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UFO Abduction Victim Report Verified

The last story here is the big one.  It is the first case which turned out to be internally verifiable and later confirmed fully.  And unless someone can show me that it was created out of whole cloth, it is important

1          Two separate individuals were abducted at separate times and places.
2          They both had a conforming abduction experience aboard a UFO
3          The thirteen year old girl was treated successfully for an obviously life threatening disease.  This is particularly important because it is the first incidence of a major medical intervention that is confirmable and successful.  There will be witnesses and records also.
4          They were allowed to talk to each other at length while still on the craft before returned and released.
5          Classic forensic work then allowed the investigators to actually locate the girl and to reunite her with the other abductee allowing the completion of the confirmation process and general verification.

What I find noteworthy is that the aliens are beginning to find it unnecessary to blank out abductee memories.  There have been signs of that and I suspect that all this is a deliberate tactic been used to directly create a large body of human witnesses who are accepting the alien presence.  I think that the intent is to by pass our governmental structure that as a group system are generally far less predictable and more likely to blunder into tactical error. 

Again as more witness stories of a high caliper are verified and publicized, other witnesses will come forward and share similar experiences.  All this forces the public to confront the reality of an alien presence both in space and shortly on Earth.  We are quickly reaching the point in which communication will be no more difficult than picking up the phone or even saying hello in the coffee shop.



Sun’s drawings of ETs that appear as humans.

A former Chinese official has come forward to reveal new evidence that extraterrestrials walk amongst the peoples of Earth. These beings are everywhere—from lowly factory workers to the highest echelons of industry and government.

Sun Shili, a former Chinese official, has come forward to reveal knowledge that extraterrestrials are on Earth. He asserts the ETs can be found everywhere—from lowliest factory worker and farmer to the highest positions of industry and government. The aging authoritarians that ran China from their seat of power in old Peking under Mao are all gone. The new China is much more open to the evidence of ETs in their culture and history. A government-financed team is even now exploring a mysterious pyramid some researchers claim is an ancient, gigantic alien base. But some of the power structure controlling China still carries vestiges of the bad old regime. Those elements fight against freedom of information, the Internet and even the freedom of private text messaging. Yet those powers are being distracted as China’s economy is floundering and most of their time and energy is now spent on the growing problem of supporting a slumping economic system. With China’s emerging economic woes the leaders’ main worry is forestalling potential civil unrest: millions of poor Chinese from the rural areas continue to flood industrialized cities seeking jobs—jobs that are drying up.

Because China is in a state of flux—both politically and economically—decades-old restrictions designed to muzzle people like Sun Shili have loosened. And as China’s grip eases, truth, in all its facets, begins to shine through like sunlight peeking through turbulent storm clouds. Like the truth about UFOs, extraterrestrials, and strange paranormal visitations. Over the past two decades, UFO and paranormal investigatory organizations have sprung up in China like proverbial flowers after a rare desert downpour. The Chinese people accept the mysterious with open arms. They’ve always been interested in the odd, the bizarre, the unexplainable. Their ancient literature and texts—some of the oldest in the world outside the ancient writings of Sumeria and Tibet—are crammed with accounts of otherworldly visitors, amazing encounters with ETs and strange visitors suddenly appearing in remote Chinese villages. The growth of these organizations is almost exponential, perhaps that’s not too surprising in a country with a population exceeding 1.3 billion people.

Today, China has more UFO organizations supported by real scientific organizations, universities and the general community, than any other nation on Earth. Many of the organizations are now funded by the government that once suppressed them. Almost all fall under the banner—or are associated with—the National Society of Extraterrestrial Studies (NASETS). Directly supported and funded by the government, NASETS is something Chairman Mao would have frowned upon in his day. The organization’s the exclusive domain of accredited engineers and scientists and one-third of NASETS members are also government employees. The rest hail from universities or industrial research centers. Members must also hold Ph.D.s in their scientific or engineering field and have at least several peer-reviewed studies published about Unidentified Flying Objects or extraterrestrials. Compare that approach to the subterfuge and misinformation the military-industrial-government complex in America and other Western countries regularly foist upon their hapless citizens. Among the hundreds of accredited scientists working with NASETS, Sun Shili is one that promotes the idea that extraterrestrials are living and working among humans right now. A retired foreign ministry official, Sun currently heads the respected Beijing UFO Research Society, a duly related arm of the all-encompassing NASETS.

Back in 1971, Sun witnessed a remarkable object hovering over rice fields in a remote region of China. Working in the area to fulfill a government mission during Mao tse-Tung’s “Cultural revolution,” Sun spotted a brightly glowing daylight object that zoomed up and down in the sky. He says at the time he assumed it was some sort of government monitoring device—although the technology driving the object was actually far beyond any country on Earth—and it wasn’t until years later when he read of specific UFO encounters that he realized the object he saw was not manufactured by humans. Sun’s viewpoint is not unique, it’s shared by many others.

