Friday, May 31, 2013

Self Directed Regeneration

 This is well worth pursuing and it is so counter intuitive to all we think that we know. Note that long term chronic pain will require a great deal of effort but this at least provides useful guidance.

Otherwise it is actually simple. Focus your mind through visualization on the injury and demand healing. Just playing with this approach is allowing myself to challenge a long time imbalance that has been annoying me for a long time. If this works for you tell us about your experience here and I will write it up.

I hope that this helps.

Speed healing of trauma injuries through self directed regeneration

Results are directly related to the time and effort employed.

It hurts? Take a deep breath and feel all that tension, fear and pain, on the exhale let all that tension and fear go. Do this several times please to active the relaxation response. If successful you have just mastered the first step in self directed healing. This step is important because tension, fear or being emotional upset hinders the healing systems ability to function.

If it does not hurt and you know it's damaged you can apply stress to make it hurt, standing up straight on a hard floor is the method which has the smallest chance of causing further damage. There is also the jigsaw method you use the parts you can feel to define the parts you cannot same as in putting together a puzzle.

I discovered how to deal with the "pain" the morning after my last bicycle crash when it hurt to breath and I could not stand up straight. Standing in the living room it came to me, this is not how I'm going to spent the rest of my life. I knew of two ways to obtain extraordinary healing, through prayer or force of will. Exactly how they worked was unknown so I sat down and explored one thing both methods have in common. They originate or are activated inside your head.

The first thing I found as I explored inside my head was a pain signal. Upon examining that signal closely I discovered there was more information than location and ouch in it. Pain or a distress signal is a holographic burst transmission generated by injured cells. The ouch or pain part is the feeling centers interpretation of the flag or priority indicator of a distress signal.

If you route a distress signal through your visual cortex you will see in 3D color exactly whats wrong.

Ripped cables(muscles), crushed pipes(veins/arteries), crimped wires(nerves), muscle imbalances or anything else you have damaged. This routing is done by focusing on the distress signal in a manner very similar to focusing your eyes on a tiny detail while insisting, demanding, commanding to see what the problem is. Eye hand coordination the ability to scratch your nose without poking your eye out would require the sense of feel and sight to communicate. So a "channel" exists It's up to you to determine the content being processed.

Once you know exactly what the problem is it can be fix directly, speedily.

Pain has a peak intensity of approximately 220 volts. I can make that comparison because I burnt a pair of side cutters on a live line at work one day.

Yes if you focus on the signal to the degree necessary you will experience pain at peak intensities. The alternative to short term discomfort/agony is a life time of disability and pain.

You have an automatic regeneration/healing system, but it does not work well over distance. For example if the ends of cut muscles are not lined up exactly they are reattached as is or not at all, causing a muscle imbalance. So using isometric exercises or self massage you will have to line the loose ends up exactly so the auto system can reconnect them in the correct position.

Fresh injuries as in minutes old can be healed extraordinarily fast. Old injuries due limitations of the auto system and complications are a major hassle. The best example of a complication is limping or compensating. Most people shift muscle use and tension when injured to avoid aggravating the injury.

This sets up muscle imbalances which over time become locked in, then they pull your joints and spine out of alignment. Those imbalances also increase the risk of further injury.

The process is tedious and painful but I can sprint across a street to beat traffic or put in a day at work where it use to hurt to breath.

I discovered this bit of human ability in Nov of 1986.

A very use full skill the relaxation response .

The placebo effect can increase the effectiveness of sugar pills against disease between 5-10%. think of it as software.

    BBC News - Negative experiences can stop painkillers working
    A patient's belief that a drug will not work can become a self fulfilling prophecy, according to researchers. To me the study indicates that the drugs do not work. If your expectations have that effect it's all a placebo effect.
    BBC News - Pain reduced by changing what you look at

    What you look at can strongly influence how much pain you feel, a study reveals. This clearly shows how much "science" really knows about how your brain works...JamesB

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