Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Conclusive Evidence on GW?

Nice story, but it appears that we must wait a while to hear the evidence. I hope that they can bring in fresh proxy work to back these claims up. Two thousand years is a long time and the quality and consistency matter. Past work was only convincing for five hundred years after a big fudge.

Nobody disputes the two hundred year rise in temperature, except that it is better explained as a rebound from the little ice age. This leaves us exactly nowhere when is comes to current interpretation.

We must wait for follow up to this little bit. This item may be the recent rehash of the Mann report that is just as flawed but has been going the rounds. (that was the report that floated the famous hockey stick) The recent effort got panned for the same reasons.

Anyway, the claim here is 2,000 years and I am waiting to see what that means. If valid, it would be important.
yes the earth's tilt is taking us away and this is a contributer to cooling, except the time frames involved are in millennia. Somehow this is no fit for decadal behavior.

Conclusive evidence of man made global warming found in Arctic geological record

September 6, 11:50 AM
Environmental News Examiner Niki Fears

While some have argued that global warming is merely a natural trend, new conclusive evidence gathered from the geological record in the Arctic prove that the increasing temperatures are not a natural cycle and are indeed caused by human activity, mainly, the burning of fossil fuels.

Darrell S. Kaufman , a leading climatologist from Northern Arizona University, lead a team of researchers who collected tree rings, glacier ice samples, 14 ice cores from various lakes around the Arctic and other evidence that showed a clear trend, that temperatures in the Arctic did not begin to rise until the Industrial Revolution hit which is when we began to empty tons of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. The past ten years has shown a sharper increase almost three times higher than any other period in the past 2,000 years.

So what about the arguments that this warming is just a natural trend? Because the Earth has been slowly tilting the Arctic away from the sun, the region should actually be a degree or so cooler. That would be the natural trend, for the gradual cooling of the Arctic not a warming as some naysayers have suggested. But instead, the Arctic temperatures have increased by more than a couple of degrees.

This evidence is also strengthened by the shrinking ice and high melt rate found in Arctic regions as well. With such overwhelming evidence, many are starting to realize that Global Warming deniers are clearly not motivated by the facts but are motivated by a personal, and profitable, agenda that has nothing to do with looking out for the best interest of the public.

Many are hoping that this large amount of evidence will finally get people to realize that the naysayers have been bullying them into supporting big pollution causing businesses such as the oil and coal industry for their own agenda which is harming all of us. It is time to say no to the oil and coal agenda and work together for a healthy and sustainable future.

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Unknown said...

Where's the evidence that the tilt is "away from" the sun? If it's getting warmer it has to be tilting "towards" the sun. That fact needs a recheck.