Friday, January 10, 2020

DIY Shipping container homes.

These two videos help answer a lot of questions.

Again the objective is the production of temporary homes.  Temporary as not commited to the underlying land itself.  These are really useful for agricultural land were we want living quarters for farm workers.  It is easy to envisage having a harvest only contract, but then supplying permnent housing year round to ensure availability.

We can also see this placed upon roofs of warehouses or other commercial buildings and tapping into the services of the building.  Again the rule is temporary even if the time frame itself is decades.

My ballpark benchmark is all in for 40,000 or less.  Building a hundred at atime will keep the labor budget nicely under control.

I do not think that a freestanding build can come in much better than any used shipping container.  Better yet, used shipping containers will always be in supply.  They do come off long term lease and selling is a good choice for the owners.  The strenght never declines either while wood frame is easily degraded.

Now we cost it out as a potential professional job.

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