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Treating Disease Doesn't Work

This is a copy of the work of Doctor Sutter out of Michigan.  His doctrine is completely simple.  If you focus on becoming healthy, any condition can and will disappear.  In his case he was going down with liver cancer before he put his act together.  That is a pretty good trick.  His came by way of agent orange, today most come by way of odd exposures to dangerous chemicals that you did not understand were even dangerous.  Did you ever play near the tracks?

We are looking for a new medical doctrine which labels its practitioners as healers because that is certainly not what a doctor actually practices.  As this makes quite clear, a doctor is in the business of crisis medicine and generally lets the patient go away and hopefully heal himself.

This needs to be thought about.  We need to simply have healers recognized and gently encouraged.  Even a little knowledge is better than ignorance.  The whole alternative medical paradigm is about healing rather than crisis intervention and the Docs almost do not want to know.

There is a lot of material here but it is all in the same vein.  browsing is best and that is why i am throwing it all outl.  Watch his videos as well.

Treating Disease Doesn't Work

You already know that. Everyone knows that. You’ve been told your entire life treating disease doesn’t work. The media, medical profession, academia, and of course our benevolent government have been screaming that from the rooftops forever. “Treating disease doesn’t work, treating disease doesn’t work”. They just don’t say it quite like that.

They use a subtle psychological backdoor approach. As they look at you with wrinkled brow, hand to chin, serious, serious body language and eye concern. The words hit your ears: “There are no cures”.

What do you mean Doc??? No cures “You gotta treat this disease you say I have”. So they treat the disease and sure enough it doesn’t go away and you find yourself dead.

Well, they told you that going in. When they say there are no cures what they are really saying is treating the disease doesn’t work. It’s the same thing.

Of course the best kind of diseases are the ones that won’t kill you right off the bat. You know, those lingering diseases that have to be treated forever. They’re the best diseases to have. Doesn’t kill you but will probably legitimize that disability you wanted.  

But that IS the idea. It’s NOT your fault you think that way. That thought was put firmly in your head on purpose. After all, most of your income goes to one nefarious government program after another that you really don’t believe in and wish the government would stop wasting your money with. So hell with it, lets get disabled so I can get some of my own money back.

So it turns out having a disease isn’t such a bad thing after all. As long as it doesn’t kill you, or the treatment for that disease doesn’t kill you. So its okay to not cure diseases, it fits right into the rest of this screwed up world they have created for you.  

Well, once you work your way past all that and realize they’re just manipulating you to fill their bank accounts, put you in slavery, and control population growth you get to the point where you’re just sick of not feeling good. Then you start to make some discoveries. You find out that it IS possible to eliminate diseases. Not cure them - eliminate them. There IS a difference. 

It all revolves around the word “cure”. As long as they use the word “cure” they know they’re safe. And they know they’ve got you hooked. I mean, who in their right mind doesn’t want diseases cured? What they don’t tell you is that it’s impossible to cure the disease anyway as long as you treat the disease. “They” know that and don’t want you to know it. Money, slavery and population control is important to them – very important. The very backbone of this scheme they’re trying to play out.

But you don’t care about all that now; you just want to feel good again. Don’t want to be crippled up by arthritis, heart disease, cancer or any other so-called diseases they are trying to sell you on. You reason: “There’s got to be a way”.

Well, of course there is. I’m living proof. Thousands of others are living proof. But we didn’t go about trying to “cure” anything. We just decided it was time to get healthy again. To hell with trying to cure anything.

Diseases are really a two part equation. As long as you address the disease part of the equation you won’t be able to eliminate it (which is the medical paradigm). It’s just not possible on an anatomical level, or physiological level. So they aren’t lying to you when they say there are no cures. It IS a physiological FACT. So when someone comes out and says they can cure this or cure that it’s a done deal, the guy goes to prison. Why? Because they know it CAN’T work. It’s a physiological FACT that you can’t cure a disease by treating the disease. But again, they don’t want you to know that because they want you to participate in the various fundraisers to find a cure. Are these people slick or what???

Well, I’m pretty healthy, so is Jack, Susie, Mike, Doug, Gloria, Nancy, and thousands of others. And yeah, WE were all classified as “terminal” at one point. You may think we all discovered a way to “cure” the disease but that’s NOT what we did. We figured it out that way doesn’t work so we concentrated on getting healthy. What do you know, the disease went away.

Diseases are a two part equation. If you address the disease side of the equation you won’t be able to cure the disease. If you address the cause side of the equation you’ll be able to eliminate the cause of the disease and of course without a cause the disease can’t exist. Whala, no more “terminal”. I’m still here.

The Natural Healing Paradigm doesn’t cure disease. It doesn’t even address the disease side of the equation. All it does is reestablish the normal biological requirements of the human body on a cellular level. Once healthy the disease CAN’T exist within that body.

Which is another thing they don’t want you to know – It’s NORMAL to be healthy. Just regular old normal. Kinda boring really. No drama with normal, no courageous battle to fight, no braggadocio, no sympathy, no fundraisers, no mystery. Just regular old normal healthy. Damn!

Treating diseases doesn’t work but it IS possible to get healthy.

Dr. Kenneth R. Sutter II
“The Paradigm Shift in Healthcare”
Disease Treatment Paradigm
Aug 2009


To treat the disease seems to be the right thing to do. But history proves it doesn’t work. Why???

The Disease Treatment Paradigm is a carry-over from the crisis therapy principle of the Natural Healing Paradigm. When in a crisis the obvious thing to do is resolve the crisis before it resolves you. That is considered Natural Healing. Whether it be a serious car accident, a fall on the ice, a sports injury, or whatever, treat the injury first. Get the patient out of the life threatening situation, get him stable, and send him to the hospital so the crisis doctors can put him back together again. Crisis therapy - A very viable and legitimate part of the medical profession.

The problem is Crisis Therapy cannot be applied to disease processes. In a crisis situation the body does indeed get overwhelmed by some outside influence. Those outside influences so damage the body emergency procedures are required to save the life.

In a disease situation the problem doesn’t come from outside the body it comes from inside the body. And it generally takes quite a while for the specific disease process to manifest. A disease is NOT a crisis situation. By the time you get a confirmed diagnosis you’ve already been sick for a long time. So to apply crisis therapy regimes to a disease process is pure folly. It doesn’t work now, it has never worked in the past, and will never work in the future. The war mentality to find a “cure” for a disease simply cannot work. You can attack the disease forever and the disease will never be “cured”. Thus, no cures are forthcoming. 

If you take that war mentality and attack the cause of the disease the elevated health levels derived thereof will eliminate the disease. So you see, you must address the cause of the disease and not declare war on it and attack it.

Of course the Natural Healing Paradigm must be known to be able to apply it to your specific situation in order to get your health back. But it helps to understand why the Disease Treatment Paradigm doesn’t work. They are simply applying crisis therapy principles to something that its not applicable to. The body hasn’t been overwhelmed by an outside influence, the body has been weakened by an inside influence making it susceptible to “disease”. Correct those inside weaknesses and the disease cannot exist. 

Simple cause and effect and a big stumbling block mentally on your way back to health. It seems so foreign to NOT treat the disease. Yet, basic physiology states it cannot work and history proves it doesn’t work. So a mental flip-flop is in order. Take your eye off the disease and put it on elevating health levels. The fundamentals for doing so are in the Natural Healing Paradigm.

Dr. K. R. Sutter II

The Handicaps of Natural Healing
Aug 2009


Natural Healing works. It literally gets to the underlying cause of any disease process and eliminates it. The elevated health levels attained from doing so eliminates the disease.

But Natural Healing has a few handicaps. 

When going through the necessary processes to acquire your health there’s going to be some things that are NOT very pleasant to endure. With quite a few folks it’s enough to stop their application of Natural Healing. Therefore understanding these handicaps resolves the conflict of whether you should continue or not.

First and foremost is the time factor involved. Once you understand the Natural Healing Paradigm you understand that health must happen on a cellular level and that it’s going to take some time for each successive healthier generation of cells to replace the last generation. There’s no magic bullet here. Your health improves as the individual cells health improves and that can only happen through regeneration. Each successive generation will be healthier than the last when following the Natural Healing Paradigm. And that takes some time. 

Second is “Order of Cleansing”. That order is: Colon, liver, blood, lymphatics, and cells. If you try to clean the cells before you’ve cleaned the colon and liver it’s a dead-end. Without a clean, decongested, liver any poisons that you clean out of the cells cannot be processed out by the liver. Which are then recycled back to the cells. And if the colon is not clean you’ll just keep absorbing more and more poisons from the rotting mass in there. So the colon and liver literally become a “plumbing” issue and if the plumbing is backed up trying to clean the rest of the body is futile. So, Order of cleansing is important and probably the biggest reason people give up on Natural Healing. 

Third is the Detox Phenomenon. Most people have heard of this. It’s when the cells literally purge the poisons out of themselves and their immediate environment. These are the Anti-oxidants you hear about. They clean the cells and the cells immediate environment. Very Important. 

Chemical poisoning is the culprit here. As those chemicals go into the body they are generally fairly weak. But as they accumulate over the years they become more concentrated and when finally purged can cause some rather nasty symptoms. Headaches, nausea, diarrhea, night sweats, cold and flu like symptoms, dizziness, all kinds of things. You DON’T feel well. Yet, it’s a very important part of the process you MUST go through to regain your health. The cellular environment must be clean in order for the next generation of cells to be healthier. The detox phenomenon is what you experience when order of cleansing is not followed. The poisons cannot be processed out by the liver and while those poisons are in your blood you will be sick.

The Handicaps of Natural Healing – Now you know. Do it anyway.

Dr. K. R. Sutter II

The Next Major Paradigm Shift
Aug 2009


The last major paradigm shift was the Internet and the proliferation of the Personal Computer. Thank you Steven Jobs. Now everyone has access to everything. Very necessary for a free society to remain free.

The paradigm shift before that was the Kennedy assassination. That gave everyone that “gut feeling” something isn’t right here. And sure enough when the cover-up was exposed that gut feeling was justified. That was the first big hint that something wasn’t quite right in the world. People became suspicious of governments and “big Brother”.

The shift before that was Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The worlds entrance into the “atomic age”. 

Paradigm shifts of great magnitude are not very common but history is replete with many of them. The above three in the last 50-60 years. But historically the most significant paradigm shift was our Declaration of Independence, our Constitution and the Bill of rights. For the first time in history man recognized he was born with certain rights and that he didn’t need to get them from Kings, Queens or the High Priests of the day. The next Paradigm shift won’t be quite that big but almost. 

The next paradigm shift will teach people how to be healthy. How to recover from disease and how not to get sick in the first place. 

It’s called The Natural Healing Paradigm.

What passes for healthcare now is not healthcare at all, it’s disease care. The medical paradigm of disease treatment simply does not approach teaching people how to be healthy. They attack the disease. They declare war against the disease and expect the disease to go away from doing so. Of course it doesn’t work and no cures are forthcoming from this paradigm. 

The disease treatment paradigm has its origins in the crisis treatment principles of the Natural Healing Paradigm. In a crisis when a body has been sufficiently overwhelmed by some outside factor that puts that body in a crippled state, or indeed a life threatening state, you better do what’s necessary at the time of the crisis to save the guys life, get him out of harms way and to the appropriate doctors to correct and mend the injury before he’s permanently crippled or even dead. Crisis therapy, a very viable and legitimate form of health care and part of the Natural Healing Paradigm. 

It doesn’t take much of a leap to apply that principle to disease care. Especially if the information on how a body works in the first place is unknown or complicated with intricacies.

Slowly but surely the information on how a body works and how to make it return to “normal” has been evolving, has been becoming known. Although the practices of the Natural Healing Paradigm have been used for centuries there has never been a definitive explanation of what it is or how it works, and more importantly why it works. Until now.

The past 50 years have brought a very clear understanding of how a body works down to the smallest detail. The Anatomists and Physiologists have done an excellent job putting the textbooks together to teach us these things. And now that it’s known it should be easy to reestablish the normal values of a human body. 

The world of Natural Healing is a very large world. It’s not like the medical world with their one option (drugs) for the treatment of any and all disorders. Natural Healing has many different professions surrounding it. The problem was there was no set course to follow. No set guidelines in place. It was: “do this and see if it works”, “do that and see if that works”. No set regime to follow for the application of the various protocols that make up Natural Healing. To put it short – It was a mess. Almost impossible to understand and very tricky to navigate through. 

