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Evolving Bigfoot Human interaction Taking Place

 This is an important interaction and confirms that successful interaction is completely possible. Again it needs to be based on gift exchange. Notice that they are collecting food whenever they can, but are also returning gifts in an effort to sort out what is valuable. They actually want to trade with us. I cannot wait to introduce them to soap.

In fact they would also welcome grooming with brushes. All that will lead to active exchanges.

Note the mind to mind communication. This is better than horses or elephants. Thus it is becoming clear that we can trust them as that dog has already proven and the daughter has inadvertently discovered. I also think that they are seriously trying although they also show typical frustration reactions because we are ignoring their best efforts.

I am more and more comfortable that direct communication is just that easy and only requires a little effort on our part while remembering that any tricks we try to pull will be understood mind to mind from the get go.

A bushel of apples will always be welcome and even a ring of sausage.

Multiple visits to a family and their rural mountain home

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YEAR: 2013
SEASON: Summer
STATE: Montana
COUNTY: Carbon County
LOCATION DETAILS: Omitted for privacy reasons
OBSERVED: For privacy I do not wish to disclose the location of our home. We are in the mountains and there are houses along the road we live on, but they are 1/4 to 2 miles apart. Our property has a large field with grasses and wildflowers, along with almost 6 acres of wooded forest and a wooded island. The property is located on a river with hard ground.

I moved to this property full-time 6 years ago and in retrospect things have been going on the entire time I have lived here, but I did not understand what was it was. Over the past three days I have put everything together and have found prints in my yard approximately 4 feet from the house.

A few nights ago my mother was sleeping in the guest house which is attached to the main house by a deck. The guest house is a log structure and has very thick walls. My mother called my cell phone (I was in the main house) at about 9pm panicked because she heard something tapping loudly on the side of the wall and wanted me to get our gun and go see what was making the noises. Needless to say I did not do this, we live in a part of the country where there are both grizzly and black bears, mountain lions and other dangerous animals. I told her to wait and if it did not stop to just run into the house.

The noise stopped after about 5 minutes of loud tapping. (The next day I went out and tapped on the exterior of the wall and I couldn't even hear myself tapping because the river flow is so loud. There are no branches near the wall and nothing aside from a very strong man could make a tapping noise loud enough to be heard on the interior of the house. The windows were closed that night.) The same night my dog became very restless at about 2:30 pm thinking he had to go potty, I tied him out on his lead.

He immediately walked towards the field/woods as far as his lead would let him go and started getting really excited. Happy excited, the kind of excited he gets when he sees one of our family members he hasn't seen in a long time. He was wiggling and kind of squeaking like he wanted to play with whatever he saw. This was alarming to me because we are remote and I knew he saw something or someone so I put him back in the house. This is a dog who is very protective of our family and property. He never acts like this to anyone outside of our family and good friends he knows well. The following day my 4 year old daughter told me that the 'smelly big skunks in the trees like to play with xxx'. I thought she was being silly so I asked her what they were like she said (this is a direct quote from a 4 year old) 'the little ones don't smell, but the big mommie and the big daddy really smell bad.' At this point I asked her what they looked like and she told me they had two legs and come down from the tree when they see the dog.

My daughter is never outside alone and I was trying to figure out how she could see these creatures without my mother or myself seeing them as well or without her telling us immediately that she saw something out of the ordinary. This is hard for me to wrap my brain around because I can't figure out how she can be seeing animals in our yard that we are unaware of. I have smelled a very disgusting odor on the property, but it was like a musky, BO, dead thing odor and I thought some animal had died on the property and could never find a body.

Today I went out onto the property and found a small, but thick partial footprint in our front yard approximately 2 feet from our rock garden. I know this is not the track of any animal I have seen and it has defined toes that made a deep impression into our soil. The soil here is very hard, it has been raining and I believe this is why I am now finding a track. I also went around to the side of the guest house where my mother heard the tapping and saw what looks like a flattened area of grass in the shape of a very large footprint. No other flattened areas were found. I went along the other side of the guest house which is a narrow (1 foot wide) path along the river side of the guest house and found what appear to be large toe imprints. The only thing I could make out were what look like toe imprints.

I have pictures of all of these tracks I have found.

Over the past 6 years of living here we have had strange things happen around the property, but attributed it to being absent minded or just ignored it. We would be in the guest house working at night, shut the door (not locked because nobody is out here) and the next day the door is open. We would have our garage door open in the morning and our older dogs (before this one) would refuse to go into parts of the woods with us and would growl at something in the middle of the night. One dog would always bark at the opposite side of the road looking up at the hill at 8:30 every night. We would get the 'willies' walking the property at night and have the feeling something is watching us through our windows.

ALSO NOTICED: When walking on a trail I found healthy trees that were pushed down. These were very large trees that had healthy root systems and were pushed down over a relatively new trail. I also smelled a musky, BO dead thing odor at this site.

OTHER WITNESSES: My 4 year old daughter is the witness
ENVIRONMENT: Our land is very lush and full of high foliage due to the rainfall we have had over the past two weeks.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator R. Monteith:
The witness and her four year old daughter live in a remote home outside a small town in Carbon County. She has had ongoing activity for many years and has lived in the house since 2007. Just recently she has realized that what has been going on is related to a family of sasquatches. 

At first she thought she was just misplacing items. Then she began to think her property was haunted as it was once Native American land. Often she would discover small items disappearing only to reappear days or weeks later on a table or counter in plain view. Like many people who live in non-populated areas, she was in the habit of not locking her doors. 

