Monday, January 27, 2020

Two Guys In Mexico Created Vegan Leather From Cactus

It is a cotton canvas combined with a powdered plant product made from cactus.  Well maybe.
Ultimately leather has been a staple forever because of real world durability and availability.  That is not changing anytime soon, fashion notwithstanding.
The logic of promoting the extinction of all our animal friends as an act of compassion escapes me.  This would also induce the general collapse of agriculture as well and drive a savage reduction in the human population on Earth or the proposed extinction of several billion souls.
This is the same way in which we produce plastic leather as well.  So for that reason this product creation push is welcome.  Plant leather sofas surely have a future against vinyl sofas.   Real porosity would also be welcome as well...

Two Guys In Mexico Created Vegan Leather From Cactus

on January 14, 2020

By Arjun Walia

Adrian Lopez Velarde and Marte Cazarez have found a way to make "leather" out of cactus. It's one of many ways we can stop harming animals and start to implement environmentally friendly practices when it comes to developing some of our products.

Reflect On:

When it comes to such products, the best thing you can do is vote with your dollar.

Although there are some heart-warming stories that are coming out of Australia right now, it’s truly devastating what’s happening there, especially for the animals. Approximately 1 billion of them have lost their lives due to the fires. In the midst of all of this, however, let’s not forget about the fact that hundreds of millions of animals are killed every single day for human consumption, as well as products that we buy, like clothing, for example.

Compassion is the main reason that the vegan market is thriving, and continues to grow, from food, all the way to to the manufacturing of multiple products. There are hundreds of examples to choose from, and one of the latest comes from Adrian Lopez Velarde and Marte Cazarez.

After finishing university, they found themselves growing more and more concerned about the environment and the treatment of animals, and as a result decided to come together, after years of friendship, to create a cruelty-free alternative to animal leather. They recently debuted “Desserto,” which is an organic leather made entirely from cactus. It’s the first of its kind.

The product is a great replacement for both animal and synthetic leather. It’s breathable and durable, the touch and feel is very similar to leather, and again, it’s a completely sustainable material. It’s also less water intensive, free from phthalates, free from toxic chemicals as well as PVC-free.

According to Vegan First,

The duo showcased the product last month at the International Leather Fair Lineappelle in Milan, Italy.

Plant-based leather alternatives are a growing market, with innovators turning to pineapple, olives and coconuts to produce eco-friendly materials. Earlier this year, high-street retailer H&M unveiled a vegan jacket made from pineapple leather, while German footwear brand thies launched a line of leather shoes made from olive leaves. Closer to home, Kerala-based brand Malai fashions leather and accessories from coconuts!

It took the inventors two years to come up with the material. ‘Nopal leather’ is made through a series of processes that produce a powder which is then mixed and layered over cotton canvas. The recently presented the material at an international exhibition in Milan.

Things are changing quite rapidly on our planet, with a shift in consciousness in so many different areas, we change the world as a human collective. One of many great example comes from the fact that America’s largest milk producer has filed for bankruptcy.

The world is changing, and it’s changing fast, we are currently in the process of a great transformation, and have been for quite some time. Exciting times!

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