The Disease Treatment Paradigm uses the crisis therapy principle to treat disease. Yet, by the time they can identify and name your specific disease you’ve already been sick for a long, long, time. Diseases are caused by a breakdown inside the body, a weakness within the body, not the typical overwhelm situation that causes a crisis. So the weaknesses or breakdowns within the body must be addressed in order to eliminate the disease. It is literally impossible to cure the disease if you treat the disease. The disease is always secondary. It must have a cause. And that cause is what you treat. And it can’t be treated with anything that causes more of a weakness within the body.

The volume of information known about how to get a human body healthy is enormous. Not only are there entire profession built around it but many folk remedies going back hundreds and even thousands of years. With the advances in knowledge of human anatomy and physiology we now know why those old folk remedies work. Put that together with what we’ve learned in the past hundred years or so and we now have the exact answers to bring your health back if you’ve lost it, and keep you from ever getting sick in the first place. 

We now know the exact requirements a human body needs down to the cellular level to be healthy. And we now know the exact protocols to apply, and when along the way to apply them, to accomplish the return to health.

So the next major paradigm shift will be from the Disease Treatment Paradigm to the Natural Healing Paradigm. You’ll learn how to reestablish those “norms” the anatomists and physiologists have discovered are necessary for a human body to be healthy. The health derived from returning the body to “normal” will eliminate the disease and guarantee you stay healthy your entire life. 

The Disease Treatment Paradigm is very well known although most people don’t recognize it as such. Most people have been through it many times. It goes like this:

You get sick. A headache, indigestion, fever, flu like symptoms, whatever, it doesn’t matter what the symptoms are. So you go to your doctor. The doctor takes some tests if he thinks they are required to diagnosis your symptoms, gives them a proper name, and then writes out a prescription for the medicines you’ll need to relieve the symptoms. 

You take the meds and the symptoms are relieved and in a day or two you’re back to normal. The medications were to relieve the symptoms until the body fought off the offending condition. No “cure” was offered, only relief of symptoms. 

The same thing applies to a disease process. The meds are offered to relieve the symptoms, to give you some relief, but again no cures are expected from those meds. And the doctors quite freely admit there are no cures with this line of treatment. They advertise it, seek government grants to find a “cure”, and solicit money from the public with fundraisers and endowments. 

In short the Disease Treatment Paradigm is:

Analyze the symptoms. 
Give those symptoms a proper name .
Treat the named disease with medications for relief of symptoms.

A brief explanation of the Natural Healing Paradigm starts with an accurate definition of health.
Which is: When all cells of the human body are performing their designed function.

The requirements of the cells are: 1. Communication with the rest of the cells of the body. 2. A clean environment to live in. 3. The proper fuel and nutritional values for cellular regeneration. 4. Exercise.

To meet those cellular requirements the human body must be: 1. Mechanically correct and neurologically sound. 2. Clean. 3. Fed properly. 4. Made to perform. 

Thanks to the advances in understanding the intricacies of the human body the anatomists and physiologists have made the past fifty years we now know what the requirements are and which profession and protocols to utilize to reestablish those requirements. 

The mechanical and neurological aspect is covered by the Chiropractic profession. Also Acupuncture and pressure, message therapy, meridian therapy and a few others.
The cleansing regimes run from colon cleansing to cellular antioxidants.
The diet is covered by a wide variety of disciplines used at various stages of recovery.
And of course exercise is obvious. 

The Natural Healing Paradigm will replace the Disease Treatment Paradigm because it comes right out of the anatomy and physiology books. It can’t be argued. 

The days of treating diseases are over. The days of reestablishing normal health values has begun.

There are no cures.

The only thing that can eliminate diseases is elevated health levels acquired by implementing the protocols necessary to insure normal cellular health.

The Natural Healing Paradigm does just that. 

It’s time for a change. It’s time for a major Paradigm shift. That shift IS from the medical Disease Treatment Paradigm to the Natural Healing paradigm. 

Let the health begin.

Dr. Kenneth R. Sutter II

August, 2009

Why I'm Late - A Short Biography of My Last 40 Years
Feb 2009


(A short biography of my last 40 years)

Dr. Richard Schulze has been doing a great job teaching Natural Healing for the last 30-40 years. Dr. Hulda Clark about the same. Many other people even younger that I have been doing a great job getting sick people well via Natural Healing for 10-20-30 years now. So why am I so late throwing my hat into the ring? 

Even though I was born and raised “Natural Healing” and been actively practicing chiropractic for 33 years now I didn’t start going public with this information until after August 2005.

Because the discoveries I made were “new” to Natural Healing. For sure the material had been around forever but I was quite surprised to learn there’s no definitions anywhere to be found. No fundamentals. It was difficult to even find a definition for “health” much less the rules Natural Healing uses to get sick people well.

So here’s my story, this is how it all transpired and this is why I’m late into the game.

My father was a chiropractor so I was raised drug free and vaccination free. I was truly healthy but didn’t know it. I didn’t know what it was like to be sick. I had a couple of childhood “diseases” - mumps and Chicken pox - but I wasn’t really sick with those. I didn’t feel bad when I had them.

I had a great childhood with all those things the 50’s and 60’s were good at. 

I got drafted in September 1969. I was sent to Vietnam Thursday, March 12th 1970. Crossed the International dateline going west and landed in Vietnam Saturday morning the 14th. I completely missed Friday the 13th. Which proved to be an interesting omen. 

I returned February 16th 1971. I felt fine, wasn’t sick at all and my whole tour in Vietnam seemed to make me healthier. I was in the best shape of my life and it was good, real good. 

Got out of the Army in September 71 and returned to Palmer College to finish up my school and get in practice. It was all going according to plan, running very smooth and I was having a rather large volume of fun doing all this. 

Then on November 10th 1971 while sitting in Bacteriology class my heart started racing and my vision went gray. I looked at the clock and it was 2:40, there was 20 more minutes left in the class. I put my head as low as I could get it so I didn’t pass out and waited till class was over. For the first time in my life I was sick. I felt terrible and it scared me. My heart wouldn’t beat right and everything looked gray. 

I got a good adjustment, which helped considerably, but I knew something was wrong inside and I was scared to look at it. So I played the denial game with myself for the next 9 years until June 1980.

In June 1980 phase two kicked in and I knew I was in trouble. My heart would stop beating and I felt terrible most of the time. I tried to continue doing the things I was doing in life socially and politically but eventually I had to get out of all that. The only thing I could do was go to work and study. 

In the mid 80’s I tried to get some life insurance. I flunked the physical. I wanted to know why so I sent for the results of the physical. The blood profile said it loud and clear - liver cancer. 

By the mid 80’s the Agent Orange fiasco had been exposed so I laid it on that. But how do you get rid of the Agent Orange? 

In December 1994 I read Hulda Clarks book “The Cure for all Cancer”. In January 1995 I started my comeback. For the first time since November 1971 my health improved. But I had no idea what I was in for the next 10 years. The information was new and nobody really had the specifics down for the serious cases of which I learned as I went through this, I was one of. 

Between June 1980 and January 1995 I tried everything known to man to get healthy. I studied 3-5 hours a day, every day, for years. I had a short-wave radio set up at home. Before the computer came along truth was rather difficult to find. You had to rely on “underground” publications and short-wave radio to even get close to it. 

But I tried everything. Fasting, with orange juice and then distilled water, juicing, vegetarian, high protein and low protein, colon cleansing. I tried all the so-called natural “cures”. This product, that product, KM, Noni juice, picnoginol, and I remember the magic mushrooms. Supposedly three different mushrooms from various place on the planet guaranteed to cure cancer. Nothing worked; I was still sick and getting near the end. (Yes, you can tell when close to dying). 

Plus, I investigated all the major religions on the planet, especially Christianity. Then all the psyops information. MK ultra and all the ultra secret CIA stuff. Subliminal programming, brainwashing. Figuring it might be something they did to us mentally. Even “Jacobs Ladder” type stuff. What was in our food anyway??? Meditation, Yoga, deep breathing. I was desperate and didn’t want to die. But everything I tried failed. 

In January 1994 I tried a liver flush. It made me worse. But I was pretty much at the end of my rope and getting very desperate. So in July I did another liver flush. Made me even worse than the first one. Laid me low for about 6 weeks. Not good.

So in September of 1994 I quit. I gave up on all that I was studying. Turned my back on the religion, the psyops, the nutrition, the chiropractic, and the cleansing protocols. I quit it all. At the same time I said a little prayer. My prayer was simple: “God, show me the truth, I’ll take it from there”. 

Within three months I had the answers to that prayer. I now knew why the world was so screwed up, who was directing the whole show and why I was sent to war. AND, how to get my health back. I learned in three months what I had been searching for over 14 years for. (Yes, there’s a whole story behind that too). 

In December 1994 I read Hulda Clarks book “The Cure for all Cancer”. She made a statement in that book something to the effect that if you had done a liver flush and it made you worse it was a sure sign you were infested with parasites. 

Parasites, I had never heard that before. I thought it was the Agent Orange. Well, as it turns out, it was both. Those liver flushes I did on 1994 sure made me worse so I ordered the products to start the antiparasite protocol. I started January 3rd. 1995. 

As they say “The rest is history”. I made it. But it took the next 10 years to sort through all the various protocols, regimes and products to finally arrive at full youthful health. And that happened at 8 PM August 22, 2005. I was sick a total of 33 years, 9 months, 14 days, 4 hours and 20 minutes. I made it but there were a few problems that had developed just to deal with being sick for that long. That too is another story. 

In January 95 I started Clarks anti parasite protocol. It’s a 90 day regime and sure enough I passed some liver flukes. I thought that was it. I was wrong. But at least I was no longer going down.

I stayed on Clark’s maintenance protocol but didn’t notice much improvement. In the summer of 96 I discovered another antiparasite product and started taking that. It worked and my health went up a few more rungs of the ladder. But I was still sick. 

So I played around with Clark’s products and the other antiparasite product and as long as I had some of those products in me I could tolerate my existence.

But by Sept 97 I was getting pretty bad again. I felt terrible all the time and life simply wasn’t worth living if that’s the best I could get this body to run. So on Sept 26th I decided I’m not going down without a fight. It’s okay if I die, but dammit, I’m going to go out digging and clawing till my last breath. 

I tripled and quadrupled all the antiparasite products I was on. I did maintenance dosages of Clarks Black walnut and Wormwood 3-4-5 times a day. I did the “Clear” from Awareness corp. at 3-4 times their maintenance levels, 10-15 of those a day. Plus I did two rounds of Standard Process Zymex II. 

I started on Sept 26th 1997 and by January 1998 I had lost 22 pounds of parasites. I thought I was dying and commented that to my sister here at the office. The next week it was over, I started putting on weight. What a trip. 

So I learned from first hand experience that the parasite infestation is much worse than had been presumed. And I found out later that the same thing can be said about anyone coming back from “terminal”. The parasites are a serious problem.

So January 1998 I thought I had made it, I thought it was over, I felt pretty darn good, good enough to continue living. What a relief.

Six months later I start getting sick again. Now what???

In Vietnam while in the jungle, every morning we’d have to check each other to see if we had any bloodsuckers (parasites) on us. We couldn’t feel them because they secreted an anesthetizing agent at the site of attachment. So we had to physically look each other over to see where they were. When we found one we simply touched the back of it with a lit cigarette and they fell right off. If you tried to pull them off they took a nice chunk of skin with them (you learn that the hard way).

The same thing happens inside the body at the site of attachment. The parasite attaches to the colon, small intestine or liver but you don’t feel it because of that anesthetizing agent they secrete at the site of attachment. That’s a problem because the body has to absorb that anesthetising agent and get it out of the way. So the lymph picks it up and packs it away into various tissues of the body. 

Having the main parasite infestation gone now allowed the body to start cleaning itself out. Surpise!!! That anesthetized lymph my body had been soaking up for 27 years was now releasing and when it got to the liver it shut it down. The liver couldn’t feel it and couldn’t process it out. It literally went numb. Not good.

