Wednesday, February 5, 2020


The central tole of the CHURCH which is best understood Symbolically as the Body of Christ is now emerging globally.  First understand all Churches as merely aspects of the CHURCH introduced by Jesus two thousand years ago.  Been all too human, they are all flawed and enough said.

The CHURCH is the global communion of all humanity with the Spirit of CHRIST.  Governance has muddied the waters forever but it is my assertion that this resolves through the Rule of Twelve, first introduced to the Disciples and never properly understood.

Today, we share knowledge globally. For that reason the MEME of END TIMES is waxing strong. 

Many of the prophetic MEMES are also becoming clear and new ones are been introduced to provide guidance.

In all this we have watched the rise of CYRUS as MEME, not just in the USA but literally everywhere else as well.  65,000,000 voted directly, but 7 000,000,000 participated as well through prayer.

All this presages the emergence of a European CYRUS  who acts to unite and even a global CYRUS who also acts to unite..

CYRUS will be tasked by WE THE PEOPLE to  call  Constitutional Conferances and where necessary Border Commissions.

At the same time the MESSIAH opens the path forward.  The Romans will be rumbled out of the Roman Catholic Church to reemerge with Orthodoxy.  This opens up the ability for all churches to indwell with the spiritual aspect of the CHURCH.  Expect the Rabbinate to accept Jesus as Messiah and to also see Islam return to the Christian aspects of their scriptures.  The CHRIST spirit remains central to all others and will now clearly emerge as well.

Can it all be that easy?  Perhaps we can all assist by praying for the advent of the CHRIST spirit with the MESSIAH.  It is the least we can all do and if that includes all seven billions of us, then it can plausibly all happen without much pain.  The time of KINGS is long PAST.

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