Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Nature Bubble

This is a great idea, although the ability to withstand weathering makes it a pretty costly solution.  Right now they are getting no breaks on material costs so we have a high ticket price.

What appeals to me is the natural capacity to enjoy the location without the usual attack by foul weather and biting insects.  A gorgeous view of the crashing surf is often obscured by horizontal spray in your face.  I do not know if something like this can tackle all these problems, but it certainly a good start.

I see these been sold to the hospitality business in areas were mosquitoes and black flies are particularly awful.  Folks eventually get tired of hiding in their rooms or the bar. Air locking into an outdoor space does work.

Experiencing nature from your private Bubble

09:18 July 15, 2011

French designer Pierre Stephane Dumas has created a range of portable transparent huts, offering a quiet space to retreat to. The idea behind his Bubble collection was to create a temporary leisure accommodation that had the least impact on the surrounding environment, whilst also giving the impression of being amongst nature. The range includes the BubbleTree, CristalBubble, BubbleLodge and BubbleRoom, which are all suitable to spend a night in, without disturbing the natural surroundings.

"I designed this eccentric shelter with the goal to offer an unusual experience under the stars while keeping all the comfort of a bedroom suite," says Dumas. "Bubble huts are for me like an ataraxic catalyst, a place apart where getting rest, breathing and standing back".

Additionally, the unique design and geometry of the Bubble creates a silencing acoustic effect. "Noises coming from the outside are reduced and noises coming from the inside echo towards the sphere's hub. This echo drives people to speak quietly bringing about a feeling of appeasement favorable to have a nap," explains Dumas.

Installation of the Bubbles is reportedly quick and easy. Featuring an air renewal system, the Bubble maintains its sphere shape by utilizing a blower that constantly creates soft pressure against the walls. This air pressure also avoids moisture problems and provides a constant flow of fresh air into the interior of the bubble.

The CristalBubble and the BubbleRoom can fit a king size bed, and feature an entry lock offering a space for personal belongings. All Bubble huts are 4 meters (13 feet) in diameter and are made of reinforced, anti-fire and ultraviolet-protective plastic. Each hut comes with a wooden floor (separable in 9 or 10 parts), a portable blower with filter, a protective cover and a transport bag.

These Bubbles don't come cheap, however. Prices for the CristalBubble start from EUR 7766 (US$10,987) and are available from BubbleTree.

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