Tuesday, January 7, 2020

China’s Plan to Conquer the Ocean

The international Law of the Sea was established to provide a framework for dispute resolution between sovereign nations.  Yet it has worked mostly on the basis of enlightened self interest in which all parties do not assert anything without gaining an international consensus.

The CCP has taken it upon itself to game this to establish a body of extraterritorial rights not contemplated or accepted by anyone else.  It is very much a case of easing into an apparent vacuum.

This is obviously unwelcome because it actually demands an international response leading to a completely new dispensation. 

There are actually plenty of tools and options available and these are best played out through the international forums to make make CCP activity claerly rogue.

Just as obviously the CCP is presently been engaged in negotiations aimed at curbing their Trade practices. thus the problem is not pressing enough yet and best answered by fleet activity in the South China Sea.

Curiously, Canada is in an unique position to play a critical role in all this.  Just as Canada can easily offer full Canadian citizenship to all present citizens of Hong Kong with the right to live in Canada, we can also extend to all island States within the Pacific the legal equivalent of an indigenous Nation within the Canadian polity.  I bring this up because Canada has been struggling to make a workable system out of just this.  Extending all that to say the Marshals and all other independent island states has the immediate benefit of establishing and protecting the rights of all these so called states and to prevent CCP mercantilism through bribery.

The primary benefit though is that it allows for a pool of citizens to access the government resources in Canada.

Doing this however immediately blocks CCP adventurism in particular.

The big deal though is the South China Sea which needs to be properly managed and massively enhanced.  This means the creation of perhaps a million miles of artificial reefs that are individually owned and operated as underwater fence rows to flood the surround with massive sea life for continuous harvest.  These reefs can be easily grown on the sea bottom and they will naturally grow upward to match the Great Barrier Reef.  That is the real potential build and will engage tens of millions.

So not so fast CCP.


China’s Plan to Conquer the Ocean

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