Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Fifty Most Read Posts

I prepared this list of my most read posts. You may find it helpful, though it mostly reflects the vagaries of the google search engine. I have done some odd stuff that I would expect to attract comment only to see it completely ignored. Other items I unexpectedly see every day even after a year or more.

What I most welcome from readers is the occasional pointer to a source site that I may have overlooked or often read and ignored that my readers could also use. This deepens the resource.

I have published over 1200 items and it is noteworthy that no particular item really dominates. That the item on the Martian meteorite did so well is odd because it was well covered elsewhere. The vostok popularity is less of a surprise because the introduction of a fresh interpretation is compelling when no alternatives exist. Yet equally compelling items have yet to attract a similar interest.

Were readers can help is to post links to pertinent articles with appropriate audiences to encourage feedback. This has worked well for my articles on fusion energy. I recognize that a lot of these special interests have simply not matured yet.

When I began this blog, I inadvertently boosted the sleepy biochar forum (now forums) by posting an item on the subject to Jerry Pournelle’s site boosting the traffic through the forum by almost an order of magnitude. It also kicked off my blog for which I was grateful.

In short using my stuff to help drum up interest for a cause or worthy idea helps us both.

For the record, this blog is very much a niche blog that produces original material and comments while also posting selections drawn from the web. It is meant to be a writer cum researcher’s day book. My one regret is that I was unable to begin this form of diary in 1960. We presently get almost fifteen thousand readers each month and are nicely growing. What pleases me most however is that the conversion to actual visits is typically at 83%.

I also welcome comments and contact with my readers. We are all learning about the world together and there is no finer avocation than scholarship. 8.04% 1.15% 1.05%



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