Prior to her daughter being born there were times she would hear her front door open and close, or she would wake in the morning to find the door open. Some food would disappear –
there were many times she thought there should have been more fruit on the counter than there was, but she attributed it to being forgetful. She remembers not being able to find her sunglasses that she left in the kitchen, only to discover them on the open counter a few days later. The glass on her brand new oven door was broken from the inside out as if someone had opened it and put their hand or foot through it. She heard it break one night and when she got into the kitchen the oven door was open. There is a door next to the oven.

When her daughter was born she had special needs. The medical equipment did not fit into the bedroom so it was set up in the living area in front of the plate glass window. The crib and machines were visible. I mention this as I believe
the sasquatches possibly “bonded” with the child by watching her nightly for over a year. I also believe that since the child “grew up” seeing the creatures, she is not frightened as most children would be.

Once the child could talk, she would tell her mother about “elk people” in the morning. The mother thought the child had vivid dreams until one night the child’s cries woke her up. When she got to the bedroom the child’s nose was bleeding and she told her mother that the “daddy elk people” had caused it. The bedroom window had been open.

Her daughter would talk about the “elk people,” daddy, mommy and two babies. She then started to call them the “skunk people” because the dad and mom smelled so bad. She would tell her mother that the
“skunk people daddy" always asked for food. When asked how they spoke to her, the girl said, “just heard them in my ears.” She said they talk to her and they are happy and not scary. When they get wet they look 'skinnier'. She said they play with the dog when they are gone and they like the cat but she doesn't like them. She said they watch all the time and nobody sees them because they can 'look like trees' when they stand near them and the daddy sometimes looks green.

When the grandmother visited and stayed in the guest house the situation would change. Her mother was woken up by many bangs on the outside wall and announced the next morning that she wouldn’t stay in the guest house again because the bears were trying to get in all night. It was a few weeks later the grandmother admitted that she saw a face looking in the bathroom window and it wasn’t a bear, but it was big and hairy.

This was about the time they called the BFRO for help.

She shared photos taken of what she thought were possible prints. Not much detail was seen in her photos, this is one of what appears to be toes:
This is a photo she shared of a possible stick structure:

The investigation revealed that food was being taken from the garage and house refrigerators when no one was home.

Voices can be heard on the property, but because of the creek nearby the audio is not clear.

The young girl announced that the “skunk people” played with the dog and that was why they had been banging on the house at night. She told her Mom that "the mommy who bangs on the wall is a lot bigger than you". She says they bang on the house because they want her to get them food and play with them.
The mother would let the dog out at night when the banging would start and the dog would return smelling bad and exhausted. Because the dog (a great dane mix) acts happy and eager to run outside we assume they do play together. This dog will become somewhat aggressive when a stranger comes to the home.

This is a drawing the girl made of the "Daddy Skunk People":

Several items have been discovered by the owner on her deck by the front door– a piece of rock that resembles an arrowhead; part of a robin’s egg; and
flowers from a plant that is not found on the property were left on her daughter's frisbee. These may be "gifts", see photos:

She returned home one night to find parts of a plastic flower arrangement in her daughters room, near the window. It is not hers and she has never seen them before.

In August the mother saw one outside her daughter’s bedroom window when she was making the bed. Artist and BFRO Investigator Sybilla Irwin produced this sketch based on her description:

She believes they were also getting in her garage because she would find the door left open. She thought they had even gotten in her car because somehow several things had been jammed under the seat. She discovered this hand print on her car in the garage:

The fingerprints on the car, and others found on a window, were lifted and sent to Jimmy Chilcutt, a human and primate fingerprint expert for analysis. The prints were not clearly identifiable to be either, although they were determined to be fingerprints. If more fingerprints become available we will at least have something to compare them to. Thank you Jimmy Chilcutt for your time and expertise.

The owner started locking the doors which started a flurry of more pronounced activity as they were no longer getting into the house for food and were acting frustrated. The banging on the house and roof produced considerable damage and kept them up at night.

The actions of the “locals” were not welcome in several ways. Once home damage, home banging and stone throwing - harassment became constant. It was agreed boundaries needed to be set for safety and peace of mind. The owner found the situation to be very scary and threatening. Outside sensor lights and burglar alarms were added. Trees near the house were cleared so they could no longer be used for cover.

Some mistakes were unknowingly made and over time they needed to change. Like many habituators this mother in some ways wanted to encourage interaction mostly out of curiosity, but she soon learned that when dealing with sasquatches - things can become unpredictable. The noise and damage became too much. It was agreed that feeding on occasion far from the house (we wanted them to understand that the house was off limits) could happen, but not enough where they would rely on the owner. No one likes change and neither do sasquatches. Special thanks to BFRO Investigator Ronie Powell who contributed her investigative experiences to this habituation.

The owner remains in contact with me and other investigators as this is an ongoing investigation.

About BFRO Investigator R. Monteith:
R. Monteith has had a life-long interest in Bigfoot and has an extensive background in outdoor land and ocean survival as well as mountaineering. She has tran-sailed the Atlantic, backpacked in remote places throughout the world and has climbed three of the seven summits. She studied International Relations at Florida International University, and is a Financial Consultant. She has participated in many private expeditions as well as the 2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014 BFRO North Florida Expeditions and the 2013 BFRO UP Michigan & Alabama Expedition. See more Information at The Florida BFRO

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