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Sears on hTERT code

This is real progress.  Not least though is that we have successfully reversed measurable aging in mice.  That is the important take  home and it is easier than you think.

It is of course hard enough to keep yourself in decent condition as we age.

The work on telomerase  suggest that the length loss is also a loss of genetic information.   Thus the effort to change that.  Yet now we learn that they can also be restored as well.  This really confirms that genetic information is actually stored in the spirit body rather than the DNA which is a working library.

Our prime objective in living our lives is to maintain our general good health and to both minimize natural aging and to also plausibly reverse it as well.  Acceptance of the inevitability of death is not actually acceptable or even necessary.

Recall that our spirit body has possession of the perfect pattern or soul  to express our physical existence.   This is time invariant.

Thus full restoration is always possible and has often been demonstrated temporaryily through the centuries.

This work strongly indicates that a real elixir actually exists that can be used to progressively restore our physical expressions to prime.


Dear Friend, 

When I talk to people about their goals in aging it usually boils down to this: They want to keep their independence. Keeping independence as you age is directly related to physical capabilities like strength, speed, balance, coordination, flexibility and a general sense that comes from habitual use of these capabilities. 

The FDA, our government dictocrats — they all ignore the fact that aging is a loss of physical capabilities. Every lay person knows this, we have all seen this in our everyday experience. It’s just what we used to call good common sense. Now here’s the shocker: All of conventional medicine completely ignores every bit of this. In fact, doctors like myself can find themselves ostracized, ridiculed and potentially harassed by our own government. In short, the current system continues to ignore all of the this until you are disabled. 

And then all of a sudden, they’re all over you in a desperate bid to treat your symptoms with their drugs or surgery. Or even worse, park you in an assisted living facility or nursing home. It’s not a bad deal for them at all. They get to collect their cash for as long as you’re sick. But the truth is you can have this autonomy and avoid the pitfalls of mainstream medicine. That was the reason I brought an elite group of experts in regenerative medicine to my 2019 Confidential Cures Summit... To talk about and demonstrate the most cutting-edge therapies of today. It was an amazing two days with so many revelations that are changing the way we look at health and aging. 

In this issue, I’m bringing you some of the important topics from the Summit. • New, important biomarkers to gauge DNA methylation’s effect on aging. • How being obese causes fatty lungs and how to prevent this dangerous condition. • Rebuilding your telomeres and protecting against disease by activating your hTERT code. 

My staff and I just wrapped up the 2019 Confidential Cures Summit. And I must say... the speakers who assembled under one roof were amazing. If you made it to South Florida for the event, I hope you were one of the many people I had a chance to talk to in person. Because after all, this Summit was planned and created for YOU, as a way to bring you the very latest research in regenerative medicine. 

Every guest brought something unique to the conversation. Some were entertaining; some were even controversial. But I learned something from each one of them. Especially my friend and colleague Dr. Bill Andrews. Bill is a veteran biologist, pharmacologist and renowned geneticist. I’ve been to many events and lectures with him over the years. And I always walk away feeling like I’ve learned something new. His presentation focused on gene therapy and extending the healthy human life span. 

He presented proof that radical age reversal is a lot simpler than we thought — using something I call the hTERT code. The hTERT code makes it virtually impossible for any chronic disease to exist in your body. And if you already have diseased cells, you can make them disappear as if they never existed at all. Once the hTERT code goes mainstream, it could wipe out all disease. More than 16,200 independent studies confirm this disease-reversing treatment. You can find these peer-reviewed studies on PubMed — the medical database that holds every reputable study ever conducted. And more than 1,000 of these studies show the hTERT code could cure cancer. Numerous researchers have conducted studies on the hTERT code. And their conclusions are nothing short of astonishing. 

Like Stanford neurobiologist Dr. Michael Fossel, MD, PhD. 

He estimates the hTERT code could help push human lifespan as far as 200 years. He adds: “We should be able to extend the human life span indefinitely.” What’s more, Fossel says the hTERT code can “postpone or prevent the onset of diseases associated with aging.” 

Then there’s Yale molecular biologist Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn, Ph.D. She recently led a team of University of California and Stanford researchers. In a study published in The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), they found the hTERT code could reverse Alzheimer’s. 

Blackburn led the same group of researchers to even more dramatic findings — results that were published in the journal Lancet Oncology. In this breakthrough study, Blackburn and her team formed a specific protocol to access the hTERT code. They found the test group that followed this protocol managed to avoid a wide variety of age-related diseases, “including many forms of cancer, stroke, vascular dementia, cardiovascular disease, obesity, osteoporosis and diabetes.” Dr. Bill Andrews has dedicated his life's work to proving the effectiveness of telomerase gene therapy (hTERT). Recently, he started to see some of the first patients to undergo hTERT to reverse human aging.

