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Cause of Depression

This is my recent correspondence with Doc Sutter.  What is getting me excited is the surprising link between a stressed liver and mental depression.  It pulls together a pool of observations made over my lifetime that conform to this core conjecture regarding the brain liver linkage.

I will go much further than this. 

Conjecture:                 Toxin accumulation in the liver or tackling specific toxins even sporadically suppresses the capacity of the lower brain linked directly to the important abdominal neural complex.  This naturally leads to blind struggle within the upper brain reacting to the instinctually perceived threat.

This is huge.  I am going out on a limb here and stating emphatically that all forms of depression are reflecting stress on the liver and correcting that will correct the depression.  Now this may not be true in absolutely all cases but it needs to be everyone's initial working hypothesis.  That is why I am coming down so strong here.

Obviously it becomes a hunt to locate the culprit.  It could be a random chemical poisoning, a bad dietary choice, or another biochemical disturbance in the body dumping toxins to the liver.  My point is that we suddenly know exactly where to look first.  Thus a work up of the liver’s biochemistry should allow us to pin down the most exact source.

Thus healers need to tackle depression as a toxin problem and forget about how the mind has rationalized it all.

Yeah, the Agent Orange is gone. I passed it Dec 14th 1998 after a liver flush. I had been taking the specific homeopathic remedy for both Agent Orange and Paraquat since Dec 3rd.

Interesting phenomenon on chemical elimination.

Chemical poisoning affects the mind in such a way you aren't aware of it until AFTER the chemical is gone.

I passed the Agent Orange about 11:00 PM on a Monday night. By the time I reached the bathroom door I could sense something was different inside. Something had changed. It took two days to get a handle on it.

The hopelessness was gone. A hopelessness I didn't even know I had was now gone. From that day on I knew I could make it. So it was a very big event. The turning point in my recovery.

The subtleness of chemical poisoning is the single biggest factor in chemical poisoning. Thus gives you considerable more compassion when dealing with people on the road back to health.

People literally don't know and can't concieve how screwed up their minds are until AFTER the chemicals are gone. Then they see.

No doubt there are many protocols that work. You'll find ALL of them do one or more of the four fundamentals of the Natural Healing Paradigm.

But the physical correction is just the start of the journey.

How do you capture a soul? How do you turn a powerful, creative, spirtual thing into a slave? Completely nullifying its opposition to you? 

Poison the body first. That effectively eliminates the mental capabilities and once accomplished the soul/spirit is easy pickings. Poison the body, eliminate analytical thinking, the soul/spirit is lost and will follow whoever tells it to do whatever. Mission accomplished.

Thus, mass drugging of society IS the backbone of their effort for world conquest. Flouride and prescription drugs being the biggest offenders.

To this day I've never taken a prescription drug or over the counter drug, not even an aspirin. No vaccinations as a child (Dad was a chiropractor and wouldn't allow it) but did get three in the military which I cleaned up with homeopathics back in the 80's. Was raised back in the 50's & 60's when the food was still good and believe it or not the Army chow wasn't bad either except in the jungle with the C Rations. Firebase chow was great. So except when I was too poor to eat well in college my diet has been excellent my entire life too. Thus I still have a good analytical mind. No chemicals in it.

Of course that kind of isolates me from the rest of society so there is a price to be paid.  

Once the physical corrections have been made or while they are being made the mental capabilities return. Then the real war starts. The heartbreak of the truths you can now see is substantial and cause emotional responses that you HAVE to get a hold of and deal with. That leads to spiritual awakening which of course is the ultimate goal and something truly marvelous to behold.

People are much more powerful and capable than they've been force fed to believe. Much more powerful.      

Of course the mental problems (PTSD, child abuse, etc.) are correctable too and the spiritual journey is just plain exciting, lots of fun. 

But it all starts with the physical.

Of course I don't tell people right off the bat about the mental and spirituial aspect of it, just get them started cleaning and feeding. That's enough and about all they can handle. Its a gradeint scale deal.

I'll cover my specifc protocol for cancer in another email. This ones getting rather long.

Take no prisoners,


on May 22, 2014, Robert Klein  wrote:

Hi Doc

I actually sat through all your videos and i do not do that often.  Yes that is an excellent explanation of the underlying fallacy in Western medical care.  I had come to similar conclusions from a different direction but your approach is much better and may well lend itself to rethinking the whole problem of the delivery of healing by a new class of practitioner  called formally a healer who does not practice emergency intervention per se.

I would go so far as to promote the idea that the alternative medicine community outright abandon the title of doctor except in the case of extreme excellence and adopt the formal title of healer.  Curiously a local medium identified myself as been a natural healer in perhaps a previous existence and I am certainly acquiring a vast amount of knowledge in the area whether I wish to or not.

your core protocol is good common sense of course but other protocols are also out there that are well worth having in the quiver.

I presume the toxins from agent orange are well removed?

Let us both think about where all this can lead.  The need is vast and cannot be easily satisfied.  I certainly want that problem solved without entering a fight to the death with the quacks.  I am toying with several options but nothing has quite jelled yet. 


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