Well, I knew about the liver flushes so I started doing those once a week. It worked. I felt better immediately. BUT, at first it only lasted a very short length of time, about 10-15 minutes. So I started doing them every 5th day or so. Then every third day. By December I was still at every third day but seriously wondering if I could do them every day.

At the time I read an article by Richard Schulze that said he has his patients that just get out of the hospital flush their liver the first five days in a row. Right out of the hospital, flush the liver five days in a row. Good, good so that’s what I started doing. It was Dec 14th 1998.

Welllllll…. Two months later I backed off to every other day and then once a week and finally twice a year. But it was a long slow road and not a fun experience. 

I continued stretching the time between the flushes out in 1999 and by the end of the year was pretty darn good. The parasites were gone, the lymphatic debris was gone, my diet was good and my body had rebuilt very quickly. So by 2000 I’ve got my physical health coming along pretty darn good. I was physically healthy again.

During all this I discovered there were specific regimes being applied by anyone I knew that was successfully getting sick people well. And if you took a real close look at them they really AREN’T treating the disease at all. Dr. Clarks book “The Cure for all Cancer” is mis-titled. It should be titled “Eliminating the Cause of Cancer”. If it had been she wouldn’t have had the troubles she had. 

So I took a look at history, going all the way back to Egyptian times. And sure enough they were doing the same things back then that we teach today. Nothing had really changed in thousands of years. Although the protocols hadn’t changed, our knowledge of how a body works and why the protocols work is now available. We now understand completely what works and why it works. 

So I put together the “Natural Healing Paradigm” and started teaching it. I started applying to others what had brought my health back. It worked on them too. So I knew I had hit on something big. And of course I’ve refined it over the years to cut the time factors down. 

It took me five years to get healthy because we just didn’t know. I had to do a lot of experimenting on myself to get it all figured out. It took me three years to successfully eliminate the parasite infestation. That can be done now in three to six months. So what took me five years to overcome liver cancer can now be done in half that time. 

But I wasn’t done yet. Once the physical health had returned the war intruded into my life. In 2002 the PTSD hit. Which surprised me. I thought I had handled the war pretty good. Didn’t really have any problems with all I had experienced and seen over there so I didn’t think there was much to it. I was wrong. 

PTSD ruins your life. Panic attacks, paranoia to the extreme. Your world gets very narrow because you don’t know when it’s going to hit. Looking back on it I think the worst of it was when it hit while I was driving. 

The PTSD was bad enough but then the nightmares started. Waking up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat, sheets soaking wet yet freezing at the same time. Not good. 

In the spring of 2003 I got a call from my brother who said he had Prostate cancer. Of course having recovered from liver cancer I knew he could defeat it and wanted to tell him how to do so. But little brothers don’t listen very well to big brothers so I had to convince him why he should listen to me. That I wasn’t the same guy he grew up with because of my war experiences. 

So while explaining that to him for the first time I had to take a close look at specific times and places that were responsible for the changes. The very reasons why my brother should listen to me.

That put me on a little catharsis trip that last six months. In the Spring of 2003 I started writing “They’re Awake”. I finished in November. It’s only about 60 pages and not very well written but it took six months to write. I confronted the war head on. Looked it square in the face. I wanted to know the exact moments that were causing the PTSD and nightmares. Confrontational therapy. It worked, most of the PTSD was gone and most of the nightmares were gone but not all of it. What was left? 

Anger, rage, resentment, the emotional side of the equation. Which also does a good job ruining your life. I now knew the truth about the war and cancer and a lot of other “how the world really works” stuff. That hurts, that’s heartbreaking information. Plus, it’s just not comprehendible to us “normal” folks. And that hangs you up emotionally. How do you resolve something that’s not resolvable???

Well, you have to place the responsibility on the shoulders of the perpetrators of the crimes. NOT on yourself. Sure, genocide is still incomprehendable but at least now you know who’s really responsible for it and that’s good enough for you to be able to resume your life. 

Then you have to really understand when someone commits a crime against you (sends you to a contrived war) they will not allow themselves to be your friend anymore, to be nice to you anymore, they WILL withhold treating you well and helping you. And that’s something THEY will do all by themselves. So it’s useless for governments or anyone else that’s committing crimes against you to help you or even be your friend. 

I love my country and did indeed fight for our Constitution. For the freedoms it provides. And when you find out that whole patriotism thing is being used against you to fight in a contrived war that ultimately will allow the perpetrators of the wars to enslave you. Well, that’s a problem. That gets to the core of life. The very purposes you live life for. 

Of course the anger and resentment and outright rage is difficult to manage and HAS to be dealt with.

The Vietnam memorial has been a blessing for many vets. Something unexpected happens there. I never liked “The Wall”. I thought it was an insult to an already insulted generation. Dig a hole in the ground, put a black wall there with all the names of the guys that needlessly died over there. And as it turns out were the lucky ones compared to the war we’ve fought since returning. (Read, “Taking it Personal”). 

But something happens at “The Wall”. An emotional release. Not remotely explainable to those that haven’t experienced war. It all comes out, all the emotion, all the tears and profound penetrating sadness. The tears flow.

So I started on my quest for knowledge and journey back to health way back in June 1980 when Phase two hit. 

Fourteen and a half years looking for the answers. Testing all the various protocols.
June 1980 to January 1995. 

Five years to get physically healthy. January 1995 to 2000. 

Five more years to get the mental aspect of what the war did to me resolved. 2000 to May 2005.

August 22, 2005 I receive the model motorcycle that the Teutals built for the Vietnam Veterans National Organization. The POW*MIA bike. And the “If we don’t care, who will?” T-shirt. It was about 6:30 PM. 

It hit me. The emotional release that the guys that go to “The Wall” experience. I couldn’t talk, I could hardly breathe. The tears rolled and I was helpless to stop them. By 8 PM it was over. The entire war was behind me. All of it. The sickness, the mental PTSD and heightened awareness factors, the rejection, and emotional sadness and everything else connected to that war was all gone. 

I had successfully returned to pre-Vietnam status and I felt like it. I literally felt like I was 23 years old again. Which is impossible to explain to someone. It’s like all those years happened to someone else, really. 

So shortly after that I jumped into going public with all I’ve learned. I put the book together in a hurry, thus, a few typo’s and grammatical errors. But it’s still a great book. You’ll learn more from that little book than most others. And it’s important. It covers the fundamentals of Natural Healing, which have never been laid down before. 

About a year and a half later I put together the CD, which is THE statement on the Natural Healing Paradigm. And then I stated doing public lectures, radio and even a little TV. 

It’s important. The Natural Healing Paradigm CAN replace the Medical paradigm. I’ve been witness to that for 9 years now. 

I’m late – but I’m still here.

Dr. Kenneth R. Sutter II.

War Mentality
Aug 2008

War Mentality

Lets go to war… Circa 1971. Our benevolent president Mr. Nixon declared war on cancer. Yeah, lets start a war against this nasty disease; see if we can beat it into submission. A worthy objective, sounds reasonable, should be doable.

2008 - Well, that didn’t work. Cancer rate in 1970 was one in a thousand. Cancer rate in 2008 is one in three. Hmmmmm. We lost the war and it looks like the enemy not only won the war but exceedingly so. It completely wiped out the entire army, generals and all that were fighting against it. It won. 

But alas the war continues. Government grants, fundraisers, endowments, etc. Cancer is the enemy and we MUST defeat it. 

Come on folks we already lost…. WHY???

War doesn’t work. The entire war mentality to attack the enemy doesn’t work. With one exception, and that cannot be considered real war. 

Take a look around. Does the farmer curse the stalk of corn because it didn’t get enough rain or fertilizer to grow? Does the rocket scientist curse the rocket that didn’t quite make it into outer space because his calculations were wrong? Do they start a war to get that damn cornstalk to grow normally and the rocket to fly? 

War doesn’t work. The whole war on cancer is nothing more than a psychological ploy to get the public to take its mind OFF eliminating the cause of cancer. Take its mind OFF the simple cause and effect principle that the rest of life operates on. 

Why is it that diseases are the ONLY thing in life that don’t run on the cause and effect principle. Well, at least that’s what they have everybody “believing”. This doesn’t require any genius mental attributes to see either. It doesn’t require much thought at all. Just take a look. 

The war on cancer officially started in 1971 with Nixon’s declaration of war against it. Cancer was one in a thousand back then. Today, 2008, cancer is one in three. The war didn’t work. Wars never work. Wars don’t operate on the cause and effect principle.

History has taught us that the only time war is necessary is to reestablish freedom from the elites who always try to put us in slavery. But even then the war is aimed at the cause of the suppression not the suppression itself. 

Anything that is aimed at eliminating the cause is legitimate. Anything that is aimed at attacking the effect is NOT legitimate and will not work. But the war mentality says you MUST attack the effect. Well, we’ve been doing that with cancer officially since 1971 and of course it didn’t work. We lost.

Diseases are an effect the same way the corn stalk is an effect. If the plants don’t get enough water and fertilizer it doesn’t take much thought to reason the plant won’t grow. Not much sense declaring war against the plant just water it and feed it. Which, of course is eliminating the cause of what wilted the plant in the first place.

Diseases operate under the exact same principle. That you think otherwise is the war mentality that has been pounded into society. Declare war against the disease and bomb the hell out of it. Very patriotic. Never mind about what caused the disease in the first place. Completely forget about that. That’s too easy, no money to be made doing that. No control…

Every area in life operates by cause and effect. All of them. Everything IS cause and effect. You do this - that happens. You do that - this happens. Very predictable, very easy. Diseases are no different. Pure physics. Cause and effect. 

That you think you have to attack the disease has been very nicely placed in your mind to keep you from thinking about eliminating the cause of the disease. To make you think diseases are some magical mystical happening that you have absolutely no control over. That don’t respond to the cause and effect principle. You were just unlucky or God Himself doesn’t like you. It’s a mindset that has to be reversed. 

Diseases operate under the exact same cause and effect principles the rest of the universe operates under.

If you haven’t noticed every time the government declares war on anything the problem gets worse. War on cancer, war on drugs, war on this, war on that. Every time, the thing being declared war against wins. Why, why, why…. 

Wrong target. It’s easy to eliminate the cause – no war necessary.

So quit fighting the wars. Find out what the hell caused the problem and fix that. Don’t have to go to war. That’s just the mindset necessary to make you think you are this great benevolent person and doing everything possible to defeat this nasty enemy. Oh, you’re so brave, so courageous, so gallant to have put up such a fight against this evil disease that killed you anyway because you didn’t address the cause. But you died courageously fighting the good fight and that’s important. B_ L L SH _ T.

Apply the fundamentals, get healthy; the diseases can’t even exist then. Take your eye OFF fighting the damn disease and put it on getting healthy. THEN, you’ll make it.

No wars necessary!!!

Dr. Kenneth R. Sutter II

Once in a Lifetime
Nov. 2007

Once in a lifetime

Usually it’s a good thing - Once in a lifetime. Getting your driver’s license, High school graduation, college graduation, marrying that special someone, your first child. There’s a lot of once in a lifetime events that are truly a pleasure to experience. 

However, there are a few that are very difficult to endure, that test your very soul and unfortunately getting healthy is one of them. Depending of course on how far south your health has tumbled. 

In that case it’s that hump in the road you hear about. It’s that tunnel you have to go through where you can only see the light at the end of. Not pleasurable experiences at all. But the promise of what’s on the other side of the hump in the road, or at the end of the tunnel is big enough to keep you going, to inspire you, to get the job done, to save your life. 

Once in a lifetime deals. 

Hard to do. 

Takes guts and determination. 

Thank God they’re only once in a lifetime. 

Getting healthy qualifies as a once in a lifetime deal. Fortunately you only have to do it once. 

If you’re “terminal” that hump in the road looks like a mountain. The light at the end of the tunnel is sooooooo far away. If in a chronic situation the mountain is only a high hill, the light not so far away. If plagued by inconvenient illnesses that hump in the road is an obstacle to go through, the light a little closer. But never the less it’s something you HAVE to do. 

You’ve got to apply the fundamentals that will return your body to normal. Normal being very well known and understood. 


You only have to apply those things that get you back to normal until normal is achieved. By then you’ll know what is necessary to maintain normal. But it’s a tough challenge to climb that mountain, to go through that tunnel. It ain’t easy and will test you to the very core of your being. 

