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Having a Soul or Been the Soul

Thank you for sharing this.  I will share my thoughts so far.  As you can imagine and we are really moving quickly here, this is an inquiry in progress and I have already found myself adjusting positions.  So by no means will this be a final position.

First it is necessary to understand the underlying meta mathematics of our physical universe that includes a sixth operator which we see expressed as consciousness and by inference as soul, as spirit and as angel and as the super mind as well.  The easiest way to tackle this is through the five operators of Boolian Algebra which omits a natural sixth operator whose task it to confirm that output remains acceptable.  Think about this for a moment.  Our physical universe is not allowed to produce garbage and fall into random disarray and this is how it all happens.

Conjecture:                The SOUL is the perfect pattern of our physical existence and by inference the perfect pattern of our derivative spirit.

Conjecture:                GOD is the perfect pattern of all existence and the total sum and content of this universe at least.    It can be best understood as the super mind that supports us when we call upon it and if we call upon it.  It produces agents that we can now identify as SOUL and ANGEL.

So much for perfection.  In our physical existence we then have both soul and spirit and the spirit is tasked with accumulating experience and striving toward the natural perfection of SOUL or even striving to work against that perfection.

Conjecture:                SPIRIT is the accumulation of our experiences and the vessel of our identity as well.  We have been cut loose to evolve and in our particular case, to evolve the Earth in particular and plausibly the Solar System as well.  Yet the SPIRIT always has the SOUL as a pattern of perfection to guide it.

Conjecture:                ANGELS are also active agents of GOD in the same manner as SOUL but it appears that they never take on physical form.  Their task is well described in my recent post but essentially they share information mind to mind which SPIRIT does not.  This allows them to assist human intention by providing tools to those who are sensitive.  It has zip to do with command and control but all to do with personal acceptance and faith.

Thus the answer to your question is that you have a soul as the perfect pattern of yourself and that you also have a spirit as consciousness as well as a living body,  both tasked with living up to that ideal of perfection.

Our spirits do get to choose the life pattern they embark upon.  They retain the capacity to shift those pathways as well throughout their lives but as you pointed out this is often hard.   I can report that my experiments have left me laughing at myself.  It is perhaps why old men become wise and way more accepting.

Thank you again for your letter.

I have eliminated identification information from this letter however the person is a doctor in his sixties who is well informed on alternative healing protocols as well.

Hello Arclein: I read with great interest your article in Terra forming Terra about "Earth Angels".

I've been waiting for someone to come along that can answer a very perplexing question I've had for quite some time now. Please don't laugh at this it hangs up my entire life.

Having a soul or being the soul.

My second wife before I met her had the Near death experience. She was clinically dead for a good 20 minutes. No heartbeat, no respiration, no brain waves - dead. She came back to tell about the experience. I had already studied the NDE before I met her back in the 80's. Moody's work. She related the typical NDE tale. I've also had several patients that have had the NDE. All relate the same tale upon their return.

Here's the question. Are you the soul? The NDE seems to state that you are indeed the soul. Its your consciousness that comes back and relates the tale, the NDE. Thus, you the consciousness ARE the soul. You don't have one you ARE one.  

I'm also a combat veteran and have been surrounded by death on a few occasions. That experience leaves you not doubting at all that you don't die when the body dies. Spirits floating around everywhere. Part of that "no atheists on the battlefield" slogan. That also seems to point to being a soul not having one.

Your article seems to point to "having" a soul, not being the soul.

When I was 16 years old my life was laid out in front of me by an Ouija Board. At the time I had never even heard of an Ouija Board, didn't pay much attention to it, thought it was a parlor game and didn't bother with one ever again.

However, at the end of my last marriage it hit me like a ton of bricks. That damn Ouija Board was right about everything. The Ouija Board experience was back in 1965. The last marriage ended two years ago. But it was about a year before the marriage ended when I realized it was going to end that the Ouija Board experience hit. So that's about the Winter of 2011.

What's going on here? Where did the Ouija Board get its information from? It HAD to be me or at least the subconscious me or the soul.

My experiences in life tell me YOU are the soul, yet this Ouija board predicted with uncanny accuracy my whole life. Even spelled out my first wifes name. That one time was the only time I had anything to do with an Ouija Board and again I thought it was a parlor game. Didn't take it seriously at all.

I was 16 yars old when that happened. In 2011 when I realized it all came true I've been in a quandry ever since.  

Someone somewhere knew well in advance what my life was going to be all about. As hard as I tried to make it otherwise I failed. Was that me carrying out my between life programming? Was it the Earth Angles? Was it God Himself? Was it making up for Karmic debt from past lifetimes. Which I can easily remember by the way. Also got the psychic stuff in combat and that's no fun at all. People are so caught up in trivia and a lot of hate out there.    

I've studied just about everything there is to study on this subject and you're the first person that I've asked about my personal experience.

So the question is: Are you the soul or do you have a soul??? The answer seems to be yes to both those qustions which of course can't be.

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