Saturday, January 25, 2020

Kayak innovation.

This is interesting.

It needs to be produced as a commercial product.  The actual frame can be made using bamboo allowing actual manufacturing almost anywhere at any canoe manufacturer or kayak manufacturer.  At most we could make up kits that include nylon ropes to suspend it all as a hammock as well and a ground sheet canvass as well.  All handy for camping and wilderness travel.

Even bicycle shops could get into making these up provided they have an available river or lakeside.

Renting bicycles has become a thing.  Renting kayaks like this is very attractive as repair is trivial.  Just slap on some more saran wrap.   It the customer gets a cut and leak, he can easily fix it himself as well from a roll in the boat.  fixibility is the key.

After all that is what made the huge birch bark canoes work so well.  Damage was completely fixable from the forest at hand.  Here we have exactly the same formula, except we use a role of Saran Wrap and perhaps a role of duct tape as well..

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