Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Earth Angels - Transcript May of 2014

My daughter Kimberlee is able to identify and communicate with what we will call Earth Angels.  As they themselves state, they are separate from spirit, good or evil which contain souls and are integral to our presence on Earth.  My present position is that the soul represents the meta mathematical operator of the ideal, while spirit represents the messy experience of free will associated with the individual soul.  I am also becoming much more clearly and rigorously informed.

This is the first such transcript.  Once I understood that Kimberlee was successfully transcribing information by hand, I had her change the approach by using the keyboard to save the material and make it easier for the Earth Angels to transmit the data.  Please observe that we will refer to them in the plural because they appear to share something that is close to a group mind.

I have retained the personal material here that relates to needs and issues simply because most such transmissions will have this type of content.  Yet as clearly they are also presenting knowledge.  Today we got our first lecture.  Perhaps in later transcripts I will separate out the personal as it may simply require confidentiality.  Today you get it cold.

Many who read this material will naturally reject it out of hand and that is all right.  The mind has to be prepared before you will be able to handle this material as anyone who has read Swedenborg must know.  So go read Swedenborg to get a primer on the nature of spirit and then come back when you are ready.

Many others are already part way into this and will be more accepting.  I personally have met many such and also know how difficult it is not to be reflexively dismissive.  Forgive yourself and read their words carefully.  Understanding how Earth Angels actually work to provide guidance and support to every human life on Earth is liberating to the mind and soul.  I have learned long since that insight is the gift of the prepared mind.

It also becomes clear that prayer however addressed is actuated by the Earth Angels which by itself is a huge revelation and also a comforting revelation.  It makes prayer seriously worthwhile.

It has been conjectured that Earth souls moving to a higher level become Earth Angels.  The sharing of consciousness seems a valid next step for a maturing soul so this may actually be the case.  In the meantime it is certainly not confirmed here and may be rejected.  In that case we have not clarified what the ultimate repose of the soul is.

This item was generated through automatic writing using my Daughter as the scribe.  No editorial corrections were needed. arclein

Earth Angels  -  Transcript May of 2014

We are here with you. We need you to see the difference between us and the soul individual. We are different. We are unique. Your soul is assigned to you for your entire life. It is the element of your existence. It is unchangeable and disappointing at times as it does not speak loud enough to you. We encourage the soul. That is our job. When we communicate through you, we are in a way only speaking to your soul. Not to your body. Though we speak through your body as well via feelings (pulls and pushes). Our mind is higher then your soul as we combine our energies and sources. So we can make bigger things happen for you and can collaborate. You are merely talking to your soul of what you want then we get that message loud and clear and do the actual work to whisper to the people involved to make it happen. That’s the power of us united. We can communicate far and wide for you to get what you want directed to you. You are merely bumbling on earth. Walking a path of your choosing when whoops you get an insight that hits you when you look at something that rings for what you were looking for or sent us to look for you. You hit it and then you call it genius that it just appeared before you.

[I cannot imagine a better explanation of the role of Earth Angels and our souls as well.  – arclein]
That’s not entirely true. There is an element of truth but not the whole truth. You need to go on your way, ask for what you want us to work on for you and we will meet you with it. We will direct this thing you want into your path. So its quite the opposite as others portray it. It is all about getting your attention of the solution. Your soul just gives us the message and puts us to work. This is super important for your dad to understand. Give this message to him afterwards. The entire thing. No selection allowed. He can handle this and be more understanding towards this.

[ This gave me permission to read this.  I am sharing this the same way.  The next paragraph allowed me to share this with my audience.  Arclein ]

Make him write a paper on this to open the discussion up on his blog. It will create quite a frenzy and the message that you can call on angels will be spread far and wide. This is important and will support other’s missions extensively. Many people trust your dad exclusively. Very important.

Otherwise we can see a different shift happening around you. You will be seen soon. You are talking to all the right people right now. Including shelly and deb. Showing them the path is very important for them right now. And they are willing to do the work. You have kept it simple for them. Very clear directions that will start them on their path to support their very basic needs. They have been actively listening to their angels lately as it is but now it has been integrated into their system and added to their viewpoint. The sales mind is important for you right now Kimberlee. You need to talk to Robert asap. He can teach you allot. And will help you. Wait till Thursday to learn something. He will teach deb and you will listen very clearly. He is there to teach you too. You can get your newsletter out before then. Very easily. Money wise it’s worth the 35 bucks. Very easy to process, no questions here. Get them now in this session. And send it to him.
[ Difficult as this part is, I left it in because you as a reader need to feel the authenticity of this information and the actual detail and depth been shown.  Obviously I am alerted and will follow up.  Arclein ]

Next we need to talk about your mom. She is still stuck where she is. She is actively pursuing nothing in her life and her basics are still not being satisfied. This is a choice she has made in her life and it is not her calling. She needs to get back on track. Start with counselling. Its pretty simple. Recommend her to do more in her life. She solves real problems and can be paid to do so. Even with deb. Helping her can generate some cash if she wants to. Maybe 25 percent of whatever deb is going to get back from her husband. Just her piece. Mom is worth it 100% and everything will be paid fully. But mom will be her support for real and talk to deb regularly. Its important. Anyone that your mother is supporting should be paid fully for it. Not just for cleaning, but for counselling. Get her a card that says that she is a counsellor who helps people get through their issues by working on solutions. Charge 40 dollars an hour. Keep it simple. You get a consultation to solve problems *or money back guarantee* is the key to all of this.