In short, this discovery could expand our life expectancy and make so-called “incurable” chronic diseases a thing of the past. But as great as that sounds, it’s only the tip of the iceberg. In fact, the hTERT code won’t just lengthen our health span. It can do so much more... Reverse The So-Called “Natural” Signs And Symptoms Of Aging Just as medical advances eradicated once-fatal infections we no longer even think of, chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and others could be the next to go. So could wrinkles, grey hair and other so-called “natural” signs of aging. As Dr. Andrews told us: “The hTERT code could treat many diseases associated with human aging, extend human ‘health span’ and life span, and perhaps even reverse the aging process.” More important, it could help prevent, treat and even reverse the most feared diseases of our time — 100% naturally and safely. 

But the discovery of the hTERT code is just the beginning. I’ve followed the development of the technology behind the hTERT code since 1990. And up until recently, I was one of the only MDs in the country licensed to administer this therapy to the public. Now, I’ve pioneered a safe and proven way to activate these disease-killing genes in your body right now — without expensive therapies, doctor visits or interference from the FDA. Genetic Key Unlocks A Secret That Can Erase All Traces Of Disease You are born with, and still have, a dormant ability in a sleeping gene. Inside this “sleeping gene” is the hTERT code. When activated, this code can replace old diseased cells with new healthy cells. Simply stated, that ability allows you to start the process of reversing virtually all chronic diseases like cancer, or to reach the age of 100 without showing any signs of aging. More important, it could help prevent, treat and even reverse the most feared diseases of our time — 100% naturally and safely. But the discovery of the hTERT code is just the beginning. There is only one major obstacle... This hTERT code inside the genes gets “turned off” while you’re still in your mother’s womb. But we have overcome this obstacle. We now have a safe, proven and inexpensive technology that reawakens this disease-cleansing gene. Regardless of your family history or current state of health, these bits of DNA — when turned on — can replace any sick cells with younger disease-free cells. The research to prove it is all there. It hasn’t been publicized but the discoveries have been made by some of the most famous and well-respected universities in the world. Institutions like the University of California at Berkeley and dozens of others have revealed the details of how it all works in prestigious journals like JAMA and Nature. They’ve even recognized the researchers who made the discovery. 

But the message that this discovery is able to REVERSE all disease isn’t getting through. It’s as if an invisible hand “blacklisted” the topic and made it off limits to the mainstream media. But I want you to have the option of using this technology to heal, re-charge and re-energize you and your family. 

[ have not seen that before, have we - arclein ]

Both Bill and I referred to the breakthrough study done by Dr. Ronald DePinho. He’s the professor of genetics at an Ivy League university and director of Applied Cancer Science at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute who “reactivated a code” inside mouse cells that reversed aging. At the beginning of the study the mice were old in every measurable way — from their skin to their hair to their brain function. They were the equivalent of humans in their 80s and 90s. Then, as if by miracle, each and every one of these signs of aging was completely reversed. “Regardless of your family history or current state of health, these bits of DNA — when turned on — can replace any sick cells with younger disease-free cells.ˮ  

They became sexually potent again and the females actually became fertile and produced healthy offspring again — at the equivalent of a very old age. Not only did their intelligence come back, it reverted back to a youthful state. And the atrophy of the brain — the shrinkage — reversed. They grew back a normal, functioning brain of a youthful size, weight and structure. Their hair became shiny and thick again. And their eyesight was restored. Brain cells that were dormant came back to life, producing new neurons. Their shrunken organs, like their spleens and even their testes and brain, grew in size. Key organs functioned better, and the mice got their sense of smell back. The males also produced new sperm cells, and their mates gave birth to larger litters. The mice went on to live long healthy lives.

1 Dr. DePinho and his colleagues activated the hTERT code. The hTERT code in your cells triggers your telomeres to regrow and get longer. And that’s how Dr. DePinho worked his magic. This hTERT code “turns on” the enzyme telomerase, and it programs your telomeres to get longer. As I mentioned before, this “code” is silenced and turned to the “off” position before you’re born. But what we’ve discovered is a way to turn it back on and make your telomeres longer. And when your telomeres get longer, you reactivate all the characteristics of youth. That’s how the mice in the experiment were suddenly able to regrow their shrunken brains and restore their lost eyesight. This is only the first part of why I’m telling you we’ve discovered a way to treat and reverse disease. It’s not a myth, a pipe dream or a mere curiosity. 

But first, I want to share with you the second part of the good news. 

