Monday, May 13, 2013

2012 Aquaculture at 42% of Global Fishery

If you inspect these charts, the one thing that is clear is that the wild catch is not growing at all and is stable at 90 million tons.  A fishery collapse or two and it is heading down.  At the same time aquaculture innovation is continuing apace and will soon displace even the tuna with an equivalent.

Thus it is apparent that aquaculture will surely surpass the wild catch in 2021.  In time I also expect that aquaculture economics will also force the wild fishery to contract and rationalize.  In fact that has been happening in many subtle ways.

In the long term, all fisheries will be successfully managed in an environmentally competent way.  Do not presume that nature had it right either all the time.  It really has a bright future in all aspects however lousy a particular practice may still be.

MAY 10, 2013

 This is based on the preliminary data for several major producers and projections for others, the world aquaculture production of food fish in the year 2012 is estimated at around 66.5 million tonnes. World aquaculture production of food fish reached 62.7 million tonnes in 2011, up by 6.2% from 59 million tonnes in 2010. The estimated value of farmed food fish is USD 130 billion. Farmed aquatic algae production in 2011 was 21 million tonnes, worth USD 5.5 billion.

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Roffi said...

Very nice article.. I think the aquaculture must be developed with a better strategy to make it a profitable business for everyone.