Truth is what you seek, once acquired and applied it’s a matter of hanging on, climbing the mountain, enduring the tunnel until the truth delivers you. The hump in the road behind you, the tunnel a thing of the past - Health acquired. 

Beating “terminal”, eliminating “chronic”, getting rid of all those nagging inconvenient illnesses, is a once in a lifetime deal. Go for it….

I’m still here.

Dr. Kenneth R. Sutter II

How "Cure" Happens

How "Cure" Happens

Those of you familiar with my teachings have heard me say many times. "Only health cures disease". It’s NOT possible to cure the disease if you treat the disease. You must treat the cause of the disease if you expect the disease to go away and thus cure it. 

Grays Anatomy and Guyton’s physiology. These are the two standard texts used in all medical schools. There’s not a doctor on the planet that is not intimately familiar with these two books.

Grays Anatomy and Guyton’s Physiology go into great detail about how a normal body works. They cover the human body from conception to death. It’s all in those two books. 

Grays Anatomy covers the form of the body; Guyton’s Physiology covers the functioning of the body. Form and function equals anatomy and physiology. The normal running of a human body is very well known and NOT a mystery. When everything is normal you WILL be healthy. 

Diseases; where do they come from, how do you get rid of them? According to Gray and Guyton it should be an easy process to return a human body back to the normal anatomy and physiology they so thoroughly detail in their texts. 

And sure enough it’s true. You should be able to correct any problem you might have with the form of the human body and the functioning of the human body quite easily. Normal form and function are very well known and taught in all medical colleges in the world. The information is not hidden, is not mysterious, is not even that hard to learn. Although there is quite a bit of it to learn.

To treat a disease will never cure that disease - it can’t. You must return the body to NORMAL as described in Grays and Guyton’s texts. 

Of course any regime that accomplishes the return to normal and thus "curing" the disease is summarily dismissed by the medical community for being unscientific. Well, of course it’s unscientific it comes right out of the very texts used to teach "normal". It was here before “scientific” was. 

As a Chiropractor I’m an expert at reestablishing normal mechanical values in the human body. The medical community claims that is unscientific. Yet, normal mechanical values are covered intricately in Grays Anatomy. All we’ve done is developed the means to correct the mechanics of the body to return them to what Grays Anatomy says is normal. 

Unscientific? Well, I guess so. The techniques we use to correct mechanical failures can get very technical and scientific but to return a human body to what Gray says is normal is NOT scientific at all. How can it be? It comes right out of Grays Anatomy. It’s NORMAL. 

So any treatment procedure that returns a body to what Gray and Guyton say is normal will allow that body to be healthy. Healthy being the normal state of bodies. 

It’s the elevated health caused by returning a body to normal that cures the disease. The only thing that can cure anything is the elevated health acquired upon returning that body to normal. Normal being very well understood and taught via Grays Anatomy and Guyton’s Physiology.

The main textbooks used in ALL medical colleges. 

Does a colon cleanse work? Well of course it does. It returns the colon to normal functioning per Gray and Guyton. Is a colon cleanse scientific? It doesn’t have to be, its simply cleaning. 

Does Chiropractic work? Of course it does. It returns a body to its normal mechanical values per Gray and Guyton. Is it scientific? The techniques used may be very intricate and scientific but it doesn’t have to be scientific, it corrects mechanical function. 

Does liver decongestion work? Of course it does. It returns the liver to normal functioning per Gray and Guyton. Is it scientific? It doesn’t have to be, it’s just cleaning.

Does a good antiparasite program work? Of course it does. Nowhere in Grays or Guyton’s texts do they say it’s normal to have parasites. Is it scientific? Doesn’t have to be, it’s eliminating bugs. 

Get the idea??? They come down on us in Natural Healing because our procedures aren’t scientific. Yet to return a body to normal cannot be scientific, it’s simply a matter of cleaning, feeding and straightening out that returns a body to normal. Information clearly covered in Grays Anatomy and Guyton’s physiology, the standard text in all medical schools. 

The elevated health derived from those things is what cures disease. Health returns by returning a human body to normal anatomy and physiology. Period….. 

Scientific??? What does that mean? That you must apply chemicals to any specific problem and do a double blind study to determine the effectiveness of it. That leads to Agenda driven science. People can be bought. And with the drug companies financing all the research it’s a forgone conclusion what the results are going to be. 

Grays Anatomy and Guyton’s Physiology, the two main texts in the world of health care. Every doctor knows these texts. Its all in there, how a normal human body works. 

We in Natural Healing choose to return bodies to normal per Grays and Guyton’s. The elevated health derived thereof is what cures disease. There simply is no other way to do it. 

Dr. Kenneth R. Sutter II

Drugs ARE Chemicals
Dec. 2006

Chemical: An inorganic substance having a specific molecular structure. 

Chemical process: Can be either organic or inorganic. Organic processes are directed by a living entity. Inorganic processes are strictly the reaction of one chemical upon another, the interaction of the differing molecular structures. i.e.: If too quick - an explosion. If slow - rust. 

The manipulation of differing inorganic chemicals CANNOT create life - Nor assist life in its living.

If a living entity created the specific molecular structure in its process of living it can be used by other living entities. (food). Organic. 

If the molecular structure is NOT created by a living entity it is an inorganic chemical and cannot be used by other living entities. It cannot be classified as a food. Inorganic

Patent medicine: If the molecular structure is found in nature it CANNOT be patented. Only inorganic molecular structures can be patented. Therefore patented chemical structures (drugs) CANNOT assist life in its living to the betterment of that specific life. It’s NOT a food.

Drugs, by definition, CANNOT be food. They HAVE to be inorganic chemicals. Therefore they CANNOT assist life in its living. (or healing). 

The concept of chemicals being able to cure disease is absurd. I often wonder where it came from. Where did this idea start that substances which are NOT created by life can be beneficial to the human body and be expected to “cure” diseases. It literally CAN’T happen. Only organically produced substances can assist life in its living. PERIOD. 

Man-made chemicals or differing combinations of chemicals that can be patented cannot be expected to do anything else except react to other chemicals. That they CAN be patented proves they cannot assist life. They HAVE to be inorganic. Have to be. Therefore they are a poison to life forms of any kind. Especially us humans. And any life entity will go to great extremes to eliminate these inorganic chemicals from its environment. 

Patent Medicine: Inorganic chemicals - Drugs.

Carcinogens: Chemicals that cause cancer.

Chemotherapy: The treatment of disease with chemicals. What???

Chemicals ARE bad. The entire environmental movement is based on isolating and eliminating these chemicals from our lives. It’s not good to have those chemicals in us, or around us. You hear about it every day. Environmental pollution, smog, toxic waste, chemical spills, save the whales, save the seals, the caribou, no oil from Alaska, etc. etc. Got to protect the environment from all these chemicals. And rightfully so. One of the few government things I agree with to a certain extent. 

So, on the one hand you’ve got this great expenditure of energy by some very good people to protect us, and the earth, from the environmental toxins (chemicals). On the other hand you have the patented drugs (chemicals) being touted as having the ability to cure diseases. 

Who’s right???

Well, of course the environmentalists are.

Chemicals can’t cure anything and the only reason you think they can is because of Patent Medicine. Yet, patent medicine can’t be organic, it can’t come from nature so it HAS to be created in the lab using different chemical combinations. And, again, chemicals can’t cure anything and are very harmful to any life form. PERIOD. 

The only application of chemicals to assist any life form is to temporarily manipulate body physiology with specific chemical reactions when it’s been injured or needs repairing. That’s it. 

And it’s a funny thing too. The crisis people in medicine know this very well. They voted at their 2000 annual meeting to eliminate vaccinations altogether. Not one “no” vote. Vaccinations have a rather large volume of chemicals in them. They all agreed vaccination don’t work and should be eliminated. Vaccinations actually cause disease and have no curative value whatsoever. Now, that’s the top physicians and surgeons in the country saying that. The people that are in the legitimate part of medicine. The crisis therapy and repair part. You see, they know too, not just us in Natural Healing. 

Drugs ARE chemicals and can’t cure anything. So if you’re expecting the benevolent drug companies to come up with a cure for anything it’s going to be a long, long, long, long wait. It simply can’t happen. 

Inorganic chemicals (patent medicine) have absolutely no nutritional or curative value.
Chemicals never have been able to cure disease and never will be able to cure disease. It’s that simple. It’s basic chemistry. Not hard to understand at all. 

If it has nutritional or curative value it HAS to come from another life source. Plant or animal, it doesn’t matter. You’ve heard this before - NATURE.

The ONLY reason you think your doctor is eventually going to find a cure for any of the diseases is because you’ve been told so by THE DRUG COMPANIES. Yeah, that means the doctors have been fooled too. 

Now - Really stop and think about this. If Patent Medicine does eventually come up with a cure for any disease it will mean they can literally create LIFE in the laboratory. They can create life in a test tube. Is that going to happen? NOPE….Inorganic chemicals cannot be combined in any way that will cause those chemicals to be alive. Only substances from something that has been, or is, alive can be of any nutritional or curative benefit. Period. 

Drugs ARE chemicals and CAN’T cure anything. 

Sorry folks, that’s physics. 

Dr. K. R. Sutter

Getting Neutral

Getting Neutral

Prejudice, lies, tradition, religion, doctors, experts, and a rather large assortment of other
mind bending information from a variety of sources that has been laid on you since the day you were born. What do you do with all that? How can you ascertain the truth when your life is on the line, when you have to make a decision about which way to go, what program to do, what information to implement into your life, so you don’t die like the medics say you’re going to, or to get through some monumental crisis that presents itself to you? How do you do that? How do you make decisions? 

Of course not all decisions are life and death but it does help to know how to ascertain things, to find out what works in life and what doesn’t work. Especially after listening to all these people and trying to understand what the hells going on. Nobody has any clear definite answers or programs that really work. Especially the religions, doctors and politicians. Too many religions, too many doctors, too many experts. What works - what doesn’t work? 

I call it “getting neutral”.

No doubt you’ve been brainwashed. Although technically it’s impossible to brainwash anybody, you’ve certainly been thoroughly conditioned - manipulated if you will. 

By who? 

Just about everybody. 

Unfortunately most of the people and organizations really “believe” they are doing you a good service by teaching you what they teach. They just don’t know any better and haven’t been to “life and death” yet. And besides, most of what you’ve been taught won’t really hurt you anyway. BUT when it comes to your health it can get “life and death” real quick and it becomes very important to ascertain truth from lies. 

There are very few blatantly suppressive groups on the planet. However there are a few and they have done an excellent job pulling the wool over your eyes so you can’t even see the wool over your eyes. And they are very deeply entrenched into society and control most of it. Didn’t know that did you?

Thus, the problem - these organizations and people are so well entrenched and politically correct it’s almost impossible to believe that they’re getting away with what they are getting away with. The magnitude of the suppression is mind-boggling. But it didn’t happen overnight and they have been at it for a long, long time now. So you’re just conditioned to “believe” what they say. Never taking the time to even consider that they just might be wrong and that they are purposely deceiving you, making you think things are true that simply aren’t true.
Until… you need some answers. Until… your life is on the line. Then you’ll start seeing things that are truly frightening and you won’t like it a bit. 

How do you sort through it all? There are very few things in the world that actually work the way you think they do. The world doesn’t run anywhere near the way you think it does and THAT is a scary proposition. And, very heartbreaking too by the way. 

Getting neutral: Suspend all religious beliefs, suspend all politically correct things, suspend all the “experts” advise, suspend all the doctors advise, suspend all parental advise you were taught as a kid, Suspend everything and anything that you think you know. Have no opinion either way about ANYTHING. And I do mean anything. 

No more “belief”. Get neutral.

Why? To find the truth. The cool thing about the truth is that it requires no belief. It will work no matter what you think about it. By getting and staying neutral it will allow the truth to express itself in your life.

Now what? 

Get to work, pretend you don’t know anything, stay neutral on any and all subjects – no prejudices, and start looking around – start seeking.

Once you start seeking you’ll be surprised what comes into your life and what you start hearing about. And it’s a funny thing how that happens too. No, I can’t explain it but I know it works. If you earnestly seek the truth it WILL come into your life. You’ll get a phone call, something in the mail, see something on TV or the radio, it’s almost magical. But the truth does start presenting itself in your life just by the simple act of seeking it. No prejudices, no beliefs - just seek. 

