Tuesday, January 21, 2020

The Prophetic MEME of CYRUS

The bigger prophetic picture is astonishing.  Do listen to this item.  All this is also inspired.

The election of Trump has clearly empowered the rise of many Trump like leaders for all nation states.  This is clearly a global trend now.  All  this while the RESISTENCE is been ground down everywhere.  These are two powerful trends that will certainly run through 2024 at least.  And yes, the whole world is now fully engaged and the global population is uniting to support CYRUS.  We have never seen this and it is a massive shift in the GLOBAL presence of WE THE PEOPLE.

I would also expect that the global financial system will be re-engineered and i would like to see poverty itself ended, but that could take my personal involvement.   It can wait for now.

This movement will also express itself as a global reformation of the CHURCH.  The path forward will include:

1   The removal of the Roman Hierarchy.
2    Absorption of the faithful Priesthood into Orthodoxy to reconnect the spiritual content of the CHURCH.
3    Absorption of all Christians within the CHURCH and governed through the RULE of TWELVE.
4    Absorption of ISLAM as well through reading their own texts for the hand of Jesus.
5    Absorption of Israel as well through Rabbinical acceptance of the Messiah..
6    Absorption of the global population as a result of the internal momentum and association with the elimination of poverty applying the RULE OF TWELVE.

Observe that the MEME of hierarchy has nothing to do with this.  No one really understands all this.

It is enough to know that a powerful prophetic MEME has been working its way thorough our global civilization for the past century along with our leap into modernity which will naturally culminate in 2045 - 2055.  .

Your mind will likely dismiss all of this.  That is OK.  It is enough to remember if it happens this way.  Go in peace.  I think that we will avoid WAR.

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