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The Natural Healing Paradigm with Doc Sutter

We have been working around the field of healing for some time.  Some of that was personal, but far more of it was observational and through the extensive reading tracked through this blog.  It was also driven by the clear and failure of current medical practice to actually solve the big obvious problems.  Postponement was never a cure.

Doc Sutter has filled in the blanks and developed a clear healing protocol or perhaps we need to refer to them as protocols.  Even more important it is a program that leads to health restoration.  There is a lot of meat in the details.

First I need to explain something to you.  Health restoration must and will take time and require careful monitoring and pacing quite unlike most people’ experience.  The corollary of this is that any doctor that sees you for a few minutes and simply prescribes a pill is actually engaging in a mutual swindle.  It simply cannot be done this way.

Worse, legitimate crisis care should lead immediately to programed health restoration to prevent any reoccurrence.  This simply does not happen.  This doctrine has led to a catastrophically expensive medical system that naturally triggers repeat interventions rather than a cure.  As Doc Sutter makes clear, there is another road which he has mapped out rather well.

There is much that can be added to his protocols as well to enhance and improve the present set of protocols.  I include Bob Beck’s blood cleanse with this as an obvious option.

The real payoff however, is that a restored body is then a prime candidate for application of life extension technologies including telomere technology.

Thus we see emerging a new class of medical practitioner who not only teaches both physical healing and also spiritual healing, but also works for life extension as well.

CHAPTER FOUR:  The Natural Healing Paradigm.

The Natural Healing Paradigm addresses the four requirements of cellular function that the textbooks dictate are absolutely essential for the maintenance of health. It is literally HOW to get healthy and stay healthy.


1. Straighten the body. The body must be mechanically correct and neurologically sound.

2. Clean the body. Order of cleansing: Colon, Liver, blood, lymph, and cells.

3. Feed the body correctly. For fuel and regeneration.

4. Exercise.

Straighten, clean, feed, and exercise.

The implementation of those four fundamentals is all that’s required to get a sick body well and to keep a healthy body healthy. However, there are entire professions built around each of these fundamentals. And the application of the protocols that perform these fundamentals can get tricky. Thus, it takes an elevated level of personal responsibility to accomplish.

My expertise is bringing people back from “terminal” which is NOT an easy thing for the individual to do. Not easy at all, very trying, very lengthy and encompasses far more than just the physical side of life. You will be challenged not only physically but mentally and for sure emotionally.

But when you come out the other end you WILL be healthy on all levels. Awake on all levels, literally born-again. Physical, mental, AND emotions.

Your structure will be correct allowing full nerve expression. Your body will be clean allowing healthy cell function and regeneration. Your diet will be correct for you the individual. And you’ll be young again. Probably feel like a kid and be a pain in the butt to friends and family. Just want to go out and play.    

Before I get into the Natural Healing Paradigm in depth I want to cover the Paradigm Shift that must take place; that is indeed starting to happen and the major reasons for this book at this time in history.

CHAPTER FIVE:  The Paradigm Shift.

You need a choice. You need enough information about how bodies work, what the current paradigm you're using is, and what Natural Healing is all about. You need enough factual information to make an informed choice. 

At this time in history with Socialized Medicine right around the corner it becomes imperative to learn a different way. It becomes imperative to learn HOW to get healthy and stay healthy - How to NOT get sick in the first place.

We know what the rules are. They come right out of the physiology books.

We know that the “Disease Treatment Paradigm” is a perversion of crisis therapy to treat diseases brought to us by  the drug companies and the “Elite” that run this planet. It doesn't work.

We know the Natural Healing Paradigm does work because it addresses the requirements of cellular function the textbooks dictate are mandatory.

So now we can indeed implement a Paradigm Shift in our mind.

That shift is: From concentrating on “treating” the disease, to concentrating on elevating health levels.

There are no cures so you might as well put your efforts into doing all you can to get healthy.

From the phony Disease Treatment Paradigm to the legitimate Natural Healing Paradigm.

To take you eye OFF the disease and put it on elevating health levels.

To treating the CAUSE of the disease - NOT the disease.

To address cause NOT effect.

There are many different ways to put it. And very, very difficult to do mentally.

A little story here: Back in Oct 2006 Jack came in my office. I had just done a little local TV advertising for my book “It’s Not Illegal” and Jack saw that ad.

Jack had been told he had liver cancer and only had about 2-3 months left to live. Of course he was in a panic about this. He was in pretty bad shape and he knew it.

I put him on my program applying the Natural Healing Paradigm protocols and sure enough 2-3 months later he was still alive. He hadn’t died like they said he was going to.

The major mental step he took was when he finally “got it” that he wasn’t treating the disease anymore, he was elevating health levels. It was kind of funny at the time because you could see the light bulb go on in his head. It happened right in my waiting room. I’m almost yelling at him: “Jack, quit thinking “fight the disease” you’re elevating health levels”.  He stopped and you could see that look on his face. “Oh yeah, elevated health”. He finally “got it”. The paradigm shift happened and he now understood.

That was three years ago. This past summer he had a complete physical and he’s disgustingly healthy. He took the results of that physical to the doctor that had diagnosed him
as “terminal” three years ago; threw the papers down on his desk and asked the doctor what he thought about that and if he wanted to know how he did it. How he survived “terminal”. The doctor wasn’t interested.

You’ve been told your entire life to “treat the disease, treat the disease, treat the disease". Your parents were told the same thing and their parents before them. It’s so engrained in your consciousness, you can’t help but think it.

And yet, you also know there are NO cures. You’ve also been told that your whole life. Your parents were told that and their parents before them. No Cures, no cures, no cures. “They” advertise that like they’re proud of it.

Well, of course there are no cures; you HAVE to address the cause. You HAVE to get healthy; you HAVE to elevate your health levels. That is your only option.

The paradigm shift: Quit treating the disease - Elevate your health levels. Concentrate on getting healthy and to hell with treating the disease. Sounds so foreign doesn’t it, but it’s the only way that works. No “belief” required, just playing by the rules.  

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