Monday, May 19, 2014

Downtown Mega Power Plant.

What this image here represents is a revolution in grid energy production.  It can put out according to an engineering work up done through a NASA engineering group a total of one million brake horsepower.  It uses no fuel whatsoever and no inputs whatsoever.   It will be made from concrete and that includes the inner shell.

It needs to be six hundred feet high to establish a two degree gradient between ground level and the higher atmosphere.  This is a sixty story building.

The outer sleeve of rising air will rocket out through the top at over one hundred miles per hour.  This is proved by any cold smoke stack.  This produces a massive vacuum within the inner shell which has to be able to handle severe pressure.  That is why it must also be made from strong concrete and rebar.

Not shown, we will have vertical generators taking power off the rim of the rotor which will ride on air pads at a rim velocity approaching 150 miles per hour.  I suspect that we are looking at as many as sixty 10,000 horsepower generators to tap the power.  The actual RPM will be several RPM.  The generators can all be in the cellar of the structure.

I have not cross - checked any of these quoted numbers and the rotor itself will weigh at least 200 tons.  Yet it all appears about right.  I am just been paranoid of course.  This is not difficult to work up.

A budget workup was done a decade ago and this structure came in at 37,000,000.  The rotor and the generators and the transformer farm are also a huge investment as well.

Way more important is that this can be built right in the middle of a large city.

One such plant in the City of Vancouver would produce enough power to supply the entire West Coast of the USA.  The output is actually equal to one third of the Hoover Dam.  Thus three of these can replace the Hoover Dam. 

This is then suited to population centers holding 10,000,000 people.

The footprint is four hundred feet round and six hundred feet high.  It drops to 126 feet round
 The inner shell is 240 dropping to 90 feet.  


Geothermal Electrical Generator

Today’s technological advances allow us to find water in the Martian polar ice caps, yet we are still struggling in our quest for clean, cheap, renewable energy sources.  Why?  Perhaps we are not asking the proper questions?  The atmosphere that envelopes our planet is a natural reservoir of untapped molecular energy.  It is a storage battery consisting of unseen molecules which we generically refer to as gas.  Consider these tiny molecules as if they were alive, perhaps we can compare them to ants in the animal kingdom.  Alone, they are powerful but hardly noticeable; however, when they unite in the industry of their colony they are capable of reducing an entire elephant, weighing several tons, to clean, stripped bone.

Our atmosphere, which is composed of 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, and 1% argon, does not create energy, rather it is charged directly by outside sources.  One source, the sun, energizes the atmosphere and the resulting force is called wind.  We are all readily familiar with this source of energy, as we have watched it move ships under sail for centuries.

Another source of energy, which charges the atmosphere, is surface geothermal energy emitted by the earth.  This Geothermal force, or GTF, moves the atmospheric gases in an equally unseen manner.  We can see the power of GTF’s when they lift a giant condor or a glider high into the sky.  Geothermal forces can be measured based on their ability to do work.  These units of energy which I will refer to as GTU’s, Geothermal units, can be concentrated to move large turbines and produce horsepower and electricity.  One only needs to understand the mechanics of concentrating GTU’s.

I have developed a system to harness GTU’s  as an abundant, constant, non-polluting, and renewable source of energy.  I call my system the Geothermal Electrical Generator (G.T.E.G).  My system will produce electricity in rain or shine, day or night, summer or winter, without depending on the sun or any other source of energy except geothermal surface forces.

One of my objectives is to educate people to further understand energy.  It is all around us.  It is as simple and as common as air and as complex as life itself.  Supplying true energy is a non-polluting process.  The process is utilizing the living entity, known as “gas” or “air”.

The process depends on how we determine its functions.  I believe I have broken through to a key part of the process whereby I am able to produce velocity with no moving parts or artificial power sources.  It translates to the following:  Free velocity = Free energy.

No scientist can deny this.  The structure I am revealing to you is a living and breathing structure.  It is an atmospheric generator and a particle accelerator.  Thus, velocity equals energy.  It is simple yet complex at the same time and can provide high ranges of horsepower, which can then be converted to electricity and hydrogen.  Basically, all the power you desire with no pollution.