Now what??? 

Test whatever is coming into your life. Test it. 

When you hear about a product or procedure - try it – see if it works like the advertisers say it’s going to work while you’re staying neutral about the product or procedure. See if it does what they promise. A little hint here – it usually doesn’t. Which is quite disappointing.
I tried everything. The MLM’s are great at selling their stuff, telling you all the anecdotal stories about how great their product is. Unfortunately most of it is just plain hype. However, there are some great products out there, and some of them can only be found in the MLM industry so it’s a rather long haul to test all these things out. The bottom line on all this is WHAT WORKS…Whether MLM products, specific procedures, this vitamin, that mineral, test everything. All the while staying neutral about the product or procedure you’re testing at the time. 

The only way to ascertain what works is to get all your prejudices out of the way, get all your “beliefs” out of the way and get to work. Seek and test.

It requires a level of responsibility most people don’t want to have. There’s some legitimacy to that too. After all you shouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel. And you did put your trust into certain people and organizations. Unfortunately, when it comes to your health, I’m afraid the ONLY way to get healthy and stay healthy is for you, personally, to be responsible for it. Sorry.

A couple of idea’s that helped me through it:

Whether you think you can,
Or think you can’t,
Either way,
You’re right. Henry Ford

If you always think,
What you always thought,
You will always get,
What you always got.

I don’t know who said that but it certainly applies with your health and it’s ultimately what I’m trying to do with my books and writings. Give you something to change to that works. Change your thinking to The Natural Healing Paradigm. 

Get neutral – see what you think. Seek truth. Test everything. No “beliefs”, no prejudices – just truth. Natural Healing works. I’m living proof and there’s getting to be too many people that have discovered that fact for them to ignore anymore.

Dr. K. R. Sutter

You Know More Than You Think You Do

Are diseases curable? Pretty simple question. Seems like there should be a simple answer, and sure enough there is.

That diseases are so prevalent in society is quite obvious.
That people die from these diseases is also quite obvious.

It seems like the diseases are everywhere, and it also seems to be getting exponentially worse as the years pass by. 

If you take a look at the last 50 years, the advent of all the new diseases seems to announce the beginning of the end. You know, the great tribulations that the religionists talk about. One can’t help but slide into a state of apathy about the whole thing either. I mean, it seems so hopeless, and it’s getting worse, there’s more diseases, more death, more hopelessness. 

Why can’t the doctors and highly learned men of the world find a cure for these new diseases? After all, we’ve got the smartest men in the world working on them don’t we? Why aren’t they coming up with any answers, any cures? 

If we take a close look at what a disease really is and what a cure really is you might be surprised. All the trouble starts with the word “cure”. Is it even possible to cure disease? What is a disease anyway? And even though they treat the hell out of it, why doesn’t it go away? 

Also, with the never-ending supply of new diseases available it would seem that these new diseases are replacing the old diseases. Not so. We’ve still got all the old standbys. Cancer, Heart disease, arthritis, etc. The old diseases are NOT being cured and, of course, the new diseases don’t have any cures either. And it’s very interesting to note that ALL the diseases, both new and old, are being “treated” with an ever-expanding list of powerful drugs and therapy regimes. None of which work at actually curing the disease.

So, right away we see that it’s NOT possible to cure any diseases. It’s NOT possible. Any treatment regime, whether drugs or therapy will NOT cure any of the new, or old, diseases we have. To cure any disease with any treatment regime will not work. That IS a fact. Ask the doctors and all the experts.

Well, what about Natural Healing? Does that cure any diseases? I know many people who used to have cancer that don’t have it anymore. Does that constitute a cure? I suppose in a general way it does. Until you look at how the cancer went away and what the patient did to make the cancer go away. 

What you find is the people that supposedly cured their cancer really didn’t even treat their cancer. What??? How can you cure it without treating it? Doesn’t sound right does it? How can a disease go away if you don’t treat that specific disease? It must be some “belief” system somewhere that gave these people special powers to cure their cancer. Not so.

While that may indeed happen to a few people every now and then for the most part it’s been my experience that the people that put all their eggs in the “belief” basket ultimately die from the disease they are “believing” will go away. It doesn’t work. No cure.

What about the mental component? Is it all just “positive thinking” or meditation in a specific way that will cure disease? Nope. Although the mental component is important it’s not important in the way you think it is. Read my essay “Taking it Personal” to understand the mental toughness required to cure disease. You DO need to get mentally tough. Otherwise all the positive thinking and mental gymnastics in the world will not cure any disease. 

So, all is lost. There are no cures for anything. The diseases will run rampant until they wipe out mankind. All the old standby diseases and all the new diseases that are discovered just about daily. There’s no hope. No cures. Apathy, here we come. It’s the end of the world as we know it. The NWO will have to wait because there will be no people left to rule. All wiped out by the uncontrollable, incurable diseases. Oh how sad…………

Lets take a look around and see what we think about all this. Is it really true? You don’t have a chance. Nobody can cure anything. The diseases flourish. After all, Traditional medicine can’t cure anything, Natural Healing can’t cure anything, “believing” can’t cure anything and mental gymnastics can’t cure anything. 

Consequently, what the politicians have done is make it illegal to cure any disease. That’s right it’s illegal to cure diseases. “They” know it’s not possible anyway so they made it illegal. Look it up in your State law. Our law here in my State clearly states that it is illegal to cure disease with any other method than the prescribed, orthodox, medically accepted procedure. And none of the medical procedures cure anything. They admit it, they advertise it, they have fundraisers for it. 

So, it looks like we’re going to have to go elsewhere to cure our diseases. It looks like we’re going to have to look at something else and take our eye off the disease. It looks like this whole disease business is just so much BS. Hell, no one can cure it anyway so why even try. 

The truth about diseases is that they are nothing more than a group of symptoms they’ve given a name to. When one symptom develops and is followed by another one and another one it becomes pretty easy to see a pattern. They give this pattern a name. Whether it be cancer, heart disease or something else. They name the pattern and treat the symptoms. Of course it’s all in vane because they know damn well it’s not curable. 


It’ll take some time, but once you understand what I’ve just said here you’re on your way to getting healthy. You wouldn’t want to treat the disease anyway. It’s an exercise in futility. Doesn’t work. Never has, never will. 

Yet, it’s quite obvious that there are a growing number of people that have beat their cancers, beat their heart disease, beat their arthritis and diabetes. Beat just about any disease known to man. How did they do it?

This is the one single fact you’re going to have to burn into your consciousness if you are terminally ill and want to get healthy. This isn’t some philosophical mystery that has been hidden away for millennia’s. This is pure physics, pure facts, not subject to any “experts” opinion. This IS how it works. 

Don’t treat the Disease, Get your Health back.

That sounds too simple. So simple in fact that you really don’t understand it yet. Of course if you had your health you wouldn’t be sick in the first place. You have probably reasoned that it was the disease that made you sick which isn’t true at all. 

You were sick long before you started having symptoms of some disease process. You don’t get a disease unless you are already sick. And seeing as how treating the disease is useless the only option you have left is to do everything in your power to regain your health. Pretty easy to say but how do you do it. 

I mentioned above that Natural Healing doesn’t work. Well, that’s only half true. If you point any treatment regime, natural or otherwise, at the disease it won’t work. 

However, if you point that treatment regime at getting healthy the only one that does work is Natural Healing. It works, and works quite well. 

So, technically and realistically you are not treating the disease “they” say you have. You wouldn’t want to do that anyway because it’s a proven fact that it doesn’t work. So concentrate on getting your body healthy. Then you don’t have to bother with treating any disease and can put your full effort into getting healthy. 

Now the question is: How do you get a body healthy? Especially after it’s deteriorated to the point where “they” have given you just 6 months to live. Answer: Apply the fundamentals of Natural Healing as outlined in the Natural Healing Paradigm. 

Roll up your sleeves, get mentally tough because you’ve got some work to do and you aren’t going to like it. It’s not as easy as popping a pill, being irresponsible for your own health or blaming God because you screwed up somewhere along the line. 

Don’t be too hard on yourself though, it’s not your fault you don’t know this stuff. It’s the pharmaceutical companies, the politicians, and the medias fault. But it IS your responsibility to get your health back and keep it back so you can fulfill the destiny you had planned for yourself this lifetime. 

Anybody, anywhere that is legitimately getting sick people well is doing it one way and one way only. They are increasing the body’s ability to be healthy. Period. They don’t treat the disease. They are NOT in the business of “curing” diseases. They are in the business of applying sound physiological principles to the human body. They know exactly how a human body is supposed to work and they return that body to “normal”. Of course, normal being a high state of health. 

So, there are no cures if you treat the disease. The only way a body will return to health is to take your eye off the disease and put it on getting your body healthy. Don’t treat the disease, get healthy. Health cures diseases.

Cancer is the big killer right now and it’s a perfect example for the explanation of getting your health back instead of treating the disease. People know more about this than they think they do. 

What causes cancer, and if you eliminated the cause of cancer would it go away? Well, of course it would - I’m living proof. So, what causes cancer? You already know this, you’ve been hearing about it for years. Think about it. Every now and then you hear a news flash about some new Carcinogenic substance. Carcinogenic is a pretty big word but it breaks down like this: carcino equals cancer; genic equals start of or cause. Carcinogenic means cancer causing. A chemical that causes cancer. You know this; you’ve probably heard about it your whole life. Chemical poisoning causes cancer. There’s nothing new about this, it’s common knowledge, they’ve been telling you about it for years.

Next is failed treatment regimes. In 1971 President Nixon declared war on cancer. They reasoned at the time that it would take 15, maybe 20, years to find a cure. That’s what the press told us anyway. Obviously they didn’t cure it. And more obviously they never will. There are simply too many people making too much money from cancer to get rid of it. It’s economically infeasible. It would put millions of people out of work. 

But the treatment regime for cancer turned out to be Chemo Therapy and radiation. Chemo being short for Chemical. With surgery reserved to get rid of the tumors. My question is: Has it worked? Of course the answer is - it hasn’t. 

Now, 2006, cancer is a one in three proposition. Back in 71 when they first declared war on cancer it was up around one in five hundred. Back in 1950 it was one in two thousand. 

So, to treat cancer with the prescribed medical treatment hasn’t worked. Matter of fact it’s made the survival of cancer a lot less likely which more than qualifies it as a failed treatment regime. 

Remember, you know more than you think you know. You already know what causes cancer. (the chemicals) And, you already know the treatment regimes of Chemo and radiation have failed miserably. That’s a lot of information to know. The resolution of any problem is greatly enhanced if you already know what doesn’t work.

1. You know what causes cancer. The chemicals. 
2. You know what treatments for it don’t work. Chemo and radiation.

Well, if you know what causes it and you know that orthodox treatment makes it worse, why not reverse the treatment and try to eliminate the chemicals that are causing it in the first place? What have you got to lose? Do the opposite of the standard orthodox treatment for cancer. Instead of adding more chemicals to your body get rid of the ones you’ve already got in there. See what happens. 

After all, you can take a normally healthy person and give him Chemo and he WILL get sick. That is a fact. Chemicals make ANYONE sick. Again, you already know this (Carcinogenic). 

So, by knowing what the cause is in the first place and knowing what hasn’t worked historically the past 35 years you have a head start on most of society. 

When I was sick treating the liver cancer with chemicals was NOT an option for me. I knew it didn’t work and I saw too many people die by going that route. I never even considered it. Besides, it was the chemicals that made me sick in the first place. Remember the Agent Orange fiasco? Why in the world would I want to put more chemicals in there? 

To “cure” disease is not possible unless you eliminate the underlying cause of that specific disease. But then you’re NOT treating the disease anymore you’re literally treating the cause of the disease. In the case of cancer it’s the chemicals that are the culprit, that are causing all the cancers. Eliminate the chemicals and the cancer can’t exist. 