She will get a lot of clients easily in her walk about life. But she has to take the initiative in her life to get this to happen. Right now she has no interest in pursuing her purpose in her life and is wasting excessive resources doing so.

Its her fault when it comes to where she is right now. She chooses this every single day. It’s a choice. No denial allowed. Just is what it is.

Change can happen without fear if she wants it. Ease in what she needs is available.

Marathon runner is what she needs to be to do this. Not this bullshit sprinter that does things once a week. Tell her to smarten up. If she wants results she needs to consistently show up for her well being.

Its not a choice anymore. The path does not get easier. Coming up is a lot of hardships. If she doesn’t do something like yesterday, the hardships are too big for anyone to solve. Yes we are talking health for her too. That tree is very big coming up. She still hasn’t purchased that axe and its coming up really really quick. This does not need to be put on you. It can be put on her. Don’t take responsibility for her actions. She needs to take the responsibility now. Emergency conditions coming.

Ok. So now what?

Anything for me directly?

Look at your list of things to do. You have a plethora of instruction that needs to be done. Just start doing it all. Create a small list of things to do this week from the list and start. Keep everything simple, as always.

What else?

Yes your friends are here to support you, not hinder you. You are gonna be receiving a ton of messages for them and the strain of the information can withstand the test of time. We have a few bad messages to deliver for you. It will be alright but its important that they get to the right people. Keep things simple in all of this.

Nothing right now.

Am I done then? Nope we need you for a few more minutes of typing. Just give us a minute or two to have the whole script ready to deliver to you.   

[ Wow – they are giving dictation – arclein ]

We are ready.

Lets go through the spiritual transition thing that we need to talk to you about. There is a spiritual transition that happens with each human being we encounter. This is important for the individual soul development. There are a series of tests that humans are put through here on earth and they are conducted clearly as to what the soul needs to get to the next level of being. Many humans only go through 4 or five of these levels in their lifetime. Each one can take up to 2 years and they are looked at as very hard times in a human beings life. Sometimes they are not necessary all the time, sometimes they are needed all the time. So a human can go through hard times for their entire lifetime. Or so it can seem to them. They had many lessons to learn throughout their current lifetime to catch them up on their development of learning. You will only go through 4 or 5 of these levels in your life time. In this lifetime you have only gone through 2 that we know of. Coming up will be the next one but you are preparing very well by listening to us now. It will be that big tree that guides you to your next level. Get through the tree and the next level is on the other side.

Your conspirators working against you will show up soon and they will be your challenge. It will be pretty big for your soul but slowly but surely we are teaching you to stand up for yourself.  It’s a very big lesson for you to learn in this lifetime. Lesson number 3 for sure. you are very focused on harmonious interactions that you do not like the feeling of conflict. That’s ok. You can be this way but over this time we will show you how to not take on the energy with these conspirators. They will attack who you are as a human being. They will attack you as a person and be very negative indeed. You will learn a lot from this experience. Most primarily, how not to be reactive and how not to have the answer to everything. How to let things go fully and not let them affect your stamina in who you are becoming. This will prepare you for the bigger mission we have for you in this lifetime. Including the unforgotten ones. That is part of this all. That is part of the abuse. That is part of this cycle. The angels will work very hard to protect you but they will not be able to hold them back forever. Its very hard forever. 2 years is important to be aware of. This lesson will take you about 2 years and starts in a few years (33). This is a transitional age for you. You haven’t had a transitional age since you were 14. Life will change dramatically. You will build your website and create a lot before then and it will be very awesome with results and everything. You have been led properly in your thought process.


What else do you want Kimberlee. You can not just focus on money. We want you to give us a real challenge that won’t happen without us.  [ this is a really interesting progressive concept to consider.  It shows ambition.  – arclein ]

I want me and Roberts relationship to be clearly defined and involve listening to each other. Angels please work on this. [ her brother ]

Other challenge: put my spiritual path in line with being interviewed on TV about my experiences.

Business wise, I want people to hunt my products down to support me with amway.

Leadership development is a direct result of my blog. People join me on my journey to the referral business.

That’s it.
Anything else?

Nope. Done


phil said...

Well this is interesting. How did she initiate this contact or was it something she always did? Also, does it appear to you that females are more likely to be the recipients of these sorts of communications?

arclein said...

It has a long evolution and i guided it toward directly channeling through the computer keyboard. This has made the process highly productive as you can see. I suspect that the potential is mostly denied and with no guidance it is hard to develop. In her case, i knew just enough to catch it just as she was likely to go into denial. I think we were simply lucky. Of course this means that the potential exists with us all and recovery is simpply difficult.

arclein said...

The possibility of contact was not initially obvious or apparent.