Monday, June 9, 2014

Exploring the Afterlife

Preliminary Considerations

1 My readers are aware that we have been doing an investigation of the received ideas of the Soul and God and the Afterlife, while at the same time we have rigorously discovered the meta-mathematics of our physical universe as well. They have proven to be intimately joined.

2 The Physical Universe we observe is created by a first action on a three dimensional manifold that additionally includes the first conscious will to exist a priori. This first action induces the natural five operator logic we recognize as Boolean Algebra. The will to exist is the fifth operator and it confirms the output pattern. Thus our Physical Universe is produced after this first action through a six operator Boolean algebra. The process is discussed in my article on Cloud Cosmology.

3 From this Genesis we deduce naturally that the physical Universe is governed by convergence to the Ideal when choice occurs. As complex consciousness arises and perception becomes possible it can choose directions. This universal super consciousness encompasses the whole Physical Universe and is independent of internal time. Yet it experiences universal time as an act of creation in discontinuous steps.

This aspect of Consciousness has been called GOD, I have used the phrase Ubermind and we will now use something different. Since mind connotes rational thought, I now prefer to coin Ubercon to represent the high consciousness of the Universe itself. A natural corollary is that complex consciousness is naturally localized and that leads to using another coined word of Gaia for consciousness local to our solar system and Terra specifically. For our present purposes, I will use Gaia and GOD as one and the same.

3 The Soul is the ideal pattern of a life created as part of GOD upon initiating a physical living life. The Soul is apparently reused and tentatively improved through continuing cycles of birth and death. In fact I suspect that the soul can even partially guide the expression of its genetic code as well. Thus it is plausible that any soul may have potentially existed through the entirety of biological history, evolving with all life.

4 If the Soul is the ideal, the Spirit is the acquired information experienced in physical life attached to that unique Soul.

5 All this is the natural result of the application of the six operator meta mathematics on and within our physical universe as created. It appears both necessary and sufficient as well. The emergence of GOD consciousness has clear meaning and GOD is exploring and guiding the nature of creation through its animated living intermediaries. This also means that GOD is evolving with us and through us in a dynamic process.

6 We do not know to what degree that GOD is informed through Ubercon either. What evidence exists suggests that separation likely exists and GOD is evolving somewhat independently as we are also evolving somewhat independently. Or not of course.

This completes our description of the meta mathematics of our existence and that of GOD and our intimate derivation from creation itself.


7 When the Soul/Spirit leaves the physical plane through death, it is reported that in many cases the spirit actually sometimes fails to notice the transition. At the same time we also have souls joyously meeting deceased loved ones during this transition. What has become clear is that the spirit informs the apparent physicality of his then ongoing existence as spirit.

Conjecture: The afterlife is not the creation of GOD, but the creation of the community of human spirits and evolves accordingly. Let us go further here. The spirit is blessed with a continuing existence and it chooses how it wishes to perceive that existence. Swedenborg describes this in great detail and makes it completely clear that Hell is merely the abode of those who choose to reside in that state. Regardless all spirits can and will influence the living and often because it is their actual sense of duty or unfortunately something negative.

8 There also exists an hierarchy of evolved Spirits in the Afterlife. Mythos has arisen around this apparent structure, but I would not make too much of it. Rather it is clear that some spirits have evolved further and then act to handle different and more demanding duties.

9 We are aware of what are described as ascended masters. I am not too sure just now they fit in but they are suggestive of great strength although they are few in number.

10 More easily we have evil spirits with their plausible hierarchy and their capacity for harm well reported from many observers who presently drive a thriving enterprise in exorcism.

11 Better we have the bulk of human spirits as lost or at least good spirits but mostly in need of training and advancement. This drives their enthusiasm to assist.

12 The best grade of Spirit available appears to be the angel. These not only can act singly to assist someone they are tasked to assist but can share mind to mind as well. This is a huge advantage.

Worship When you pray or worship GOD, your needs and voiced requests are picked up by angels attending to your needs and are addressed accordingly. They are the ones who make the effort to answer prayers as possible and best for you. All these are difficult concepts to play with.

From NDE events we already know that in the majority of cases if not possibly all cases, the soul is immediately met by deceased souls he was close to in life. Those that come back do report an apparent pleasant abode as the threshold experience. However, it is also true that much more is indicated and simply not made available then. Thus it appears NDE events allow the soul to enter the vestibule of the after life.

This is still a lot of data and meaningful information and even theoretical feedback. I have reason to think that we will expand on this skeleton.

A special concern that i think is poorly understood.  We are dealing with the world of human spirit and this means that we should not expect more from them than we would get from an average human contact.  Alternatively, angels can share thoughts and needs with each other and this class of human spirit is far more capable.  Since an observer finds if impossible to identify quality, it is absolutely critical that any data be rigorously tested.

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Frosty Wooldridge said...

Interesting your perspective. I've traveled all over the planet for 40 years on a bicycle. I've seen life, death and misery. It's astounding that we still think an "afterlife" exists. It's pure speculation. You simply don't come back from the dead and give details so there's no such thing as an afterlife. You live, you die , you're done, you're dust. Enjoy yourself while you're here and let the black void of death take care of the details.