Here’s the trick they pull on the public. They separate any disease and isolate it from having any cause. Once isolated they make you believe they are so benevolent and learned that only they can treat this mysterious disease. They make the public completely forget that any disease MUST have a cause. Of course their treatment regime is going to fail, they already know it. Which is fascinating considering they told you what caused the cancer in the first place. So it doesn’t make any sense. They tell you what causes cancer and then don’t do anything about it and actually give you more chemicals to treat it. All the while they have the public thinking that cancer is somehow independent of having a cause. 

You know much more than you think you do about cancer and I can tell you firsthand that eliminating the chemicals works. I no longer have liver cancer. And there are a growing number of people that can tell the same story. 

There are many people in Natural Healing that are experts in eliminating chemicals from the human body and consequently eliminating cancer. I personally have been teaching this material for 7 years now. It works. And if you look at why it works you can see that it’s all too simple. 

The application of the Natural Healing Paradigm will get you healthy. Whether you learn it from me or another expert in Natural Healing. The principles are the same. The fundamentals are the same.

All in Natural Healing that are having success getting sick people well are doing it via the Natural Healing Paradigm as I’ve outlined in my book “It’s Not Illegal to get Healthy – The Natural Healing Paradigm. 

Remember, you know more than you think you do. It’s NOT as complicated as “they” would have you believe. Quit listening to the hopelessness and bad news and get healthy. It works. 

DR. K. R. Sutter
They're Awake
They're Awake


Prolog: I wrote this after trying to explain to my brother that I wasn't the same guy he grew up with. I sat down and took a real close look at why I was different and what those differences are. And, most importantly, what caused those differences. This essay is the result of that looking. It's only 20 pages long but it took me 6 months to write. It was very cathartic and helped resolve all that inner conflict. It answers the question of what changed us and what exactly those changes are. Hope it helps you. 

Vietnam!!! It started in 1965. It ended in 1975. They called it a war but technically it was a Police Action. This war lasted 10 years. That’s longer than the World Wars lasted, which makes you wonder what the hell was so important to the United States to fight a war for that long? I mean, 10 years, that’s a long time. What was so important to generate that type of commitment from our country? Freedom? Constitutional Republic? Truth? The American way? What was it? $$$.

And this war was different than all the other wars. They didn’t seem to care if we won it or not. It was really strange being there and seeing this firsthand too. Which of course, leads to the real tragedy of this war. What it did to the guys that fought it. The guys that were actually on the ground, on the firebases, in the jungle. 

Well, we thought we were fighting for our country. I personally went over there because, even though I was drafted, I still believed in my country. I believed in freedom, I believed in our Constitution. We lived in the best country in the world and I figured it was worth fighting for. And I was born and raised 15 miles from the Canadian border in Western New York so I could have easily gone to Canada. But I choose to fight for my country. 

Of course, it didn’t take long “in country” to realize that the whole thing was a sham. The war was a joke. They weren’t serious about winning it. Matter of fact, it seemed like they were deliberately trying to lose it. And, of course, once you realize that, something changes inside of you, and the change doesn’t go away, it's permanent. But you don’t realize that at the time and you couldn’t just stop what you’re doing, hop on a plane, and zoom back to the world and tell all the folks back home what a joke it is. 

Of course, now, it’s pretty much common knowledge why we were there. The Industrial-Military complex and all that. We were over there dying and having our lives ruined so the “big boys” could make some more money. A very sobering thought on how the world really works.

So what happened to the guys over there? The guys that actually fought the war. Why were they so different when they came back? Why were they such a problem? Nobody would talk to us. Nobody wanted to hear what we had to say about anything, much less Vietnam. To this day the Vietnam Veteran is pretty much ignored and looked down upon. 

Well, we didn’t know we had been changed. We were just glad to make it out of there. And then, usually within a year after returning, we started getting sick. Not real serious at first but just enough to know that something wasn’t right inside. From that point on, slowly but surely, you start losing control of you. You start retreating from life. It's funny too because you know who you are, or at least who you were before the war, but you can no longer be that guy. 

What happened to us that changed our personality so dramatically? Most people sensed it in us when we first arived home. The friends and family I had before Vietnam just, kind of, went away. Kept their distance from me. Like they were afraid I was going to explode or something. It was very frustrating. And this was before the Agent Orange, Parasites, or PTSD had a chance to kick in to make us sick. 

So it occurred to me that whatever it was that made us unusual or different to our friends and family had to be something other than the chemicals, parasites or PTSD 

People were treating us different before the physical and mental problems started to manifest. Why? What were they sensing about us that we didn’t even know existed in ourselves? The physical and mental problems took a while to develop so we weren’t suffering with any of that yet. And we were so happy just to make it home we just simply didn’t see it.

The physical problems were Agent Orange and parasite infestation. The mental problems were PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and the hightened Awrareness factors this book covers. 

I thought it very interesting that Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is alive and well in Vietnam also. The North Vietnamese have it. The Vietcong have it. “Charlie” suffers from PTSD too. Back here in the United States it’s certainly alive and well, taking one Vietnam Vet after another out of life. Either outright killing him or seriously limiting his ability to participate in life.

Then there’s the Agent Orange fiasco. That stuff can’t hurt you can it? Of course the government denied that one for 20 years. All along the Vietnam Vets dropping like flies because of it.

Another bad “thing” we picked up over there was the Asian parasites. Most people missed this one. Parasitic infestations are very subtle but very harmful to a human body. Those nasty little bugs will kill you. And they just ruin your personality

So, On the physical and mental fronts we didn’t have a chance, something was going to get us. Agent Orange, parasites or PTSD. And if you were in the jungle for any length of time you were sure to get all three. 

Anyway, if the physical and mental problems hadn’t developed yet, what did people sense about us that made them so nervous around us? That made them not really want to be friends with us or be around us for any length of time? What was it?

Had we change? You bet. I tried for 30 years to get back to who I was before the war. I finally gave up on it. Then it occurred to me that it wasn’t possible to be who I was before the war. It was like trying to go back to not knowing how to drive a car. I had been changed by the war. My perceptions of life had been permanently altered. Apparently not for the better. 

And then I took a real close look at what happened to me over there. I narrowed it down to the exact times I had been changed. Before the firefight I was one person, after the firefight I was another. What was different? Something had to be either taken away from me or added to me to experience that large of a personality change. Was it good or bad? Maybe it was good.

In all my research on this personality change phenomenon plus my firsthand experience with it. I’ve broken it down into 5 factors. Three actual skills we acquired and two conclusions we came to. None of which have anything to do with chemical poisoning, parasite infestation or PTSD.

The three skills we acquired are what family and friends sensed about us. It’s what made them nervous about us. It’s what they didn’t want to see in us, or maybe not even in themselves. Which, of course, proves that they have the same potential to discover and develop these skills the way we did. 

The skills we acquired are: 

1. We discovered we had a perfect memory.

2. We developed a very strong desire to see and perceive. 

3. We discovered “innate” abilities far beyond “normal”.

The conclusions we came to are:

4. How quickly everything can change.

5. Peace and Love.

1. The perfect memory

Remember the “trip” of Timothy Leary fame? Take some drugs, drop out, expand your mind, find your soul, peace, love and all the stuff that created the infamous “hippie” movement here in the States. What we discovered over there was that these “trips” are indeed quite real. It is possible to take a little trip in your mind. But you didn’t need any drugs or chemicals to help you. And without the drugs or chemicals there’s no hallucinations. There’s no danger of overdosing. There’s no magic soul to be found. And the trips were quite life saving at the time. They became absolutely essential. We had to hang on to some sense of sanity.

Plus, we didn’t want to see what we were in the middle of anyway. I mean, we were kids, we were rookies in life. We had no perception of the level of stress we were under at the time. 

Here’s how it went. You get a letter from home and the next thing you know you’re actually there (in your mind anyway). You can remember all the cool things you did as a kid or teenager. You can remember the picnic in the park, you can actually smell the hotdogs, hamburgers and steak cooking on the grill. You remember the highschool football games, drinking Colt 45 Malt Liquor under the grandstand during the game. You remember that first kiss, getting your drivers license, highschool graduation, your paper route, your first real job, falling in love. 

I was right in the middle of one of these trips when I realized I was remembering every little detail of the experience. I remembered seeing three birds up on the telephone wire out of the corner of my eye. Two of the birds were about three feet from the pole and the third bird was about a foot away from the other two. I remember being surprised to remember that. I mean, that was a very insignificant part of the incident I was remembering at the time. 

From that time on I paid very close attention to these little trips. And it happened to all of us. We’d be playing spades or hearts or something out in the jungle on a break or at the firebase, and one of the guys would just simply leave. The rest of us didn’t pay any attention to it because we knew what was happening. It happened to all of us. We went home to some sanity. 

Going on these trips made us all see that we did indeed have a perfect memory. Unerringly accurate. And it wasn’t our imagination, the trips were too vivid and detailed by real events to be imaginings. The perfect memory didn’t go away when we got home. It became both a curse and a blessing.

2. I want to see 

The desire to see becomes obsessive in nature. You have to see. Your life depends on your ability to see and more importantly to perceive what you are looking at. No explanations, nobody lying to you, telling you what you are supposed to be seeing. And not seeing will get you, and a lot of other guys, killed.

Pulling guard duty in the jungle. There is absolutely no light in the jungle. I remember being on guard duty one night in the jungle. I put my right hand in front of my face, I even touched the palm of my hand to my nose. I couldn’t see my hand. I couldn’t see anything. Every cell in your body wakes up because of that. Every nerve in your body becomes super aware because you can’t see, and yet your have to see. 

So you develop the ability to see far beyond what only your eyes can see. Every cell in your body wakes up. Every nerve becomes super aware. 

We’ve all heard of a mothers ability to sense when something is wrong with her kids. They call it the sixth sense. Mothers are very good at it too. I used to wonder how my mother knew everything I was doing. They don’t even know they’re doing it either. It’s just “natural” to them. 

That sixth sense turned on inside of us in Vietnam. We wanted to see the same way a mother wants to see. A mother develops and uses her sixth sense to watch over her kids, to protect her kids. We developed it to stay alive. I mean, we were in a war, guys were getting killed, bullets were flying around.

We HAD to see. So we discovered and developed the ability to see with all our senses, not with just our eyes. 

In a war situation that is all well and good but unfortunately when you get back to the world it becomes a real problem. The ability to see and perceive what you are looking at does NOT go away.

3. Discovering your Innate abilities.

You’re alone. Perhaps for the first time in your life you are completely alone. Even though you are surrounded by people, you’re still alone. 

It took me about three months “in country” to learn that the whole war was a very bad joke. “They” certainly didn’t want to win it. And once you have that realization some very interesting things start happening inside of you. 

Yes, you still follow orders and do what you are supposed to do, just like you were trained to do in Basic and AIT, but something is different. There’s a very subtle conflict going on inside of you. “They” don’t want to win the war and you are there to win the war, to fight for your country, fight for freedom, defeat the evil communists. You are dependent on them for everything and “they” don’t care one whit about you. That’s a tough thing to swallow.

You are there so “they” can make more money. So “they” can get their medals. So “they” can further their careers. Because of that you develop total and complete distrust of all authority figures.

You simply couldn’t trust your superior officers. They were leading you to the slaughter. And yet you had to go where they say you had to go. In harms way. It became a real problem. 

If you can’t trust your superior officers, who are supposed to know how to fight a war, who are supposed to know what to do in any situation a war gets you into, who are supposed to protect you and keep you safe so you can kick some serious ass when the time comes, who are you going to trust?

You have to turn to your buddies. But, wait a minute, there’s a problem with that also. After your first firefight, where a few guys get wounded or killed, it's very apparent that it’s not wise to become too close to anybody. Nor is it wise to let anybody get real close to you. Watching your buddy get tore apart by bullets, or even killed, is emotionally very traumatizing and you certainly wouldn’t want to put anybody else through that. So you get alone and you stay alone. 

Yet, you’re all in this together and you have to do your job, as he has to do his, just to stay alive. A true kinship and brotherhood develops that you don’t even know about until long after you get home.

And, we were good out in the jungle. We could trust each other. We, the grunts, knew what we were doing. It’s the officers and politicians that were getting us killed. 

So, there we are half way around the world and we’re truly alone. We couldn’t trust the people that were leading us. We didn’t want to get too close to anybody in case we did get blown away. We turned within. 

