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  Great story.  This whole industry grew up around me in Vancouver back in the day.  No one, including myself quite believed it would become as successful as it has become.  Instead it has moved from strength to strength without ever diminishing the market value of the product.

In their wildest dreams DeBeers never saw their lock on the market challenged.   Yet it was and everyone has maintained pricing for what is a remarkably common gemstone.  Successful Canadian diamond miners went global because they then had the knowledge and they are now all over Africa as well.

We have also seen the emergence of female mining leaders as well which is also welcome. There have been several and curiously, the mining industry has historically had that element simply because it has never lent itself to any form of old boys club.  It demanded a unique level of personal dynamism too rare to ever shut out..



The Woman Shaking Up the Diamond Industry

Eira Thomas’s company has used radical new methods to find some of the biggest uncut gems in history.

The Sewelô diamond, from Botswana, exceeds seventeen hundred carats. If much of its interior is clear, it’s worth a fortune.Photograph by Max Pinckers for The New Yorker