Monday, February 20, 2012

Moringa Tree Revisited

This is my second or third visit to the Moringa story and it seems to steadily improve.  Dr Al Sears is out scouting Africa for product and has recently taken another look at the Moringa tree.  I have particularly noted it efficiency in water cleansing, but that unfortunately distracts from it value as a food source and medical herb.  It really can be all things if it is allowed.  The best plants tend to be multiply beneficial.

This is clearly a plant among others we need to see more of in North American gardens were they might grow and may become familiar to users.  I am reminded of the Ginkgo tree of which we have few in Vancouver which allows a little occasional browsing for later usage.  Powdered and capsular should never be a first choice unless necessary.

Comparing nutritional values is quite surprising and this means that it promises to be an excellent tonic if not someday and somehow a staple.  The question of how to use the fresh product is not well addressed and I am much to aware of how easy it is to walk by something because the knowledge is missing.

Moringa tree

Al Sears, MD
11903 Southern Blvd., Ste. 208

Royal Palm Beach, FL 33411 February 17, 2012

Today I'm in East London, South Africa, meeting with Doctor Josiah Kizito.

He’s well-known as a researcher and expert in natural healing methods, and especially in the use of African healing plants.

But he’s more than just an herbalist. Dr. Kizito also runs a hospice that cares for hundreds of people suffering from AIDS.  And he runs a community care facility with an interesting story behind it.

When Thabo Mbeki became South Africa’s President after Mandela, he went to move into the fancy presidential residence in Cape Town. And he wanted his mother to go there with him.

She said no.

They love her in her home town, one of the poorest places in South Africa. They call her Ma-Mbeki.

Not only did she not leave, but she donated her home to the community. Then she named the care center after her daughter Linda who had died. And then she put it all in the care of Dr. Kizito. They’re amazing people.

But the Linda Hospice is not only for AIDS patients. Even though Dr. Kizito does have a lot of success in improving some very bad cases.

One of the healing plants Dr. Kizito uses is the Moringa tree.

Most people in the United States have never heard of it, but in Africa they call it the “Miracle” tree or sometimes the “Giving” tree.

You can use every part of the tree, and Dr. Kizito has used it to revitalize many of his patients who once suffered from extreme weight-reduction and were bedridden and plagued by all kinds of other illnesses.

Almost the entire Moringa tree is edible, including the pods, leaves, seeds and roots. The leaves have a remarkably complete set of micronutrients and vitamins, and every essential amino acid. That’s rare for a plant.

Moringa Nutritional Values vs. Various Foods

Per 100mg of dry Maringa we have this:

Vitamin A        18 mg      vs     Carrot:            1.8 mg
Vitamin C        17.3 mg   vs     Orange:           30 mg
Calcium           2,000 mg vs     Milk:                120 mg
Iron                 28.2 mg   vs     Spinach:          1.14 mg
Potassium       1,324 mg vs     Banana:           88 mg
Protein                        27.9 g      vs     Yogurt:            3.1 g
Magnesium      368 mg    vs     Broccoli:          19 mg
Fiber               19.2 g      vs     Bread:             6.8 g

When researchers looked at extracts from the Moringa leaf, they found it full of antioxidants and very effective against diabetes.1 The leaf extract is also antibacterial, and even kills human tumor cells.2

Dr. Kizito told me has had a lot of success using the Moringa tree to combat prostate cancer. What you do is rub the essential oil on the skin in the area of the prostate.
For other ailments you put 5 drops of essential oil on the tongue.

They even use Moringa to filter water. What you do is crush the seeds and run water that may be tainted through the powder, and it filters out many impurities. It's a bit like the way we would use a charcoal filter here in the U.S.

If you live in a warmer, drier climate, you can plant a Moringa tree. You can get seeds from sites like, or Or find out more about how to grow them at

You can buy Moringa powder in bulk from many online sellers like You can also find it at your local health-food store. Capsules are also available, and 500 mg a day is a good start.

Both hot and cold Moringa tea are delicious. To make it cold, just add 1-2 tbsp of Moringa leaf powder and a slice of fresh ginger root or some freshly squeezed lemon juice to 16 ounces of water. Stir thoroughly and allow it to sit for an hour to brew. 

For hot Moringa tea, use ½ to 1 teaspoon of Moringa leaf powder in 8-12 ounces of hot water. Allow the tea to steep covered for about 10 minutes. 

When I tried it, I added a little bit of sweetener made from the African katemfe fruit, but you can use honey if you want.

Moringa also nourishes your skin, and I’m formulating a unique skin serum made from a blend of African healing herbs. It’s just one of a few new formulas I’m creating from the treasure trove of medicinal and nutritional plants I’ve discovered in my travels in Africa. I’m excited to bring them back and show them to you soon.


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