gardner [1], Zecharia Sitchin [2], and others, the Anunnaki (“those who from heaven to earth came”) are Extraterrestrials who arrived on the planet Earth after the discovery of gold by a deposed ruler of their race, named Alalu. The discovery eventually led to an Anunnaki mission to Earth to recover as much of this noteworthy example of the Precious Metals as possible.

In the above video, African Zulu Elder Credo Mutwa describes the humans who witnessed the Anunnaki invaders that Dan Sewell Ward describes.

Humanity is a species that is apparently older than this universe itself. The story of Adam and Eve is an apparent attempt to re-create a “new history” for humanity in which the intent is to repress information about human origins as a species that is apparently billions of years old, (based upon the insights of indigenous elders like Credo Mutwa, and also Alex Collier).

As Earthbound Humans, what if our origins, are in fact, from a different universe altogether, in which human life is abundant and ubiquitous, so that this universe which we call “our own” has actually been simulated by Manipulative Extraterrestrials to mimic our own universe? This would be the equivalent of taking a gold fish from a natural lake with many other varieties of gold fish, and placing that goldfish in a fish bowl. Indeed, Dr. John Lash,in,links our solar system and universe to be sophisticated Anunnaki holographic simulations.

Pagan Gnostics referred to the Anunnaki as presented by Dr. Lash, as the “archons”, that sought to present themselves to entrapped humans as their “God creators”.

In the above video, African Zulu Elder affirms Alex Collier presents insights on the existence of a ‘First People’ - Cosmic Humans that existed before regressive and lower dimensional aliens sought to manipulate Earthbound humans.

Alex Collier is a self-described contactee of Ethical Extraterrestrials. He suggests that there was a War in a parallel time line of the 1930’s, that was precipitated when Nazi scientists of that time line, brought lower dimensional Manipulative Extraterrestrials into the human time-space continuum. The Nazi scientists and the Manipulative Extraterrestrials then apparently travelled back in time as self-anointed “Gods”, that launched wars against humans.

Creation Stories, and Darwinian Evolution could therefore be regarded as a “romaticization” of the genetic modification programme which this group had launched against the human populations which they had abducted, and would apparently ever since, seek to “divide, rule and conquer” through alien orchestrated ideologies.

You might enquire, if humans were not created by supernatural Gods, or evolve from primates, where did we come from? David Icke is an investigative researcher who interviewed African Zulu Elder Credo Mutwa. He elucidates on our cosmic human ancestors before Manipulative Extraterrestrials that travelled back in time from the Extraterrestrial War of the former 1930’s, and the witnessing of the regressive alien entities that Alex Collier seemed to have described. These reported alien entities apparently recreated the 1930’s that has been documented in prevailing history books, after they had inspired the establishing of official our current history’s recorded oppressive empires

Please read the background articles below this article, for an elaboration of the alleged Extraterrestrial War of the 1930’s.

Zulu Elder Credo Mutwa says that he relates an account of human history before the Manipulative Extraterrestrial time travellers waged their interdimensional war on cosmic humans. Zulu Elder Credo Mutwa relates an account which he says has been re-told by elders across Africa.

Before the Extraterrestrial War of the former 1930’s that was used as a reported time-space “launching pad” against humanity, Credo Mutwa elaborates that humanity existed in an environment covered by mist, and with a sun that was totally different than the sun in Earth’s current horizon. Credo Mutwa in the above video describes the sun as having been a “splash of white light, moving slowly across the sky.” “At that time,” Credo Mutwa further elaborates “People could not see the stars” in the way that stars now appear on Earth’s horizon. Earth also did not have a moon.

Indeed, ancient Pagan Gnostic testimony uncovered by Dr. John Lash in, suggests that formerly, humanity existed in an ‘organic universe‘, and that humanity was subsequently captured into a “plastic copied” artificial holographic universe and solar system, with a sun, which reflects the “sacred geometry” of humanity’s Manipulative Extraterrestrial invaders.

Our cosmic human ancestors apparently existed in an environment of abundant fertility with huge trees in jungle rainforest like conditions, with plenty of water, in an Earth which had no desert.