I saw a TV program about the Dust-Off pilots of Vietnam. One of the pilots being interviewed said that all the dust-off pilots developed a sixth sense about how to fly in to pick up the wounded. They could “sense” where “Charlie” was and flew around him to avoid the groundfire. Us guys on the ground not only developed this sixth sense but also a few senses beyond that. 

I’ve tried to explain this to regular people but so far the only ones that know what I’m talking about are other combat veterans. I don’t know if it’s possible to put it into words, but I’ll try. 

In the jungle you’re awake, totally awake. Every cell in your body is trying to see. Every nerve trying to feel, trying to sense every little detail about your surroundings. The best way to say this is, you actually become the jungle. You become the life energy that is the jungle. You can tell if a twig is out of place. You know when “Charlie” is present. 

Plus, during your first firefight you start communicating with your fellow grunts without words. You can read each others thoughts. You know what they need, and they know what you need. There’s no trivia, no games, no lies, it’s life and death and you both know it. 

The only problem with this is that you don’t really know you’re doing it. It just happens. No college course required, no special spiritual training required, no meditations or mental gymnastics required. It just happens. Bam, you can read minds. Which is a HUGE problem here in the world. 

Now, the bad part of all this is that you don’t even know this is all happening to you. You’re developing skills that the average person has no idea even exist. You don’t even know they exist. And you don’t find out about them until you get home and try to go back to who you were. Then, you find out that you don’t fit in anywhere. You find out everything’s different. Which isn’t readily apparent to you at first. 

You find out you can complete the other guys sentences when he’s talking to you. You can sense danger all around you. You can sense lies, lies and more lies. You can see what you are looking at without being told what you are supposed to be seeing. You know peoples true intentions. You can cut through all the layers of BS and get to the heart of any matter. 

Of course it doesn’t take long before you see that it’s just not wise to be so awake. It doesn’t fit into all the lies that pass for society. So, you shut up. Which just makes the publics perception of us Vietnam Vets more distant. 

I mean, it’s a REAL problem. How do you deal with all these abilities that just won’t go away? Most of the guys had no idea what had happened to them. It took me years to figure it out. 

You could have another beer, or pop a few pills, but eventually, if that didn’t kill you, you learned that drugs and booze wasn’t the answer. So, you’re stuck. You have all these abilities that you dare not use. 

You can see the truth in most any situation and people just plain aren’t interested in that much truth. They like the little cocoon they have built for themselves. They live in a comfort zone with all kinds of solvable problems that they don’t really want solved. They seem to love being told how to live by the government. How to live by the preachers, doctors and any other so-called “expert”. They are living in a sea of lies and they like it. 

And don’t you dare try to suggest to them that there’s real answers out there to the problems they have. The problems that they think are so insurmountable are really quite easy to overcome. But they won’t listen to you because you’re a Vietnam Veteran and you’re sick with Agent Orange chemical poisoning, parasite infestations, or PTSD. Which have absolutely nothing to do with the skills you acquired. 

So the innate skills you picked up over there, because of the combat, because of the bad leadership, because of the necessity to be alone, serve no useful purpose here in a “peace” society. To be awake amongst the sleeping is tricky and very frustrating. Life turns convoluted and very slippery. 

4. Permanent Change

Having discovered our perfect memory. Having developed an obsessively strong desire to see, and perceive what we are looking at. Having discovered and developed these innate abilities that go far beyond the sixth sense. What else happened to us that would change us so dramatically. What happened to us that would make us see how precious life really is? How fragile it really is? The conclusions of seeing this would become set in stone, unchangeable for the rest of our lives. Conclusions that would make us subject to a considerable amount of abuse by our fellow men (and women). And, indeed, not permit us to go back to who we were before the war.

I’ve often thought of it this way; I was 21 years old when I went over there, I was 75 when I came back. Not me physically, but my attitude. My attitude was that of an old person. Just glad to be here, just glad to be alive. How did I get that attitude?

In the blink of an eye. One minute you’re alive the next minute you’re dead. One minute you’re a strong healthy 20 year old kid the next minute you’re full of holes. In an instant everything changes. That’s how. 

Maybe it's because I was the medic and I had to try to patch these guys up that this came home so hard on me. The preciousness of life. It can all change in an instant. Permanently changed. 

These guys that got killed or wounded over there had families. Mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, some even had wives and children. Plus all the friends they knew before the war. All changed in the blink of an eye. 

That awareness of tragic, immediate, permanent change doesn’t go away when you get home. It’s so deeply ingrained in you because you’ve been living it for the past year that it just doesn’t go away. Everything you do, everywhere you go, you have this nagging feeling that something bad is going to happen. And it's going to be a complete surprise when it does happen. All your plans are going to be for naught. 

And, after we got home, sure enough, bad things started happening. We started getting sick. Chemical poisoning, Parasites, and good old PTSD.

But it’s the sudden change that stays with you. And conversely the great appreciation for life. You realize it can all change in an instant and that life really is quite precious. You’re just glad to be here.

5. Peace and Love

So, how are we going to live? After experiencing a war and seeing what we saw, learning what we learned and surviving it. Plus, seeing the horrendous conditions the “locals” of the “third world” lived in. What other conclusion can you come to? You’ve seen firsthand the futility of war. You’ve seen the other end of the spectrum. You’ve seen the results of pure greed. You’ve seen the total lack of respect for life. It’s NOT nice. 

And for the rest of your life you are totally baffled, in complete awe that anybody could be so uncaring, so unobservable, so completely hostile toward their fellow man that they would actually fight a war just so they could make some money and message their ego a little more. It’s really quite confounding and it IS insanity at its finest. “Lets go start a war and kill some people so we can make some more money”. Insane.

So, you try to live in peace and love which isn’t necessarily that easy to do. Especially after a few years go by and you start learning the truth about the war. The anger and rage start boiling inside of you. And unfortunately it has to escape every now and then. Thank God for our true friends and family that put up with us when that would happen. 

The other thing that would hinder the expression of love was the ability to perceive what we are looking at. There are so many lies being perpetrated on society at this time in history that it tends to anger you. Why can’t anyone else see these lies? They are as plain as day to us. 

And after seeing the living conditions of those people in the “Third world” you honestly wonder how anyone can complain about anything in this country. One of my first thoughts I had when I got home was; “What are all you people complaining about?” Everybody’s caught up in all this trivia they think is so important. 

But, for the most part we truly lived in peace and tried our best to keep the love flowing out. Quite often to our own detriment. 

Conclusions / Consequences

Coming home? Yeah finally, after undestanding what's written in here. I physically returned back in 1971 but way back then nobody knew about any of this. We didn’t know we had been changed by the war, we were just glad to get out of it. But it didn’t take long to see that things were different. 

At the time you came home you were still young, you still had all the “privileges of youth” working for you so you could brush off all the subtle clues that you didn’t want to see anyway. But you knew inside something was different.

And it started immediately. At least it did for me. I remember driving home from the Airport the very night I returned. I had to have my sister pull the car off the road into a parking lot so I could get in the back seat. I couldn’t handle all that traffic coming at me in the front seat. Everybody was going so fast. I hadn’t been in a car in a year. The last vehicle I was in was a deuce and a half loaded with artillery ammo going down Highway 1 from Qui Nhon to Saigon. 

The only other time I was in a vehicle was, again, a deuce and a half loaded with artillery ammo on Highway 19 coming back from Cambodia and then moving our Division from An Khe to Qui Nhon. And that was scary coming down out of the Highlands going through those mountain passes down to sea level. Trucks loaded with high explosive artillery ammo losing their brakes. The road snaking down the side of the mountain. You could see the support crumbling out from below the road. Very nerve-racking. 

So now, here I am doing 50-60 miles an hour in a little Dodge Valiant heading north on Transit Road in Western New York. A truly frightening experience at the time. First clue.

The second clue came when I got home to my mothers place. My mother had died two days before, thus, the reason I was called from Vietnam 2 months early, so all my relatives were there. But they wouldn’t talk to me. Oh sure, they were polite and said the obligatory “hello” but they got away from me as soon as they could. It’s like they were all mad at me for something. So, after an hour of putting up with that I got with my brother and went for a couple of beers at the local tavern.

From then on all the little clues started piling up and eventually you had to deal with it. Especially after you started getting physically sick. 

The physical sickness from the Agent Orange and parasites was very frustrating. Nobody believed we were sick. And it’s very difficult to explain to somebody what Agent Orange actually does to you. Both physically and mentally. The mental part being the worse of the two.

I found out how devastating the mental part of it is only after I got rid of the Agent Orange. It's very subtle and very effective at ruining your life. It gives you a sense of hopelessness that you’re not really aware you have. It's very frustrating. 

I was lucky. While in the process of cleaning my body out from all the chemicals and parasites I picked up over there, I passed the Agent Orange on December 14th 1998, after a liver flush. Within minutes after expelling that stuff from my body I noticed a very subtle change inside of me. It took about three days for that sense to coalesce enough for me to get a real handle on it. But for the first time since 1971 I actually felt like I could make it. That I just might survive all this. I might live. Only then did I realize how nasty Agent Orange really is. 

Agent Orange was a great defoliant but when it washed off the foliage it got into the jungle streams and that’s where the grunts got their drinking water everyday. Plus, they mixed it with diesel fuel so it would stick to the foliage. Diesel fuel and Agent Orange, we were drinking it.

And then there’s the parasites. Most people missed this. It’s the parasites that caused most of the infamous “panic attacks” and paranoia we experienced. I learned this from Dr. Hulda Clark.

Parasites secrete ammonia as a normal biological by-product. Of course if you’ve ever smelled “smelling salts” you know what ammonia does to you. It wakes you up. Technically it stimulates the adrenal glands to secrete adrenaline. It triggers the “fight or flight” mechanism that served us so well in Vietnam. The only problem was that there was no war going on. 

I remember standing in line at the local grocery store when a panic attack hit. My God man. I knew I wasn’t in Vietnam. I knew the war was far behind me. What the hell was happening???? I had to get out of there. 

They’d hit while you’re at the mall doing some Christmas shopping. While you’re driving your car, working, playing, anytime. And trying to sleep at night was impossible. It was terrible. 

Well, eventually the Adrenal glands get a little tired from being constantly stimulated by the ammonia. Adrenal fatigue sets in and there goes your life. The Adrenal glands supply your body with the energy it needs to express life. Once they are burnt out you can't really participate in life anymore. And you wonder about that. You used to be able to do anything. Had plenty of energy. Not any more. Adrenal fatigue. You can’t even sleep at night to recoup your energy.

Then the paranoia sets in. Adrenal fatigue and no sleep causes paranoia. It’s that simple. You simply can’t get the energy you need to feel secure. By the way, sleep deprivation is the first rule of brainwashing. So, the parasites were just as bad as the Agent Orange. They burnt your adrenals out and didn’t allow you to sleep.

PTSD, Good old Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Trying to explain this to anyone is just about impossible. My personal experience with it is traveling back in time to Vietnam or Cambodia and not being able to come back until the incident I’m in the middle of runs itself out. Plus the night sweats and nightmares. I think the worst part about it is that you realize that you aren’t in control of you anymore. 

Something surprises you, or you hear an unfamiliar noise or something is out of place or you’re just sleeping and next thing you know your back in the war. Now, you know you’re really not there but your mind doesn’t listen. You’re back in Hell and the worst part about it is you can’t pull yourself out of it. It has to just run its course. Once it runs its course, which usually lasted about 2-3 hours with me, you have you back. But just knowing that this happens to you flushes your self determinism right down the toilet. You know at any time something can happen and you aren’t in control of you anymore for the next few hours. 

It pretty much puts a big “stop” right in the middle of your life. You can’t trust you anymore so automatically you stop trusting anybody else. Consequently you just try to keep the love flowing. 

Of course there’s much more to PTSD than what I’ve touched on here but you get the idea. Basically you can’t trust you anymore. The absurdity of that is that while you were in Vietnam you were the ONLY person you could trust. And you were good at it. Developing special skills to

My personal theory on PTSD revolves around having an original legitimate purpose to accomplish anything. Especially a war. Obviously the war was a con on both sides of the battlefield. “Charlie” was being used as a pawn by the same “elite” rulers that were using us. Without a legitimate purpose for the war it all seemed to backfire on us. At least on the guys who fought the war. Apparently not the guys who planned it and made all the money from it. 