Free energy has a cost of construction but no cost to the environment.  As unobvious as it is, we (humans) have the answers to all our environmental problems.  My system of free energy is a valuable asset to the existing world as well as future generations of this planet.

Clean air, water, and earth are all in the best interest of human life.  This document was not written to convince or persuade you into anything.  My goal is simply to explain how this system is constructed and operated, and from that point – you come to your own conclusion.  I am not a salesman; I just want clean air and water for my children and the children of the world.

Explanation of the generator and particle accelerator

I have found that the smallest particle is the strongest working energy.  Throughout my life I fought with the biggest hurdles in the industry:  wind, mud, water, and sand, which are small particles.  These elements are made of small particles: harmless in small amounts, but extremely powerful in large amounts.

Throughout the years, I have discovered a very powerful phenomenon with regards to the structure of gas.  The reaction that occurs with a small change in temperature is exciting.  The gas molecule expands and contracts very quickly, which is translated into movement.  A few well known examples this phenomenon are tornados and hurricanes.  The power of destruction for these occurrences is still virtually unknown to man.  I believe strongly in the use of these phenomenon and am able to duplicate the power of a tornado and use it in maintaining the reaction for an indefinite period of time.

If the geothermal system is provided at the right time and place, then you have movement which in turn equals energy.

How to use geothermal to our advantage

Geothermal is a phenomenon brought about by a change of temperature of gas molecules.  The change of temperature can be either high or low.  A slight change of .0001 degree is enough to fuel the generator and maintain a flow.  This flow is my fuel for the secondary chamber.  At this point, by transferring to different galleries upon entry to the inner chamber, velocity is produced; velocity greater than the flow of the primary chamber.  This is the primary function of the generator:  producing high velocity and maintaining it for as long as you wish.

So far, there are no moving parts in this generator, only chambers, galleries, and transfers.  The turbine is found in the secondary chamber.  The multiple opening along the bottom of the secondary chamber achieve a high velocity jet stream which causes the turbine to spin.  Now that I have velocity, I can then transfer the energy to horsepower with horizontal turbines.

With a turbine sized 200 feet in diameter, weighing 200 tons, the output is over 1 million horsepower.  You can imagine what we can produce with that kind of power converted to electricity and hydrogen with no pollution.

I seriously believe this concept of energy is the most desirable power plant with zero pollution in this world.  Don’t be fooled by old energy disguised as new and different; it is not true.  You are seeing a false presentation.  I am willing to put two years of my life towards completion of this project because I strongly believe this plant to have the best potential over all the other power plants:     

ü  No risk of nuclear disaster
ü  No risk of flood white water
ü  No risk of pollution by fuel or coal.

Facsimile and dimensions of the power plant



Brondhal said...

Interesting idea. Do you have more info on this?

arclein said...

Not yet. The original work was done with a team of several engineers out of NASA who came up with the million horsepower potential. That feels correct by the way, but it still needs careful design engineering to be comfortable. I have plenty of concerns of a practical nature here.

the actual structure shown here came in at 57,000,000 ten years ago.

What we need is the capital and a sales contract which i can get easily enough out of BC Hydro who can then sell the power throughout the western USA.

Vailhem said...

Why make it just 600ft tall? Would making it taller increase the power? or is there some sort of limitation to the energy given the atmosphere change? ... like, you'd have to go a 'lot taller' to enter the next atmosphere to see a significant increase? ...something along those lines?

I 'know' with HAWTs, every increase in blade length / height is like an exponential increase (of some sort) in power harnessed. Would the same apply to making this taller?

What about applying a smaller version near a power plant where the exhaust of the power plant was designed to be pumped into the base... being warmer and needing to rise up... vs ambient temperatures?

Obviously that negates the idea that this could be built in a city's downtown area, but land is usually pretty inexpensive near a power plant and the idea of utilizing both seems like it could be an investment-return multiplier

arclein said...

600 feet is likely the safe engineering limit. That also provides a minimum two degree differential. Taller is better and the improvement is seriously non linear which is why a pilot facility at 250 feet will make it but not nearly as good.

You are right about dumping surplus heat into the bottom. It could be a city thermal plant used to provide steam to large buildings as we do in Vancouver.