Monday, June 2, 2014

Our Engineered Solar System?

One basic conjecture that has evolved on this blog and must now be taken much more seriously is this:

Conjecture:                 Technologically advanced life is and has been actively establishing habitation throughout the Solar System.  This has been going on for a very long time.  That we identify 200,000 BP as an initiation point for genetically modified humanity likely only locks in our share of this endeavor.  It is now wide open as to the first such activity itself.

Conjecture:                 The principle tool for all habitation with the exception of Earth’s surface is the creation of extensive void systems inside our crust, any other planetary crust and any asteroid large enough and strong enough.  Right now, we cannot eliminate Phobos, Mars, Mercury, Luna, and Earth itself.  Phobos is the one that is glaringly obvious, but the others are all even more plausible.  Phobos was too small to avoid extensive engineering.

Once you understand that the best and safest habitat happens to be a manufactured void with a huge domed top that is then sunk thousands of feet, it all becomes pretty automatic.  New mining technology makes it much easier and effective while optimizing local strengths.   Add in a energy source for broad spectrum lighting and food and water recycling and no one can bother you ever.

Asteroids like Phobos can produce artificial gravity by using an axle and suspension cable system to house hundreds of million is hundreds of suspended shells.  That is without the benefit of actual artificial gravity which I think is also actively used.

In fact if artificial gravity management is possible, then we will also find folks able to establish a presence on the gas giants if desired for some odd reason.  Without artificial gravity we can establish a clear presence almost everywhere except the Gas Giants.  This is an incredible amount of useful three dimensional real estate.

All this is actually either within our own expertise or well on the horizon and certainly long since thinkable and even practical.

We also suspect that Venus was deliberately spun out of Jupiter relatively recently in order to provide another Earth Planet.  That presently remains well outside our capabilities but not entirely.

The take home is that i am not actually seeing an untouched Solar System out there.