1. What about these skills we acquired over there? How did that affect us once we got back to the world? How would having a perfect memory affect your life in a negative way? 

There’s actually two sides to this coin. And they both took a little time to develop. After a few years go by you start to see that you can remember dates, times and events that happened to you, or your loved ones, with great accuracy. As you realize this you simultaneously realize that most other people have a very poor memory and can remember very few specifics about their past. It makes you think that most other people are just plain dumb, which isn’t true at all. 

But consequently you end up getting very impatient with people. Intolerant and unwilling to take the time necessary to teach them about their perfect memory. Because you know damn well they have one. 

Eventually you come to see that most people live in an emotionally charged “now” that they can’t quite see is related to their own efforts and happenings of the past. It’s the old saying “if you don’t learn from your mistakes you are condemned to repeat them”. Of course to learn from your mistakes requires a good memory.

The tragedy here is that if you can’t see and understand the significant events of your own life and how they relate to your present time happiness or problems there’s a good chance you aren’t going to be able to see the social engineering taking place by our “big brother” government and the “movers and shakers” of the world. You know, the guys who sent us to Vietnam.

This is almost unacceptable to us Vietnam guys. To us Vietnam guys life is so precious that it’s hard to comprehend how anybody could live in such a way. That they could take life so nonchalant. That they don’t have the ability to connect the dots just because they simply will not take the time to remember.

We get accused of living in the past because of our good memory. However, if the past is the only place you can find any sanity you tend to stay there. At least until you get all this Vietnam garbage that was done to us in its right place. It’s very difficult to live in present time when the present is Hell itself.

The other side of the coin is a true life saver. Confrontational Therapy. Anybody who is having any success with any mental therapy at all is doing it with Confrontational Therapy. Everybody from Tony Robins to the old Christian confessional to Mr. L. Ron Hubbard’s famous Dianetics book. They all use Confrontational therapy to solve the individuals problems. And it does indeed work.

So, in that capacity having a great memory is a true life saver. You don’t have to worry about whether you’re using your imagination or not. You started doing the homeward bound memory trips shortly after you got “in country” and you did it everyday thereafter until you got home, so you know you’re good at it and you know its accurate. 

But it was the negative side of it that made it more difficult for us to mold back into society. We’d get impatient and intolerant with people for no apparent reason. Having a good memory just doesn’t seem to be that important to most people, which is very frustrating. 

2. The desire to see and the ability to perceive what you are looking at became a huge problem here in the world. Perhaps more-so than any other single thing. 

Ultimately, what are we desiring to see? TRUTH. Out in the jungle we were real good at it. Of course there wasn’t a lot of variables in the jungle. But it was life and death. It was right up there at the top of the priorities of life pole. 

“Seek and ye shall find”. In order to seek you need to be able to see. In order to see you have to have the desire to see. Unfortunately, at this time in history the desire to see the truth can get you into a lot of trouble. 

Society is layered with one lie after another, one con after another, one deception after another. The politicians and the people who own the politicians, the true rulers of this planet, have done an excellent job hiding the truth from society. It takes a considerable effort and lots of time to sift through it all to finally get to the truth in most any matter on a worldly scale. Eventually you learn that the world doesn’t run anywhere near the way most people think it does. There are layers and layers of lies, deceit, and deception that have to be pealed back to finally get to the truth. 

Fortunately the truth does indeed set you free. The only problem with seeking the truth, and loving the truth, is you automatically start to hold in great contempt the lies and the creators of the lies. The hate that develops doesn’t square with the love you have to manifest in your life. If you’re going to love the truth you have to figure out a way to deal with the lies and more specifically the creators of the lies. It's not an easy task but fortunately there is a very simple way to do this. 

Truth is a funny thing. I had to keep on learning because I simply couldn’t stop the desire to see. And once you see the truth about most of these things it is indeed heartbreaking. The "Ideal" that I fought for in Vietnam doesn’t exist and hasn’t existed for quite some time now. And that, breaks your heart.

3. These innate abilities we acquired are probably what most people sense in us that they are afraid of. 

Remember the “1000 yard stare”? What was that anyway? I remember the first time I saw it. In March of 70 we had just landed in Pleiku when I saw it on a friend of mine that had been “in country” since the previous July. He came walking out of the jungle and there it was. 

To this day I don’t really know what it is. But I know that I’ve got it. I tend to think it's these skills we picked up and what we had seen first hand. Apparently that comes through in your facial expressions. 

We’re awake, we’re alive, we can read minds, we can sense danger, we can ascertain truth whenever we see it, and we can see quite well, we’ve seen death firsthand, firefights, wounds and suffering firsthand. Serious stuff. Much too serious to retain childhood innocence. And yet, we were still kids. 

The ability to know what the other guy is thinking before he thinks it. The ability to communicate without words. The ability to sense danger, the ability to quickly comprehend most any situation. The ability to know what to do and how to do it without being told. The ability to perceive true intentions, the ability to survive against great odds. The ability to become life itself when necessary. The ability to know you have these abilities. And the ability to trust them above all else. Again, we were good in the jungle, real good. 

Yes, I studied all the psychic’s. I studied all the religions. I even did the Born-again Christian thing for a while. Hoping that would save me and stop this mental torment, you know, fulfill all the promises they so loudly proclaim. Non of it worked. I was still dying. 

To find out that most of the world you lived in before you went over there is nothing more than smoke and mirrors cuts to the very core of your existence. That world is an emotionally charged trivia show they put on for the public while the status quo marches on. It’s not easy to know all this stuff and come up with a valid reason to keep on living. Freedom gone, Constitutional Republic gone, Truth, Justice and the American way definitely gone.

So the innate skills we acquired saved us while over there and yet became a real burden for us here in the world. Ignorance is indeed bliss when you're young. Of course you pick up a lot of these skills as you get older but at 21 years old it ruins everything until you get a handle on it. Which takes years. I could go on and on about all that but I’m sure you get the idea. 

4. Life is precious, one minute you’re alive the next instant your dead. Just like that it’s all over. The lives of mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, wives, children, and all the friends of the fallen soldier permanently changed, in the blink of an eye, in a useless war. That, ladies and gentlemen, is true tragedy. Life is much to precious to be wasted in such a way.

The suddenness of that change is what stayed with us. Look, if you’re going to ruin a life, at least the guys who life it is, has the right to do that himself. That’s fine. I've seen some wonderful people, real characters, ruin their life and have a hell of a lot of fun doing it. There’s not a thing wrong with that as long as the option is theirs. 

But to ruin another’s life so you can make some more money, or so you can get you medals for bravery, is insanity.

Slowly, over the years the suddeness of change factor does fade quite a bit but its always there and it always keeps you on the edge of your seat. It always makes you mentally note where the exits are when you go into a large enclosed space. It never quite gets all the way gone. 

5. “All you need is love”. Well... Almost!!! It’s not quite that easy. Not quite all that cut and dry. Ultimately it might work, but not at this time in history. 

Of course, after seeing the war and going through all that it’s quite easy to take off in the opposite direction. Obviously war doesn’t work. Too many hidden agenda’s. Too much death and suffering. Lets go in the other direction - Love.

Well, that doesn’t work either. You end up getting used and abused by a wide variety of people. Including Governments, religions, doctors, wives, friends, family and a whole swarm of supposedly “honest” people. People you used to be able to be friends with. People that you may even have looked up to before the war. 

But at least when love doesn’t go right there’s nobody laying there dead. The worse that can happen is you’re out a few bucks or you get your heart broken a few times. But you figure that’s sure a hell of a lot better than war. If you’re going to error at least let it be on that side of the equation. Too much love NOT too much hate. Love hurts, but it beats war. 

So I discovered that love does indeed work but it doesn’t work all the time. It doesn’t seem to work on a certain segment of society. So, it occurred to me that if I was going to survive, indeed, get anywhere in life at all, I would have to find a way to deal with that segment of society that doesn’t respond to love. Who were these people?

Much to my surprise I discovered that the segment of society that doesn’t respond to real love are the liars and con-artists of the society. So I would have to learn how to lie to the liars and how to out-con the con man.

I’ve been doing that for a number of years now and it works like a fine Swiss watch. Its almost magical. And the neat part about it is that I can’t lie to honest people. I just can’t do it.

But, to the liars of the world I’ve gotten real good at it. Same thing for the con-man. It's amazing how easy it is and how much fun it is. And it works. It doesn’t take these people long to exit your life when you start pulling on them what they are guilty of. 


Vietnam was, indeed, tragic. There has never been a war like it in the history of man. Nor will there ever be again.

I was one of the lucky(?) ones. I was born and raised without drugs or vaccinations. Which gave me a good measuring stick to determine the severity of the chemical poisoning and mental problems we acquired over there. Needless to say it was very frustrating to go through all this while knowing what “normal” is. 

To get back to “normal’ on a physical level is the easiest part of the program. I used a combination of Dr Hulda Clarks anti-parasite program, Awareness Corporations anti-parasite product “Clear” and Standard Processes Zymex II. It took about 4 months to get rid of the serious infestation. I stayed on maintenance dosages for about 2 years after that just to make sure all the bugs were gone. 

The Agent Orange was expelled after taking the specific homeopathic remedy for Agent Orange, Colon Cleansing and the infamous liver flush.

The PTSD is also fixable with the confrontational therapies. My personal favorite is Dianetics and Scientology. 

My opinion is that it’s not the Agent Orange, parasites or PTSD that caused all the trouble we’ve had conforming back into society. It’s the perfect memory, the ability to see and perceive, and the heightened awareness that alienated us, that made us different, that wouldn’t allow us to go back to who we were.

For sure the Agent Orange took a lot of guys out. Killed them with liver disease. Which is indeed tragic. Same thing of the parasites and PTSD. A lot of people died because of these things. Living in hell up to the moment of death too. Not a very honorable way to go.

But, if there’s a flip side to this coin it has to be the special abilities we discovered within us. 

If you stop and think about it these traits are supposedly very highly valued by society. Perfect memory, the ability to see and perceive, innate skills. But apparently the acquisition of these traits must be done by orthodox methods if you are to be accepted by society. You must have an advanced educational degree. You must spend years and years in special spiritual training. You must meditate or spend years in specific mental gymnastics to acquire these skills. Only then will society accept you.

And perhaps that’s the biggest problem. Knowing that the advanced education isn’t required nor is the years of effort in spiritual training and mental discipline required. Knowing that it’s all within you at this moment ready and willing to be tapped anytime you want. In other words. It's all too easy. That’s the real problem. 

I figured, if I could pick up these skills, how hard can it be? The conclusion you have to draw from that is anybody can do it. Everybody has the same potential. The skills are already there buried within them and all they have to do is go get them. No higher education required. No spiritual training or mental discipline required. Just, go get them. 

If you spent any time at all in the jungle in Vietnam you have these skills. Whether you want them or not you’ve got them. It doesn’t matter what layer of society you came from, what color you are, what religion or anything else. If you were out on patrol in the jungle and were in a few firefights you acquired these traits. 

So you might as well accept it and acknowledge it. We are not the scary, weird, distant people “they” have made us out to be. The only problem we have is we’re too awake and we didn’t know what to do with all the input we were receiving back here in the world. In the jungle we were sensory starved. Here it’s sensory overload. 

Sort it out. Use your abilities to solve these problems. Don’t believe all the garbage that’s been said and printed about the Vietnam Veteran. The powers that be are afraid of anybody that seeks and knows the truth, not just us. The truth will save you and set you free and make you look at these people that start wars with pity because they truly are pitiful people. The truth shines through. 

In my efforts to go back to who I was before the war I even tried to look the same as I looked before the war. Cut my hair short, no field jacket or camo uniforms. I was surprised how much that helped too. 

There’s no effort in changing either. We’ve all tried to change and failed miserably. The only thing that can change you is when that light bulb of truth goes on in your head, then, you’re changed in the twinkling of an eye, no effort involved. The truth will change you, no belief required.

What I’ve tried to do in this essay is shine the light of truth on the Vietnam Vets for a change. Or any combat vet for that matter. Perhaps show the world that the Vietnam Vet is a very special person. What he went through was difficult and very slippery. And the skills he picked up fighting that senseless war are very valuable. 

Copyright: 2003

Dr. K. R. Sutter

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