Friday, May 30, 2014

How much Longevity Can be Achieved Now?

What this asks is can we achieve significant longevity with what must be described as item by item restoration.  It seems we should but I am more inclined to expect any practical system will tackle all tissues and restoration will remain available for gross damage.

I am actually optimistic that aging itself can be seriously slowed and actually stabilized.  With that restoration methods can be awaited for any necessary application.  One clear example of this will be dental restoration already close to leaving the laboratory.  The same methods and stem cell methodology are all allowing us to already replace simple organs with our own replacements.

The next decade should make the century mark common and continuous sound health as common.   If that is all that were on tap, we would all take it.

The real breakthrough will be the cessation of cellular aging and even some regression.  That also suggests that real success there can slowly regress cellular age back to the human prime which is typically mid thirties.

Thus I think that we can make an interesting predictive chart.

Present age group                    45 – 60                        60 – 70                        70 – 85

Adding one decade:               75%                             25%                             10%
Adding two decades              50%                             15%                             2%
Adding three decades             25%                             5%                               <1 o:p="">
Adding five decades              5%                               1%                               <1 o:p="">
Note that I am not now prepared to make this last entry the zero it has been.

What is not so obvious is that it requires special care to actually be able to tap life extension options.  Possible is a long way from ready availability, particularly as much of our culture is not prepared for it nor particularly good choices for true life extension.  Once availability becomes clear, everyone will prepare properly.  Today most make a real mess of it.

How much longevity could be achieved with rejuvenation of 98.5% of the body

MAY 05, 2014

These approaches and using young stem cells to replace old cells in various locations are heading towards replacing more and more of the body with younger cells. This intuitively would seem to be an effective way to extend lives if the procedures can avoid any harmful effects of replacing the tissue and cells.

By being able to repair or regenerate the spinal cord it would be possible to perform whole body donations.

A whole body donation would be something that is technically feasible but unproven and very expensive with a lot of work to overcome or prevent the damage.

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