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Freeze Drying

 Freeze drying solves a fundamental problem of agriculture. It is high quality storage. You can mobilize the manpower to process the crop at season's height but you cannot ever sell more than the market can absorb of fresh food. Freeze drying is the one size fits all solution and superior to all others. We are merely used to dealing with the alternatives to produce satisfactory outcomes.

This tells us that deliverable technology is not there yet at the small operator scale at an attractive price. It needs to be.

As I have posted many times, the current limiter for modern agriculture has been a lack of engaged manpower. This takes tools and plenty of them to internally lift the gross per acre.

Freeze drying nicely captures short runs of most vegetables and fruit to produce a safely stored and valuable product.

Freeze Drying

Two years ago, I was trying to purchase a long-term storable freeze-dried, non-GMO, certified organic corn and I was shocked to realize there isn't any sold at retail!

As you probably already know, freeze-drying is the No. 1 best method for preserving foods. It pulls the water out but leaves the taste, texture and nutrient content almost 100% intact.

All freeze-dried fruits and vegetables are technically "RAW" because freeze-drying occurs at below-zero temperatures.

That's why freeze-dried fruits and vegetables taste better and store better than anything else. But when I tried to find freeze-dried organic blueberries, I was out of luck, too: nobody offered them in a long-term storable format.

It turns out that finding non-GMO, certified 100% organic, non-CHINA-grown foods for long-term preparedness was all but impossible. So I realized we were going to have to come up with this solution here at Natural News.

Fast forward two years to late 2012: We nailed down a certified organic (USDA-audited) food facility in central Texas. I schooled myself in food safety and handling, receiving state-required certifications for overseeing food production facilities, so now I'm the supervisor for all production runs at the facility.

We acquired food packing automation equipment, including labelers, weighers, mixers and fillers. And then we began sourcing organic, non-GMO freeze-dried foods. My criteria were very strict:

1) NO CHINA. Nothing from China, period.
2) NO FILLERS. No flow agents or hidden ingredients, period.
3) Must be certified organic, with USDA certification.
4) Must be non-GMO.
5) Must have a minimum two years of shelf life (or longer).

With this in mind, we set out to locate the best sources in the world for whole corn, whole blueberries, mango pieces, strawberry slices and so on.
It turns out there is a very limited supply of organic, non-GMO, non-China, Freeze-Dried fruits and vegetables available, and we weren't able to buy the quantities we had hoped for. But we did get several thousand pounds of some items, and we've been busy packaging them into pouches and #10 cans.

Here's what we have available right now, in limited quantities, all from this page (click here).

* Organic Freeze-Dried Non-GMO Whole Corn (USA) (2.5 oz pouch)
* Organic Freeze-Dried Non-GMO Whole Corn (USA) (18 oz storable can)
* Organic Freeze-Dried Whole Blueberries (USA) (2 oz pouch)
* Organic Freeze-Dried Whole Blueberries (USA) (15 oz storable can)
* Organic Freeze-Dried Mango Pieces (Mexico) (7 oz pouch)
* Organic Freeze-Dried Mango Pieces (Mexico) (15 oz storable can)
* Organic Freeze-Dried Blackberry Halves (Serbia) (2 oz pouch)
* Organic Freeze-Dried Blackberry Halves (Serbia) (13 oz storable can)

In addition to this list, Organic Freeze-Dried Whole Raspberries are coming in 1-2 weeks. Plus, we'll be adding more fruits and vegetables to this list as supplies are available (strawberries will arrive in 2-3 months).

Why freeze-dried is the No. 1 best preservation method

Freeze-dried fruits and vegetables have 98% of their water removed, leaving a very lightweight, almost "crunch" pop-corn type of texture. They rehydrate to approximately ten times their dry weight, meaning that if you buy one pound of freeze-dried organic corn, you are actually buying roughly ten pounds of the original corn.

Freeze drying makes foods extremely light and easy to store, easy to transport, and they can be eaten raw like snacks or reconstituted with water to use in soups and other recipes. They also work great in baking recipes (freeze-dried blueberries work wonders in blueberry pancake recipes).

There are many methods of drying foods: sun-dried, drum dried and spray dried are the most common. Only freeze-dried fruits and vegetables are "raw," as all other methods subject them to high heat. Freeze-dried foods look better, have better color retention, better nutrient retention and better taste and texture than any other method of preserving foods.

Our certified organic, non-GMO, non-China, Freeze-Dried foods are the BEST of the best. This is the highest premium quality storable fruits and vegetables grown on our planet. The only thing better than this is growing you own and picking it fresh out of the garden.

Some companies offering freeze-dried foods won't tell you the country of origin. Others use hidden fillers and flow agents (this is very common in dried fruit and vegetable powders). But here at Natural News with our "Storable Organics" product line we use no fillers, no flow agents, no hidden ingredients and of course no materials from China.

This is the best of the best. Compare it anywhere. There is nothing else like this.

More affordable than they seem

If it seems expensive, that's only because 98% of the water has been removed. For example, if you're buying one pound (16 oz) of freeze-dried organic corn from us, it may sound really expensive for just 16 oz. But remember: You're actually buying nearly TEN POUNDS of original corn that has been freeze-dried into just 16 oz. of whole corn kernels.

Once you realize what you're actually getting in terms of original material, the prices for these items aren't bad at all. Plus, it comes to you in a storable format (in the #10 cans) or in a convenient stand-up pouch, depending on your choice.

Check out our ever-expanding lineup of storable organic freeze-dried foods at:

Important! Freeze-dried foods will absorb water like a sponge

Once you open these bags or cans, you must seal them in an air-tight manner. Otherwise, they will absorb water like a sponge, right out of the air!

This doesn't hurt the food, but it does make them less crunchy and more "solid." So be sure to store these in an air-tight container after opening.

The official claimed shelf life of these items is two years, but I still have a small personal supply of freeze-dried (conventional) fruits I bought in 1998 that are still completely edible in an emergency. So actual "street" shelf life will often extend way beyond two years if you keep them sealed in the #10 cans.

To your health, Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This Product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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