Among those who agree with Sun is rocket scientist Shen Shituan. Shen’s the authoritative president of Beijing Aerospace University, a prestigious and powerful position. Shen is also an honorary diirector of the 50,000 member government-sponsored China UFO Research Association. Shen stresses that all reports of ET contact to the association are important. “Some of these sightings are real, some are fake and with others its unclear. [Yet] all these phenomena are worth researching,” he told a Chinese television reporter. You won’t hear that from NASA or your friendly, neighborhood United States Air Force.

[ This is a refreshing blast of fresh air in the UFO story - arclein]

Sun and the UFO-ET research organizations in China believe that solving the ongoing UFO enigma might lead to forms of vastly advanced technologies including non-polluting, almost limitless energy. The knowledge gleaned from contact might also lead to better farming techniques, material science applications and new methods of travel that are faster, safer and cheaper. Sun claims he has also tracked down aliens posing as humans and they are embedded in society. Abduction cases galvanize UFO community and Chinese press. Abductions occur in China as they do in every other country. One of the best known cases of alien abduction occurred during 1994. In the U.S., authorities treat abductees as kooks and crackpots.

[ I have thought for a long time that aliens would be embedded and particularly in the present era, just so that a deep flow of data can be made available – I operate on the basis that the internet is been read off world and even attempt to run tests.  I find it noteworthy that certain ideas that I have floated appear to be gaining traction, though it is all very subtle - arclein]

One of the best known cases of alien abduction occurred during 1994. A young logger named Meng Zhaoguo spotted something unusual land near a patch of woods. He and several of his co-workers went to investigate it. As is often the case, witnesses to an ET craft landing think it’s a small airplane in trouble that made an emergency landing. Meng, from the village of Wuchang in Heilongjiang province, left the Red Flag logging camp with two co-workers and together they made their way to Mount Phoenix where the craft appeared to go down. What happened next is eerily similar to the famous Brazilian case that made world headlines years before Meng was born. Except unlike the Brazilian case, the young Chinese had witnesses to his abduction. After being paralyzed with a powerful light beam, Meng was transported into the craft and met by aliens. At one point during the lengthy encounter a naked female alien with humanlike qualities allegedly had sexual intercourse with him. Meng described her as very human, but almost 10-feet tall. She also had six-fingered hands. About nine years later, during September 2003, a UFO researcher headquartered in Beijing oversaw a battery of tests on Meng. He had the logger undergo hypnosis, lie detector tests, police interrogations and psychological exams. A medical doctor anlyzed scars that Meng claimed were left by alien probes when the creatures performed medical tests on him during the abduction. The final verdict: Meng was telling the truth. All the experts concurred the man had undergone a harrowing experience that tallied with the physical evidence and state of his psyche. Even the medical doctor admitted that the scars were not the result of a normal injury or any surgery known.

[From top left] Representation of UFO flying near China’s Great Wall, Disc-shaped flying saucer similar to type that abducted Meng Zhao Guo, Craft’s lights flare up before UFO shoots away, UFO with lights on hovers above the building and Chinese radar routinelytracks UFOs making impossible 90⁰ turns.

Five years after Meng’s abduction by occupents of a UFO near his logging camp, a middle-aged man named Cao Gong was abducted in Beijing. While he was not enticed into sex with any of the aliens, they did transport him to a far away Chinese city, Qinhuangdao. He described the craft as a classic disc-shaped flying saucer. Cao testified that the ETs “…looked like humans but had large hands and were very pale.” What interested researchers most about Cao’s abduction experience was his claim that while aboard the craft he met a Chinese girl who told him she was from Qinhuangdao. He described the girl as a 13-year old. Formal investigation of the case began about eight months after the incident, during the summer of 2000. Once again a battery of experts and tests seemed to prove an abductee’s story true. Cao’s testimony was also given weight because he was a serious educator and the principal of a well-known private school in a suburb of Beijing. Cao told investigators that the girl and he had a lengthy conversation. She told him why she was there and claimed that “The aliens cured her disease in the flying saucer.” The lead researcher on the Cao case, Zhang Jingping, had the Tangshan Bureau of Public Security sketch artists create a picture of the girl based on the principal’s detailed description. Using computer-imaging they reworked the image until Cao confirmed it looked exactly like her. 

Then an adventure began like no other in the annuls of UFO investigations. Rounding up Beijing University students as assistants, Zhang set off in November 2002 for Qinhuangdao—a city with a population of 400,000. The task seemed next to impossibe: find a teenage girl in a city of hundreds of thousands with nothing more than a computer-generated photo. They found her. Of course, by then she was 15, two years after the abduction. With the permission of state authorities, Zhang brought the girl back to Beijing. There he arranged a meeting between her and Cao. Upon meeting her, the educator confirmed she was the girl he met aboard the flying saucer. The girl remembered him too and confirmed she had been very ill and the aliens on the craft cured her of her sickness. She said she was glad to meet Cao again. The investigators were both thrilled and amazed. This major case is still under investigation. Although a book is due out in China about the remarkable Cao case, several university studies have already been published about it. Meanwhile, the authorities and media in America and Europe completely ignore it. - Pakalert Press.

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