Now You Have A Way Of Reactivating The hTERT Code In Your Cells The discovery that made this new therapy possible was the same discovery I mentioned earlier that won the Nobel Prize in Medicine. Now, I’ve been testing these very same techniques with a select group of my own patients for several years. With the first “activator” designed to turn on your “fountain of youth” gene, we’ve helped an elite group of patients “grow younger” as they age. I call them “elite” because the cost of this therapy was VERY expensive when it first became available. During the course of this age-reversing therapy, we saw remarkable changes: 

• Longer-lasting fat loss • Improved vision • Hair regrowth • Increased muscle mass • Increased testosterone • Greater lung volume • Elimination of joint pain and improved flexibility • Greater sense of optimism 

Express Your Best Genes With Epigenetics 

Epigenetics is the study of how different biological and environmental signals affect the expression of your genes. Rather than changing your DNA, these signals affect the chemicals surrounding your genes that act as triggers or “switches.” By increasing or decreasing the number of these chemicals, you can effectively turn a gene on or off.

2 The hTERT code "turns on" the enyzme telomerase and programs your telomeres to get longer.  Most epigenetic signals are generated through your diet. And what you eat can significantly impact your gene expression — so much so that it affects the genes of future generations, too. A well-known example of this is what is called the “Dutch Hunger Winter” of 1944, when a famine struck the western Netherlands, forcing its people to live on 400 to 800 calories a day. The babies conceived, carried and delivered during this period went on to have higher rates of obesity and cardiovascular disease in adulthood.

3 Environmental factors also play a key role in epigenetics. For instance, exposure to toxins can directly affect gene expression. A study of female rats exposed to the fungicide vinclozolin found epigenetic changes occurred in the first generation of male offspring and were passed on through at least four subsequent generations.

4 An estimated 7 million people die worldwide every year due to environmental pollutants... And approximately 24% of diseases are caused by environmental exposures that could be avoided through preventive measures.

5 In addition to diet and environment, emotional wellbeing also significantly affects gene expression. The effects of emotional trauma are often passed on to future generations through epigenetic inheritance. A 2018 study conducted by New York’s Mount Sinai hospital showed the genes of the children of Holocaust survivors had an increased likelihood of a whole range of stress disorders.

6 Recode Your Body To Be Stronger For Longer To program your body to behave the way you want, you have to feed it the right code. This means being selective with the nutrients you provide it. Being selective also maintains your internal balance. And internal balance is key to avoiding chronic disease. Nutritional imbalances are linked to noncommunicable diseases, such as: 

• Obesity • Cardiovascular disease • Diabetes • Hypertension • Cancer 

They can also lead to permanent changes in the structure and function of your tissues and organs, and make you susceptible to other diseases.

7 When your body is in a state of nutritional imbalance, excess chemicals begin stockpiling around your genes. This stockpiling leads to genes being “silenced” — where they can no longer express themselves. Not only does your diet alter gene expression, it also affects functions such as appetite control, the stability of your metabolism and energy consumption. When your genes are prevented from expressing themselves according to their original code, mutant copies of your cells are created. And this unchecked variation leads to a host of diseases, most notably cancer. 

When you correctly utilize Telo Nutrition, you send your cells clear instructions to choose only the relevant and best-suited code available to them. Halt Aging By Naturally Lengthening Telomeres Here are two telomere supporters that are stretching my own understanding of what’s possible when it comes to anti-aging: 

1. Take the amazing Ayurvedic miracle plant. One of the new superstar ingredients is an extract from the fruit of the Terminalia chebula tree. This ancient Indian fruit has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years to prevent and cure a wide variety of life-threatening disorders — from heart disease and high blood pressure to asthma and diabetes. In fact, in India it’s referred to as the “King of Medicines.” Haritaki is an ancient Indian fruit that has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years to prevent life-threatening disorders.  But it’s just recently that researchers discovered its effects on our DNA. Researchers tested the extract and found that it not only inhibits the oxidative stress that causes aging, but lengthens telomeres by as much as 40%!8 

2. Then add in astragalus. This is a unique herb I’ve been fascinated with for the past 20 years. I used to keep jars of it on the shelves in my office to examine while I studied its history. Astragalus smells earthy, almost like fresh-cut grass when it’s dried. And I would open the jars and let it give me a sense of calm and relaxation. I’ve used it in my practice to help people lower their blood pressure and boost their immune systems. And traditional Chinese medicine prescribes astragalus as a detoxifier and a cancer-fighter. This humble root is one of the most revered herbs in traditional Chinese medicine. Astragalus extract contains two substances — cycloastragenols and astragalosides — that activate telomerase to stop your telomeres from shortening.9

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