Friday, August 19, 2011

Introducing the 'Antimagnet'

This work is interesting and will lead to complex magnetic devices able to do the unusual.  Recall, my article on the reverse engineering of a magnetic field exclusion device to provide lift to a balloon like craft.  All that will demand this level of magnetic field management.

We are presently getting snippets from the labs on metamaterial and we will soon see emergent applications that must be confounding.

I suspect that theory is drifting far behind this steady empirical advance which is now taking place across the materials spectrum

Introducing the 'antimagnet'

Aug 4, 2011

 In principle it should be possible to create a cloak that works for static magnetic fields – which are simply electromagnetic waves at zero frequency.

. The first is that any magnetic field created within the cloak (by a permanent magnet, for example) cannot leak outside the cloaked region. The second property is that the cloak and the cloaked region should not be detectable using an external magnetic field.

 The researchers found that the cloak almost completely shielded the outside world from the internal magnet and vice versa.

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