Wednesday, January 8, 2020

USA Iran Deal Plausible

So when Trump is going to each of these places and meeting with each of these DS cabalists - he’s getting deals done because he’s showing them video evidence of their crimes- thus holding the ultimate leverage——on everyone. The Trump Card
At very specific moments Trump and Q team can pull any video they’ve collected while spying (M.I. So as to get around wiretapping laws of having to tell the person being recorded that they’re being recorded- FISA GOES BOTH WAYS) & use it to force the DS hand one person at A time

Project Veritas is just the very tip of the iceberg He just exists to show the DS more and more evidence that we have it all.

They said they are all being recorded for what is to come out as “reality TV red pill after the arrests” They said there are good people everywhere in every organization who are secretly collaborating to make this happen including a lot in Hollywood

Rouhani was slowly losing control over his own military and Trump saw this as an opportunity to make a deal with the devil. Both Trump and Iran want US forces to begin wrapping up in Iraq. Rouhani wants Salami dead because he is becoming uncontrolled.

Salami was acting as a lone wolf in Iraq. He was there AGAINST ORDERS from President Rouhani. Salami was becoming too powerful and he was using Iran's army as his own personal mercenary force.

“Like Greek fire, Donald Trump can’t be extinguished. Trying to remove him only makes him stronger, especially among the voters that Democrats most take for granted.”

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