Our human ancestors based on African indigenous insights were apparently both male and female in one body.

Then one day, out of the sky, came “terrible objects… shaped like balls… bigger than the biggest mountains”, Credo Mutwa elaborates in the above video. He further elaborates that these objects descended onto Earth and human populations with “great noise”. Out of those objects, Mutwa elaborates came “them” -- the Manipulative Extraterrestrial invaders.

Before the invaders, human beings apparently had no need for speech, and had great mental powers to communicate the animals. Humanity therefore apparently existed as telepaths, and the animals respected humanity as the custodians of Mother Earth. Humanity, in turn, respected the animals, in a broader context of mutual respect and with a recognition of each other’s spiritual interconnectedness to one another, and with Mother Earth.

The Manipulative Extraterrestrial invaders presented themselves to humans as “Gods”, and that they would impart onto them “great gifts” on the condition that humans would worship them as Gods and “Creators”. They then proceeded to “lie” to humans not familiar to the lower dimensional ways of the Manipulative Extraterrestrial invaders.

The Manipulative Extraterrestrials then pursued breeding experiments to produce the male and female sexes, and then eventually religious, ethnic, racial, and other divisions that could be exploited. When humans agreed to have the gift of speech and language, the Manipulative Extraterrestrials then used that opportunity to apparently destroy humanity’s mental and cognitive powers. Humans having been cognitively “disarmed”, and “retarded” could then be turned into a slaves to mine “precious metals” for the invading reptilian aliens called “serpents“.

Credo Mutwa suggests that our human ancestors (i.e. The First People) were neither created from Gods or evolved from “primates”, but, rather, looked very human in general appearance, and were beings of empathy, peace and love, who lived extremely long lives. Humanity now on Earth therefore has not been on a course of “upwardly” evolutionary transformation. Instead, humanity is being apparently “led” into its de-evolution as a species, from its former mentally and spiritually evolved state.

To understand and appreciate human origins is to begin to appreciate humans as having been de-evolved from a human being (i.e. The First People) so advanced, that humans then, might regard our technology of today, perhaps analogous to how we, as humans, perceive the toys that little children have, and play with, but of a much greater danger to ourselves.

Humans are apparently being “retarded” by the “world of artificial intelligence” that Manipulative Extraterrestrials have implanted into the human consciousness as representing “advancement”, along with the alien ideologies that have been used to exploit and parasitize our emotions and humanity.

The time travelling Anunnaki with the support of Nazi scientists (who brought the aliens into the human space-time continuum) apparently sought to genetically manipulate humans with characteristics which they could use to control humans. The Anunnaki sought to genetically manipulate most humans to be enslaved to a ruling caste of “hybrids” which would be ongoing intermediaries with Earth populations.

Dan Sewell Ward further elaborates that “The apparent duality of God in the book of Genesis is thus explained by the often opposing actions of Enki and Enlil” in the Anunnaki political-military industrial complex of interests.

The scientific confirmation for the genetic manipulation from Homo erectus comes in part from two sources. The first is the result of research by R. L. Cann, et al [3], where it was shown that mitochondria DNA (a form of DNA transmitted only maternally] could be shown to postulate a single woman living in Africa approximately 250,000 years ago who became the mother of every human being now living on the planet. Later, R. L. Dorit, et al [4] found no intraspecific polymorphism whatsoever in a gene paternally inherited, and concluded a date of the last common male ancestor to be roughly 270,000 B.C.E. These dates tie in well with Zecharia Sitchin’s argument, and tend to conflict with a purely evolutionary theory of humans evolving naturally from a survival of the fitness type scenario.

The conclusion is that Adam and Eve were real, possibly Lunatics, and were created by the genetic manipulation of cross-breeding Homo erectus with extraterrestrials from the planet, Nibiru. As such, they began a dynasty (i.e. The Adam's Family) of beings who sought to rule over enslaved human populations.

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Extraterrestrial War of the 1930's link to The First People - Humanity’s True Ancestors


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