Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Curious Breast Milk Recommendation

The problem with the vaccine business is that it is a business that wants a steady income and their solution works as an emergency solution sometimes.  The easy problems were solved long ago.  Smallpox is extinct as are a number of other ancient killers.  The hunt is on to locate the last holdouts.

That means that we appear to be now chasing far less promising vaccination targets and that has given us the annual flue shot which protects you from the specialist’s best guess. Good luck to that and no statistics even begin to support this approach.  How about not vaccinating a country to see if they have a flu outbreak?  My guess is that this has effectively happened and the salesmen do not talk about it as nothing happened.

Now we have this little bit of overreaching insanity from the last of the true believers out there at the CCC.

Do they really think that they are going to ask medical doctors to ask their patients to not breast feed so that the vaccine can work better?

CDC researchers say mothers should stop breastfeeding to boost 'efficacy' of vaccines

Sunday, January 22, 2012 by: Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

(NaturalNews) Remember when it was considered crazy talk to suggest that mainstream medicine viewed humanity as being born lacking in pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines, as if these synthetic inputs are necessary miracle nutrients for proper human development? Well, researchers from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently showed that they adhere to this lunatic philosophy, having released a study that recommends women withhold breastfeeding their children in order to boost the "effectiveness" of the rotavirus vaccine.

Ten researchers from the CDC's National Centers for Immunization and Respiratory Disease (NCIRD) released the ridiculous paper, entitled Inhibitory effect of breast milk on infectivity of live oral rotavirus vaccines, which claims the immune-boosting effects of breastmilk are a detriment to the efficacy of vaccines. The paper goes on to say that, rather than remove vaccines so that breastmilk can do its job, women should instead remove the breastmilk to allow vaccines to do their job.

The CDC researchers began their investigation by searching for answers as to why children from underdeveloped countries typically do not respond as well to the live oral rotavirus vaccine as children in developed countries typically do. They came to the conclusion that breastmilk, which is packed with immune-building immunoglobulin A (IgA), lactoferrin, lysozyme, and various other important immune factors, inhibits the vaccine from working.

Breastmilk, of course, is a young child's lifeline. It naturally builds immunity during childhood development, and provides perfect and balanced nutrition necessary for human growth. Withholding breastmilk in order to accommodate the rotavirus vaccine, as the CDC researchers suggest, is an absolutely insane notion that will deprive children of vital nutrition and proper immune development.

But it is ludicrous notions like these that are birthed from philosophies that view drugs and vaccines as being equal, or even superior, to natural food. Oral rotavirus vaccines contain live viruses, they have questionable efficacy to begin with, and they are even known to cause rotavirus. They are also linked to causing a variety of negative side effects, including diarrhea, which is a condition the vaccine is supposed to prevent!

This is how vaccine dogma works, though. The religion of vaccines does not have to offer any solid proof that a vaccine works, or that it is even safe. A vaccine can even cause the very thing it is touted as preventing, and vaccine apologists will say that it works and that it is necessary. And now in this case, these same psychopaths are suggesting that young babies be starved of real nutrition in order to improve the effectiveness of a vaccine.

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